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Insane football skills by Stefan Florescu

Legit skills!!

This heart-healthy tea may be as effective as Captropil at lowering blood pressure (with... 05/03/2016

This heart-healthy tea may be as effective as Captropil at lowering blood pressure (with...

Hibiscus Tea is Amazing!!

This heart-healthy tea may be as effective as Captropil at lowering blood pressure (with... This family has long enjoyed hibiscus tea on hot summer days but having grown up in a largely-Hispanic part of California, we don’t call it “hibiscus,” we call it by its Spanish name, “jamaica.” Though spelled like the island country of Jamaica, it is actually pronounced “Ha-Mike-Ah” in Spanish. It…

Timeline photos 11/11/2015

The Herbalife 24 athlete line is LEGIT!! They have everything you need to perform at your best!
If you need help getting the best out of your body contact me at: [email protected]


Good Morning Friends! BOOT CAMP IS BACK!!!! Every Saturday morning ! check out for more info!

Timeline photos 11/04/2015

We're starting a collection over here at StepUp!! Let's keep bringing in those trophies!

Mobile uploads 10/22/2015

I need to give a long overdue HUGE THANK YOU to Clint and Lacey Talmadge ,LLC. They did awesome with all my StepUp clothing and are making me new ones this week!! Anyone who knows me, knows I love to use local, family business for anything I need for my company. Clint and Lacey are as good as it gets, so use them for any clothing you may need they are awesome!

StepUp Athletics 10/20/2015

StepUp Athletics

StepUp Athletics Get all your fitness and nutrition needs with StepUp Athletics


Good morning friends! I thought this video was hilarious!!! Well you heard it in Crossfit must be true haha

StepUp Athletics 10/14/2015

StepUp Athletics

Check out my web site, for all info on what we offer!! or you could always email at [email protected]! NO membership fees or consultation fees so contact me now so I can help you with all your health and fitness goals!!!

StepUp Athletics Get all your fitness and nutrition needs with StepUp Athletics

Mobile uploads 10/13/2015

Jump for joy, Abs and B***y class is tonight!!!! Wooohoooo! 5:30PM Up Nutrition. A total core workout that will definitely burn some calories!!! Let's get our sweat on!


Dont forget tomorrow Abs and B***y core class Up Nutrition!!! its going to be SWEET!!!!!!

Testimonials 09/29/2015


I have a NEW testimonial today! And its from a life long friend who I dearly love! Thank you Lindsay for the kind words!! I will forever be here to help you my friend!! Click on the link at the bottom to view it

Testimonials ***New testimonials page from our clients and StepUp team coming soon!*** ***Testimonial from one of our clients, Kim from Phoenix, Az.*** "When I turned 45, I was forced to stop jogging bec...

The Quick and Healthy 3 Step Guide to a Flat Stomach | Health Digezt 09/27/2015

The Quick and Healthy 3 Step Guide to a Flat Stomach | Health Digezt

Eat right and don't skip your Ab and B***y classes with StepUp Athletics!!! BOOM!

The Quick and Healthy 3 Step Guide to a Flat Stomach | Health Digezt We all want to remove a few inches from our stomach, but how can we do it right? Follow the 3 simple rules: • Burn Enough Calories • Don’t Skip on The core


Abs and B***y class !!! Let's get our sweat on!!!!


Don't forget our total core class "Abs and B***y" is on sat and Sun!!!! See you there to crush the core!!!! Wootwoot!


22 Plank Variations

Good morning friends! Core class tonight message me to get signed up today!!


Come to PoweredUp Nutrition tonight for an amazing total core class!! Abs and B***y tonight at 530pm! Step It Up!!!


Abs and B***y class tomorrow at 8AM!!!!!!!!

Timeline photos 09/18/2015

What one of my new banners is going to look like! Stoked


Weekend special for Abs and B***y classes!!!!!
--$3 off drop in price! only $7
--sign up for a month of unlimited classes and save $10


Abs and b***y class tonight 530pm @ Powered Up Nutrition!!!!!
See you there to get our sweat on woohooo!!!!!!!! contact me if you need more info! [email protected]

Testimonials 09/17/2015


Testimonials More testimonials coming soon to our new page!!!! ***Testimonial from one of our clients, Kim from Phoenix. "When I turned 45, I was forced to stop jogging because my knees could no longer t...


Abs and b***y class is starting earlier today (530pm) and will be that way for Tuesday and Thursday from now on! See you there to get our sweat on!! Woohooo!


Ab and b***y class Sat and Sun ! Let's get our sweat on!!!


Abs and B***y Classes start tonight!!! 6pm Up Nutrition ! Set up for all fitness levels. Woohoo lets get our sweat on!!! Get signed up today! Contact me at [email protected]




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