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I would hope that since the Y is closed because of COVID19 and is still collecting membership dues, that it would continue to pay its staff through this shutdown.
Row-A-Thon 🚣🏼‍♀️💪🏼
Come join us..were here til 1pm!
This is a great day to try the new equipment.
Please share this post. The YMCA is committed to help Knoxville as a Read City. Low literacy effects all areas of reaching your full potential.
Congratulations to our own lifeguard, Keaton, for being recognized tonight at the Chris Newsom Tournament Opening Ceremony as one of the scholarship recipients! What an amazing honor! ☺️
Missed Rhonda this morning but Jess was great! Wish she had a regular class in the morning like today's.
Can you post your monthly calendar on here please? It is not always available at the center. Since I live 30 miles away, I need to know when you are closed.
What a fun, fabulous crew for my last Friday class!!! Thanks for all the shimmying, shaking and happy sweating over the years. Those of you who were summer-ing and couldn’t attend were missed. Y’all also missed a yummy cake, so there! 😉
Love you all! See ya around. 💜
Thank you for my beautiful and delicious cake!
If anyone Lost a YETI cup this morning... It musta fell off your car.. there was still ice next to it.. I turned it in to the front desk..
5pm step and tone. 80's theme. Bring a friend for free!!!
Come join us!!! Please share!
5pm theme Step and tone
Country Hoedown
Bring a friend for free!!

The Y is a charitable, cause-driven organization that is for youth development, healthy living, and

Operating as usual

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Our August schedules for the month!!


Big turnout today for our FIT 4 LIFE class. If you’re ever interested in trying it out, just show up ready to work. FIT 4 LIFE is a cardio and strength training class for any level and is senior friendly. The class takes place M-F 10:15-11:00 and is a blast!

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Sometimes the biggest barrier at the gym is not knowing what to do when you walk in the door. This is one of the most impactful benefits of your Y membership; when you come to a group fitness class, knowledgable instructors do all the planning while you follow along. Personal training amplifies that benefit as your trainer plans a workout not just for a group of people, but specifically for you, helping you make progress to reach your goals.

If you're working out on your own, walk into the Y with a plan for your workout that day. Don't have a plan today? Try this Total Body 45-minute workout from Paige, a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor from our Downtown Y. Remember, modify each movement to your own fitness level and abilities when needed, but always push yourself for progress!


Set 1: Repeat 4x
5 - Jump Squats
10 - Thrusters
5 - Burpees
10 - Front Lunges w/ Bicep Curl each leg
50 - Speed Skaters

Set 2: Repeat 4x
5 - Push-ups
10 - Push Press
5 - Bear Crawls
10 - Single Arm Overhead Press
50 - Seal Jacks

Set 3: Repeat 3x
5 Leg Raises
10 Superman's
5 Fire Hydrants each leg
10 Single leg glute bridges (each leg)
50 Bicycle crunches

To work with a trainer at the Y, visit ymcaknoxville.org/pt. Then, pair that workout with a properly-portioned, healthy meal from our friends at Clean Eatz! Check out next week's menu below!


If you’re just beginning your fitness journey or looking for someone to help you achieve your goals, try Personal Training! At the Tennova Family YMCA, we have many personal trainers to fit your availability. Mike Hubbs, one of our personal trainers, says, “What’s important is to design the right exercise for your client while keeping technique and being consistent.” And that’s just a few of the many things personal trainers help accomplish. If you have questions about working with a trainer, visit ymcaknoxville.org/pt or call (865) 922-9622.


Clash of titans today at the Y.


Our pools will be closed from July 31st- Sep 1st for re-plastering on the Lap and Therapy Pool. If you do use the pool frequently, we have 4 other Y locations with a pool you may use during this closurewith your membership . We do apologize for the inconvenience.



We are having our first E-Sports tournament this Friday, July 14th starting at 2:00 pm. The first game for our first tournament will be NBA 2K23. No entry fee since it’s our first tournament! Just sign up and be ready to play on that day. We will also be supplying food and drinks. You don’t want to miss it!


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Morning highlights from some of our activities at the Tennova Family YMCA. Including Spin Class, Rockwall Climbing, and Pickleball. If you’re a member or guest planning on coming to the Y or here already come give one of these activities a try. Nothing you have to sign up for, just show up and have fun!! COME CHECK IT OUT :)


THOR VS WOLVERINE!! Who’s going to come out victorious in the push-up contest?? Find out tonight.

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A little Friday Focus tip from our very own TC! Plus a reminder that you can order healthy, prepared, properly-portioned meals from our friends at Clean Eatz to support you in your fitness journey. You can even pick up your weekly meals every Monday right here at our Tennova Family YMCA!

"MINDSET: Training the body is one of the smallest aspects of any type of training, because a strong body doesn’t exist without a strong mind! If you tell yourself you are tired, or that something is too hard, you’ll be right 100% of the time. But if you tell yourself that you’re strong, you can do it, and that you’re powerful, then your chances for success increase dramatically.

It might take time, but stay focused & stay committed. Remember, if you’ve tried everything, then you haven’t tried consistency!"

- T.C. Willis, Personal Trainer, Tennova Family Y


If you’re a kid, teen, or adult looking to increase strength and ability come check out our Ultimate Fit classes. Our kid classes take place on Monday and Thursday at 4:15 P.M, our teen classes take place Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 5:00 P.M, and our Ultimate Fit classes for adults are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6:00 P.M and Saturday at 9:00 A.M.



Lap pool has reopened!!


The Lap Pool will remain closed. There will be no 10:00am Aqua Aerobics. Water Arthritis will start at 11:15am today in the Therapy Pool.


Our Lap Pool will be closed until further notice. Again we apologize for the inconvenience.


Our 6:30pm Aqua Aerobics class is canceled for today. Sorry for any inconvenience.


The Lap Pool will be closed today. All Aqua Aerobics classes are canceled. Water Arthritis will still take place.

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If you’re working out at our facility and want to know some exercises for our cable machines, we have pictures that show movements for each muscle group. Want to know how to use a machine? Scan the QR code on our Matrix equipment for an instructional video.


Lap pool will be closed for remainder of the day. However our therapy pool will be open regular hours today. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Here’s our group exercise schedule for July at the Tennova Family Y! We have a wide variety of classes that work the mind, body, and spirit. For Y Members, there’s no sign up required; just show up ready for fun! Guests are welcome to participate with the purchase of a daily guest pass. COME CHECK IT OUT!

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Bring your kids to climb our 25-foot rock wall! We just added new holds! Here are our open climb times for ages 4 & up.

We also offer teen rock climbing classes on Wednesday and Friday. COME CHECK IT OUT!!

Grandma steps up as lifeguard to keep community pool open 06/23/2023


This grandma is awesome! We welcome all swimmers 15 and older to apply to work for the Y as a lifeguard or swim instructor!

“There’s a need out there and there’s a population that can fill that need,” Rodgers said.

Apply online at ymcaknoxville.org/careers.

Grandma steps up as lifeguard to keep community pool open A grandma in Cincinnati decided to become a lifeguard to help with a shortage and make sure everyone gets to enjoy the pool this summer.


Update on E-Sports: We have moved Open House days to Monday and Wednesday with the times being 2-5 and that will start June 26th. With that being said open house that would’ve been on June 23rd will not be happening. More info will be posted soon about tournaments.


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and father figures out there!


Today is Friday and you know what that means with our new E-Sports program launching not only can members and guests have fun but so can our employees.


We have now launched E-Sports at the YMCA!! For right now we have open house going on where you can come play with different people in different games. The games listed are what we have to offer we also just made a new addition with Dragon Ball FighterZ. More info will be posted soon. But come check it out we will have food and drinks to supply as well.


Today’s Y Workout Tip comes from Gus, a certified personal trainer from our .

“Make sure that for every exercise you do, you have GREAT range of motion. Let your targeted muscle get a full stretch as well as a good contraction. With proper range of motion and an adequate set and rep range, these factors will help you stimulate growth in the desired muscle group. If you cannot perform a full range of motion, lower the weight and try again. DO NOT EGO LIFT, as ego lifting can get you hurt, and it will not allow you to get a full range of motion.”

To work with Gus or another personal trainer at the Y, visit ymcaknoxville.org/pt. Our trainers are here to plan tailored workouts just for you, motivate you along the way, protect you from injury, and help you see results toward your fitness goals.


Do you...

want to go back to school?
need help affording childcare?
want to earn an industry certificate, like a CDL, to make more money?
need financial help finishing your degree?
live paycheck to paycheck?

The Y is offering one-on-one coaching with built-in supports for qualifying households who are ready to achieve economic independence. If you are the parent or legal guardian of a child under 18 living in your home, you may qualify for assistance, resources, and mentoring to help you get ahead.

Email us at [email protected] to see if your family qualifies for this free program, or share this information with someone who may need support in taking steps toward financial independence.

Our YMCA of East Tennessee is one of many local agencies partnering with the United Way of Greater Knoxville to put you and your family in charge of creating your own path to economic independence.

Email us today at [email protected].

Our Y Members: Nolan 06/13/2023

Nolan had both hips and both knees replaced over a 50-week period. For his mobility, he was encouraged to come to the Y. In just five months, he's lost 21 pounds of body fat and gained 4 pounds of muscle. More than that, he's found a community of support.

"I just find it's that type of environment where it's inclusive, people try to work together and encourage each other and help each other have a better life. I found a great thing."

The Y. For a better us.

Join us at ymcaknoxville.org.

Our Y Members: Nolan Nolan had both hips and both knees replaced over a 50-week period. For his mobility, he was encouraged to come to the Y. In just five months, he's lost 21 ...


Summer swim lessons have begun here at the Tennova Family YMCA! If you're thinking about signing up, don't wait! Y Members receive a discount, but non-member Program Participants are welcome. Get more info by stopping by the membership desk at the Y or calling us at 865-922-9622.

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It’s Instructor Appreciation week! Come show some love to your favorite instructors who lead our large variety of group exercise classes. Here are just a few out of your 36 Amazing Instructors!!


Weekly Y Tip comes from Lori, a certified personal trainer at our Tennova Family Y: Consistency is Key to Success!

"Being consistent means to keep doing what you planned to do regularly. Consistent workouts and healthy food choices will pay off! Scheduling workouts at the same day and time will help establish a routine. Here are other some tips to stay consistent:

1. Set A Clear Goal: Be specific. Instead of having the goal, "I will exercise more," plan a specific goal to exercise three days a week for one hour to lower your blood pressure and have more energy.
2. Make A Commitment: That means showing up even when you don’t feel like it. Commit to working out for thirty days.
3. Be Accountable: Hire a trainer or get a buddy who will hold you accountable.
4. Put Your Workouts On Your Calendar: What isn’t scheduled often doesn’t get done.
5. Be Patient: Be patient with the process. Results take time and effort. Sometimes we expect results overnight.

Exercise CAN become a lifestyle and result in a healthier, more fit you!" - Lori

To work with Lori or another certified personal trainer at the Y, visit ymcaknoxville.org/pt. Our trainers are here to help you reach your goals!


One of the benefits of having a membership at the YMCA is also having a discount for our massages. Next time you’re at our location talk to the membership desk about spa info and they can give you a pamphlet with prices or as well for info call (865) 922-9622. Also as well even if you’re a nonmember you too can get a massage set up.


Please enjoy a safe holiday weekend with your friends and family!

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Your Y Wellness Tip plus a Bonus Workout today come from Gina S. from our Pilot Family Y: Learn to Love Exercise.

Then, swipe to see this week's menu from our friends at Clean Eatz, so you can pair your healthy habits and Y workout routine with some good fuel!

"Learn to Love Exercise:
How can you learn to love exercise? Become an intrinsic exerciser!

Just like anything else we do, we must find meaning and value in it. When you shift your focus from external outcomes (such as exercising only to lose weight) and focus on positive internal experiences, you will begin to love exercise for its own sake! Here are a few tips on how to become an intrinsic exerciser:

- Find personal meaning in it. Use exercise to explore who you are - internally articulate why you are working out and what you hope to get from it.
- Mastery – monitor improvements of your performance. Challenge yourself and set personal goals, like lifting five more pounds or running a little faster or farther, etc.
- Find your flow or 'the zone.' Flow is all about staying in the moment. It’s not achieving an end point that’s important; it’s the process of achieving.

When you start working from the inside out and focus on the inner rewards of the activity itself, you will find yourself going to the gym because you want to, not because you have to.

Bonus Workout:

Here is one of my favorite workouts because I LOVE running and strength training; it’s challenging, and it can be used as a benchmark to set achievement goals.

Run 1 mile, then perform 20 rounds of:

5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 squats

Then, run 1 mile."


Congratulations to Rachel one of our Fitness Staff Employees for being apart of the class of 2023 at Halls High School!! We are proud of you and appreciate your hard work around the facility.


Lap pool will be low for the next few days for repair. We again thank you members and guests for understanding.

Photos from Tennova Family YMCA's post 05/23/2023

We just want to thank all the Y members and guest that showed up to our cookout on the pool patio. We appreciate everyone so much and are proud to serve such great people!!

Photos from Tennova Family YMCA's post 05/19/2023

Did you know our YMCA of East Tennessee locations are one of the largest American Red Cross Lifeguard Training providers in the Southeast? Every year, we certify hundreds of new lifeguards to work at pools and water parks in our region. This weekend, we’re training 14 new lifeguards at our Cansler Family YMCA.

Do you know a future lifeguard? Send them our way for certification! Next lifeguard training class with spots available will be at our Tennova Y June 15th-17th with a swimming pre-test on June 9th. Learn more at ymcaknoxville.org under Aquatics programs or register for the pre-test at ymcaknoxville.org/register.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Powell?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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This week, our focus for the STRONG Challenge is to SERVE.  Watch the video, and learn more at MyY.org/strong/week-5.If ...
The STRONG Challenge continues with finding ways to REST!  Watch the video and learn more at MyY.org/strong/week-4.




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