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Videos by Westside Power Gym in Rio Rancho. LEGIT 24/7 GYM ACCESS, 1 year agreements to month to month membership options, with Strongman, Powerl


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2nd part of making a pulley system for tricep pushdowns, lat pulldowns, etc. under $25. Good luck.

Come try a FREE class. Text 505-220-8712 to set up.


Kids Bully Proof programM, TU, W, and FRIDAY @530PM.



Come roll with us. We have Jiu Jitsu classes every day of the week. You can literally do Jiu Jitsu 24/7 at WPG.

$25 a month, NO CONTRACTS, 24/7 access. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, MMA, Powerlifting, Strongman and more.

Shhhhhhh.........it's so quiet. Macho man Randy Savage!!! Oooohhhh yeah....

NM STARS!!!! WPG. Home of.

From 9-72yrs old. The spirit never leaves you. Getting that speed bag work at WESTSIDE POWER GYM. Atta boy POPS. Age doe...

It's in the blood. No such thing as off season. WPG TRAINED

Our Dr bending bars!!!! Planet what?????? We have the strongest Dr in NM LIFTING AT WPG

What it looks like flipping #1000 lbs. Took 5 on this beautiful day. Love my members. #westsidepowergym

Can't do this sh*t at Planet Jupiter!!!!! Haha

My members love the gym and WESTSIDE POWER GYM loves its members. Breaking PRs ultimate warrior style. Atta boy Jud.

I'll hitch it before I ditch it. Happy hour time 5PM on Thursday.

Mr Tabet getting some work done.

Get your mitts in! From a winning Pro Boxer and Veteran Bellator MMA fighter Rocky Ramirez.