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Mobile and online personal training, and endurance sports coaching. Live sessions delivered via facetime/skype, in-person sessions, and online training for the endurance athlete. Specializations: Triathlon Coaching Marathon and Ultramarathon Coaching Corrective Exercise Performance Enhancement Movement Mobility Training Your motivation is the spark. The determination is the weld. Forging lasting results is the goal. My job is to guide, prescribe, coach, and lead you on the journey in whatever way we determine is needed.

Mission: 1% improvement everyday. What have you done today to make yourself better?

[11/06/17]   Clean and press. Functional movements. Technique videos and explanations. 5 reps. Rest (until you resume normal breathing) and repeat 3-5 Times. #dbtraining #functionaltraining #coretraining #performance #mindset

[09/18/17]   Don't try to make your own rules. Mimic the success of others by incorporating what worked for them.

Trial and error. Experiment. Give it time.

Nutrition. Exercise. Athletics. Health. Wellness. Lifestyle.


Superior 100 Race Report

Superior 100 Race Report http://wp.me/p2AHl4-5v

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com SUPERIOR 100 RACE REPORT If you think you have to prove it, you still do. So quit thinking, quit posing, and get to work. Do not allow the fear of failure to overcome your potential to succeed. Mark Twight Date: 09/05/2014 Time: 8:00 AM Place: Gooseberry Falls State Park, Minnesota Finish: 24:54:59, 5th place Overall --- Preparation for Superior had its ups and downs. [ 2210 more words. ]


Variety in Health and Exercise is Unnecessary

Variety in Health and Exercise is Unnecessary http://wp.me/p2AHl4-5t

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Assessment In the active, athletic, fitness, and wellness world it seems every week we are presented with new exercises and ways to workout. From slight variations to a pushup to complex training programs for niche activities [think stand up paddle… [ 814 more words. ]


Flowing Fitness Continuum

Flowing Fitness Continuum http://wp.me/p2AHl4-5r

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com The flowing fitness continuum. There is a multitude of ways to workout and gain fitness: calisthenics, kettle bells, free weights, machines, cardio, yoga, and Pilates just to name a few. Where should you start? I can’t say there is a perfect place to… [ 658 more words. ]


Why You/I Need a Coach

Why You/I Need a Coach http://wp.me/p2AHl4-5p

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Why you/I need a coach. While shopping for solutions to your health and fitness needs you will run across a multitude of programs, videos, special equipment, and many other products. This is easy to create and sell. Generally the marketing of the products… [ 504 more words. ]



Resistance http://wp.me/p2AHl4-5n

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Resistance The mind controls it all. It fabricates, incentivizes, dramatizes, and elicits emotion in nearly every moment of our lives. Focusing the mind to be fully connected with what we are doing, when we are doing it, is a skill that when possessed, is… [ 355 more words. ]


"Short-Time" Workouts

“Short-Time” Workouts http://wp.me/p2AHl4-5l

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com “Short-Time” Workouts Ease of implementation is the most important factor in a busy, professional’s ability to consistently workout. It should be no surprise that consistency, with proper application, is the most important factor in relation to obtaining… [ 648 more words. ]


Balancing the Fitness Equation

Balancing the Fitness Equation http://wp.me/p2AHl4-5j

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Balancing the Fitness Equation To ensure our health, wellness, and a steady progression, work and rest need to balance each other out. This is the same principle that defines many other areas of our life: financial, social, work, school… you name it. I… [ 729 more words. ]


Running: Structure for Beginners

Running: Structure for Beginners http://wp.me/p2AHl4-5h

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Running: Application and Implementation for Beginners Becoming a runner is extremely satisfying. Having the ability to cover a certain distance, in a given time, is very freeing and enabling. You now can exercise almost anywhere, at any time, as well as… [ 900 more words. ]


Well Rounded vs. Obsession

Well Rounded vs. Obsession http://wp.me/p2AHl4-5f

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Well-Rounded vs. Obsession http://joeyroth.com/posteriv/ When it comes to being “fit” the new trainee, acquaintance, or inquirer will often deem the image being represented a result of obsession. As they learn more about what the driving force is, maybe… [ 278 more words. ]


Endurance: Intro to Running

Endurance: Intro to Running http://wp.me/p2AHl4-5d

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Running: Where to begin? This is the first in what will be a series of posts about endurance sports. My intention is to describe in detail how to begin, get comfortable, and grow to love endurance sports! Running is by far the most convenient, accessible,… [ 836 more words. ]


Evolving Endurance

Evolving Endurance http://wp.me/p2AHl4-5a

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com ENDURANCE: We must continue to increase our endurance demands. To achieve this aim, we have two ways; one is running, but you have to increase the distance of your course every day until you are satisfied with it. The second thing to observe is… [ 479 more words. ]


The Ebb and Flow of Training

The Ebb and Flow of Training http://wp.me/p2AHl4-58

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Dealing with the Ebb and Flow of Training Day to day, sometimes even hour-to-hour, life can feel like a rollercoaster. One moment you are excited, focused, and maybe even proud. The next you are lacking confidence, purpose, and direction. Seeking balance,…


Be Tenacious!

Be Tenacious! http://wp.me/p2AHl4-56

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Be Tenacious! Live relentlessly. Progress continuously. One of my female athletes, Kristen, recently completed a half-marathon. Kristen is one tough person. She is eager, enthusiastic, goal-oriented and accountable. Essentially, she’s a dream client. She…


Notes on Nutrition

Notes on Nutrition http://wp.me/p2AHl4-54

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Notes on Nutrition Success lies in the details. Success is personal. Success is rarely the same for any two people, let alone a legion of individuals seeking to become the best THEY can be. Self-discovery is a journey, which for many starts with just…


Philosophy of Sport

Philosophy of Sport http://wp.me/p2AHl4-52

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com The philosophy of sport is not a subject I have studied; it is a subject I have lived. There is no better arena for evaluating your value system, no better laboratory for investigating motivation – and no better proving ground for demonstrating one’s…


Emotion in Life and Training

Emotion in Life and Training http://wp.me/p2AHl4-4Y

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Emotion in Life and Training Focus your attention on the link between you and your death, without remorse or sadness or worrying. Focus your attention on the fact that you don’t have time and let your acts flow accordingly. Let each of your acts be your…


Greater Realities of Physical Fitness

Greater Realities of Physical Fitness http://wp.me/p2AHl4-4W

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Fitness can be an attempt to go beyond the ordinary human experience. It begins with exploring the limits of the body, and it then explores the limits of the mind. Ultimately, it explores the limits of the whole person. One discovers from hand-to-hand…



Reclamation http://wp.me/p2AHl4-3v

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com As I continue on this fitness endeavor, both professional and personal, I cannot help but wonder what the evolution of this industry will produce. The information available is far reaching, diverse, contradictory, and to a greater extent dogmatic.…


Realistic Fitness (training)

Realistic Fitness (training) http://wp.me/p2AHl4-4r

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com The Meat: Do your own thing. No, seriously, do your own thing. You don’t have to train like a pro athlete, nor should you want to. You don’t have to be a vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten/dairy free or whatever to have “the look”. You don’t (nor would I…


Body Fat Training

Body Fat Training http://wp.me/p2AHl4-4L

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com BODY FAT TRAINING Tackling the challenge of changing body composition is an exciting journey. When you are ready to begin, both mentally and physically, that motivation and energy needs to be immediately harnessed to a plan of action. In the next few…


Honing the Edge

Honing the Edge http://wp.me/p2AHl4-4J

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Real regrets only come from not doing your best. All else is out of your control. You’re measured by results only. Trade excuses and “trying” for results, and expect half-hearted results from half-hearted efforts. Do more than is…


Works... things... details... basic... results

Works… things… details… basic… results http://wp.me/p2AHl4-4H

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Find out what works, and then do more of it. Focus first on doing the right things, and then on doing things right by mastering details. A few basic moves produce most results. -Joe Polish Brilliant message. It’s clear, concise, factual, and blunt. Eat…


The Hobby of Health

The Hobby of Health http://wp.me/p2AHl4-4E

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Fitness is not unlike other personal hobbies in life. To keep it up you have to enjoy both the process and the product. An artist or musician must enjoy the process to reap the satisfaction and accolades of the product. When a hobby or activity is…


A Little Caution...

A Little Caution… http://wp.me/p2AHl4-4B

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com A little caution avoids great regrets. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Keep fully insured physically and materially and keep hedged emotionally. Insurance is not for sale when you need it. Your health is personal. The old adage, “find an hour…



Intervals http://wp.me/p2AHl4-4z

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Intervals I just finished reading an article in the New York Times about HIIT, or, high intensity interval training. The title of the article, “How to Get Fit in a Few Minutes a Week” caught my eye, as titles like that usually do. The article does a good…


Trim The Fat

Trim The Fat http://wp.me/p2AHl4-4x

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com TRIM THE FAT Change is good. Change is necessary. Change is often overdue. Most of you know what I’m talking about here. We are a part of the information age. Flooded, from all angles with studies, before and after photos, proclamations, testimonials,…


Commit. Learn. Resolve.

Commit. Learn. Resolve. http://wp.me/p2AHl4-4u

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second. Give your dreams all you’ve got and you’ll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you. -William James There is … Continue reading →



Personalization http://wp.me/p2AHl4-3

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com “Any other path leads to someone else’s dream.” -Lyn Christian I came across this quote earlier this morning and it sparked something in me. You see, this past weekend I was lucky enough to spend a significant amount of time ……

[02/06/14]   Be truthful and honest in your approach. Constant independent inquiry beats blindly following certain blue prints laid down by others.
-Bruce Lee

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Adapt or Fall Behind

Adapt or Fall Behind http://wp.me/p2AHl4-4o

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Adapt or fall behind. Looking at my training logs over the past 4 years I’ve seen a clear shift in the direction of my training. Going back to 4 years ago, much of my time was spent cross training, and … Continue reading →

[01/21/14]   I train like I'm training for the Olympics or for a Mr. America contest, the way I've always trained my whole life. You see, life is a battlefield. Life is survival of the fittest. How many healthy people do you know? How many happy people do you know? Think about it. People work at dying, they don't work at living. My workout is my obligation to life. It's my tranquilizer. It's part of the way I tell the truth - and telling the truth is what's kept me going all these years. - Jack LaLanne

[01/08/14]   100 Reps:

100 in a row
10 sets x 10 reps
1-10-1 Ladder
5 sets x 20 reps

Your workout can take any form you desire. If you are in a maintenance period, or not feeling the most motivated to get in the gym or to exercise, period, this is a valid option.

First choose an exercise for the day:

Goblet Squats or Bodyweight Squats
KB Swings
Deck Squats
Strict Push-ups
Body Pulls
Alternating Lunges
Alternating Step-Ups
Hands behind head Squat Jumps

Keep track of your reps. Choose one of the formulas listed above or create your own. When you get to 100, you're done.

Start minimal and add on to it if you find one exercise, for 100 reps is simply too easy. Speed it up, do your first set to failure, then attack the remaining reps as you see fit.

When I want to get better at a certain exercise this is what I do. Believe it or not there was a time when I could barely do 10 pull-ups and struggled with proper form on Goblet Squats.

Simplify your workout. Stay consistent. Today is the day.

Questions or comments?


The Best Investment You Will Ever Make

The Best Investment You Will Ever Make http://wp.me/p2AHl4-4m

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com The best investment you will ever make is your steady increase of knowledge. Invest in yourself. Thirty minutes of study per day eventually makes you an expert in any subject – but only if you apply that knowledge. Study alone … Continue…

[01/05/14]   What was hard to do is sweet to remember. Always remember, TODAY IS THE DAY.


Consistency and Repetition

Consistency and Repetition http://wp.me/p2AHl4-4k

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Consistency and Repetition Two things stand out loud and clear when I think of “keys to fitness success”, consistency and repetition. Not genetics. Not a special diet. No secrets. Unsuccessful, out of shape people are lacking in consistency…

[12/29/13]   Happy New Year! Know what to do when you get to the gym. No guessing or wandering around.

My go to intervals on the spin bike or concept 2 rower (or heaven forbid, the elliptical) are:

5:00 warm-up, easy, get comfortable.
8 x (:20/:10) :20 sprint/:10 recovery
3:00 spin/row, easy, focus on form, lower the tension
10 x (:30/:30) sprint/active recovery
3:00 spin/row, easy, focus on form, lower the tension
8 x (:20/:10) :20 sprint/:10 recovery
5:00 cool-down, easy, relax, lower the tension

Just over 30 minutes (34 total) of focused indoor training effort. Remember this would be considered "training" so don't do it on a recovery day. Do one of these per week (minimum, ideally 2 workouts in this fashion) if you want to jack up your metabolism and burn some serious calories post exercise (EPOC).

Recovery would be 30-60 minutes of easy, conversational, cardio, yoga, climbing, etc. Do 2 of these per week. This will simply help you get farther ahead on the calories in calories out equation.

Lift weights, strength train, do planned training sessions. Do 2 of these per week (if your goal is to build strength). TRX, kettle bell, body pump classes do not count. They are as much cardio as they are strength. Too many repetitions and repeated movements.

Any questions??


Winter Training

Winter Training http://wp.me/p2AHl4-4i

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com I recently moved to St. Paul, MN, where they have “real” winter weather. Snow, icy/slippery side walks and paths, uneven footing, cold temps, biting wind, etc… you get the picture. I’ve gone through a pretty significant adjustment…


The Spirit of Training: Intention


xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com I've been strength training a long time. It's been on my mind ever since I walked into the gym at the tender age of 13, enrolling in my first "weight lifting" class so I could use the YMCA faciliti...

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