Quality private hitting, pitching, catching and shoulder conditioning training. I was a all district 3 times in high school and homeschool World series MVP one time.

In 2008 I was a top catching prospect before having 3 reconstructive shoulder surgeries. Since then I have played for Hagerstown Community Collage and with Shenandoah University under coaching legend Kevin Anderson. I have also managed the H.E.A.R.T.s Lions Home School High School Baseball team from 2010-2012 and have been apart of FCA for several years. Through my experiences I have learned how t

Operating as usual

[07/17/20]   Due to some unforeseen circumstances, Arens-Baseball will be closing its doors on September 12th. My current location has decided to subdivide the property and renovate the batting cage area to create more living space and therefore I will be moving out.

I have been teaching since I was 16, half of my life, and I hope that I was able to help some kids along the way. Thank you to all of the families that have given me the opportunity to teach your kids and learn from them. I owe so much to your loyalty through the years.

I am in the very early stages of exploring other suitable locations to operate, however it doesn't feel like I will have an alternative available in 2020. I will communicate any updates as September approaches and share information related to reopening at a new location.

If anyone has any ideas, or comments about buying a new facility or purchasing a home with some land in a location that would suit the current clientele, I am interested to hear your thoughts. 07/16/2020

High school football won't be played this fall in Virginia High school football will not be played this fall in Virginia.

[03/13/20]   My college is still having the last couple of midterms next week. Therefore, my work schedule is subject to change depending on how much I can get done in time. I am sorry but College comes first.
Thank you for your patience ~ Arens-Baseball.


Arens Baseball: Multiple Voices

ArensBaseball tackles a little discussed topic dealing with having too many coaches instructing one player and the importance of choosing a single voice and ... 11/07/2019

Click here to support The Golden Rule: homeless dog charity. organized by Thomas Arens Thomas Arens The Golden Rule: homeless dog charity. Luke 6:31 “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” also known as ~ The Golden Rule In loving memor


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos

[10/30/19]   When a man is sobbing over a tablet in his underwear sitting on a La-Z-Boy in the middle of the living room you know it is going to a game 7

[10/28/19]   Two things can be true at the same time. Officiating does affect the out come of a game and the Nationals need to do better with offensive production.

[10/27/19]   I feel a good old D.C. Choke job coming on....

[10/26/19]   Wait wait get the front foot down... simplify your swing? Do not over swing? wonder who has said that before 🧐🧐

[10/26/19]   We have the technology to have a consistent strike zones.... going into the year 2020 can we please make this a thing.....


Timeline Photos


Pretty cool to get this achievement !!! Couldn’t do it without all of you 🙂


No matter what his stats are by the end of the season Bryce Harper just won himself a nice contract.


Tone & Message

How teachers and coaches present their tone and message is a big factor when it comes to the students ability grow in a program.

Ever have a coach that seemed to be a jerk or maybe had a coach that you just did not understand or had no idea how to appease in order to get more playing t...


All of the rain has definitely affected the consistency in which individuals can work on their craft. Nothing like a little tuneup before playoffs and All-Stars gets going. #ArensBaseball #Baseball #Softball #Playoffs #InjuryPrevention #ADifferentWay


This young man hit his first home run this year. What people do not realize is how much work went into this. Back in November he started a weightlifting program “specific for his age” however that was the easy part. The hard part having patience and dedication to stick with a program from a long period time. Success is a marathon not a sprint!


Overuse arm injuries on one end of the spectrum and individuals with out of shape arms on the other end of the spectrum.


Hopefully this week we will finally be able to get some games in!


Hopefully this week we will finally be able to get some games in!


All great defensive have a Hall of Fame worthy teammate at first base. Like if you agree


It is the second day spring! Meanwhile, local Little League get ready for their season to start.


Seems like everyone can not wait to be done with indoor training and get back out on the field! #SpringIsComimg


Nice little sports specific exercise to help strengthen young athletes proprioception in the bottom hand.


But that kid throws super hard, therefore, he or she must be good??? It does not matter how hard one throws a baseball if the pitch is ineffective.

[10/13/17]   D.C. Choke Jobs

[10/13/17]   Remember kids bunting doesn't make you less of a man or woman ❤️

[10/13/17]   Holy crap Gio is going to single-handedly give the Cubs the game...


#ArensBaseball #Baseball #YouthSports #FightObesity #ExerciseScience #InjuryPrevention #PhysicalTherapy #AthleticTraining #Coaching #Motivation #softball
#MLB #Playoffs

[10/09/17]   Had a chance earlier in the game to make it 2-0 and chocked it. If they blow this gem from Scherzer someone should be shot..


Very interesting storyline going into game three of the series is between the coaching style of Joe Maddon Dusty Baker. Joe Maddon favors creating a line up with the best matchup's depending on the pitcher his will face versus Dusty Baker style of "If it ain't broke don't fix it."

[10/07/17]   Sadly the big problem is a lot of baseball fans out there that do not understand the game. Baseball is a unique sport, where a team needs every component of the game to click. Bullpen, starting pitching, defense, and clutch hitting. It's really hard in this sport to be truly great at just one facet of the game and make a deep run into the postseason.

[10/06/17]   Hey guys it's that time year again. The Washington Nationals are back in the playoffs. Whoever can guess the score of tonight's game will receive a $20 gift card to Chick-fill. Simply type in the score and winning team for tonight's game and use the hashtags #ArensBaseball. All entries must be in before first pitch. If multiple people guess correctly whoever posted the outcome first wins.

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No matter what his stats are by the end of the season Bryce Harper just won himself a nice contract.#BryceHarper#Washing...
Overuse arm injuries on one end of the spectrum and individuals with out of shape arms on the other end of the spectrum.
Nice little sports specific exercise to help strengthen young athletes proprioception in the bottom hand.
I'm back! First step quickness is imperative. Working on externally rotating the hip so one can quickly change direction...
Corben Lucas: First Team All American at Shenandoah University and an up-and-coming coach gives up a few tips of the tra...
Coaches and Trainers have a plan with your Tone & message. #Coaching #Motivation  #Fitness #Softball #Exercisescience #b...
Link is up to the first video in my coaching tip playlist Coaching: 5 deadly sins. Part two is launching this week!
When one of your players finally takes a pitch that is not in strike zone 🙌🏻🙌🏻😂
Pro Speed Baseball teaches what I was taught in Little League. I have preached this simple biomechanical observation for...
The system is broken....
Coaching Tip: You Only Have 90 Minutes. My newest video just dropped on my YouTube channel! Link is below https://youtu....
New video up on YouTube! An All American second baseman talks about the importance of keeping your hands back. https://y...




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