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There’s still spots for tomorrow night! Class is at Kutras Lake, 7:30-9:00pm. Sign up here https://www.headwatersadventure.com/classes/paddle-board-classes/

OnWater Yoga
We are excited to partner with Audrey at OnWater Yoga to offer classes in Intro to Paddle Boarding, Paddle Board Yoga and Full Moon Paddle Board Yoga. Follow the link below to book!

Here are the winners from the random drawing for the final prizes of the 2021 Walks Passport! Congrats to all winners and everyone who participated in this 2-month challenge! All participants may pick up their pair of socks at Fleet Feet Redding (1376 Hilltop Dr.) starting tomorrow!

Thank you to Railroad Park Resort, OnWater Yoga, Win-River Resort & Casino and Fleet Feet - Redding for providing the awesome prizes and motivating our community to make the healthy choice the easy choice!

*all winners mentioned in this post have been notified by email*

we play under rainbows & bald eagles & love adventure. we may sometimes get a little wet or cold or hot. we think it's worth it.

On Water Yoga combines the ancient science of yoga with the therapeutic aspects of water & nature to create an experience unlike any other. Group and private classes are held year round in Redding, CA or a special event may be in a town near you! Check the schedule at www.OnWaterYoga.com & to register for your class. Contact Audrey (DeLong) Hobbs to schedule your private event in Redding or where

Operating as usual

Photos from OnWater Yoga's post 09/11/2022

Embodying water… welcoming the ripples.

Photos from OnWater Yoga's post 09/11/2022

Saluting the moon. 🌝

Photos from OnWater Yoga's post 09/11/2022

Carpe diem.

Timeline photos 09/07/2022

We're entering the crescendo of the year, things are speeding up, and it's all for our highest good. I'll share more astrology during this Friday's 9/9 Full Moon SUP Yoga class as we take a longer paddle and flow on and with the water, watching the sun set and moon rise. Join us for the magic: 🌝 - https://mailchi.mp/3ea9ff504d15/byo-sup-paddle-meet-up-15924599

Photos from OnWater Yoga's post 08/12/2022

This is therapy… 🌝 🏄‍♀️

Special Events 08/11/2022

Special Events

Full Moon SUP Yoga tonight! To register you MUST call Headwaters Adventure Company at 530-223-2411!

We will take a longer paddle this night to the perfect spot to watch the sun set and the moon rise and practice yoga in the open air of Whiskeytown National Recreation Area.

Get all the details at OnWaterYoga.com

Special Events SUP Yoga in Redding, CA. On Water Yoga at Whiskeytown Lake with Audrey DeLong.

Timeline photos 06/09/2022

The cool water of the Sacramento is sounding perfect right about now… it’s happening this Monday 6/13. Join us! OnWaterYoga.com

Friday the 13th Full Moon 06/08/2022

Full Moon magic: this Monday 6/13. 🌝 We’re starting our first SUP Yoga class of the season under the setting sun and full moon rising at Kutras Pond! Get all the details and register at OnWaterYoga.com.

Special Events 05/09/2022

Special Events

Class dates have been determined for the summer! SUP Yoga starts Sunday, June 5 with Full Moon classes at Whiskeytown starting in July. Get all the details here: OnWaterYoga.com. Hope to see you soon!

Special Events SUP Yoga in Redding, CA. On Water Yoga at Whiskeytown Lake with Audrey DeLong.


Nature is a healer… and so, On Water Yoga classes are available anytime. Look for pop-up classes through the fall and winter at OnWaterYoga.com or contact me to schedule your private class: [email protected] 530-710-8870.

Photos from OnWater Yoga's post 09/20/2021

Photos from OnWater Yoga's post

Photos from OnWater Yoga's post 09/20/2021

Photos from OnWater Yoga's post


This one is a culmination, an ending and a beginning. Our words and thoughts are creating our new reality. Oh the power we have! Thank you moon, sun, and friends. It’s an honor. 🙏🏽


🌝 Perfect day for a Full Moon class! Registration ends at 4pm 👉🏼 OnWaterYoga.com


There's a buddhist concept called Samsara: the indefinitely repeated cycles of birth, misery, and death, like a hamster on a wheel, it's a perpetual suffering. At moments I have admittedly felt this last year and a half has been full of Samsara, from the lockdowns and the isolation to the fires and smoke, and all that's in-between. However, it's been the practices of yoga and meditation that have saved me, time and time again, reminding me that I can step off the hamster wheel, I can end my own personal suffering through remembering and reminding myself of what is good, what is true, what is happy and pleasant and fun, inside, in the stillness, in the peaceful abiding. The circumstances may not have changed around me, but I feel lighter, happier and more free. And I continue to practice... and, what's delightful, is that I'm seeing that in fact my circumstances do change...

On Water Yoga has been such a profound vehicle to remember the stillness, the connection to nature, to community (YOU!!), and it's been so infrequent this summer, and the past few(!!), with all the smoke and fires, it's one more reminder of Yoga: union of body, mind, and spirit, that no matter the circumstances, there is stillness, peace, bliss and joy, within.

Join us Sunday, September 19th, 2021 for the last scheduled class of the year: a Full Moon SUP Yoga experience. Find the full details and the required pre-registration at OnWaterYoga.com 🌝 Registration ends Sunday at 4pm.


Full Moon merriment 🌝 Saturday, 8/21! Learn more and register at OnWaterYoga.com and again on Sunday, 9/19.


There’s a Full Moon SUP Yoga class this Saturday night and right now the air appears clearer than this pic! 😆 Pic from the July Full Moon class. If the air stays clear, we’re a go! Pre-registration required. Final decision will be made at about 5pm Saturday 8/21: OnWaterYoga.com


Here’s hoping this happens for Saturday’s Full Moon class! 🤞🏼🤞🏼Details and registration at OnWaterYoga.com. 🌝

Photos from Whiskeytown National Recreation Area's post 08/06/2021

Heart is hurting for our beloved area, and yet I’m feeling prepared: the astrology predicted this, and has encouraged me to go within and cultivate my internal fire of love, calm, and centeredness. Join me, now, or this Sunday 8/8 and Saturday 8/21 at the lake. OnWaterYoga.com


This Sunday 👇🏼‼️ SUP Yoga! 8/8 at 10:00am. Looking forward to getting out in nature with you! OnWaterYoga.com


SUP Yoga class on Sunday, 8/8/21!! August is a big month astrologically. I want to support and encourage us all to release and find our centers with the best way I know possible: an On Water Yoga class. See you there?? OnWaterYoga.com

Photos from OnWater Yoga's post 07/25/2021

Photos from OnWater Yoga's post

Photos from OnWater Yoga's post 07/25/2021

Photos from OnWater Yoga's post

Photos from OnWater Yoga's post 07/25/2021

Photos from OnWater Yoga's post

Photos from OnWater Yoga's post 07/25/2021

Photos from OnWater Yoga's post


Full Moon magic tonight. 🥰


The Full Moon is this Friday, 7/23! We’re getting on the water to recalibrate ourselves with some SUP Yoga. Join us: OnWaterYoga.com 🌝

On Water Yoga - Booking by Bookwhen 07/16/2021

On Water Yoga - Booking by Bookwhen

One spot left if you’d like to borrow a SUP for the Full Moon class on 7/23 and several spots are still available if you Bring Your Own!
Reserve while you can: OnWaterYoga.com

On Water Yoga - Booking by Bookwhen On Water Yoga combines the ancient science of yoga with the therapeutic aspects of water & nature to create an experience unlike any other. Group & private classes are held year...


The Full Moon is Friday, July 23, 2021 and class registration is now available! Spots are very limited. Get yours while you can: OnWaterYoga.com 👏🏼 🌚

Pic from Stephanie Reiser and her new healthy business venture 🤙🏼

Photos from OnWater Yoga's post 06/29/2021

When it’s this hot, there’s no better place than an On Water Yoga session. 👉🏼 Private sessions available any time. Group classes are planned for the full moon in July, August, and September, possibly October if the weather is nice. Details at OnWaterYoga.com 🤙🏼


Getting a lot of questions about public group classes. They are happening!! Sign up for the email list to know when: http://eepurl.com/DVDUn and reach out anytime to book a private SUP Yoga or SUP lesson.


Days like these have me ready to get back out on the water… Although it’s been snowing this week at the lake, next weekend is looking to be nice! I’ll keep my eye on the weather and send out an email late next week if we are a go for a class! Comment below if you want to be added to the email list. And of course, all classes will be uploaded to the website and pre-registration is always required: OnWaterYoga.com

Photos from OnWater Yoga's post 10/19/2020

Photos from OnWater Yoga's post

Photos from OnWater Yoga's post 10/19/2020

Photos from OnWater Yoga's post


Nothing more, nothing less, than this moment...
Perfect day on the water for this private yoga sesh. 🥰


Have you seen this?! You could win SUP lessons from yours truly. 🥰 Good luck and have fun!

The Walktober challenge is underway and is FREE to all Shasta County residents! All you have to do is log your daily steps through the Walker Tracker app or website to be eligible to win gift cards to:

- Cafe Paradisio
- The Chicken Shack
- Deja Vu Restaurant
- Final Draft Brewing Company
- Fusion Lounge
- Ma Der Ma Der Sap House & Grill
- Mary's Pizza Shack-Redding
- Maxwell's Eatery
- Moonstone Bistro
- Mosaic Restaurant
- Vintage Public House
- Win-River Resort & Casino
- Woody's Brewing Co.

On top of that there will be regular giveaways for FitBits, National Park passes, reddingfarmersmarket, Fleet Feet - Redding, Lake Shasta Caverns and Stand Up Paddleboard lessons from OnWater Yoga!

Be sure to follow on Facebook and Instagram to stay tuned in to all things Walktober. Don't have social media? Just enable notifications in the Walker Tracker app to stay in the know for some of these great giveaways.

P.S. It’s not too late to sign up for Walktober. You have until Walktober 10th to join a team! Don't have a team to join? Sign up at www.healthyshastawalks.org as an individual and join the Free Agent team.


Remember when the skies were clear, we could breathe freely and easily, and we had On Water Yoga classes?!!! Seems like so long ago... this class was the last one on August 2. There are so many things we may take for granted, but once they’re gone, perhaps we realize with renewed fervor how important and special they were. 🙏🏽
On Friday, October 2, I, Audrey DeLong will be taking over the Glide account and talking about what it’s been like with all these lately, what I’ve been doing to stay healthy, I’ll share some recipes and exercises, share what’s in my , and maybe even give some stand up paddleboard tips(?). With Whiskeytown National Recreation Area closed due to the it feels all too familiar to the 2 years ago, damage to the lake seen in this entire pic.
Water is such a healer, and has always been a respite for us an opportunity to reset, recalibrate, and reconnect with nature and our inner true nature. May we not only align with that now, even given the circumstances in which we find ourselves, but may we change the course of our entire societal trajectory with our radical kindness, love, compassion, forgiveness, and grace. Anything is possible. Joins me now, Friday on the Glide account, and in the future, if you so desire. 🦋 OnWaterYoga.com

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On Water Yoga gear available:
burnout tees
trucker hats
more coming!

Order and see more at:




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