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Mobile and online personal training, and endurance sports coaching. Live sessions delivered via facetime/skype, in-person sessions, and online training for the endurance athlete. Specializations: Triathlon Coaching Marathon and Ultramarathon Coaching Corrective Exercise Performance Enhancement Movement Mobility Training Your motivation is the spark. The determination is the weld. Forging lasting results is the goal. My job is to guide, prescribe, coach, and lead you on the journey in whatever way we determine is needed.

Mission: 1% improvement everyday. What have you done today to make yourself better?

Feel it.
Practice a set.
Then find failure.

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Plank challenge. Work through discomfort toward the goal, arriving at the outcome.

Micro-challenges add up to lifestyle change. Keep working.

You are stronger than you think you are and can do more than you think you can.

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Join me. It’s a lot easier with a partner 💪🏽
Strategies and techniques of successful humans
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Think on this...

Purpose + Process = Outcome

Define it. Live it. Become it.

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5 x Goblets
5 x High Pulls
5 x Swings
Rest until you can speak coherently
3-10 rounds should suffice
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Creative movement circuit 💪🏽

-Active pumps
-Knee sweeps
-Straight leg pumps
-Knee to elbow
-Active pumps / fire glutes!
-Plank up downs
-Side plank hip lifts / ob crunch
-Plank reset
-Knee sweeps
-Down dog / butt tight
-Pumps w/push-up
-Elbow side plank w/hip lift
-8 point plank: all points of contact flex and pull inward toward navel

Plan Positive Action
Make the time to change your state of being. One minute... two minutes... seven minutes... any time is better than no time... the body you desire is worth the working...
Very moderate weight. A standard around the house weight should at least consist of:
•Men: 20-25 lb DBs
•Women: 10-15 lb DBs
Flow... pivot, shift, transition... to extend the set
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50 pound plate
Post run strength circuit. One set to honest failure is enough.
Transition when necessary.
Two sets with 3-5 minutes rest between is effective as well.
Extended your circuits.
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[04/21/20]   —

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You aren’t starving. Don’t eat.


Use the smart solution!

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[04/20/20]   —
Place no parameters on your creativity. Move when the time is right. Transition naturally. Build time under tension. What is hard for one is not hard for another. Brain / body connection. Refuse to be agist. Creative minds slow down time. A youthful body accompanied by a youthful mind.

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Age independent

#lifestyle #lifecoach #fitness #personaltrainer #bodyweighttraining #bodyweight

Purpose + Process = Outcome

Developing a constant in your day is essential. Cold water. Warm beverage. Blended nutrition. From consistency comes lifestyle.

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A primer. What do I actually do? What can your actions create?

Purpose + Process = Outcome

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April 2012
Cedro Peak 45-miler
My first ultramarathon victory. Took the lead with about 6 miles to go and put 20 minutes on second place. Running with a surge of emotion. It was a great day on trail.
I miss trail races. The people. The effort. The camaraderie. The shared moments.
#trailrunning #newmexico #cedropeak #nmtrails #tijeras #run #irunfar #race #victory #patagoniatrailrunning #hokaoneone #ultramarathon #trails

A few words. “Thought flow”
#mindset #overcomingfear #resistance #attitude #selfwork #selfcare #lifestyle #instamood #lifecoach #process #fitness

Move well. Move often. Perform better.

Xclusive Fitness Studio's cover photo

Let’s talk about planks

Much more than just a “hold for time”

[11/06/17]   Clean and press. Functional movements. Technique videos and explanations. 5 reps. Rest (until you resume normal breathing) and repeat 3-5 Times. #dbtraining #functionaltraining #coretraining #performance #mindset

[09/18/17]   Don't try to make your own rules. Mimic the success of others by incorporating what worked for them.

Trial and error. Experiment. Give it time.

Nutrition. Exercise. Athletics. Health. Wellness. Lifestyle.


Superior 100 Race Report

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xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com SUPERIOR 100 RACE REPORT If you think you have to prove it, you still do. So quit thinking, quit posing, and get to work. Do not allow the fear of failure to overcome your potential to succeed. Mark Twight Date: 09/05/2014 Time: 8:00 AM Place: Gooseberry Falls State Park, Minnesota Finish: 24:54:59, 5th place Overall --- Preparation for Superior had its ups and downs. [ 2210 more words. ]


Variety in Health and Exercise is Unnecessary

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xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com The flowing fitness continuum. There is a multitude of ways to workout and gain fitness: calisthenics, kettle bells, free weights, machines, cardio, yoga, and Pilates just to name a few. Where should you start? I can’t say there is a perfect place to… [ 658 more words. ]


Why You/I Need a Coach

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xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Why you/I need a coach. While shopping for solutions to your health and fitness needs you will run across a multitude of programs, videos, special equipment, and many other products. This is easy to create and sell. Generally the marketing of the products… [ 504 more words. ]



Resistance http://wp.me/p2AHl4-5n

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Resistance The mind controls it all. It fabricates, incentivizes, dramatizes, and elicits emotion in nearly every moment of our lives. Focusing the mind to be fully connected with what we are doing, when we are doing it, is a skill that when possessed, is… [ 355 more words. ]


"Short-Time" Workouts

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Balancing the Fitness Equation

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xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Balancing the Fitness Equation To ensure our health, wellness, and a steady progression, work and rest need to balance each other out. This is the same principle that defines many other areas of our life: financial, social, work, school… you name it. I… [ 729 more words. ]


Running: Structure for Beginners

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xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Running: Application and Implementation for Beginners Becoming a runner is extremely satisfying. Having the ability to cover a certain distance, in a given time, is very freeing and enabling. You now can exercise almost anywhere, at any time, as well as… [ 900 more words. ]


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Endurance: Intro to Running

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xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Running: Where to begin? This is the first in what will be a series of posts about endurance sports. My intention is to describe in detail how to begin, get comfortable, and grow to love endurance sports! Running is by far the most convenient, accessible,… [ 836 more words. ]


Evolving Endurance

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xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com ENDURANCE: We must continue to increase our endurance demands. To achieve this aim, we have two ways; one is running, but you have to increase the distance of your course every day until you are satisfied with it. The second thing to observe is… [ 479 more words. ]


The Ebb and Flow of Training

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xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Dealing with the Ebb and Flow of Training Day to day, sometimes even hour-to-hour, life can feel like a rollercoaster. One moment you are excited, focused, and maybe even proud. The next you are lacking confidence, purpose, and direction. Seeking balance,…


Be Tenacious!

Be Tenacious! http://wp.me/p2AHl4-56

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Be Tenacious! Live relentlessly. Progress continuously. One of my female athletes, Kristen, recently completed a half-marathon. Kristen is one tough person. She is eager, enthusiastic, goal-oriented and accountable. Essentially, she’s a dream client. She…


Notes on Nutrition

Notes on Nutrition http://wp.me/p2AHl4-54

xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com Notes on Nutrition Success lies in the details. Success is personal. Success is rarely the same for any two people, let alone a legion of individuals seeking to become the best THEY can be. Self-discovery is a journey, which for many starts with just…

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For more information about Xclusive Fitness and Jake Lawrence: Blog: http://xclusivefitnessstudio.wordpress.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/xclusivefitness Training Log: http://attackpoint.org/log.jsp/user_7848

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