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There’s two types of pride - the good and the bad.

The bad kind is when you avoid an activity (for example) because you know you’re not going to be great at it - especially when it was something you were good at before.

The good kind of pride is when you do that activity knowing it’s going to be hard and you’re gonna suck at it for a while but you are happy that you did it!

This is my first run in a year - and you know what? I was slow, and I had to stop and walk, and spit, and my hip hurt, I over dressed, but darn it I got through it and I’m proud!! 😝 Being a “beginner” really is relative - don’t let fear of failure or comparison to others or your past performance stop you from reaching your goals! It’s worth the fight and eventually it gets easier and easier, whether it’s the first time or you’re “starting over” again 😅

What’s something you are afraid to do and what’s stopping you from doing it?

Every run deserves a celebratory in my book, so happy to have started again! 🙃🏃🏼‍♀️


Whaaaat?? My first post of 2022? Whoops 😬 Promise I’m still at it 🤪 I love posting to share what I’m up to and to keep you all (and myself) motivated too. But please tell me, how can I better serve you? What sort of info would you like to come from my page… workouts? Form tips? Interested in learning more about calisthenics? Food or meal prep tips? Any other thing? Cat pics? 😝🐈

Generally I like to share what comes from my ❤️, but I would also love to direct content in an even more beneficial way, so please let me know. I would love some input 🤓

Playing on my cool p-bars from today 😃


To do a handstand on the train tracks I used to play on as a kid = Pure Nostalgia 😌 (but um, please be careful around train tracks - now, I never said I was a SMART kid 😬)


When with cat = a is obligatory 😝😽

If you’re in need of some inspo, be sure to check todays stories, it was a fun 😅


Some people like to collect coffee mugs or keychains from different places. I like to collect handstands 😁🙃


Happy FriYAY 😁 Gotta love it when you can snap a selfie 😝🌞 Have a great weekend peeps!


The only right thing to do when you see grass like that is to start monkeying around like a little kid, am I right? 😅🐒🌱


You know how when you haven’t been able to practice a skill you’ve been working on for a good while (for whatever reason) - and then you get scared you probably lost it? Well, more than likely, you didn’t! 😃

It’s amazing how resilient our bodies are especially when consistency has been for years. If your body gets hurt or needs a break, it’s definitely not a bad idea to listen! You take care of it and it will take care of you! 😅👍🏼
Happy Monday! Hope it was a good one 🙌🏽


Who am I kidding? I made this cuz I’m obsessed with my new athletic ware outfit 😝 Anything that motivates you to move, am I right? If you’re inspired for a little weekend workout, try adding one or two moves to your own workout, or don’t think and just do the whole thing 🤪 Do 10 to 12 reps each move for 3-5 rounds. The last move is definitely stolen from .moves - but that’s why I love instagram, I’m always getting inspired from people like him, I only hope I can give a little back in return 🤗❤️

Outfit from my most fave clothing company everrrrrr 😍😍😍


🔥 3 Moves to majorly strengthen your core 😁 You’ll thank me later 😝

If you’ve been on the fence about getting a , then this is the week to do it!! For Black Friday and Cyber Monday my code will actually get you a higher discount SITE WIDE 🤩 Use TFITNESS25 to get 25% off ALL Terra-Core Products (the discount with no code will only be 20% off)

If you have any questions or need advice about purchasing a please DM me, I will be happy to help! 😅


It’s so I celebrated with Percy by giving him a post workout performance 😝 (you can hear him breathing in the video and see him in the mirror LOL. Yes that’s him. He snorts when he breathes. Always has. Always will! 😂) Haven’t played with my bars in a while, I think they were happy to come out and play 😁 And I definitely need to practice more 😬 ONE DAY I’ll get that bent arm


The weirdest thing I’ve done this year is workout in shoes 😂 Good news is the toe is not broken, it just wanted to be scandalous and look like it was 😝 So glad about that tho! I was trying to wrap my head around staying off of it for 4 weeks 🤪 Hope you all have a happy weekend, got anything fun planned? 😃


Ok! I think we’re getting somewhere. I can finally hold a handstand on sand, what!? 😝🥳🥳🥳


It’s been like, a REALLY LONG TIME since I played somewhere not in my home gym 😂


Had a fun weekend being entertained by alpacas and entertaining alpacas 😝 Found this amazing place in Show Low Arizona where you can camp on a farm and you know what? It was SO FUN! Hope you had a great fun weekend to! Now back to the grind 🤪

(Will share some video of the place on stories if any are curious 🤓🦙)


You know when you get the light *just* right, and everyone is posing perfectly 😍🦙- of COURSE you gotta have some campfire charcoal on your face to ruin the shot 😝

Photos from Tarrah Fitness's post 10/25/2021

Ok you can’t NOT stop and take a selfie during your run when the leaves are this beautiful! 😍🍂🍁🤩 Happy Monday !


Hikes just aren’t complete without some sort of pose now 🤪


Guess what? I missed a Monday…. Now did me not working out for a few days cause me to gain 10 pounds or lose all my strength and muscles?? 🤔 Of course not. Please don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day (or few!)of your workout routine. Your body probably needed the break, and if it didn’t, oh well! Let’s get back on that horse starting now, and believe me, you don’t have to wait until a Monday to do that 😉


I’m so excited to announce that Terra-Core]] is going to gift a to on of my followers!!!! I am SO excited about this, I absolutely love my Terra-Core!! It’s a wonderful partner for and workouts

What’s even more excited is that Terra-Core]] just launched their revamped App with TONS of TerraCore follow along workouts, whoever wins this maxing prize, be sure to check the App out so that you will instantly have workouts to do with your new toy 🤩

How to Win:

1. Like this pose
2. Follow Terra-Core]]
3. Tag 3 friends in the comments who you think would love one of their own

I will announce a winner next Wednesday the 28th, have fun!!


Flag plank today, tomorrow. Keep at keeping at it 😅🙌🏽 Happy Tuesday !

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