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We've got an insightful and informative #TMSAwebinar for you today!

Arvell Craig, marketing consultant, executive coach and speaker, will share his strategy called “The Minimum Viable Email Sequence" that will help you improve your email marketing success.

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#TMSAwebinar: Learn How to Improve Your Email Marketing Success

Arvell Craig, marketing consultant, executive coach and speaker, will share his strategy called “The Minimum Viable Email Sequence.”

Join us Friday, Feb. 23 11am Central. Register now!
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Today I realized how closely related my action were to the content I consumed... Powerful! 💣and a practical 🛠 hack to shift me into a different decision...

Honestly, BOTH viewpoints are good. But I because my EARS 👂 were lopsided and only hearing one view my behavior lost it's balance. ⚖️
What's your thoughts 💭 on this?? (Pls #Comment Below!)
Arvell Craig, marketing consultant, executive coach and speaker, will share his strategy for email success called: The Minimum Viable Email Sequence. Don't miss this #TMSAwebinar on Feb. 23, 11am Central!

Details & register below.
Arvell Craig (, marketing consultant, executive coach and speaker, will share his strategy for email success called: The Minimum Viable Email Sequence. Join us for this #TMSAwebinar on Feb. 23 at 11am Central.

Register today!
$1 soft book launch this weekend.
Hello Mr. Arvell Craig Please contact me as soon as possible. I would like to talk to you about something. Pastor Ervin M Armstrong
Some Strategies on #Networking and Healthy Business Relationships #phoenix
Have you ever come up with the "theme" word for the year?

If so, what was your WORD for 2016? (And how did it go?)

(I'm thinking of some ideas for 2017... one is "acceleration" another is "mastermind")

I help people with untapped potential and creative ideas, make their dreams reality by designing and living into their future self. Growing people and companies that help people grow.

Operating as usual


Anything we're accustomed to, creates a cage of comfort.

This is true at every stage of life.

Whether we're accustomed to failure, disappointment or success or busyness.

If it's familiar, it'll create a cage.

Our brains are wired to save energy and continue doing what it already knows. It's easier to repeat the familiar than break into something new.

But every now and then, things happen that shake us.

We see glimpses of possibility. We have moments of desperation or inspiration or even grief that challenge us to make a new decision.

Have you felt this recently?

Are you at a stage in life where you're looking to make a new decision?

If you want to design a different future for yourself, on purpose...

I invite you to check out the Future Self Design Mastermind.

Our next group call is Saturday April 2nd.

Join a group of ambitious professionals who aren't settling for the comfort zone.

(DM for Details)


Reoccurring problems are children of recurring perspectives.

If you don’t start on the inside, any outside change will only be temporary.


The more I learn to partner, collaborate and ask for help, the more I grow.

We all have strengths, weaknesses and blind spots.

The key is a healthy and appropriate management of each.


Your strengths will always overwhelm your weaknesses...

But your blindspot, can keep you stuck longer than necessary.

You need someone on the outside to help you see what you dont' see

👉 Check out how we're helping at:

Future Self Design Overview 03/05/2022

Future Self Design Overview

What to do IF you feel stuck:

> Watch this 3 min video:

Future Self Design Overview Sign up at:


Here's a good overview of the future-self design process:

**Reach out / message me if you want to learn how I can help you.


It’s not only our comfort zones that keep us stuck…

It’s deeper than that.

You see, it’s often our past successes which create our comfort zone.

…and depends on how long that success has worked, it’s super hard to let it go and become someone new…

Toddler to Teen to Adult is natural.

But successful at 30, into a different success at 45, or a different success at 60 is tough.

It feels like an identity crises.

However it’s a cage and limit that you have to let go of to become the next version.

Or else you’ll keep being repeating the past. ie, time travel :/


When we come to challenging moments, we end up on one of three state...

1. In the positive state

2. In the productive state

3. In the passive or neutral state

Each state has pros and cons... see how we break each down in the video below.


You ever seen the movie, Back to the Future?

I know I'm showing my age but I'm sure there's a few people reading who know the movie.

It's a classic film.

Michael J Fox stars as Marty McFly, a kid who goes back into the past to save a friends life.

And in the process, he improves things for his parents and subsequently his own life.

Great story. But far from reality.

You and I don't get to go back and change our past.

But can I tell you what I'd do if I could go back...

I would tell my younger self to stop reading so many books, and learn to understand his thoughts and feelings!

I'd tell young Vell to start catching his patterns and automatic reactions. To notice how his emotional immaturity drives his perfection and procrastination and self-criticism.

These lessons that I would tell my younger self are the exact lessons we've been going through in the future-self design workshop!

And now, as we move into our bi-weekly group program, we'll go deeper in application and practice and discussion as a community.

Would love to have you join us if you're at a place in life where this could be transformational.

Enrollment is open.

Let me know if you're interested.

Create a Great Day!


Your brain 🧠 is made up of two parts...

The logical and the emotional.

In order to move beyond your current reality or comfort zone, you need emotional maturity.

We all need this.

You may be super successful in one area, but a beginner in another. This is what we're working through in the future-design mastermind...



80% of your growth comes from increasing your awareness of yourself!

Tactics or the strategies don't matter if you're blind to why you do what you do!

This is what we're talking about in the Future-Self Workshop and Mastermind!


Enrollment is open!!

Create a Great Day! - AC


If you’d stop judging and criticizing yourself, you’d likely never worry about being consistent.

(Another quote from the Future Self Workshop)

Sign up while there’s space.


This idea of making the unconscious conscious is the foundation of the Future-Self Design Workshop and Process we’ve been teaching.

How can we begin creating our future if we’re sleeping through our current life?

No shade. No judgment. Just wake up and start becoming!

See profile link for details.


What’s the Future-Self Design Workshop all about???

Sign up 👉🏽

Arvell Craig now takes appointments on their Page. 02/10/2022

Arvell Craig now takes appointments on their Page.

Arvell Craig now takes appointments on their Page.

Arvell Craig now takes appointments on their Page. 02/10/2022

Arvell Craig now takes appointments on their Page.

Arvell Craig now takes appointments on their Page.


Hey 👋🏼 ,

Next month I'm putting together a group of 10 people to go through a process of designing their "future self" to they can more predictably achieve their goals this year.

Would you like to join us?


Imagine making 1k per day... (like while you're sleeping.)

NOT because of what you DO... but because of the people you bring TOGETHER?!

Imagine being rewarded month after month after month because you brought two entities together!

Kinda like a match maker.

This is a game changing mental shift if you're open to it.

You must evolve beyond your skills, and start leveraging other people's skills.

For example, what I'm invite you to join is NOT to learn from ME!

I'm actually demonstrating a portion of this philosophy by promoting some ELSE'S GROUP!!

And I earn no $$ by telling you!

I'm just a raving fan and willing to talk about it.

See the link to free group in the comments.

Create a Great Day! - AC


What are your non-negotiables?

Even when you're super busy and need to focus?

What are the things you will do no matter what?

I remember years ago who I had a successful SEO agency and was busy like a bee!

So busy that I stopped doing sales.

Stopped nurturing new relationships.

Stopped optimizing my own sites.

Eventually things dried up and I was back at ground zero scavenging like a newbie fresh out of college.


Today my non-negotiables revolve around, creating content and nurturing relationships.

It's wisdom.

It's branding.

It's investing into my present and my future.

No matter what.

Hard times and stress will always come. Expect it. Especially if you're successful.

Plan for it.

Like having insurance.

But somethings you can't outsource. And for me that's investing into people. Both 1-on-1 and from a distance via content. Email or social media.

Sharing ideas that help people grow is also my "why."

My legacy.

And I'm clear on this. So I do it no matter what.

What about you?

When you go beyond the surface level reasons, drives and motivations... are you aware of the deeper, most meaningful things?

As we come upon the end of another year...

Now is the perfect time to reflect.


Purge the superficial, and get clear on the meaningful.

Create a Great Day!
Arvell Craig


Over the past few months I've talked to many entrepreneurs who feel stuck. Unfulfilled. Even disillusioned by the vast gap between expectations and reality.

Heck. I know I've had those exact same feelings.

I wish I could blame it on Corona, but if I'm honest, the struggle has been lurking for years.

The promise of entrepreneurship is this nebulous lifestyle of 'freedom' and control. Travel and toys. Pride and power.

But the reality can often be a tremendous amount of work. An emotional rollercoaster of successes and stresses which... if we're not conscious will become normal and acceptable.

It's crazy when I think about the 2021's "great resignation."

You know... the trend this year of massive employees leaving their jobs.

I wonder and worry what they're getting themselves into...

But anywho, let me get the point.

Friend, for years I've been hustling... Working hard, studying, networking, trying to fix my flaws so I can build a better business. And have more meaningful life.

I've taken the courses and listened to the gurus ... looking for hacks and shortcuts to compensate for what I didn't know.

Sure I've made some progress.

I've learned a few things.

But as a whole, I didn't make substantial progress.

Not because the content wasn't valid. But my attention was off.

Friend, we don't get better by trying to fix ourselves.

The energy and attention we give on what we lack is the problem.

In fact... finding problems over and over again improves our ability to see problems.

If we are "lacking" something inside... and we leave a job or a relationship; start a business to "feel" better it will never work.

These are two completely different disconnected things.

It creates cycle of frustration and disillusionment.

Have you felt this?

Have you struggled with this?

What if you didn't need to do anything to feel fulfilled?

What if nothing had to change on the outside for you to be
complete on the inside?

Each of us will have different rules or guidelines before we can accept this. Accept ourselves.

In one sense I have a spiritual (Christian) worldview that tells me I'm loved. Accepted. And nothing I do can add or reduce that.

But in reality I haven't consciously operated as such.

My unfulfilled dreams and goals were defining my worth.

And growing and running a business from a place of emptiness made it tougher than necessary.

I'm not trying to preach to you. Or persuade you to believe anything.

I just want to bring to your attention this distinction.

Your self-worth and acceptance is completely separate from your accomplishments. Your business. Your relationship. Your successes. Your failure.

Friend, if you can see this distinction, you can start to change.

Better yet... start putting attention on your strengths. Your talents. Every little win.

Track and count every smile you receive.

Day after day, week after week, this habit will change your state.

It will change the game.

And from this place, a job or business or goal setting will be much more pure. Much more clean. Much more doable. With natural inspiration and motivation to fuel you on.

Love you.
Create a Great Day!
Arvell Craig

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