Level Up Athletics

Level Up Athletics is a comprehensive athletic training program that serves athletes in any sport to increase speed, improve strength and explosion, enhance balance, conditioning, and pliability.

Coach Flannery is NSCA & ISSA certified.

Operating as usual

@hurricaneharvey00 working on mobility and stability within the ankle and knee. This is a small sample of his training session and how I train basketball athletes using sport specific movements to reduce the risk of injury 🏀

French Contrast Method for force development

@lleverton1 is D1 for a reason, he is hard working, consistent, and determined to become the best 💯

Worked up to 480lbs for a single on Trap Bar Deadlift

Following triphasic training by @cal.dietz

Eccentric phase of triphasic training by @cal.dietz 🦿🦿

I’m using the Hatfield technique on 5 sec. eccentric box squats, doing 3 sets of 3 with 430lbs with the SS yoke bar squat

@drewvv_ performing the French contrast method, working on type 2 muscle fiber endurance, he is looking really bouncy 🐰🔥🔥

[01/24/21]   I’ve recently read a comment that raised my eyebrows and wanted to clarify some crucial things about neuromuscular training. Neuromuscular training focuses on exercises that train the muscles and nerves to react and communicate. It increases knee joint strength and is crucial in preventing injuries 🙌

A study from the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy concluded that neuromuscular training programs can effectively reduce primary-ACL injury prevalence by between 43.8% and 73.4%! A new clinical report from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) asserts that the continued rise in ACL injuries in adolescent athletes could be partially countered by neuromuscular training to “preprogram” safer movement patterns before an injury occurs. (Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy, 2018).

Exercises commonly performed in neuromuscular training include: plyometric and movement, core strengthening and balance, resistance training, and speed training.

Please do your research, stay updated on exercise science research, educate yourself and never assume you know it all. This is a field that keeps progressing and developing constantly and staying on top of new knowledge that breaks down innovative research is crucial 🙏

Coach Nate,

NSCA, CSCS, M.S Athletic Coaching

Volleyball Specific Training Session

Volleyball specific training with Bryn Vanvleet 🔥‼️

Brad VanVleet Kelly VanVleet

Footwork Friday ‼️‼️

Footwork and coordination is a critical component when developing athleticism, especially for youth athletes, considering they are growing at a rapid rate and lack body control.

Great work today fellas @ewing_carson @nick._.427 and PJ Stanley 🔥💯

Paul-Jerri Lynn Stanley

Great upper body strength training session with softball pitcher @harmonyowenss 🥎💪🏼

Welcoming @lleverton1 as the first intern at Level Up Athletics ‼️

Worked up to 235 on power clean 🏋️💪

Teaching @zion_deonly1 how to properly execute a trap bar deadlift with a RDL slow eccentric.

Utilizing this specific movement from phase 2 of @thevertcode by @pjfperformance for my athletes🏀🔥

@_masoncarpenter is entering phase 2 of @thevertcode by @pjfperformance 🏀

Mason doesn’t have excuses and consistently shows up to workouts even after long practices and games. His work ethic is going to further separate him from the competition 💯

[01/18/21]   Eccentric phase of triphasic training. Slow eccentrics are essential for developing a strong base for athletic performance 🔥

Dinner tonight was 🔥 I’ll never stop emphasizing the importance of nutrition in athletic performance. It is key 🔑 to athletic longevity, gains, energy levels and overall performance. If you want to level up your nutrition game, reach out with questions ‼️

Youth Athlete Training session 💪

The main focus of their training session was speed, agility, foot work, and lower body strength💪

@jacob.lindahl9 performing a French Contrast Method, which combines 4 contrast loading styles (heavy compound, BW plyometric, speed-strength, and an assisted plyometric) to increase muscle fiber recruitment and endurance.

Originally created by Gilles Cometti and popularized by @cal.dietz this method is one of my main circuits for developing power and strength for my athletes 🔥💪

That’s what I’m talking about 🙌🏆

Great job Josey 🙌

Congratulations to sophomore Josey Meeks who earned All-Conference honors by winning both of her individual events at the PAAC Championships on Saturday. Josey won the 200 yard individual medley and the 100 yard breaststroke.

Fun day today in the lab 🧪 💥

Working into the 90% range of 1RM with power cleans and Deadlifts
Hit 225 and missed 250 on power clean then hit 405 fairly easy on Deadlift🦿🦿

Love the process, 1% better each day💯💯

Zion Deloney- one of the most dedicated and hardest working athletes, qualities I expect in all my Level Up Athletes ‼️💯🔥

BoDede Deloney

Huge shoutout to my guy Julian (short film) for this high-quality work 🔥🔥🔥

@lleverton1 going through a tough training session tonight 🚨🚨

Curt Leverton Luke Leverton

What Makes an Athlete Successful?
Here are a few of my points. Most importantly, it’s Consistency and an understanding that you SHOW UP even when you don’t feel like it. Even if you’re in-season. In fact, professional athletes NEVER stop training, especially if they’re in-season. It’s all about execution and following a program that WORKS.

@hurricaneharvey00 going through phase 1 of @thevertcode by @pjfperformance 🔥🔥🔥

Added seated good mornings, @kneesovertoesguy SL depth squat, and Reverse Sled pulls to build the VMO to protect the knees‼️🦿

Consistency beats intensity 💯

#levelup #elevate #grind #basketball #training #nonstop #verticaljump #consistencyiskey🔑

Nutrition. One of the most important factors in athletic performance, longevity, and overall health. Good for you food doesn’t have to be boring and bland. @livelaughlifteat hooked us up. Chicken stock cooked rice (it’s 🔥🔥🔥), grilled veggies (fiber), avocado (healthy fats), grilled veggie burger meat (protein), salsa, sour cream and a bit of Parmesan cheese. One of my absolute favorite dinners 👌💯

@_.cato5._ going through phase 1 of @thevertcode by @pjfperformance 🔥🏀

Adding some hypertrophy work toward the end of this training session💪

Consistency is Key ‼️💯

Rebecca Cate

#training #consistency #hardwork #basketball #lockedin🔐 #preparation

Athletes, if you’re looking to get your vertical to the next level, increase mobility, enhance strength, develop more flexibility, boost your speed, LET ME KNOW. @brynvanvleet_11 is currently going through phase 1 of @thevertcode by @pjfperformance

In my opinion, the two best vertical jump trainers are currently @pjfperformance and @kneesovertoesguy, I believe both trainers are unique in their our way. Therefore, I have decided to prescribe their methods, along within my own research regarding strength and power development and combined them into the ultimate vertical jump program.

Bryn currently has an 8’11” approach vertical, at the end of each phase, we will remeasure and check to see her progress‼️ stay tuned ‼️

Brad VanVleet Kelly VanVleet

#verticaljumptraining #gains #levelup #athlete #dedication #focus #training #results

Front squat 225 for 6 🦿🦿

No belt, no sleeves, or wrist wraps.. just me and the weights 😁

Squatting has become by far one of my favorite exercises. I have been squatting 6 out of 7 days a week for about 2 months now and I am feeling stronger, more explosive, and even flexible than ever.

Although, I work up to a heavy single or triple on most days, the majority of the volume from my workout, about 80%, comes from assistance exercises such as reverse sled pulls, reverse Hyper, tibia raises, or Nordic hamstring curls.

Photo credit: @julianshort___

Phase 1 of the @thevertcode with these young and upcoming basketball athletes 🏀🔥🔥

I am also incorporating movements from @kneesovertoesguy such as ATG split squats, tibia wall raises, reverse sled pulls, and The eccentric slant board squats🚨✅

Also, I love the ankle rockers by @cal.dietz , amazing for building ankle strength and stability within a sport specific angle🙏‼️

This combination of philosophies is the ultimate guide for explosive athletes to reduce the risk of injury to the ankles, hips and knee while simultaneously reaching their genetic potential🔥🔥💯💯

S/O @thelostbreed for the 🔥🔥 merchandise 💯💯

Day 15 of squats 🚨🚨

Worked up to 300 lbs. on front squat for a single, then completed 3*2 speed pin rack Deadlifts with 405🦿🦿

TLB shorts & performance leggings gave me some extra juice today @joshlevitan 🙏 🙏🙏

#thelostbreed #levelup #athlete #stayhungry #stayfocused 🦁 🔥

@caydenlindahl working through a mobility session inspired by @vernongriffith4 🙆‍♂️🔥🙏

Marci Colon Lindahl

In preparation for @lleverton1 ‘s upcoming baseball season. Luke will again start the Triphasic Training system by @cal.dietz 🔥

Here, Luke is performing a contralateral circuit, which is apart of his aerobic capacity(conditioning)phase of training💪

The aerobic phase is essential considering it sets the tone for the later phases of training. Although, Luke is an anaerobic athlete having an aerobic phase built into his program is essential considering it improves his resting HR, decreases lactate threshold, and improves the athletes ability to repeat sub max and maximal levels. The goal for this phase is that Luke can complete more reps with less rest between sets, which over time will increase his work capacity 💯💪

Curt Leverton Luke Leverton

Day 16 of Squats: 225 for 2 reps with 10 second eccentric
Accessory work includes: ATG Split Squats, Tibia Wall Raises, and Reverse Sled Pulls🦿🦿

The accessory movements were inspired by @kneesovertoesguy, 🙏🙏🙏and I believe are critical to the development of athletes as they help with stability, mobility, and added strength to critical areas of the body that are often neglected within traditional training programs‼️💯🔥🚨🧨

Day 15 of Squats🦿🦿

Worked up to 225 Front squat with 7 second hold at bottom ‼️

Started my workout with slant board squats 3*20 & reverse sled pulls 4*40 yards

Consistency is key💯🔋✅

Day 14 of Squats

405 of back squat 🦿🦿•

Reaching 500...👀👀

When motivation ends, discipline begins 💯

Let the Treat Day begin 😂🎄🙏

Introducing Level Up Athletics

Hi, My name is Nathan Flannery and I am a Senior Global Management Major with a focus in Sports Management at Earlham College. I am also following a Master’s Degree in Athletic Coaching from Ball State University. I have received my personal training certifications in strength and conditioning from the International Sports Science Association and from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

I have created this program with a very specific goal in mind: to improve athletes’ performance. Level Up Athletics provides an innovative approach to athletic training. it focuses on pliability movements which is a breakthrough training method introduced and promoted by Alex Guerrero and the GOAT Tom Brady. In Guerrero’s own words “ pliability is simply a way to maintain your muscles long and lean and soft, and it allows the joints in your body to move efficiently and correctly without putting loads on your tendons or your structure.” Brady relies on pliability training tremendously during and off season to keep his performance level at the highest level and avoid any possibility of injury. I incorporate this method heavily when I create workouts. Each workout I create is tailored to my athletes’ individual sports specific movements. If an athlete or their parent expresses that they need to work on explosion training mechanisms, I do extensive research and create specific workouts that deliver their anticipated results. I use the most innovative, scientifically proven methods and follow trainers who have groundbreaking results in the world of athletic training. I also invest significant resources in ensuring I use top-notch training tools that enhance my athletes’ workouts.

Interested in helping your athlete boost their performance level and stand out on that field? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected] or simply text me at 765-977-2710.

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Volleyball Specific Training Session




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