Journey Farm, Rapid City, MI Video August 15, 2019, 9:14pm

Videos by Journey Farm in Rapid City. We offer beginner riding lessons and horse training. We will also have chicks, ducklings, eggs, goats, and various products for sale.

This slow motion perfection is a good representation of how long it feels like I've been waiting to make this. 🤤

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This slow motion perfection is a good representation of how long it feels like I've been waiting to make this. 🤤

Little girl just loves to harass "Grandma Red" all the time.

Just a little exuberance this morning. 💜🐐

Poco's first ride after her baby has been born. I couldn't have been happier. And I just love her "what baby" type of at...

Look at the cuteness! This isn't even all of them yet. 🐣🐥

Boys just need to be boys sometimes! The videos of him getting in are entertaining, but this one getting attempting to g...

He's getting stronger every day. I think he's finally almost ready to have small amounts of play time with his brother! ...

Kieley talking about her chickens.

Most of these chicks are still looking for new homes.This is the 2/10 hatch (just over a month old now) and I'm still as...

Look at this pretty girl. This video is from yesterday right after she arrived for training. I just love watching a hors...

The ducks are happy with the weather today! These Welsh Harlequins will have their first hatch of the year around March ...

Gypsy is such a patient momma!

Baby time.

Amara is for sale! I wish I kept the camera going for just a little while. She didn't flinch when it blew off her. Unfor...

Storm understands the importance of staying hydrated while out playing.

Storm loves her scratches too. Although, Amara isn't so sure about my attention going to someone else.

I finally caught Amara on camera! Funny it took so long with as often as she's running around.

Fancy is a little impatient and wants to nurse again right now. You'd never guess she just nursed and stopped before hea...

Who doesn't love watching horses play? They're loving the weather.

Frosty and the foals playing.

Frosty and the foals all playing.

He is literally pulling her ear. "Get up and play with me for a change!"

He's so spunky!

Good use of our hot-walker!

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