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Welcome to March! 🍀

💪🏻 SPRING BREAK HOURS: Hours will be the same in the afternoon and for the morning adult classes on 3/21-3/25. A 9:00 am class will be added for Monday (3/21), Wednesday (3/23) and Friday (3/25) for all athletes to join. Want more classes Spring Break week? Let Coach Mike know! The more requests, the easier we can open up more training sessions! Register for classes and purchase training sessions at a discount here: https://dappowered.as.me

💪🏻 SAQ SATURDAY: SAQ Saturday is soaring and we're excited to welcome athletes of all sports to work on skills specific to them - vertical jump for our basketball players, kicking power for our soccer players and faster base running for our baseball athletes, just to name a few! See the calendar below for sport dates. 1 hour, specific to your athlete’s sport! $20 drop in.

💪🏻 SOME NEW FACES: At the end of February, Coach Gabi left the to achieve some personal goals of her own. We wish her the best and are excited to see what her future holds. While we are sad to see her go, we are excited to welcome back some familiar faces. Say "hey!" to Coach Kyle and Coach Luke when you see them. Both with a background as a DAP Coach, we're looking forward to their utilizing their expertise with creating confidence, increasing sp*ed and preventing injuries for our youth athletes. We're excited to have them on-board as we prepare for our SUMMER OF FIRE! 🔥🔥🔥

💪🏻 WELCOME COACH STEVE: We're always up for bringing the best of the best to our DAP team and we're excited for Coach Steve to join us. He brings a unique skillset to his training programs. With a heart for youth fitness and tactical fitness and self-defense, Coach Steve will be offering training sessions that includes boxing, sleds, and tire flips (just to name a few)! Stay tuned as we iron out the details and prepare for adding an amazing teammate with passion and dedication to bringing safety and workout training to the SWFL community! Check out his work here Empower Fitness, LLC and go give him a LIKE!

💪🏻 SUMMER OF FIRE: Summer is quickly approaching and if you are a local coach with plans to train your team at DAP, do not delay in letting Coach Mike know! Our team training slots are filling up fast and we want to make sure we accommodate teams wanting to make the most out of their off-season. From sp*ed training to proper stretching, DAP will provide a specific plan for your team to maximize their skillsets and be prepared for the fall season in the absolute most explosive shape possible! We got you! But, we need to plan, so DM asap to reserve your team training spot!

💪🏻 PACKAGE SESSIONS: Did you know DAP offers session packages? Instead of purchasing a monthly plan, you can buy sessions to be used at any time! The sessions stay with your athlete! This is especially helpful if they're in season and want to come in for maintenance to not lose the momentum gained in training with us. Learn more here: http://dappowered.as.me

Please let us know how to best help you! We're always here to answer any questions or help make sure you are receiving the best training you can. We're open to feedback and appreciate you navigating the with us.

Blessed to coach the best!
Coach Mike and Elizabeth
Well done, Archangel Defense, LLC and Crossfit OSC for hosting such a successful Here for Good event on Saturday! Thank you for the work you did to raise awareness and support for so many local charities and businesses - including ! We hope this will be the first of many events in years to come!

Oops!! 💦

It happens to so many of us but is hardly talked about.

Do you find yourself wearing black pants or leggings to the gym just in case you p*e your pants? 😅

It’s way more common than you’d think!

However, it’s not ‘normal’ and we can help you workout worry-free again!

Register for our Black Pants Masterclass from 10:45-11:45am on Saturday, August 17th to learn how!

🔗 Link is in our comments!

Our friends at Crossfit OSC & Archangel Defense, LLC will be hosting the class!

And Livi Lou Laine will also have a pop-up at the end, so be sure to stop by to see her innovative new bra design & find your fit. Erin will be there until 1pm!

What we got here....

Virtual/Online Programming and Training. In-home personal training and life coaching. Because with Empower Fitness, we want you to Be Your Own Hero.

Empower Fitness, LLC offers a variety of classes for different athletic levels and performance needs. If you’re looking to improve your skills and take your fitness to the next level, you can find the support and resources you need right here. Additionally, I personally consult with every single client to understand each one’s unique goals. Check us out at www.empowerfitnessllc.net for more info!

Operating as usual

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All of our personal training and health and wellness programs are now entirely virtual! Contact us to reach your goals with personalized planning and guidance. .anastasia

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Get your mind, energy, and body right with our online individualized training! We have programming and one on one virtual instruction for 4, 8, or 16 week plans! We are kicking off June with 20% off our regular price for the first 5 that sign up! Our training incorporates fitness, diet, and the mind-body connection to empower yourself to be what you are truly capable of. Contact us to get signed up!

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Thanks to everyone who joined us today for a great workout followed by “Murph” in the rain! Awesome way to start the weekend! Robert Murdoch APJason Matyas Stephen Scrobe#memorialday


Slow progress is still progress… This 10x100m repeat workout spaced two weeks apart shows that minor improvement in power output despite weight staying consistent is what we are looking for our athletes to achieve. Improvement takes time. Trust the plan and show up every day!

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Our gym will be holding an open house this weekend for anyone interested in joining us for “Murph”. Come out, challenge yourself, and most importantly remember the lives of those past who paved the way for us to live the lives we do. Stephen ScrobeHeart & SolDynamic Athletic Performance


Are you ready to push your mind and body this summer? Join us! We offer functional fitness, kick-boxing, nutritional counseling, and personal training in an empowering and motivational atmosphere.

Try your first class free or contact us for more info!



Check out our new summer hours!! We added an evening class too!!

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“The body cannot go where the mind hasn’t been.”

Regardless of the workout, whether it’s kickboxing, mobility, intense cardio, kids, or adults, at Empower we always end with a guided meditation and visualization. I always remind our members, this is by far the most important part of our WOD.

Why? Because if you can’t envision yourself achieving your goals, if you never took the time to focus on what your goals actually are, then you aren’t actually driving yourself toward what you deserve, you are simply letting life drag you though it and trying to make the best of it as you go.

Which of those two choices sound like a better option?

Take the time everyday to do 3 things:

1. Focus on your immediate goal and the very first step you need to take for at least two minutes unbroken. Feel it as if it’s already happened, all the emotions, the energy, what the weather was like, who was there, etc. Own it.

2. Tell yourself that you are worth what you are striving for and that you deserve it.

3. Remind yourself that nobody can take your goals away from you and that nothing can stop you. Don’t let the negativity of others distract you, your path is not theirs to walk.

If you want to be the hero of your own story, you need to see it in yourself.



Updated hours this week!!! Mon/Weds/Fri @5:30a & 6:30a. Sat & 9a. Drop-in and join us!

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Proud of all our Babcock Lil’ Warriors giving an amazing effort out in the sun! Send us a PM to ask how you can join us to work on primitive reflex integration, agility, and confidence building for your kids. And… we will be starting our adult program by the lake soon!

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What a great Lil’ Warriors class at Babcock Ranch today!! 🎉☀️

The kids had a blast and did a great job!!!

See y’all again on Friday at 10am!! 🏃🏼‍♂️🏃‍♀️


Spring Break is here! Come join our Lil’ Warriors (4-7yo) class tomorrow at 9 and our Warriors class (8-12) at 10! We are going to have some fun, work on our agility, and get out all the energy. .anastasia .sala.lapointe


Join us tomorrow at 9:30! This class is designed to encourage children to enjoy being healthy and active. The 45-minute class incorporates basic fitness, kickboxing, and agility movements in a fun, engaging atmosphere. Kids will have the opportunity to train together and lead each other in a safe, positive environment.

The lil’ Warriors class will be immediately followed by the Warriors Fitness Class. Parents are encouraged to stay and watch (or join in the fun!) .anastasia

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Now open for business in the Cape! Empower Fitness is a functional fitness, self-defense, and personal training gym. Message us, stop in and try your first class free. Adult classes are M/W/F at 6:30a&7:30a, Sat at 9. All levels of experience are welcome! Dynamic Athletic PerformanceStephen Scrobe

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Join us tomorrow! Empower Fitness & Self-Defense Class for adults @ 6:30a & 7:30a. .anastasia .co .sala.lapointe


Functional fitness and self-defense for everybody. Join us Monday morning at 6:30 or 7:30 for a great workout! .sala.lapointe .anastasia .co


Our Empower Fitness and Self-Defense classes start this week! Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:30a and 7:30a. Saturday at 9a. Sign up and join us at www.empowerfitnessllc.net .anastasia .co


The sweet boy named Casper is ready for a forever home! He was rescued and trained for a loving owner. He is great with people and children and is free to a suitable home. And I’ll teach you to continue his training to ensure his success in the house!

He is a 5 year old bulldog mix, neutered with shots up to date. He is a dominant dog and would be best around submissive or no other pets. Please let me know if you or anyone you know is interested.

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Coming soon! New name, same mission, no fear. With we will be offering new daily programs including Empower Fitness & Self-Defense, Warriors (7-12) and Lil’ Warriors (3-6) Kids Class, personal Training, and Online/Virtual classes! Follow us for more info coming soon! .anastasia .co


Had so much fun introducing dog training to some very eager kids! Learning to be comfortable and confident around animals is so important at a young age. .anastasia


We have two training spots available! Contact us for information and booking.

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Training Tip: post injury, give yourself time to get back into a rhythm mentally and physically. Your body remembers what to do, your brain has to give it the chance. The first day, heck, even the first week back feels awful, sluggish, and weak. DON’T QUIT. You’ll bounce back stronger if your not so hard on yourself in the beginning for “not being where you used to be.” Just keep putting in the work and always enjoy the process!

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Happy Nee Year’s! Thank you to everyone of our clients, members, and of course all the pups this year! You made it such an amazing year. We are so lucky to work with you all. We wish the best for everyone. Keep up the great work!


Update to this weeks schedule! Classes will be cancelled for this Tuesday 11/16. All others will run as normal. Thank you!


Classes today are cancelled. I apologize for the late notice. Tomorrow (Sat) we will still have 8:30 and 9:30a classes as normal. Open gym is still available.


Never forget. But also remember what we became after. Back when we were a United country.


Looking for something to do this weekend? Sign up and join us for our basic rifle class 8/21 from 1-5p! Reserve your spot online! .defense1

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‼️Help Needed‼️ Due to unfortunate circumstances, my friend is unable to keep his Belgian/shepherd mix. If you or anyone you know are interested please let me know. The dog is 1 year old crate trained, and good with kids and other pets.


Proud of the progression of this beautiful shepherd.


This sweet girl came from a very rough place. I’m glad I had the opportunity to train her.


This sweet girl is trained up and ready to head back to her rescue! If you can give this dog her forever home please contact us for details on how. We also have space for our board and train program for August. Taking reservations now! .defense1

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Missed our event but still want to contribute to local charity? We have shirts to order from S-XL! DM us for order info and get yours today. Join us in being Here For Good! .anastasia

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Part 2- Thank you to everyone who competed, sponsored, donated, and joined us for a great day in the name of supporting some great local organizations! Huge shoutout to for [email protected] amazing shots of our event. Congrats to all our winners, you earned it! .defense1 .countrymen .sc

Photos from Empower Fitness's post 07/25/2021

Thank you to everyone who competed, sponsored, donated, and joined us for a great day in the name of supporting some great local organizations! Huge shoutout to for [email protected] amazing shots of our event. Congrats to all our winners, you earned it! .defense1 .countrymen .sc


Not everyday you see the FD learning the ropes from someone in a kids fire hat they just gave out...

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Check out our new summer hours!! We added an evening class too!! @stavros_sr @empower_fl @dappowered #summervibes #swfl ...
The sweet boy named Casper is ready for a forever home! He was rescued and trained for a loving owner. He is great with ...
Had so much fun introducing dog training to some very eager kids! Learning to be comfortable and confident around animal...
We have two training spots available! Contact us for information and booking.  #dogsofgreenville #dogtraining #k9trainin...
Classes today are cancelled. I apologize for the late notice. Tomorrow (Sat) we will still have 8:30 and 9:30a classes a...




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