The Workout Spot AZ, Phoenix, AZ Video September 15, 2015, 11:11pm

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Katerina has incredible abs! Get a look at this !!!

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My long time client and friend Jenny Jarnagin hard at work!

Almost 81 years young and still trying her best ! Judy, we salute you !! Keep it up !!! Check out B.lifted training at...

Plyo push-ups with artist Jenny Jarnagin at The Workout Spot

Judy at it again doing an old exercise she used to do ! #bosu cross and lunge ! 78 years young and still getting fitt...

Spongie and her abs of steel

Scorpion push-ups
Katerina doing the dreaded "scorpion push-ups"! Great job Kat!

TRX with Jenny
Love beating the "Stuffing" out of Jenny when she isn't performing on stage !

Bosu balance cable press
Another fantastic video for you all!

Bosu Lunges
Judy doing lunges on bosu ball ... 77 years young ! And still improving day after day

Katerina has incredible abs! Get a look at this !!!

Judy is 77 years young and getting younger by the moment!

More TRX
Here's another amazing move! Shall we say .... Crawling spider? Elbow to knee oblique ! You rock Kayla !

Plank, pike, Jack
Kayla performs plank, pike, jack !

Double knee tucks by Kayla ! One more rep !!! Yeah !!!

Work those abs Nichole!

Great buddy workout !

Happy 77th birthday to this wonderful lady Judy !!!! Another wonder of the natural world ! She gets younger and fitter ...

Get form, get outfit and great TRX set!
Kayla is ready for the holiday weekend ! Getting her "fit" on ! Great job Kayla!

One tough gal!
Ball balance bicep ! You go girl !

Powerful push-ups with gliders Jenny Jarnagin

TRX One leg squat with Hip hingeTRX row on heels