Baus Horses

Baus Horses


I had the pleasure of spending 3 months training horses with Mark Baus recently, and what I can say is only good things. We worked hard and it was a great benefit to my own horse training program to learn methods from Mark. His wife Melissa Baus is just as great a person as Mark and I am very grateful to call them friends.

So go ahead and ask me about Baus Horses and I will tell you about hard work combined with gut hurting laughter.
For sale all in great shape

Mark Baus is an established Western Pleasure trainer in the AQHA & APHA industry.

Operating as usual


Pony Shenanigans

Our littlest is figuring out pony shenanigans!!! πŸ’“ Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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[07/28/21]   I need 3 kid horses. Budgets are up to $15k and all would love mares, some maintenance is ok and trail riding experience a big plus!


We are so proud of Mark Baus!!! He holds his AQHA, APHA and now NSBA judges card!

Congratulations to the 2021 class of newly carded Category I NSBA Judges! We are proud of these individuals for carrying on our legacy of #RewardingExcellence.

✨ Clint Ainsworth; Lithonia, GA
✨ Doug Allen; Scottsdale, AZ
✨ Mark Baus; Plainview, MN
✨ Amy Franks; PawPaw, MI
✨ Jamieson Gross; Concordia, KS
✨ Mike Hoeppner; Whitesboro, TX
✨ Casey Orr; Calico Rock, AR
✨ Sarah Schobert; Bryan, TX
✨ Lindsay Soderberg-Geiger; Red Deer County, AB
✨ Bobbie Jo Stanton; Shawnee, OK
✨ Butch Watson; Bentonville, AR
✨ Josh Tjosaas; Barnesville, MN

Photos from Baus Horses's post 05/02/2021

Our friend Steve Gulling has made a hard decision to put Duck up for sale and concentrate on his young show horse. He purchased Duck from us and I told him we would help find a new home because this horse is special and whoever ends up with him gets an instant support and fan base with us! Here are a tiny amount of photos from when we had him. We mainly used him to pony young stock. Hauled him to Utah and Fort Worth shows - he's really good at it! Loaned him out to others that needed to pony horses. We started showing him in the ranch riding, Larry Spratto put a lead change on him and I know Steve has had further training put on him and some rope/cattle experience. I've taken this horse camping overnight. He's like a rocking horse to ride. I literally can't say enough great things about him!

You can contact Steve Gulling for direct details or me if you want to hear more doting πŸ™‚ πŸ¦„

[01/16/21]   ISO
2 Safe Youth Horses

Both would have phenomenal homes and care. One preferably an APHA gelding, the other preferably a mare, can be AQHA or APHA. Light maintenance is fine. Budgets of $15k

Please message us with video, photos, info, location, price and contacts.


My friend Lisa McGowan asked if the kids wanted to see the horses...well of course they have to take them for a spin!


"Seasons Change"


**Edited to add a second video**

2018 APHA/Solid Filly
The Best Martini x Fleet Impulse (World Champion mare by Fleet Machine x A Sudden Impulse mare)

Bebop has around 90 days riding. She is a neat filly with potential to do more than the western pleasure. For this video we pulled her in from the pasture and she hadn't been rode in a few months. She is fun to work with, smart, level headed but not a dead head. She would be perfect for someone that enjoys developing a horse along because she tries. The right youth, adult or novice could progress her if they are interested in training. No vices or health issues. She's very personable and we genuinely really like her and that's why we want to find her the perfect person.

*found older video clips from earlier this year


Snickers Beach Adventure

Earlier this year I offered my mare Whata Honey aka "Snickers" up for sale but it had to be to the perfect home...she got a perfect home!!!! This was the latest video update and I had to share!!!


It's not too cold yet!

Not everyone can take their 17 hand hunter under saddle horse on a ride like this where both horse and rider have a good time! The transformation this horse has had outside of the arena has been really fun to watch!

#horsesthatcanrideinandoutsideofthearena #mindfultraining #horsetraining #hespeakshorse #baushorses


Impromptu photoshoot for these guys yesterday, but I have some fun video ideas for them! This is a sneak peek at what is available!

Message us if you see something you are interested in!

#westernpleasure #hunterundersaddle #trail #showmanship #allaround #showhorses #prospects #bredgreat #5afarms #baushorses


Wisconsin AQHA State Show 2020 - Elkhorn, WI

This year we had 5 horses going to the state show and 4 horses showing for the very first time! With the lack of shows to go to, we need to give a shout out to Robert Schmitz of Schmitz Quarter Horses for letting us haul in and ride multiple times!

My Vitals Rock
1,1,1,1 Junior Western Pleasure Circuit Champion shown by Mark Baus
3yo gelding
The Rock Stallion x daughter of Vitalism (dam of Vital Signs Are Good)
Owned by 5A Farms

1,2,2,3 Junior HUS with Rhonda Spratto earning Junior HUS points
Top placings as well with Andrea Foss in Amateur HUS
3yo gelding
Allocate Your Assets x Potential Too (dam of W***y Has Potential)
Owned by 5A Farms

Brock Lesnar
Shown day two with 3, 3 in Green Trail shown by Mark Baus
3yo gelding
The Rock Stallion x Always The Choice mare
Owned by 5A Farms

W***y Be An Asset
We changed this gelding's his path about a month ago to concentrate on the ranch riding. He had respectable placings (4-7), but more importantly, he had respectable runs. We are happy with his performance and are excited about his future with owner Dean Hilbelink!
4yo gelding
@Winnies W***y x Investment Asset mare
Owned by Dean Hilbelink

One Twenty with Alee Foss (first time showing alone)
Circuit Champion Small Fry Western Pleasure
Circuit Champion Small Fry Horsemanship
Alee has been preparing and lessoning with Travis Born of Born Performance Horses!
Owned by 5A Farms

#aqhashowhorses #younghorsedevelopment #aqha #westernpleasure #hunterundersaddle #trail #ranchriding #smallfry #allaround #prospectstoshowhorses #5afarms #baushorses


"The only part of their childhood that lasts forever are the memories, so we better not be too busy to make them."

#iwouldnottradethoseponiesforanything #marksayshewouldfortwothousanddollars πŸ₯΄πŸ˜‚ πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ #heknowsbetter #turbothepony #dustythepony


Snagged a video on my way out of Mark and Tourist out taking a tour πŸ˜‰. This is a gelding by Winnies W***y. We will be gathering his videos and photos soon, this is just a quick look at how versatile he will be! #inandoutofthearena

#aqha #5afarms #baushorses


It's always fun to watch foals change colors!

This is a Heart Stoppin c**t out of a mare that is by Zippos Mr Good Bar x Dam of Potential Investment. This is her second foal for us, the first is just a yearling and both show a lot of promise!

#heartstoppin #bayroan #roanhorse #aqha #americanquarterhorse #foalsof2020 #foalfriday #showhorseprospect #5afarms #baushorses


Back In Black - AQHA/APHA, sired by The Best Martini

A lot of people wonder what we have coming up in the ranks and I'm going to brag on this c**t for a second...he is SO good minded and will ride in the arena and out on the trails. As a matter of fact he LOVES the trails. Here is his video doing both...oh and he's just two years old!

#backinblack #thebestmartini #aqha #apha #doubleregistered #showhorseprospect #trailhorseprospect #hesagem #blackandwhitepaint #blackhorse #5afarms #baushorses


A quick preview of two AQHA geldings that will be offered for consideration.

The gelding Mark is on has been started over poles and has all around potential. Sired by Winnies W***y, 15.2.

The gelding Kellyn is riding is sired by Extremely Hot Chips 16 hands. He’s gearing up for HUS, started in showmanship and also shows potential for the all around.

Official photos and arena videos to come!

#wellrounded #rivertime


Pony food coming right up!


A gelding you can take to the shows and take on the trails! Arena video is first, you can see the storm brewing, took the pony on a tiny trail ride before child ditched out from the rain, but mom didn't stop and we hit up the river anyway! Mark was trying to ditch out himself, so here is what we got!

"Girly" is 5 years old, he was a solid paint until APHA's newest rule changes and he's now RR. He's by AQHA Res. World Champion Gettin Impulsive and out of a Fleet Machine mare that has been top 10 at the world show multiple times.

Lower five figures.


SOLD! 2YO APHA gelding with World Champion bloodlines and a great start on him! 06/12/2020

Kids and their ponies

My #turbothepony followers out there...he pretty much does looks like a saint here! And to brag on Mark, his horse is a 2yo filly by Winnies W***y! 😍 #thefutureisbrightforallofthem #dustythepony #5afarms #baushorses


Meet the new pony, "Dusty"! We've had him about a month now and we love him! πŸ’—

When taking photos of this combo, I had swapped over to video and happened to catch this special moment... #proudparent (Yes, I tell him to go though the grass, but there were no "spikes" of any sort!)

The other proud parent the second photo you will see that he has something in his back pocket...I didn't question what it was because he is always into something. When we were done with the ponies it fell out onto the saddle, I picked it up to give it back and it turned out to be a photo of him and his dad! I'm sure Mark Baus was holding back his tears! 😍πŸ₯°


Yesterday's weather was amazing and it gave us a chance to get the foals out on the field!
The Lopin Machine x Lil Bit of Potential (Potential Investment x Lil Bit of Assets) on the left

Heart Stoppin x A Goodbar To Treasure (Zippos Mr Good Bar x Hot Little Treasure - dam of Potential Investment) on the right


"Toddler Trail"

We made this pattern up today, it's called "The House".

1. Start at the cone.
2. Go up the steps to the attic.
3. Wind your way down through the house as to not touch the live wires. (Not walls - kids said they are wires and really don't want to touch wires.)
4. Circle around the living room.
5. Exit through the garage.

Tim Kimura & Charlie Cole ...Do you think we could add "Tiny Tot Trail" to The Virtual Horse Show?! But seriously, Tim, feel free to use this in any of your future patterns! πŸ˜‚

Stay tuned for more pony shenanigans!

#makingmemories #tinytottrail #ponytrail #arenatrail #ponytraining #kidsponies #thebestponies #traillogsstolenfromtravisbornperformancehorses #5afarms #baushorses

Teaching the young ones a trail pattern we call "The House" - totally made it up today! lol


Bebop's first time in the water!

"Bebop" is an 2018 filly by The Best Martini and out of Fleets Impulse (APHA World Show Champion daughter of Fleet Machine. She has around 30 days riding and this was her first time in the water! She has never seen a body of water, much less find herself in one.

Everyone has their thoughts on trail riding show horses/training horses, we believe it's a good thing for them to experience if possible. There are so many opportunities for them to learn and for us to learn about them. This filly for example was extremely calm, curious and brave for her first ride. That is actually the only reason the water was even attempted on her first ride, she seemed to love it out there!

#beboppin #bebop #apha #thebestmartini #fleetsimpulse #trailriding #waterobstacle #americanpainthorse #5afarms #baushorses



I stopped by the arena to check out a horse Mark was riding...pretty cute and thought I would share!

2018 filly by Winnies W***y x Fleets Big Valentine (APHA World Show Champion mare)


A Good Bar To Treasure pictured here with her Heart Stoppin c**t at a day old! This mare is special to us because she is out o Zippos Mr Good Bar and Hot Little Treasure, who was the dam of Potential Investment.

#heartstoppin #agoodbartotreasure #zipposmrgoodbar #potentialinvestment #westernpleasure #aqha #americanquarterhorse #2020foals #foalsof2020 #5afarms #baushorses


Egg games with horses!

Kellyn Homa brought eggs to the barn for lessons...the kids had a BLAST! They are excited to do this again for sure!

#egggameswithhorses #goodponies #goodnshiney #turbothepony #eggandspoon #smashtheegg #dunkindonuts #funandgames #makingmemories #gettingthembroke #horsesandeggs #5afarms #baushorses


Maisy got her morning ride we watch My Little Ponies, play with My Little Ponies, eat and wait for afternoon shift with Alee and AJ! ;-)

#ponytime #turbothepony #makingmemories #5afarms #baushorses


Riding with the kids

What a fun day spent with the kids and horses! First some arena work, then some trail riding and then some arena work! #itsnotevensummeryet

#kidsandtheirhorses #ponyrides #ponyparty #arenariding #trailriding #showhorses #itisgoodforthem #120 #buttons #snickers #turbothepony #shiney #kellynyouneverknowwhatyourdaywilllooklike #5afarms #baushorses

Kellyn Homa, Andrea Kengis Foss, Mark Baus, Melissa Baus


Snickers and Turbo in the river

Andrea Kengis Foss & Kellyn Homa we found a safe entrance to the river today - Turbo can even do it!!! πŸ€ͺπŸ˜‚ #turbothepony #snickersquarterpony #snickerspaintpony
#5afarms #baushorses


They are teenagers who don’t know how to social distance yet. πŸ™‚ 😜

#sundaysmile #sunshinesunday


If you have ever had a pony, I bet you can relate to these clips! πŸ€ͺ🀣🀠

#turboscrisis #turbothepony #teachingkids #havingfun #someofusareanyway #moretocome #5afarms #baushorses


The third foal of the year is a c**t sired by The Lopin Machine x Lil Bit of Potential (daughter of Lil Bit of Assets, Congress Champion, Reserve Champion at the Youth World). He's 24 hours old here in these pictures. He's very soft in his stride and he has a lot of reach! The second photo I couldn't resist! Mama's gotta stretch and have fun too!

#thelopinmachine #lilbitofpotential #aqha #americanquarterhorse #foalsof2020 #5afarms #baushorses


2020 AQHA/APHA VS Code Red x Without Mercy (OHK mare) Her coloring is interesting, in person she has some areas where it would make you think she could roan out. Whatever color she ends up being, we're excited about her future!

#vscodered #aqha #apha #doubleregistered #foalsof2020 #americanquarterhorse #americanpainthorse #5afarms #baushorses

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Pony Shenanigans
Snickers Beach Adventure
It's not too cold yet!
SOLD.Snagged a video on my way out of Mark and Tourist out taking a tour πŸ˜‰. This is a gelding by Winnies W***y.  We will...
SOLD.A quick preview of two AQHA geldings that will be offered for consideration. The gelding Mark is on has been starte...
SOLD! 2YO APHA gelding with World Champion bloodlines and a great start on him!
Egg games with horses!
Maisy got her morning ride we watch My Little Ponies, play with My Little Ponies, eat and wait for afternoon sh...
They are teenagers who don’t know how to social distance yet. πŸ™‚ 😜#sundaysmile #sunshinesunday
If you have ever had a pony, I bet you can relate to these clips! πŸ€ͺ🀣🀠  #turboscrisis  #turbothepony #teachingkids #havin...
Turbos Crisis
We have 4 horses at a show on their first public outing...these two are not against a little PDA 😜 #2-3 #girly #shiney #...



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