Level Up Athletics

Level Up Athletics is a comprehensive athletic training program that serves athletes in any sport to increase speed, improve strength and explosion, enhance balance, conditioning, and pliability.

Coach Flannery is NSCA & ISSA certified.

Operating as usual


Back to the basics with this session

Mobility ✅
Stretching ✅
Strengthen ✅
Athletic ability ✅


Lower body “bulletproofing” and “lengthening” session ✅@athletictruthgroup 🦿

Lengthening the anterior chain with human knee extensions, then strength work on the posterior with Nordics, then reverse hypers to Finish.


“Strength is gained in the range it is trained” -Charles Poliquin

Upper body strength training, exploring a variety of long range movements.

The Long range movement involves uses more connective tissue tension compared to short range movements. The additional tension created from the stretching of the passive structures, creates tension that can’t be replicated in the short range. Long range exercises are essential for optimal performance with benefits such as restoring ROM, increasing tendon strength, and significantly increasing muscle size through lengthening mechanisms.

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Waking myself up this morning with heavy singles and @athletictruthgroup rear foot elevated split squats superset with RDL’s… Good morning… 👏🏼👏🏼


DIPS… one of the most under utilized movements for athletic development ‼️

I prefer the dip, rather than the bench press, because the motion of the dip closely replicates the arm swing associated with jumping and sprinting. Overall, it translates better and has more carry over to sport performance, compared to a standard bench press. However, the bench press is still a GREAT movement, it’s just important to understand what you are training for.

Today, I completed 70 pounds for 5 reps, which is 40% of my BW. I’m getting closer to the @athletictruthgroup goal of 6 reps at 50% BW.

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Superset OC back to full ROM front squat

Performing an oscillating back squat for 5 reps, then quickly transitioning to a ATG front squat for 5 reps.

This order of exercise challenges both the anterior and posterior chain and forces the body to recruit more motor units versus using only one squat variation at a time.

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@athletictruthgroup athletic strength session

For some who experience two ACL tears, you would think that I would stay away from movements like these. However, these movements such as the Poliquin step ups, Nordic ham curls, and the ATG deadlift are great exercises for improving knee strength and stability.


Lower Body ATG session 🦿🦿

I really like this tendon dominant, quarter squat warm up with the barbell in the beginning of the session. Excellent way to reduce knee pain, promote blood flow, and prepare the body for greater forces such as running or jumping.
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Lower Body ATG session 🦿🦿

The body always feels so good after one of these sessions.

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The @atgforcoaches group last spoke about special repetitions for exercises. During that meeting, I learned the importance of manipulating force, by finding new ways to create tension throughout the ROM of a lift or movement.

Part of that conversation was the use of oscillatory reps during warm up or working sets. Oscillatory reps can be used to break up the boring part of warming up, and challenges the nervous system, while explosively working through the sticking up of a lift.

After warming up with the oscillatory reps, I attempted a few heavy singles and exploded through the sticking point and felt additional control during the lift, where I would typically struggle.

Just my experience... 🤔


Exposing the body to deficit deadlift lifts(ATG style) and Patrick step-ups

These exercises target the VMO’s and the Spinal erectors. This variation of the deadlift is one of my new favorites for the vertical jump.


Upper body strength session💪

This style of training would be best for athlete looking to quickly add both strength and size. Most athletes need a good mixture of strength and hypertrophy work within their training program. However, athletes such as basketball players, who rely more on their quickness and jumping abilities may require less hypertrophy work(not always), leading to unnecessary body weight in their upper extremities.

It’s so important for athletes to understand the demands of their sports and subscribe to a proper training program that will support them and their goals. Strength is never a weakness...

Exercise order:
First I completed 10 sets of 2 w/ 185 w/ 1 min. of rest
Next, incline DB press 2*20 w/ 2 min. rest
Last, DB Bent over single arm row 4*3 w/ 3 sec. iso hold w/ 1 min. Rest


S/O @slantboardguy for the amazing piece of equipment 💯👏🏼

This weeks challenge is 100 slant board squats (hands behind back) WITHOUT a break‼️( break if you must)😉

The pump that I got from the quads was serious 🦿Goodluck ‼️


Dense session to improve athletic abilities ✅

Bulletproofing my body one session at a time @athletictruthgroup 💯💯

The athlete with the strongest knees and greatest ability to go knee over toe, WINS‼️- @theatgmentor


Athletic development session

After tearing my ACL the second time, I was very frustrated, as I thought would never be able to reach my true athletic potential. @athletictruthgroup helped me regain my confidence, as I built up my knee strength, mobility, stability, and increased my overall athletic ceiling.

My main goal as a strength and conditioning coach is to help athletes stay healthy and compete in their sport on a high level. Personally, I believe 80-90% of non-contact injuries could be avoided thru implementation of training protocols that focus on short and long range muscle actions.

Level Up Athletics updated their address. 05/22/2021

Level Up Athletics updated their address.

Level Up Athletics updated their address.

Level Up Athletics updated their phone number. 05/22/2021

Level Up Athletics updated their phone number.

Level Up Athletics updated their phone number.


Backyard session with the Harvey brothers @m_augustus_h @hurricaneharvey00 🏀


Big S/O to @specialolympian , Curtis Frame, Who keeps grinding and reaching new levels in his athletic performance. Curtis travels around the state and competes in multiple sports year round‼️ I’m very excited to share a few of Curtis’s highlights 💪💪


Can’t wait to watch @_masoncarpenter on the basketball court next season‼️

He’s put in countless hours on the court and in the gym. He’s a leader by nature and other athletes should be taking notes, because Mason... is about BUSINESS‼️💯

His skills, effort, and determination will lead him to become one of the top basketball players in the state‼️There is no doubt in my mind that Mason will reach his goals💯

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[05/05/21]   I’ll be out of the country from May 7-21st. My phone won’t be able to receive texts or calls while I’m away.
If you need to reach me, please message me on the Level Up Page on messenger or you can email me at [email protected]
Thank you 🙏


Basketball specific explosive strength session w/ future D1 basketball athletes🏀@hurricaneharvey00 @m_augustus_h 🔥🔥🔥

For this session, we used the French contrast method to develop maximal amounts of force, while using sport specific movements. Also, incorporated @athletictruthgroup methods such as the slant board Jefferson curls and finished with Nordic hamstring eccentric only curls 🏀🦿Great work tonight fellas‼️

These two are a pleasure to work with. NEVER complain, NEVER waste time, NEVER miss sessions, and always give 110% day in and day out‼️💯

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In-season lower body power w/ @lleverton1 @jake.miller23 🏌️⚾️

This session included concentric only banded front squats using 60-80% of their 1RM, contrasted with an explosive lateral jumps🦿🔋


Max Out Day 🏋🏽‍♂️💪

Bench press ✅
Squat ✅

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Level Up Athletes!!! If you want to have priority in being booked (change current training times or add more sessions) at the Reid Facility, please call 765-973-8057 by May 25th (preferably don’t wait that long) and give them times that work for you. Otherwise, you might not get the times you need!! Thank you 🙏

Level Up Athletes!!! If you want to have priority in being booked (change current training times or add more sessions) at the Reid Facility, please call 765-973-8057 by May 25th (preferably don’t wait that long) and give them times that work for you. Otherwise, you might not get the times you need!! Thank you 🙏


Basketball specific training session 🏀💪

Great session tonight‼️@_.cato5._ @m_augustus_h Andrew Warner💯

Basketball is one of my favorite sports to train for. To have optimal results and reduce the risk of injury, a basketball training program must incorporate SPORT-SPECIFIC movements that mimic the athletes actions on the court. Plyometrics are a great way for all athletes to reduce injuries and increase overall explosiveness. Lastly, it is important to understand that the speed of the plyometric movement (e.g. box jump, SL bounds, etc) cannot be replicated with weight training, considering the high-velocity nature of the movement. Therefore, there should be training phases dedicated to plyometrics throughout an athletes training program. 💪🚨


Dense training session with @drewvv_ following the ATG protocols ✔️

Keep up the great work Drew‼️Don’t let anyone outwork you and keep a chip on your shoulder ‼️ The best is yet to come💯🙏🏈


Pre-game pitching specific training session💪⚾️

Another great performance from the @miamioh_baseball commit @lleverton1 🔥🔥🔥👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

14 Strikeouts
1 Earned Run
6 Innings Pitched

#baseball #pitcher #leader #d1 #competitor #training #preparation


Here, I am working with a group of young, talented, and dedicated basketball athletes. 💯🏀

In this session, they are completing an @athletictruthgroup dense session.

Additionally , I incorporated a French contrast circuit into this session to add an explosive strength component to improve their jumping abilities and quickness on the court🏀

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[04/20/21]   Coach Nate over here: I have great news for all my Athletes and future Athletes! I will be working as the Strength and Conditioning Coach at the Reid Health Sports Enhancement Facility starting May 25th! I am extremely excited about this as I am confident Athletes will benefit tremendously from training with such a top-notch team at one of the best locations with top-notch equipment and resources! If you are interested in training, please contact me at 765-977-2710 or contact Reid’s Athletic Training Facility at 765-973-8057 ‼️

I’d also like to extend a huge Thank You to Family Fitness Works for allowing Level Up Athletics to train here all this time 🙏


Working with future D1 swimmer @caydenlindahl 🚨🚨

This guy is destined to be great‼️💯... Earned, Never Given‼️

Marci Colon Lindahl

#swimming #training #d1athlete #duke #tennessee #discipline #savagemode #beast #consistencyiskey🔑


Athletic development training session w/ @brynvanvleet_11 🏐🔥🔥🔥🔥

As an athletic performance coach, I am always researching the best methods for coaching athletes. That’s why, I always incorporates methods derived from @athletictruthgroup, which is the most innovative training platform for athletes‼️💯

Keep up the hard work Bryn... Remember, the best leaders show by EXAMPLE‼️💯

#grind #trainhard #gohard #volleyball #lifestyle #24seven #hardworkpaysoffs #humble #leader #hardworkoverpotential #d1


Working with @drewvv_ on a few mobility standards, then measured his vertical. Drew finished with 10’6” on standing, then hit 10’11” on his approach ‼️👏🏼👏🏼


These athletes won the day‼️

Consistency is the name of the game... If you want to be great, you have to put your time and energy into improving EVERY DAY... 💯‼️

Consistency over Intensity‼️

#training #dedication #athletes #basketball #tennis #hardwork #atgfam #consistency #staytuned


Dense knee session with future division 1 basketball star @addisen.mastriano41 ‼️🏀

Introducing Level Up Athletics

Hi, My name is Nathan Flannery and I am a Senior Global Management Major with a focus in Sports Management at Earlham College. I am also following a Master’s Degree in Athletic Coaching from Ball State University. I have received my personal training certifications in strength and conditioning from the International Sports Science Association and from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

I have created this program with a very specific goal in mind: to improve athletes’ performance. Level Up Athletics provides an innovative approach to athletic training. it focuses on pliability movements which is a breakthrough training method introduced and promoted by Alex Guerrero and the GOAT Tom Brady. In Guerrero’s own words “ pliability is simply a way to maintain your muscles long and lean and soft, and it allows the joints in your body to move efficiently and correctly without putting loads on your tendons or your structure.” Brady relies on pliability training tremendously during and off season to keep his performance level at the highest level and avoid any possibility of injury. I incorporate this method heavily when I create workouts. Each workout I create is tailored to my athletes’ individual sports specific movements. If an athlete or their parent expresses that they need to work on explosion training mechanisms, I do extensive research and create specific workouts that deliver their anticipated results. I use the most innovative, scientifically proven methods and follow trainers who have groundbreaking results in the world of athletic training. I also invest significant resources in ensuring I use top-notch training tools that enhance my athletes’ workouts.

Interested in helping your athlete boost their performance level and stand out on that field? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected] or simply text me at 765-977-2710.

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Athletic Performance Training- improve athleticism, flexibility, resistance, pliability, strength, speed, endurance and explosion.



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