Surfing Sucks Don't Try It

Surfing Sucks don't try it. T-Shirts: If you haven't tried it, stay out of the way of these ocean bound criminals!

Founded in 1943, Surfing Sucks is a grassroots organization whose central message is clear. At the forefront of the anti-surfing movement, Surfing Sucks wishes to educate the public to the dangers of surfing including but not limited too, shark attack, drug use, sun burn, and joblessness. The ocean is for fish. Surfing sucks, don't try it.


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Solar Yacht: Silent Yachts 55 Technical Tour 05/02/2020

Solar Yacht: Silent Yachts 55 Technical Tour

The Dream

Solar Yacht: Silent Yachts 55 Technical Tour SILENT-YACHTS was founded with a vision of significantly reduced cost of yacht ownership to explore the ocean in sustainable luxury through innovative clean ...


Converted Surf Shed Tiny Office on the Beach

The dream

Jacob works in the eCommerce industry and decided to relocate his family to Santa Teresa Costa Rica where he made a deal with local hotel to convert their un...


Top 10 Most Interesting Electric Vehicles ⚡

These are crazy

Electric vehicles are on everybody’s mind lately: bikes, scooters, Cars and the like give us a hint of a future where high capacity batteries will replace fu... 08/19/2019

10 Fastest Electric Cars You Can Actually Buy

Some serious beasts coming out Cars with electric motors are marvelous machines that offer several advantages offer combustion powered vehicles. They convert more energy into motion rather... 05/17/2019

Man gets prison for hitting surfer with paddle off Sunset Cliffs A man who hit a popular local surfer in the head with a carbon fiber paddle in the water at Sunset Cliffs was sentenced Thursday to five years in state prison.


Surfed in some lovely red tide algae bloom in Florida yesterday. Immediate flu like symptoms persisting into today. 👍 01/22/2018

Surfers three times more likely to have antibiotic-resistant bacteria in guts Scientists compared f***l samples from surfers and non-surfers to assess whether the surfers' guts contained E. coli bacteria that were able to grow in the presence of the antibiotic cefotaxime. Cefotaxime has previously been prescribed to kill off these bacteria, but some have acquired genes that e...


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Share if you think the best part of exercising on the beach is taunting sharks who can't reach you but see you getting stronger. 06/21/2016

10 Best Survival Games That Will Have You Fighting For Your Life Since the early days of the Day Z mod and, of course, Minecraft, gamers felt a need to survive. We all enjoyed the thrill...


Surfing Sucks Don't Try It


California teacher teaching the physics of surfing 05/03/2016

10 LegendaryLea Twitch Streaming “Accidents” That Didn’t Seem Like Accidents

Female gaming version of Anastasia Ashley Lea May, who commands a massive fan base on popular videogame streaming platform Twitch, was recently banned by the service for 30 days. The ban was a result of her ‘accidentally’ lifting her leg enough for the viewers to get a quick glimpse of the private region. 05/02/2016

Gamer Caught Beating Off After He Left Camera On Before Livestream

this fella got caught stroking his salami by 100,000 people. Popular Youtube streamer was caught jacking off on camera before gameplay stream. 04/27/2016

Famous Twitch Streamer Banned After Accidentally Showing Her Va**na During Livestream

Looks intentional to me. She flashed her nether regions for a brief moment during a livestream.


I think it waz a human 04/02/2016

We Found The Kazoo Kid: He’s All Grown Up and Has Zero Regrets

What a legend. If you’ve been on the internet lately, you’ve probably seen the 1989 video… 03/31/2016

16 Epic Photoshop Battles That Changed Everything

got em Cameras are part and parcel of today’s life. Millions of photos are clicked and posted online in a single day. Posting such pictures on the internet is not actually safe at all as it might just fall into someone’s hand who can change the concept of the whole thing. 03/26/2016

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Is Thinking About Running For President, Seriously

Has my vote! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is probably the most lovable man in all of Hollywood right now. Between his incredibly positive attitude, leadership and motivational ability, and heart of gold it’s clear the man has got the right stuff. 03/25/2016

Model Lindsey Pelas Describes Problems With Having Massive Breasts in Video That Went Insanely Viral

Not a problem for me. Big breasted model Lindsey Pelas knows a thing or two about huge jugs, when your breasts are size 30H life is anything but normal. She doesn’t mind the attention but claims there are some disadvantages as well. 03/24/2016

Tough Talking Shirtless Thug Gets Choked Out By Bodybuilding Good Samaritan That Looks Like Thor

Instant Justice! This guy is a damn hero. On the Los Angeles metro, this shirtless tattooed a thug was trying to intimidate Instant passengers on the train, luckily fitness trainer Adrian Kaczmarek was there to save the day. He snuck up behind the criminal and slapped on a perfect rear naked choke rendering the hooligan unconscious. 03/17/2016

Uh Oh. Video Footage of Conor McGregor’s “Drug Filled Party” Surfaces: He’s Slurring His Words

Not good. A few days back an anonymous claim about a drug filled ho**er and boozefest at the McMansion made it’s rounds on the internet.


Heard this was really good. 😂😂😂 03/14/2016

Microsoft Announces Cross Network Support: Play Online Against PS4 Owners From Your Xbox One

This is huge! Xbox One users might soon be able to play online with PS4 owners 03/11/2016

Ten Hottest Gamer Girls of All Time

Doesn't get any better than this. First they'll own you at videogames, then they'll own your heart. 03/10/2016

You Wouldn’t Believe What Rockstar Announced For GTA 6!

Oh boy. Rockstar has really done the unthinkable this time! 03/10/2016

Serbian Company Launches Controversial Real Life FPS That Lets Players Shoot Machine Guns Over...

Shoot up cars from your browser? Sign me up. There’s a small town in Serbia called Rabas that most people have never heard of, and never would have, if it wasn’t for a Serbian gaming company called Pravi Pucati and their insane new service that allows you to virtually control an arsenal of weapons and artillery on a shooting range in Serbia vi… 02/26/2016

Battlefield 5 is set in World War 1 and releasing this October, according to leak

Big news for gaming fans. This would be massive if true


Timeline Photos 02/03/2016

7 Open World Games Coming Out In 2016 That You Must Play

Damn these games are starting to look like real life. These open world games are going to re-define next-gen

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Luke Davis having a fun little session at Lowers with all of his best friends.
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Sharks swarm surfer at New Smyrna Beach Inlet
Surfer Describes his Perfect Wave



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