Looking for someone in thr Mesa AZ area. My step mom has a horse out there (I’m in Michigan 😞 ) that is need of some work!
Delete if not allowed I just don't know where else to ask this question... so I did an assessment on this mare. Looking for any and all ouchie spots. Light/Medium pressure bc it's just an assessment after finding the spots I was looking for she had a reaction to my hand...I have nothing on me no lotion no oils no sprays nothing.... she got like what I would call an allergic reaction from me ( oddly enough I got an allergic reaction from her!) Wherever I touched her, shoulder back neck butt...has my finger marks... I also do magnawave and after I MW her the marks Where relatively gone... but iv never seen a horse have a reaction to a massage like this anyone else???
Less than 24hrs after finishing class! And I have another one tomorrow!❤️
Mary Barlin Schreiber, I wrote this for you.

Mary’s Healing Hands

These healing hands have done great deeds
Massaging soreness out of famous steads

These two hands have done more than heal
These two hands are For Real!

They project power deep into the soul
with just the right amount of pressure and control

These two hands release tension from deep within
As soon as the massage starts and begins

The amount of Horses these hands have cured
and the pain they must have endured,

I can only imagine being a fraction of these hands
and trying to endure and full fill the demands

of being so Great like Mary’s Hands
Who Pioneered the way thru uncharted land.

By teaching us, her dreams are fulfilled,
by massaging every horse, Even the one in the field.

Written By:
Marsha Reno
July 6, 2021
🎥 We are at the British Showjumping Summer Finale from Northcote Stud and Hester Hume has just won the Equissage Pulse Senior British Novice with Moorhey Ruby Doo! Congratulations! 🥂🎉

▶️ watch.clipmyhorse.tv/BS-SummerFinaleNorthcote2021

👆🏻 Tune in all weekend!! 👆🏻
The Equissage Pulse Senior British Novice First Round was the first class at Pyecombe Horse Shows this morning! Amy Carnet and Katapult could claim the red rosette and call themselves the winning pair! Congratulations! 🌺🥇

▶️ watch.clipmyhorse.tv/PyecombeYoungHorseShow2021
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✨ Congratulations Jenna Good on winning the Equissage UK Pulse Senior British Novice Second Round at Prestige Equestrian with Cali Mile High owned by Kirsten Good.

01184 676715

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Another great morning watching and photographing Gloria & Nicky on the British Showjumping Cat 1 course. Both where jumping Graham Heath Equestrian Novice 85cm and Equissage Pulse Senior British Novice 90cm.

#dodsonandhorrell #southviewequestriancentre #equissagepulse #vickymansfieldphotography #horsephotographeruk #britishshowjumping #britisheventing #grahamheathequestrian
Any Equissage grads practicing in the state of Wisconsin for canine massage, and in NY (upstate), also for canine massage? TIA!
Massoterapia per Darky 🏇💥

Darky è una cavalla di 5 anni con una struttura importante.
Pratica salto ostacoli a livello agonistico ( Federazione Italiana Sport Equestri) 🏅 e ha un bel caratterino 😉

Spesso durante il lavoro si contrae diventando forte a livello della bocca e del collo 💥

Durante il suo trattamento ho sentito:

▶️Rigidità a livello della nuca💢

▶️Rigidità a livello del legamento nucale💢

▶️ Un trigger point a livello del collo 💣

▶️ Una struttura sicuramente in crescita ma comunque armonica e simmetrica💫

Cosa ho fatto :

▶️ Ho svolto un trattamento di massoterapia completo per valutare tutta la struttura 🐎

▶️ Mi sono concentrata sull'area della nuca per sciogliere le tensioni muscolari👌

▶️ Ho trattato il Trigger point con pressione diretta 💣

▶️ Insieme alla sua attenta amazzone abbiamo valutato degli esercizi di stretching per il collo che la possano aiutare nella quotidianità 🤸‍♀️

Un cavallo giovane ha una struttura fisica in crescita che lo può portare in alcuni periodi ad essere più rigido, anche il carattere e l'emotività influiscono molto sul suo stato fisico e sulla performance⚠️

Darky ha trovato un giovamento dal trattamento di massoterapia, ci rivedremo presto ❗👌

Ti capita mai di sentire il cavallo rigido e contratto anche se lavora tutti i giorni? Raccontaci la tua esperienza 🦄

Maddalena Benini Massoterapista diplomata Equissage disponibile per trattamenti nel nord e centro Italia 👇

[email protected] 📧
3299311681 📞

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Hi! Just wanted to let you know my certification test has been delivered to your PO box. Very excited to hear how I did! Please let me know if you have any issues viewing the videos. Thanks again for such a wonderful learning opportunity !

Thank you, Mary and Equissage, for a great week with Brave Name, Nicolas, Violet and all the other wonderful equine instructors! This was so good for me. AND i loved meeting my new cadre of fellow equine massage therapists Savannah Greene, Rebecca Hargreaves, Jill Baddorf and Julie Heinzman. 🧡

Since its inception in 1991, Equissage has become the longest running certification program, the most widely recognized program and the leader in Animal Massage Certification in the United States.

Equissage is the oldest and leading trainer of animal massage therapists in the world. Since 1991, Equissage has graduated more than 20,000 Equine & Canine Massage Therapists, from every state in the US and 20 countries around the world. Our on site programs (listed below) are held at our facility in Virginia. Equine Certification Program 5 day course (Monday-Friday)
Dual Certification Program (E


“And yet I say unto you. That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.”

Matthew 6:29


This week's is on Sharon DeRosa 👏

“I am a massage therapist for humans, and I thought it would be fun to learn how to massage animals. I love animals. This was a great class and experience. Mary and Sam are the best instructors anyone could have. They made the class very comfortable in learning and it was also a lot of fun having a great dog Sailor around. I would highly recommend Equissage over any other program out there.”

Thank you for the kind words, Sharon!


We are excited to have another great group at Equissage this week! 🐴
( Dancer felt it was about time that he made it in the welcome photo)


This week's is on Jillian Cassell ! ✨🙌

"I wanted to help horses reach their full potential. Horses have been my passion since I was born and I always wanted to repay them for everything they’ve done for me 💕"


Our next class opening is August 22, 2022!
If you are interested in signing up, visit our website for more information 🐴🐶

Photos from Equissage's post 04/04/2022

The weather is changing slowly but surely 🌸🌻

Comment below your favorite season!

Photos from Equissage's post 04/02/2022

Thanks for a great week to these four awesome students! 👏Sailor especially appreciated all your love 😉


Our t-shirt selection is fully restocked ‼️ ⭐️ Want to win one for free ? Fill out our google form at bit.ly/myeqbio
for the chance to win your own! 👕
We are currently giving away free t-shirts to our favorite responses. Plus, the best responses will be featured on our page. It doesn't get much easier than that 😁


Happy faces all around! Even Sailor is smiling after getting a kiss from Lord Dubai 🐴


We have another fun week ahead of us at Equissage. Let’s get massaging 👍🏻😆


“Mama and I were sitting on the hillside near the riding ring and I told her she looked so happy. Then she looked at me and we were both smiling.”



"I can't thank you guys enough for this program. I already have things lined up. Also, I massaged my gelding before the farrier came. He has always struggled with the way his leg had to bend. He would rear and get upset. I massaged him today and he didn't have any issues with the farrier at all-- it was amazing. Even the farrier said he was like a different horse."

- Channing T.


Celebratory drinks for a week well spent and a great group of students! 🥂


Hands the air for 5 new equissage graduates! 👏🎉


Sailor tried to paint his face the colors of the Irish flag— it didn’t go very well! Happy St. Patrick’s day 🍀🇮🇪


Look at those six beautiful smiles! 😄


We have one class opening for the week of March 28th! Visit our website at www.equissage.com to sign up + for more information ⭐️


Sarah, my granddaughter manages the Equissage fb page for us. She is a junior in college and is studying in Paris for her second semester. Today is her birthday. Happy Birthday Sarah!🎉🎈 ❤️


Spring is here!! I think🌺


Finally, after all these years: A success story

“Dear Mary,
I always wondered what I wanted to be when I grew up, and it took me to age 60 to find out. I went from college student, to professional baseball player, to U.S. Steel
management for 33 years and I still wondered. Finally I found Equissage, I found what I love to do, and it's massage. Shortly after certification, I developed my
brochures, cards and fliers and started distributing them. To date I have massaged over 35 different horses for a total of more than 100 massages due to call backs. Most are at pleasure barns and some at the race track. All horses have improved their performances. Most of the race horses have set their lifetime marks after massage. Business is growing and I love it. Thank you for everything, you have
changed my life.”

—B.N., KY


Congratulations to the most recent Canine Home Study graduate, Tracy H. from Nebraska 🏆
She did a fantastic job!


On-Site Class Update❗️: We have one spot open for the week of April 11th and one spot for the week of April 25th. Visit our website to sign up!


When Mary says its time to learn the "backronyms"


It really must be Valentines Day because Lord Dubai and Violet Circle seem to be getting along for once💕😂
Happy Valentines Day from Equissage!


“Mama and I are waiting for the horse tub to fill. Happy Valentines Day everyone”.
Sailor 🐾❤️🐾

Photos from Equissage's post 02/13/2022

This week's is on Equissage graduate, Keo.

After graduating, she volunteered with Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses for a year. She was also the equine massage therapist for Horses Helping People and helped to make the program more accessible to the Deaf. 🙌


Congrats to this week’s amazing group of students for a successful week 🎉😌


Sailor just can't stop smiling when there are new students around!


We’ve had a great start to February with these 3 lovely students!

Melody agrees 😉🐴


There is some speculation as to whether or not Brave Name saw his shadow🐎🐎🐎


You look like you need a cuddle!


“I offered to help Mama around the farm but she is pretty strong.”

Sailor ⛄️🐾⛄️


"My Quarter Horse mare was stocking up and experiencing stiffness earlier in 2021. After one massage, she had no stiffness + is all around happier, healthier, and much more comfortable"
-Tory L.


Our on-site class has one opening left for the week of June 20th! Get your spot now, 2022 classes are filling up 🙌🏻


Videos (show all)

Learn from Equissage in 2021
#sundayswithsailor#heissomething“My cousins were here today and they said they thought it would be okay if I opened my b...
Our reaction when we see a new group of students coming to Equissage 🐴 We can’t wait to get started with our next summer...
#sundayswithsailor“Mama is always coming up with a new game for me. I don’t know why she is walking backward but I prett...
If you don’t have a horse size pool, you have to improvise
#sundayswithsailor“I asked Mama if there was anything else that I could do for her.”Sailor ❤️🐾❤️



Dual Certification (on site) $1,895
Equine Certification (on site) $1,395
Equine Certification (home study) $895
Canine Certification (home study) $895
Lifetime Membership in IAAMT (Equissage Graduates only) $100
Canine Massage DVD $50
"The Equissage Story" DVD $30
"Notes with Nicolas" DVD $40
Focus on the Horse CD $20
Colic/Tying Up Program/Poster $40
Polo T-Shirt (navy blue with red logo) $30
Natural Tote Bag $15



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