Floramente: Holistic Solutions, LLC. ADHD and Mind-Body Wellness

Floramente: Holistic Solutions, LLC. ADHD and Mind-Body Wellness

Woman & Latinx owned. A collaborative ADHD team with a holistic, whole-health approach towards conquering ADHD challenges and achieving your most sought after goals!

Studies report an astounding, positive result from our services. https://www.floramente.com/

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ADHD Support Rochester, NY | FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions (Rochester, NY) 03/30/2022

ADHD Support Rochester, NY | FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions (Rochester, NY)

Interested in attending our ADHD supportive events?

Please join our ADHD Support Group on Meetup!


ADHD Support Rochester, NY | FLORAMENTE: Holistic Solutions (Rochester, NY) This group is open to all who are interested in receiving support for the way ADHD affects their life — Whether you have ADHD yourself, think you may have ADHD, are a parent or caretaker of someone wi


Makeing time is a matter of strategy — It is a framework of choosing what you want to focus on, building the energy to do it, and breaking the default cycle so you can be more intentional.

This framework strategy consists of just four categories:

1. Pick your highlight for the day
2. Laser (focus on this highlight)
3. Energize (fuel your body and mind)
4. Reflect (decide which tactics to continue and which
to adjust or kill)


If you’re reading this, this is your sign to do it now 😎


Those with ADHD: If someone asks how they can support you, maybe this chart can help you come up with a way to respond.

Those who care for someone with ADHD: Maybe this chart will help you reflect upon what you can do to nurture and be there for them.



Plan and choose your ship wisely – And you will make it through all obstacles, and reach the intended destination.

Strategize, plan your trip, gather your supplies, and set sail.


Deep, rhythmic breathing helps to slow our heart rate and calm negative thoughts.

It is a powerful approach to use when a high-pressure situation arises, as it has the ability to regulate the nervous system through the stimulation of our Vagus nerve — which may ultimately prevent us from stepping out of alignment with our core-values.

When reflecting upon your own life and inner essence, this technique may help you slow down, avoid impulsive responses, gain more insight, and self-knowledge.

And at physical level, proper diaphragmatic breathing exercises enhance lung capacity, strengthen the immune system, regulate the neuroendocrine system.

Some people make time every day to practice diaphragmatic breathing as part of a yoga routine or as part of their daily ritual. Others only take a really deep breath anytime they catch themselves feeling "panicky," need to have grace under pressure, or want to relieve some frustration. All of these applications of diaphragmatic breathing can reap huge benefits.


We are taking new members for our next morning group starting in May!

There are limited spots available, visit our website if you would like to reserve a spot.

Build a consistent routine with science-based habit building techniques and a community/group. You will have more productive days and be held accountable for your daily and weekly goals.

This group is currently at a limited-time pricing — aimed to be more affordable for committed ADHD individuals unable to financially access other services.


We are here for you when you feel ready 💚

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Skip unnecessary side-effects and trial and errors of pharmaceutical medications, and start receiving scientific suggestions based on YOUR personal biology and the tangible data to support it 🧪

Included with this service is an in-depth, custom-made and scientifically supported analysis report based on your unique biology. This report includes which pharmaceutical medications work the BEST and which ones your DNA will not respond well with — And recommended dosages. You may choose to bring this report to your physician or psychiatrist so that you can receive better, faster support that you are in alignment with 💊

Unsure where to start? Our Genetic Test is simple, delivered to your door, is non-invasive, and currently $100 off! 🧬

Guess what else? If you’re looking for a natural, and holistic approach — The scientists we work with sequence genomes so comprehensively, that we can also use the data we receive to provide you with natural herb advice and supplemental recommendations with your own genetically supported dosage suggestions. 🌿

(Currently only $300. Our custom-made analysis reports provide more insight than we can fit in this caption — Visit our website to learn about all of the information you will be receiving).


We are so excited to announce that we can now support our clients in receiving truly scientifically-backed-by-genetic-data personalized health recommendations based on their DNA! And currently at a reduced price 🧫🧪

(By the way, check out our new website update — we have lots of updates + new surprises).

We believe that everyone deserves easy access to their own comprehensive, personal health data, so we have paired up with a team of over 65 scientists. Upon receiving your results, we will create and supply you with scientifically-supported, custom analysis reports.

This data may help your Primary Care Physician determine options that may be most appropriate for you more quickly - Including insight on which medications are likely to work better for your system in comparison to others, and even dosage.

Our custom-made data analysis reports include your genetic risks, prioritized recommendations, personal genetic break-down and education, evidence-based and scientifically supported research, useful strategies, tips, and techniques with instructions, predisposition for low moods, brain-fog, gene-related vitamin deficiencies, the type of diet your genes respond well with (useful for wellness, gut concerns, and if you experience difficulties with your weight), personalized supplement recommendations with dosage suggestions, ways to optimize your daily regimen and routine, and more.

Once you have received your reports, you may choose to work with us to take your health recommendations and turn them into a regimen. If you have ADHD, the approach we take for your personalized regimen will be reflected in order to promote quicker, more optimal results. Throughout your time with us, you have the ability to track progress and make changes based on what is working for you.

You can find this service offering on our website — It can be performed safely from the comfort of your home and is completely non-invasive! 🧬

Floramente: Holistic Solutions, LLC. ADHD and Mind-Body Wellness updated their info in the about section. 03/09/2022

Floramente: Holistic Solutions, LLC. ADHD and Mind-Body Wellness updated their info in the about section.

Floramente: Holistic Solutions, LLC. ADHD and Mind-Body Wellness updated their info in the about section.

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Happy International Women’s Day, everyone!

If you need support and feel lost, confused, “stuck” in a freeze response – please reach out to us and we will help you locate resources within your community that may be helpful for you, free of charge.

+ 1 585-210-0070
[email protected]


Start the week off right by making this promise to yourself.

The ritual:
1. Place your hand to your heart
2. Say, “today I will love myself, I will forgive myself, I will worry less, I will use kind words, I will know my worth.”

We wish you wellness, always 💙


Your nervous system makes my nervous system feel safe – Let’s co-regulate together 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥

Floramente: Holistic Solutions, LLC. ADHD and Mind-Body Wellness updated their business hours. 02/01/2022

Floramente: Holistic Solutions, LLC. ADHD and Mind-Body Wellness updated their business hours.

Floramente: Holistic Solutions, LLC. ADHD and Mind-Body Wellness updated their business hours.

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What’s your “ABC Plan”? We especially want to hear what the essentials are in your “Plan C”!


Don't get us wrong - Both Goals and processes are important! - Bold goals fuel us to move through challenging processes, and having a balanced process allow us to persist to goal achievement.

However, we would like to suggest that when this topic is spoken about within the context of ADHD - It is extremely important to emphasize the value in being process oriented; This is an area where we can optimize our ADHD brain to work *with* itself and lean into traits that can sometimes be perceived as "super powers."

Why do we propose this idea? - Well, when we focus on the process itself, and what that might/could entail... We create opportunities to make our experience more enjoyable; We can make achieving our most desired goals much easier (and sometimes faster) by strategically implementing areas for dopamine to be followed.

For example: let’s say you like building relationships. When you are working on really hard projects, focus on creating some good relationships in the process, so you will stick to finishing the project to its very end.

See you tomorrow at 9am EST for a post on Allison's framework model for fool-proof, success planning.

P.S. Yesterday was her birthday! 🥳

(This post was scheduled for yesterday but we had a technical error occur with our automation system). See you tomorrow!


Do any of these 4 patterns of avoidance seem familiar to you?

# newyork


Our NYS licensed & registered Dietitian-Nutritionist, Michael – and our LGBTQ+ leadership & executive functioning coach, William have very little availability left. We suggest booking an appointment to save your spot soon – as clients tend to keep their sessions weekly – meaning their schedules will remain full for the time-being!

Wondering how our collaborative framework model works? – The framework we utilize after your initial consultation prompts choice of action over distraction. Together, we will develop a system that works for you by filling in over-looked cracks first, thus strengthening your overall foundation, and allowing us to build upon harder challenges as we progress. This is also what makes us different from other ADHD service providers - We wont just gift you a planner, suggest that you utilize phone reminders, and tell you that all you need to do is, "start using the Pomodoro technique".

When you make a commitment to work with us, we help you to actually develop new skills, from the bottom-up.

ADHD support from the inside-out.

No embarrassment, no guilt, no shame - Ever.


What you all have been waiting for.....!

You are NOW able to book his services.

AND for the NEXT 24 HOURS he is offering 100% free 30-minute consultations.

From now until 5:00pm tomorrow anyone can message me to book a consultation with Michael!

We are so excited to have him on the team!

He offers:

He will provide the following options worldwide—
• Nutrition, Health & wellness education
• Healthy cooking education
• Health coaching
• Diet education and weight management support
• Meal planning
• Dietary strategies inclusive of ADHD
Nutritional Therapy & Counseling
• Eating Disorder Support (often co-morbid with ADHD)
• Therapeutic meal plans
• Holistic OTC options, supplements, and herbal/botanical prescriptions
• Truly individualized diet plans
AND if you are booking from Rochester Michael can:
• Nutrition and malnutrition assessments
• Ordering helpful lab tests when appropriate to our client’s needs, including blood-work
• Lab work and medical review

DM if interested!

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A formal diagnosis (which stays on your record permanently!) – is not required to receive services from us.

Our whole-health + lifestyle approach takes a look at things from the inside AND out.

• Neuropsychological Education
• Executive Function Skills Training
• Hands-On Career Skills Development
• Career change and dysphoria support
• LGBTQIA+ Leadership Mentoring
• Audio-processing adjunct therapy facilitation
• Academic (Middle School - Graduate/University + Test Prep) Tutoring
• NYS Licensed + Registered Dietician/Nutritionist facilitated health coaching, assessment, meal-planning, cooking lessons, disordered eating support, and Primary Care Provider collaboration
• Accessibility + Accommodations Consulting via our Nationally Certified Disability Rehabilitation Counselor



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