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Inspire South Bay Fitness
🏋🏻‍♂️‼️ South Bay Fitness: la palestra con i box per distanziamento sociale!
Inspire South Bay Fitness
| Gimnasio se vuelve anti Covid-19 con cortinas de baño 🏋️‍♀️ 💪 🚫 👑 🦠

En redes sociales han viralizado las acciones del gimnasio, Inspire South Bay Fitness, en California, Estados Unidos, para mantener la sana distancia y procurar la salud de sus clientes.

Peet Sapsin, dueño del gimnasio ideó unas cabinas individuales que armó el mismo con ayuda de sus colaboradores y amigos, utilizando tubos de pvc y cortinas de baño.

Al recibir el permiso para reabrir su establecimiento, Peet no sabía como generar mayor confianza en sus clientes, así que se las ingenió para crear estas cabinas que denominó "Gainz Pods" y que espera, puedan servir para dar ideas a otros gimnasios que no están seguros de cómo abrir y mantener a sus clientes seguros. ¿Qué te parece?
Más noticias:

📹:: Inspire South Bay Fitness
A low cost innovation by Inspire South Bay Fitness to maintain social distancing! 💪

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Thank You to every business or family who donated items for our silent and live auction. We are extremely grateful for your generous support. The items in our "Beauty and Fitness" section were donated by:
YogaWorks South Bay
ROC Steady Pilates
Julie Ehealth
Inspire South Bay Fitness
Trilogy Spa
The Bay Club
The Laser Image
Allegiate Gym
Tiny But Mighty Yoga and Personal Training
Let’s Go Fitness
Afterburn Fitness
Rebecca Moore
Rooted Hair Design (Lisa Simonsen)
Dean Furkioti DDS
Tana Arnold Skin Care
DeLand's Healing Hands
The Body Detective/Bodywork By Lisa
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GI Joe 💪 😎

Serving the SouthBay of 18 years ago!!
Hello everyone! Come laugh with or at me at my last improv show of the year. What better way to enjoy the INSPIRE Bootcamp on Sunday with exercising those laugh muscles on Saturday night. It's free!!!

Official page for INSPIRE SOUTH BAY FITNESS. We offer the best in Group Fitness & Personal

Peet Fit brings the best quality of personal training to the South Bay. Come in and find out why results-driven training is the most highly anticipated in Southern California. We have everything you need to meet your Health and Fitness goals. Peet Fit is a high ceiling, 4,500 square feet health and fitness club with multi-functional equipment in a friendly environment. With personalize functional

Operating as usual

Photos from Inspire South Bay Fitness's post 03/05/2023

Rainy days aren't holding this crew back 🙌

And welcome back to coaching a group class today Coach Steve! You may not find him during the week anymore but you can find him in the Coach's Sunday HIIT rotation still 👍


It is 'I DO' time for one of our long time clients turned Inspire team member today!

Join us in wishing
and her Pav the BEST, merriest, and most LOVEly wedding day!


No workout will work for every single person, in every single class each day.

If you need a move subbed due to injury, let your trainer know.

If you want an alternative to progress the movement, let your trainer know.

If you can't quite hit as many reps as programmed - that is okay, and now you have your benchmark and can work to progress reps or weight by the end of the month.

It's all about progress and we are all on our own individual journeys. Whatever you need, whatever progress looks like for you - we celebrate.


Who is ready for the new HIIT program coming your way tomorrow?!

Photos from Inspire South Bay Fitness's post 02/27/2023

What a fun HIIT morning with Coach Madison. We all have come to expect a good challenge with compound movements from her and she came ready to deliver.

See you all this week for new MARCH programming!


"I want to do strength training but I don't want to get bulky." - Said many in the goals room of Inspire - especially the ladies 🙋‍♀️

💯 While there is so much to say about this subject - mainly that the lifters you see who are bulky have a different build and set of genetics than you - they are also likely eating in a significant calorie surplus and intentionally working to grow to the size they are. Woman also have a different hormone profile then men making it even harder to grow 'bulk'

But perhaps the most telling evidence that this won't happen is to just LOOK AROUND INSPIRE!

🔥We have a number of woman here who lift just as heavy as the men in most any exercise - if not more! You know who they are - and are any one of them bulky? NO! And most of them have been training for years.

Many of them track their nutrition intake and set specific goals for themselves. None of them have grown bulky. 💯

In fact - they are slim and 'toned'. Which is what many desire.

This is because muscle is dense - far more dense than body fat is. As you burn off your body fat - with proper nutrition you can maintain your muscle and grow stronger and will find your body is more lean, shapely and tight than before.

🏋️‍♀️Go ahead ladies - lift heavy!

▶️ You will put on muscle, get stronger, lean out and tone up - putting on muscle will help to burn more fat even when you are not lifting.

▶️ More muscle will speed up your metabolism allowing you to ...enjoy more food!

▶️ More muscle will help to regulate hormones and reduce your stress. You will increase your bone density and reduce your chances of injury and chronic disease.

▶️ You can even get better rest.

The benefits of resistance training are numerous - and none of them include "bulk". 👎

🙌 Go get it Inspire!


TRX knee tucks. Who has finally gotten super smooth at transitioning in and out of them between HIIT sets? Just in time for the program to switch to March next week. ....OR will they be back?! 😜 We will find out next week!


Kiss the floor with your knees because you love the barbell reverse lunge 😜🔥

Chest up.
Knees in line with ankles.

Drive up through your front heel.
Squeeze glutes as you power up.

Your working leg is the front leg. Your back leg is merely a kickstand, do not push up with it but power up using your front leg.

Annnnndddd...GO. 🔥
Last chance this month to perfect your barbell reverse lunge. 🙌


W E E K F O U R of February!

If you have been around Inspire for any more than February you know that this means it is GO TIME. Make yourselves proud and see where you can push yourself a little further before we say goodbye to this set of movements!

PS. There are no bulgarians in March 😜


Just when you thought you could skip out on your last few reps --- in swoops your Coach to assist you in finishing up strong.💪

All joking aside - Inspire takes form assists very seriously. It is our aim to make sure each of you gets the feel of personal training but in a group class setting. Each of you matters. Your workouts, your goals, and most importantly your form - so that you are activating the correct muscles to get maximum benefit from each exercise as well as to ensure you do not sustain any injuries while strength training.

We got your back Inspire Fam.💯

Also...did you know that next week is week FOUR of February's program?! That's your last chance at this combination of movements. Does anyone hope to see the ab slings make a reappearance in March?! 😜


Potato is helping check Zizi's dip form 😎


Rolling into the second half of the week...

Curious, has anyone tried the ab wheel straps during HIIT today? Did you find them useful? They are intended to help anyone who has a hard time really stretching out low with it and help pull you back. Slow down the movement and really concentrate on what your core muscles are doing when you use it. They can be a powerful tool in building your core strength as you progress in your ab wheel technique 🙌


There is one exercise we may hear you all "LOVE" even more than bulgarians and that is the hammy rollers - whether we are performing the exercise in class with a large exercise ball or the beloved rollers. But perhaps if you understand the importance of keeping your hamstrings strong, you'll appreciate what this move is doing for you more?

Your hamstrings are composed of three muscles that run along the back of your leg from your hip to your knees. They are responsible for bending your knee and helping to draw your hips backwards and these muscles play a role in shifting the load from your knees to your hips.

Hamstrings contribute to functional motions like walking, and help you to find speed, power and agility in your daily movement and athletic activities.

Strong hamstrings will ensure your muscles remain flexible, strong and help your legs, knees and hips function smoothly. Hamstring exercises even have an effect on your back health. Remember - everything is connected.

So next time you are performing a hammy roll in class (*ahem* today in your lower body day programming) - just remember - you are ensuring you can jump higher, run faster, accelerate and explode. With this exercise you are ensuring you can have good posture and helping to prevent leg injuries.

This exercise is worth the struggle -


Photos from Inspire South Bay Fitness's post 02/12/2023

We kicked off Super Bowl Sunday with a Coach Kari HIIT class and as you is also her one year anniversary working for Inspire! We got our knees down, moved in and out of the pocket, moved through all possible burpee scenarios as literally rolled our way into this GameDay. Hope you all enjoyed your workout!

See you this week for week three of February Inspire. Have a blast with all of your Super Bowl celebrations!



🏈 Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend and we know most of you will be out enjoying all the great football party foods and brews. 🍻

😟 Then comes Monday morning and you're thinking about how much you consumed. What do you do?

🙅‍♂️ First: Get your hands off the panic button. Slow down and breath - We’re all humans and enjoying a game day is part of being ALIVE 🙌

Eating more than you planned is going to happen, the only real problem that comes out of it is thinking you need to do damage control afterwards. This usually leads to working out extra hard to “make up” for the extra calories, skipping extra meals to offset the calories, or completely thinking your progress is already ruined.

🤔 The important thing is getting right back to your NORMAL plan and moving FORWARD. You don't have to undo anything - you just have to get back in the game - back to your routine and smile about the memories you made.

📣 ENJOY your Super Bowl weekend plans Inspire - and we hope to see you Sunday morning to kick-off with Coach Kari's HIIT class! 🏃‍♀️


If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you.


🎉 Join us in wishing Pete the best birthday ever today!

He started it with his friends in a maxed out 6am class with a 44 second plank hold to celebrate all his years of life 😜!

Pete, we know your next year will be the best yet and love that you start every morning and your next year of life at Inspire. 🔥

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y! 🎁


Join us in wishing our always PT client AND group class client, ELIAS a very happy birthday today!

Elias, you came into Inspire and were an instant hit among everyone. Your humor and hard work are inspiring to all.

The Inspire team wishes you a very happy birthday! Enjoy your weekend and we hope it has started with the best cup of coffee of your life 😜


How about the lower body programming today Inspire?!

Way to take the new moves, the new equipment and new program this week in stride!

We hope you grabbed a tracking sheet for this month and recorded your baseline. It will be awesome to see where you land by the end of the month and where you have made improvements.

See you Sunday for HIIT with Coach Angel and kick off week two!


In addition to group fitness classes INSPIRE offers one-on-one, partner and even youth personal training.

Benefits of hiring our Coaches to train you personally include:

✅ personalized programmed tailored to your specific needs and goals;
✅ increased accountability and confidence in your fitness and abilities;
✅ fun interactions;
✅ increased focus on form correction which educate and help prevent and correct injury;
✅ maximize your results in the window of time you have available.

If you are interested in signing up for personal training get in touch with Coach Peet today.


We can promise you that at some point this week you will discover more ab rollers for this month. There will also be a fun new use of the TRX bands.

Question is...will they both be tomorrow for HIIT?

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