Dr. Al

Dr. Al


I could really use your input. I’m making great progress on starting my days positive, encouraging and upbeat. But by the end of my work day (7:30) I have nothing left in me. I don’t want it to be that way. I want to end my day on the same note. To me it’s important to end my day positive, encouraging, and upbeat. But I’m depleted and left with no energy for anything. What’s your thoughts on how to turn this around??? Thanks 😊
I am in need of help. In the last year and a half I’ve had 2 close family member deaths, a falling out with my mother, blindsided by a divorce, diagnosed with 2 chronic diseases, was laid off and was wrongfully told and though I had herpes for 4 months. I can’t get my life back on track. Could use some help or advice.

My Vision is Global Extreme Health.
. My Mission is to Be In a Constant State of Self-Improvement.

Operating as usual


Just stopped by to say Hi!
Let me know if you need some prayers sent your way. ❤️


Your health (and the health of your children) is your responsibility…it’s time to take it!! ❤️
If you are going to base your health decisions and actions on any of the following, I can’t help you and you will learn not to help yourself:
Dr. Fauci
Let me know if I missed any!👇🏽


So awesome to meet others who have an interest in educating and creating a better world for our youth.
If you have a desire to keep America free, a desire to develop a relationship with Jesus and have an interest in educating our youth properly….check out @charliekirk1776


This is an excerpt from one of my all-time favorite books, “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl.
This is a book where he describes the human psychology he witnessed while in a n**i death camp.
“And there is always choices to make. Every day, every hour offered the opportunity to make a decision, a decision which determined whether you would or would not submit to those powers which threatened to rob you of your very self, your inner freedom; which determined whether or not you would become the plaything to circumstance, renouncing freedom and dignity to become molded into the form of the typical inmate.”
Let me ask you this…how are you doing today? ❤️


Extreme Health Podcast
Ep. 155 with Moments Of Clarity
Tiffany is on a mission to educate her audience and end the stigma on mental health. For inspirational stories, you can check out her weekly radio show on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and multiple podcast formats.
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I want some positivity.
Tell me something good that happened this week! ❤️👇🏽❤️


Back to the Pain Cave this week.
I started up again (speed drills at the track) a few weeks ago and after my first attempt, it took me almost a week to recover and get back to running and walking normal again. Haha🥴
A patient once told me that getting old was for the birds.
She was definitely on to something!


I love the days where
my skies are blue,
the grass is green,
my wine is white
and most importantly…..
the metal is black.🖤
Have a Very Metal Weekend!


Be. Game. Ready.
Ramping up the intensity of the workouts the past couple of weeks. Feeling a little stronger and leaner….and slightly sore. But a good sore!


This is episode #154 with, Joe Sanok.
Joe Sanok is a licensed counselor, entrepreneur and seasoned podcaster, In his new book, “THURSDAY IS THE NEW FRIDAY: How to Work Fewer Hours, Make More Money and Spend Time Doing What You Want”, Joe argues that the traditional five-day workweek, with its deep, historical roots and strong reinforcement from the industrial era, is no longer serving us.
I’ve been a believer and practitioner of this idea for years!
We get into how you can start the workweek paradigm shift with your mindset, some of the scientific data that strengthens his case, how slowing down can actually help you, prioritizing sleep, how to assess your results and much more.



Much love and gratitude to my Brothers in Metal, for inviting me on this epic ride over the past couple of years.
Much appreciation to all of their patience, kindness and openness that they’ve shown me. 🖤 It has not gone unnoticed!
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The pain cave is the physical and mental dark place that endurance athletes enter while training for or competing in a race.
Originally used by distance athletes when they would get to the point where a tough physical exercise turned into an excruciating mental exercise.
Personally, when I’m in the pain cave, I get to the point where every step hurts. And all I can think about is quitting, how I can’t breathe or even faking an injury.
Finding comfort in the pain cave has helped me in every single race that I’ve competed in.
What’s your pain cave and how has it helped you in your life?


Ep. 152 of the Extreme Health Podcast.
I get to chat about the scientific ways that you can improve your athletic performance, increase your strength and muscle control all while increasing your bodies ability to heal after a tough workout.


No matter where you are in life or what is happening to you…
You are NOT stuck in your current physical, mental, social or spiritual situation.
You can take responsibility and take hold of the spiritual freedom that you were born with. Take action and believe in yourself.
You Got This!!


Someone is turning 12 today.
Happy Birthday Little Broski!


Take a deep breath, look around, assess, take action.


Had a blast this morning guesting on Moments of Clarity with Tiffany (Moments Of Clarity) this morning.
Despite being a total ‘newb’ and talking when I wasn’t supposed to talk and a stupid bug flying all over my face and the microphone throughout. Tiffany somehow powered us through and we were able to chat about the 4 pillars to Extreme Health: Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual Strength.
Moments of Clarity with Tiffany is a live show every week on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, multiple radio stations and wherever you can listen to podcasts.
Please follow and support Tiffany Werhner, LMHC]] as she works on ending the stigma of mental health.


Check out Episode #151 of the Extreme Health Podcast.
I get to chat with world renowned near-death survivor Cherie Aimee. Cherie Aimée flatlined for ninety minutes and lived to tell about her experience. Cherie has spoken alongside some of the top surgeons, engineers and technology experts in the world. She has been a featured guest on The Dr. Oz Show and Megyn Kelly TODAY as well as ABC, FOX, NBC, NHK Japan, Forbes, Nasdaq and Inc.
This is an amazing talk about:
👊🏽The use of traditional, western, alternative and holistic therapies.
👊🏽Using the conscious mind to attune to a state of wholeness and well-being.
👊🏽Protecting your nervous system as we move deeper into the Information Age.
👊🏽The pathway to uncovering your purpose on Earth.
👊🏽And much more!


Live in the Extreme Health Inner Circle (https://extremehealthpodcast.com/innercircle), near-death survivor Cherie Aimée.
You can hear her inspiring story followed by Q&A, Tuesday 8/14 @ Noon EST.
@cherieaimee has been featured on Dr. Oz, Megyn Kelly Today, NBC, ABC, Nasdaq, Forbes and many others….


I like to do things that are NOT fun.
That probably explains a lot of things in my life. Haha! 🥴
Who wants to join me for some speed drills/core work?




Check out episode #150 (link below), I’m totally excited to have Mike Forrester on the podcast.
Mike is a mens transitional coach, host of the Living Fearless Today Podcast and a personal friend of mine.
Please Follow Him!!
We take a deep dive into knowing that you are not alone in your struggle, we get into releasing fear, pain and negative thoughts and taking risks.


Just tryin’ to stay on the good path while navigating through struggle and chaos.
What’s on the other side of struggle?


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