Adamsons Peak Performance

Adamsons Peak Performance


I wanted to say thank you for all of the love and prayers. I have been fighting having to start dialysis for a while now. My appointment today revealed my numbers are getting close to requiring it but through faith and perseverance it has held off. Now i have to really work on continuing my weight loss journey and healthy lifestyle changes as well as keeping my blood sugars and pressures down. I still have my family, friends, all the people at adamson's peak performance to thank to keeping my spirits up and encouraging me to keep me working out and living. Take this as a reminder to live life and make your health a priority in your life.
Great workout tonight, Laura!
Anyone from the Adamson's team or family doing the Shasta Mud run this year?
Even the little ones go to Adamsons!
There it is!! Dirty car and all. I get asked a lot of questions about my sticker. The best gym in Redding!!
Seeing this logo every time I pack my cooler for a wedding, lake day or, of course, a wine tasting day just might remind me to pack a little healthier!

Redding's Top Fitness Facility. Providing gym access, group classes, and personal training. Train Hard • Feel Good • Live Long

Operating as usual



We are offering to all Adamson Peak Performance members HUGE discount prices on membership gift cards. Give the gift of fitness to your friends and family this Christmas Season!🎄

▫️ $10 for one-month gym access membership (normally $70)

▫️ $30 for one month of Squad Training
(normally $229)

▫️ $100 for 4 (30 min) Personal Training Sessions
(normally $189)

Available for purchase through 12/24/22.
Limit 3 gift cards per member.
Gift cards can only be redeemed by non-members.


We’re offering our BEST deal yet!

If you’ve been thinking about joining a gym, NOW is the time. You can get 30% OFF any of our current training options.

With this deal, you could pay as low as $38 per month!


This 30% OFF deal is for the FIRST 30 people that sign up.

The 30% OFF is for the duration of the membership you choose.

*New Members Only.

To learn more, call 530-221-8006 or email [email protected]


This week of Squad training is structured as a deload week. A deload week is a week in which you drop the weight, total volume and intensity of your training to induce a body reset. When you consistently train in certain volume ranges and weight loads your body can become hypertrophy resistant. Meaning your body adapts to the stimulus you’re giving it and that stimulus becomes less effective in building strength and muscle. A deload week done right essentially re-sensitizes your body to that stimulus. A deload also allows your tendons and joints a time to destress from heavier loading.

Ideally, a deload week should be thrown in every 9th or 13th week, after 8-12 weeks of tough training. If you’re constantly training hard and have never taken a deload week, it could be something limiting your progress. Give it a try and experience how great your body feels afterwards to attack another block of tough training!



Fall is officially here and we love the change in season! You might love your pumpkin spice, but we are offering something just as nice! 👌

One month FREE off your current membership when you refer a friend and they sign up with Adamson’s Peak Performance. The more you refer, the more you save! 💵

All new referrals receive one free week pass at Adamson’s. See the front desk for more info.



Get ready because next Monday starts the NEW 4-week squad cycle! With new movements and exercises scientifically proven to increase strength, build muscle, and improve stamina, you will not want to miss out! Your body will thank you! 😎

If you are interested in joining our Squad classes, come visit us and try a class for free!👍


We offer workout programs on your mobile devices FREE to all current APP members! You now have access to all of the Squad (group class) workouts and Ryan’s personal BodyBuilding program right from the palm of your hand. The app includes all the programming and demo videos to help you achieve your fitness goals.

To access these workouts:

▫️Download the SugarWOD app on your mobile device
▫️Create a profile
▫️Search for the gym “Smitty Built Fitness”
▫️Contact the front desk to get your access code

We will see you in the app!




How does a 40% discount on personal training sound?! With our Buddy Bundle discount, you and your buddy receive 10% off any personal training package, up to 40% off with four buddies!

We believe in the buddy system when it comes to training. Having someone to motivate and keep you accountable leads to better fitness results. That is why we offer this fantastic discount!

Ready for an affordable way to receive personal training? Grab your buddy and contact us today!


Ready to take your fitness journey to the next level? Adamson’s Peak Performance has the programs you need to succeed! Stop by and see our facility today!

First time visitors receive a FREE one day gym access membership, one Squad session, and one Personal Training session.

For more information about our memberships, visit our website at or call (530) 358-5277

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We are excited to announce the new owners of Adamson’s Peak Performance - Ryan and Katie Smith!



The mentality of all who pursue a healthy and active lifestyle. Train as if your life depends on it because it does!

Here are a few tips for developing a Train For Life mindset 👍

🔸Follow a workout program
🔸Workout with a friend
🔸Join a squad training group
🔸Train with one of our personal trainers
🔸Stick to a nutrition plan



Hey! 👋👋👋

Have you done Squad or Personal Training with ? You should! You will not be disappointed.😎




Have you heard about the new Summer Shred Challenge led by APP trainer ?! The challenge starts on May 16th and goes through July 16th. There is a $225 entry fee, and spots are limited. Speak to the front desk for more info.

Included in the program 👇
🔸 Prizes
🔸Customized Nutrition Planner
🔸60 Minute Consultation
🔸Weekly Check-ins
🔸Body Compensation Assessment
🔸Training Guide


We LOVE personal training! When CEO/Founder Joe Adamson started Adamson’s Peak Performance, his focus was on providing elite training programs tailored to fit the need of any person. For almost 30 years, APP has stayed strong in fulfilling that commitment. We have seen lives changed and bodies transformed. We promise to continue offering you the best fitness programs to meet your physical goals! 🫡


Jordan, we are sure going to miss you! Thank you for five GREAT years of training and coaching the APP members. The best of wishes and success in your new job! 🙂


Who’s the new guy?👋

Welcome to the APP family of trainers, Ryan Smith! Ryan brings nearly a decade of training experience with a passion for health and fitness. Training is life for him!

Get to know Ryan more by scheduling a Personal Training session with him or joining one of his training Squads.



The pursuit of the coveted six-pack abs is a journey of discipline, hard work, and good nutrition. In addition to having rock-hard abs, building a solid core is foundational to your health. Check out some of the benefits👇


We all might not have washboard abs, but we all can build strong cores! So during your next workout, don’t skimp on the abs. 👊



Meet Fred Schafer, one of our newest trainers at APP. Fred is an author, nutritionist, and fitness expert. He will primarily be training our mature-age clients and helping them achieve their fitness goals. We’re excited to have him join the team!

Make sure to say hello to Fred when you see him!


Team Training is ALWAYS more fun with a friend! 😁


Have you met Mark?!

Mark is one of our newest trainers, and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team. We are thrilled to have him!

If you are interested or need personal training, let us know, and we’ll be happy to set you up with one of our excellent trainers!



Come join us this next week as special guest trainer Margaret Natina from hosts several of her signature yoga sessions. Margaret brings a wide variety of yoga training styles that will be sure to challenge you physically. This is a special, one-week event and is free to ALL APP members!

Below is a list of the yoga training sessions that Margaret will be leading next week:

HIIT - A calorie-burning high-intensity interval class using bodyweight, light dumbbells, bands - with light yoga poses during recovery.

BUTI - A fusion class incorporating power yoga, tribal dance, and plyometrics.  This is Margaret’s most intense class. 

Movement & Mobility - This class uses restorative movement sequences designed to prevent injury, restore brain-muscle connection, and restructure the deep core.  Integrates self-massage and pressure point activation.  

Circuit Training - A circuit conditioning class utilizing endurance, resistance, and high-intensity aerobic stations with the goal of building both strength and muscular endurance.

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Today we say goodbye to an APP training legend - Carl, you will be greatly missed! Thank you for your 15 years of dedication and services to our APP members. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors! 👊🏻


Christian will do 1on1 physical therapy treatments right here at the gym with no physician’s referral necessary! For more information or to book a free mini-consultation see the front desk!!!


-We have to have 75 people COMPLETE the challenge!


PERFECT 10 November Winners!
Next month: 2 $100 dollar CASH 💰 prizes if we can get 75 people to complete the Perfect 10 challenge!!!!!

Sign up at the front desk!!!


Join us for our annual 1hr.
BIRN THE BURN class on Friday!


Workshop Wednesday!
Join us at 6pm for free adjustments to make your body work in tip-top shape.


Back Pain Workshop, Wed, 11/10!

Got back pain? Don’t miss this!


Come watch Craig show you the latest recovery techniques!

See how the pros recover from workouts!


Happy Saturday! We’re in this together!

If you need help reach out to your Peak Freak family!


New blog post! Link in bio!


Adamson’s is closed on Labor Day - see you Tuesday!


Well done perfect ten TWELVE month’ers!




Happy Memorial Day Peak Fam!
Being able to relax, rest, and enjoy life did not come free of charge. We’re thankful for the sacrifice of generations of heroes who made enjoying this life possible. We are truly in their debt.
Needless to say, we’re closed today enjoying our freedom. Enjoy yours!


Joe needs you!! If 2 or 3 of you want a killer workout he needs you to text him abs volunteer! 530.921.3354
Be ready at the gym at 3:15pm TODAY!

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Who’s the new guy?👋Welcome to the APP family of trainers, Ryan Smith! Ryan brings nearly a decade of training experience...
NEW TRAINER!!!Meet Fred Schafer, one of our newest trainers at APP. Fred is an author, nutritionist, and fitness expert....
Have you met Mark?!Mark is one of our newest trainers, and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team. W...
Christian will do 1on1 physical therapy treatments right here at the gym with no physician’s referral necessary! For mor...
PERFECT 10 November Winners!———————————-Next month: 2 $100 dollar CASH 💰 prizes if we can get 75 people to complete the ...
Workshop Wednesday! Join us at 6pm for free adjustments to make your body work in tip-top shape.
Back Pain Workshop, Wed, 11/10!
Come watch Craig show you the latest recovery techniques!
Happy Saturday! We’re in this together!
Adamson’s is closed on Labor Day - see you Tuesday!
Well done perfect ten TWELVE month’ers!




3050 C Street
Redding, CA

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Monday 5am - 8pm
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