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Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology - California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Certified Personal Trainer - American Council of Exercise (ACE)
Precision Nutrition Level One
CPR/AED - American Red cross

Operating as usual


BIG thank you to .by.m and .vee for helping me spoil my clients this year 😍 I also had to throw in some in there!

P.S. virtual clients - they are on their way!


Happy thanksgiving! 🍁🦃

As a reminder on this holiday, don’t feel pressure to stuff yourself. You are eating for yourself and not anyone else. Enjoy the day with family and friends 🤍🤍


Highly recommend booking a private spin class with your favorite people before your wedding 🚴🏻‍♀️🥳😅

Thank you and kennidy for an awesome spin class to start my wedding weekend 🤍🤍


“The gym is intimidating”

This is something I hear an overwhelmingly amount of times.

The gym may seem intimidating but you belong there just as much as anyone else.

Next time you are struggling to get to the gym, try these affirmations 🥳

Which one resonates the most with you?



I am so excited to announce that I am doing a scholarship offer, giving away 2 FREE spots to my new program, “Forward and Better”, aimed at the person who frequently struggles to feel confident in their workouts or nutrition and focuses to help them gain consistency and confidence.

I am so grateful that I’ve been able to grow and help many in the field of fitness for the past 6 years and I can’t wait to support others on this journey to conquer their fitness goals.

It includes 3 months of personal training (3x per week) FOR FREE and will help you completely transform your relationship with fitness.

All applications must be submitted by April 22nd. Click the link in bio to apply

Drop me a direct message if you have any Qs + it would mean the world to me if you’d share this post to your social feed! ❤️

Read about it more at the link in my bio

Also keep an eye on my feed… you’re going to be seeing and hearing more from me as a coach if you need help on on feeling confident with your workouts.


60 year old Rex came to me wanting to reduce knee pain while gaining strength in his lower body to continue his love for pickle ball

We addressed his muscle compensations and improved his mobility to keep him agile for everyday movements and the game he loves. 🙌🏽



As I put these finishing touches on this new launch, I want you to save the date for Friday April 8th so you can get more details and be one of the first to hear 🙌🏽



Sorry to break it to ya….it only gets harder as we get older 👵🏽

Instill those healthy habits now to prepare for when you are older!

What is one healthy habit you intend to do for the rest of your life??


Redding Locals! Take advantage of this limited time offer for the month of December. Don't wait until January to start your resolutions. This month only sign up for 10 personal training sessions and get 2 additional sessions for free!



I want to be BETTER 💯




I am loving my workouts lately, feeling really strong, seeing a lot of strength gains BUT….I randomly jumped on the scale and my weight went up….😰😰

My brain automatically went into freak out mode. The following thoughts rushed through my mind “what can I do to lose weight” “it’s not okay for me to weigh this much”

When I looked in the mirror, I no longer saw all my hard work and how strong I looked. Instead I saw cellulite, extra fluff around my midsection, and sudden shame in my body. 🙇🏻‍♀️

Has this ever happened to you? One thing happens (whether it be jumping on the scale, clothes fit differently, eating a little extra etc.) and all your self love or self confidence goes out the window?? 🤔

After a few days (yes it took me a few days to calm myself down), I asked myself,
“who said I need to lose weight?”
“Why do I feel like I need to stay the same weight forever”
“Would loosing weight really make me feel better”

Truth be told, I don’t know all the answers to those questions. But I acknowledge that there is more that needs to be unpacked because how I see myself should NOT be based on what I see one the scale or how my clothes fit. 👏🏽

As I still dig deep to understand the answers, I encourage you give yourself a little extra love today 💕

When you look in the mirror, look for what you love about yourself 🥳 not the things you hate…

When you start to shame your body, flip the script and acknowledge what you are doing good lately!

Today, chose to take control of your thoughts. 💯


Have you ever thought about….🤔

“What thoughts are you having with yourself while you workout?”

Not gonna lie, I have some BIG epiphanies and breakthroughs while I’m working out. Something about moving my body, getting my endorphins going really relaxes my guard and gets my thoughts FLOWING

While yes I am focusing on engaging certain muscles and form, I also do some of my best thinking while working out.

Here are the top three things that go through my mind while working out:
🔆 How’s my form and how can I make it better
🔆 DEEP thoughts such as trying to solve the worlds problems, reliving past conversations (😅)and how I can show up as the best version of myself daily
🔆 FOOD - I am almost alway thinking about when and what I’m eating next.

YOUR TURN, what conversations are you having with yourself while you workout?? 🤔🤔



❌Skinny doesn’t equal healthy. Skinny doesn’t equal happy. ❌

Health is multifaceted. There was a time when I thought I was happiest when I was my leanest. But I didn’t take into account how much I was undereating and overtraining and struggling mentally.

As I became more educated, I have learned to appreciate what my body can do when well fed and well rested. I have embraced gain muscle and weight in order to reach bigger goals mentally and physically.

Have you experienced similar struggles?



1. Core bracing - your core should be engaged and stiff when doing big lifts! Everything starts in your core, if it doesn’t feel right there, something is probably wrong. (Applicable in life and the gym) 🙌🏽

2. Load appropriately - while it may be tempting to max out every time you lift, that’s not realistic. We must lift consistently with load while progressively increasing weight. Know your limits. (Applicable in life and the gym) 🥳

3. If it isn’t your weight to carry, DON’T - don’t base your numbers off of someone else’s. You are on your own journey and comparison will only slow you down. (Applicable in life and the gym) 💯

This is why I love the gym. A lot of the lessons that you learn apply to life in general.

What life lessons have you learned in the gym??



True or false: what you do now will effect you later??

TRUE! ‼️

How we take care of our bodies now sets the tone for our bodies later in life!!💪🏽

I choose to move now so I can increase my chances of staying mobile later in life! 💃🏻

It’s a weird thought and I know it’s not something we always take in consideration BUT WHAT IF YOU DID? 🤔

What if next time you wanted to skip your workout, you thought about how much it would benefit your body in the long run? 😍

What if next time you want to lose your form in order to push more weight, you thought about your body later in life? 😮‍💨

What you do now MATTERS!!

Do you have these thoughts throughout the day??


Are you avoiding exercises you don’t like?? 🥴🙋🏻‍♀️

During my workout yesterday, someone asked me, “why are you doing that exercise if you don’t like them?”🤔

Well, for starters, that particular exercise is HARD for me. 🥵

So I responded, “because it’s important to do hard things. If we continue to work at them, they don’t become as hard. We need to do hard things” 🤯

In life and in the gym, we need things to challenge us. We need things to make us dig deep and push. Because normally if we stick with it, we come out stronger 🙌🏽

As we go into the start of the new week, I hope you are challenged this week.

I hope you are pushed this week.

And I hope, more than anything, you grow stronger from it 🔥🔥



Our bodies are resilient 💪🏽

And highly adaptable 🧘🏻‍♀️

However that doesn’t always mean they are functioning optimally.

Next to needing adequate sleep 😴 water 💦 movement and food…

We also need community, meaningful connections and a sense of purpose.

As we kick off the weekend, I encourage you to consider:

What do you need more of in your life?? 🤔🤔

Do you need to strengthen your relationships with family and friends?

Do you need to prioritize getting enough sleep and water?

Do you need to move more throughout the day?

Think about it and let me know below 👇🏽

For me: I plan on giving myself plenty of sleep and time with friends and family this weekend to fill my cup 🥰🥰





There two workouts left in June! If you haven’t joined us yet, make sure to do so this weekend for a killer sweaty arms and core workout 😅

These workouts are great for all fitness levels and modifications will be offered!


Timeline photos 06/12/2021

Y’all I’m not saying you have to ditch the caffeine all together!!!

But drink some dang water! I can almost guarantee you need it more than you need coffee ☕️


Timeline photos 06/10/2021

Lookin up and reaching up ⬆️ ⬆️

Happy Wednesday 🤍

It’s so easy to get caught in the comparison game nowadays. So keep those eyes focused on forward motion and reaching away from things that no longer serve us.

We’re all out here just trying to do our best.


Timeline photos 06/09/2021


This is something that gets me heated because I have fallen for all those marketing schemes or I allowed myself to be more self critical based off of what I thought I had to look like.

And I have seen the effect it has on young minds!

Be aware of what you are feeding your mind and thoughts!

Timeline photos 06/05/2021

Don’t get me wrong, I still struggle with these things and obsess at times. But making an active choice to reframe my thoughts about these three things has made all the difference.

⚖️ I use to weigh myself everyday. I thought “the lower the number the better” BUT THAT IS NOT TRUE! I realized when I tried to maintain my lowest weight, I felt sluggish and tired and weak. Now I have fallen in love with not being my lightest but feeling strong and energized throughout the day and in the gym

🍽 I also use to just eat chicken, veggies, brown rice, while that is a very lean meal. I was constantly hungry. I associated certain foods with being “good” or “bad”. Once I started to let that go, I quit binging as much, and I found more ways to add yummy food into my day to day!

🌫 this last one was probably he biggest game changer. I solely use to focus on being “healthy” - working out/trying to eat well. But once I start putting my mental health as higher priority, through counseling, journaling and daily devotions, I started to notice that I felt happier, more excited to workout and more motivated to eat better.

Can anyone else relate?

Timeline photos 05/31/2021

Let’s talk goals 🥲

“What are your goals” is such a common question in the fitness industry.

However, this question for a lot of people is so hard to answer and here’s why...

1. You don’t actually know what your goals are.
2. Your goals are not realistic.
3. Your goals are not YOUR goals (aka you took someone else’s goals because they sounded “good”)

Sound familiar? So let’s figure out how to set actual goals!!!!

🔊 YOUR GOALS SHOULD FIT YOUR LIFESTLYE - if you are strapped for time, maybe trying to workout for two hours six days a week might not be ideal. Find an amount of days per week and a way to utilize that time effectively without stressing yourself out.
🔊 YOUR GOALS SHOULD BE SPECIFIC TO YOU - just because someone else is eating in a 500 calories deficit, does not mean you should too! Just because someone is deadlifting 300 lbs, does not mean you should too! Your goals need to be yours and established around what is safe and optimal for your needs!
🔊 YOUR GOALS SHOULD BE REALISTIC - Wanting to finish a marathon is a great goal but wanting to run a marathon and beat the world record without ever running before is not realistic! Take into consideration timeline, methods and potential obstacles. Remember you are in the long term game here!!
🔊 THERE WILL BE SETBACKS...EXPECT THEM - plan for things to not go exactly as planned. And that’s ok!!! Do not get discouraged when you experience a small setback. Reset and continue to move forward towards your goals, even if it requires you to be flexible with your methods.


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Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology - California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Certified Personal Trainer - American Council of Exercise (ACE)
CPR/AED - American Red Cross Precision Nutrition Level 1 - In Progress

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