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Appreciation post, it's long so if you read the whole thing, bless you. I met Bart Pietrzak late January 2018 at my local bread Co searching for a permanent way to not be fat. 5 minutes into our conversation I could tell this man was ready to go to war with me, and war we did. My wife was sceptical, as she should have been, with me spending more money to "get in shape." but after the first month she wasn't just on board, she wanted to join us. Bart taught me how to eat, how to train and most importantly how to respect myself. There are no shortage of trainers out there and I'm sure a majority could have helped me with nutrition and training but what Bart brings most to the table is his caring. That's what sets him apart, he truly cares about you and your progress. We have been thru hell together with injuries, physical therapy, goal setting, goal achievement, celebrating and I even literally cried my eyes out in his signature hugs. Bart you have literally changed my life and have become one of my greatest friends. I'm excited for what's to come. 4% more body fat to lose then its the hardest of them all... Maintenence.

Personal Training and Nutrition advice customized specifically for you. Manageable plans that can be They deserve personal attention. Progress is Power.

Being in the Fitness Community for over 10+ years it is easy to see that there are plenty of people looking to really improve their lives from a physical and mental standpoint. I was always disheartened at the lack of care people received when they went out looking for help. People have all the intention in the world to do good but because of how watered down, fake, and misleading the Fitness comm

Operating as usual


The truth is

You know your own truths


If it’s possible

It’s for you.

Amazing work girl!👏👏👏

primetime personal training - Google Search 11/23/2019

primetime personal training - Google Search

TOMORROW is the big day!

First Power Hour of the year!

1 hour bootcamp

Please arrive 15 minutes early to get acclimated and stretch

$10 cash drop in for anyone attending

It will be a HIIT Workout sure to get us sweating!

There are water fountains for water and two private bathrooms if you need to get changed

Please let me know if you have any questions!!!!


https://www.google.com/search?q=primetime+personal+training&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari #

primetime personal training - Google Search

Photos from Power By Bart's post 08/21/2019

There in!!!!!!!

Brand new SWAG!!!



Trent Givens

53 years old





Here’s the real story

We are what we believe

The world is as we believe

Life is a standard that we set for ourselves

You see all these people living lives and doing things on Facebook

You see them celebrating s**t





Being excited


Here’s the real story though

When you look at YOUR own life what do you see?

When you look at what YOU have created what do you see?

When you look at YOUR own definition of your life what do you see?

It’s all s**t that we make up and then live through everyday

Trent doesn’t give a s**t what other people his age are doing

Truthfully he doesn’t give a s**t what ANYONE else is doing

He focuses on himself and sees just what he is capable of

My advice to you is to stop using other peoples lives as a standard and instead find your fu***ng own

Let’s go

It’s the day after a holiday

Get to work




There’s something to be said about doing what you need to do no matter if it’s fun, exciting, joyful, or anything else we seem to constantly be chasing

We tend to forget what we want most and replace it for what we want now

Chrissy Chappell Eckman and her daughter Lexi are no strangers to making sure they get done what they need to

These balance rows are no joke

They are not fun

But they accomplish the overall goal

These girls worked so hard to perfect them

They made them look easy

Go ahead and try them for yourself and you will be impressed with how easy these girls made it look

Great job girls

Keep up the amazing work! 🤘Bart

Photos from Power By Bart's post 01/23/2019

I don’t even know what to say.

All that keeps going through my head is

Thank you

Thank you very much🙏






I could throw a thesaurus at you and it wouldn’t be enough words to describe what this man has within him

The truth is the further we are from our goals the harder it is to start

The longer we have had our bad habits the harder they are to change

The word harder does not mean impossible

Hard doesn’t mean can’t be done

More difficult doesn’t mean shouldn’t try

The truth is that amazing is all around us

Joe was terrified to meet with me for our initial consult

He sat in the parking lot debating to come in for our first workout

He DID come in for the consult though

And He DID come in for our first workout

And He DID change his eating ways

And He DID keep showing up


Whenever we are faced with tough decisions we very seldom think about this moment

We don’t think about the smile moment

The moment when your happy you started

The Your proud of yourself moment

Joe knows all those feelings

Congrats joe

I’m very very proud of you

Let’s hear it for Joe!


“The time is always right to do what is right”
-Martin Luther King Jr.


How hard do you work when it’s time to work hard?

It’s not about always pushing yourself to your limits

It’s not about seeing if you can completely destroy yourself

It’s not about feeling completely exhausted and knowing you have not a ounce left to give

Until it is about that

Do you push yourself when it’s time to really push or do you tell yourself it’s not healthy to go that hard

It isn’t healthy to go that hard all the time

But sometimes it is

Do you take advantage of it and gain the benefit or do you justify not doing it again

Eventually it is time to go as hard as you can

Make sure you are like Jeff McDonnell here and you do

That’s where the results hide



Want to see what hard work looks like?

Want to see what determination looks like?

Want to see what getting closer to your goals literally step by step looks like?

Want to see a awesome atmosphere with likeminded people showing amazing support?

Watch this

Great Job Josh Saffell

Total weight 600 Pounds




Shout out to these incredible people! The PB is growing and I couldn’t ask for better people to represent it!


Here’s the truth

Life is very fragile

WE are not fragile

Life is

I witnessed a event last night that reminded me just how quickly everything can change and how close we are to life being completely different

The point is that we should place more value on our lives

We should be more specific with what, who, and where we spend our time

A genuine life is something that I have been striving for and Logan is in my life for that reason

I am very grateful for him to be a part of my life

He is a s genuine as genuine gets.

LOTS of people talk about how there will always be there for you. How they will help you move. How they will answer the phone at 3am. Blah blah blah

Most people are full of s**t

Logan isn’t. He represents a world that’s honest. Good or bad, positive or negative, he’s honest

Him wearing the PB means the world to me because he represents why I started PowerbyBart in the first place

Power is knowing that there will be consistency on morals, principles, and values

Power is knowing that no matter what happens my word is my bond

Power is being a badass mother fu**er

Thanks for being you Logan

Thanks for repping the PB




Thank you so very much!!!!

Yesterday was the first day of powerbybartstore.com and you guys are unbelievable!

I am overwhelmed with how much support I have gotten from all of you amazing people.

Not only the unreal amount of orders but all of the love through texts and messages too.

My heart is full because I have put it out there and you guys have treated it better than I could have ever hoped. Your support means the world to me and I appreciate it more than you could ever know.

The whole point of PowerbyBart is to spread the understanding that each person is capable of amazing things. That there is power within every one of us waiting to come out. The PB stands for standing up for your own awesomeness and not apologizing for expressing it.

Thank you so much and let’s spread the PB together!!



Home 10/27/2018


Good Morning




Home Custom Power By Bart Wearables T-Sh*ts, Hats, Hoodies.


Tyler Arnold


Nuff said.


Sometimes you have to tear everything apart and start over.

Your body

Your mind

Your beliefs

Your life.

Life is like a lego set. If somewhere along the way you abandoned the instructions you will make a mistake. That mistake will sit in the foundation until you get so far along that you realize that you will never be able to finish with that issue. So you have to take it all apart and start over. It may take longer than just continuing to build over the problem but it will be done right and it will allow you to progress far past your potential before with the mistake.

If your body isn’t moving or feeling right, find the issue. Abandon what you are currently doing until the issue is solved

If your decisions aren’t making you happy. Find the underlining reasons for your decisions and change it. This makes you make all new decisions resulting in new results

If your attitude constantly is challenged and brings you animosity. Find the root cause of your attitude(yourself) and change it. Then you will be able to see the real results that life can provide.

The moral of the story is if you keep pushing using something that is slightly broken you will always get subprime results.

Stop. Take your time. Fix the problem. Then Push on.


There is a LOT of epic in this Picture

The Dab

The cheez smiles

But most of all...

The Progress

Miranda Ohms is a mother of 3

She has a important Career

She is a wife of a Traveling husband

Easy and restful would not be how I would describe her life

She wouldn’t change it for the world but she also knew that her fitness hasn’t been in the drivers seat in some time

She knew her potential was higher

She’s been training and busting her butt

She has been making amazing choices while out doing all the day to day things

She is seeing results

She is gaining her potential

She is unlocking her Power


The only thing that’s getting bigger on her is her smile!

Keep it up girl

So very proud of you!

Let’s goooo!!!!



It’s Monday

Time to get to work

Rest time is over

Results are waiting

Let’s go get that s**t!



Let me hear your battle cry!!!

It’s Sunday.

Rest is very important.

So is taking the time to prepare yourself for what you really want.

Rest after you have prepared.

Make sure you are ready for this upcoming week because of the things you do today.

Don’t put your head down tonight to rest until you can do so peacefully knowing that you are ready.

Let’s GO!!!!!!!!!



You want to talk about dedication?

You want to talk about “grinding”?

You want to talk about “hustling”?

You want to talk about making yourself uncomfortable?

You want to talk about whatever it takes?

Why talk about it?

All you have to do is look at Micah Davie

There is no need to talk.

All those things are obvious when you see his performance.

You remember the post I made when he was training in a cast because of a broken wrist and hand?

You remember the post I made with a picture of him exhausted on the floor?

Everyone talks.

Everyone has something to say.

Not too many people have something show.

Great job Micah at showing the world what’s possible.

Great job at being yourself brother.

It’s been a pleasure watching you transform into your true self.

Very very very very proud.


-Bart Pietrzak


A little over 3 years ago I couldn’t stand up straight.

I couldn’t put my socks on.

I couldn’t wipe my butt.

I couldn’t cough without crying.

I couldn’t lay down.

I couldn’t sit up.

I couldn’t hold my p*e.

A little over 3 years ago I learned who I really was.

I always thought I was “Big Bart”.

I thought I was a strong guy known for my height and my physicalness.

All that is crap.

This video represents who I really am.

Im not a guy flipping a 600lb tire.

I’m a guy that has the mental strength, willpower, determination, and balls enough to get what I want no matter what the circumstance.

Flipping this big ass tire represents the hardships that life constantly tests you with. They are not there to stand in your way. They are there to remind you just how fu***ng strong you really are.

NOTHING can stand in the way of a made up mind.

Commit yourself to a truth for yourself and then find whatever it takes to prove that to yourself.

A easy road doesn’t prove a damn thing.

Go find your own fu***ng tire to flip.

-Bart Pietrzak

Photos from Power By Bart's post 05/29/2018

Stacy Hrdlicka

Do you see that smile?

Do you see that jump?

That’s what happens after 4.5 weeks of hard ass work.

4.5 weeks of sweat.

4.5 weeks of coming in after 12 hours of job that drain the s**t out of you.

4.5 weeks of choosing the right food instead of the wrong food.

Want to know what it gets you?


That’s right.

1 foot in 1 month.

Today is the day after Memorial Day weekend.

Most people feel like crap from all the BBQ and Beer.

Other people feel like Stacy here, absolutely elated about her progress.

It doesn’t take much. It just takes everything you got.

It’s always worth it afterwards.

This is what I live for.

Thank you Stacy for absolutely kicking ass.

Great job 👊

-Bart Pietrzak


My clients work harder than yours.

Not because I force them too,

But because they believe they can.

Without a clear understanding of what you are capable of you will always sell yourself short.

Look for ways to make yourself uncomfortable.

Look for ways to see how much you can handle.

Let me share a text between my self and the gentlemen on the left side of this video.

Me: How you feeling brother!

Adam: Feel Good! Groin and legs are a little tight but not bad.

Me: Good. Just making sure about how hard to push.

Adam: I would rather go too hard than not enough! Keep pushing! Figure out what will kill me... then back off a little! Lol!

This text exchange is EXACTLY what success is about.

Good s**t boys 💪🔥💪🔥💪

Let’s keep pushing.

-Bart Pietrzak


I feel that it is very important to acknowledge when you are feeling grateful.

It’s important to give the glory to those that fully deserve it.

I am one of the fortunate ones on this planet.

To be able to figure out Why I was put here is one thing but to able to live it out is another.

I have been given the opportunity by all of you amazing individuals to help in the most powerful situations there is. You have allowed me to help you progress.

I cannot use the words THANK YOU enough.

You guys do not understand how much it means to me to be able to share in all the joy, agony, energy, pain, triumph, tenacity, determination, perseverance, happiness, and excitement that you go through during our time together.

Both mentality and physically the progress exhibited by you people is uncanny.

I am thankful not only that I can help perform my passion but more so I am thankful that my passion is shared by all of you.

Thank you everyone so much for letting me live my dream. I only hope that everyday I can help all of you reach all of your dreams as well.

Let’s go chasing together 👊👊💪💪

Love you all

-Bart Pietrzak


It’s not Show AND Tell.

It’s just SHOW.

You just keep SHOWING

And let them keep TELLING

Kick some ass today.



Sometimes you just have to brag.

16 inches down!!!

April here is smiling because she earned it.

She has worked her butt off physically and mentally.

There is no coincidence that she has been putting the effort in and is seeing results.

Does she have the easiest lifestyle?


She has to constantly take people out to lunch for work.

Does she love to cook healthy meals for the whole week?


She doesn’t like to cook at all actually lol.

The point is she isn’t perfect.

But she puts in the WORK regardless.

That work even though her lifestyle is very difficult has gotten her incredible results.

These results are 100% heart and hard work.

April you inspire me.

Keep up the great work!!!!

Get some!!!👊👊👊🔥🔥🔥

# powerbybart



Success has nothing to do with where you are.

Success is about how far you have gone...

Make sure you don’t slack just because it’s Friday.



One of the most important things we can do as a people is to make sure we pass down the proper character traits, morals, values, and principles to the younger generation.

What does it matter if we become great if we cannot leave some greatness after we disembark from this world.

The Davie family is a prime example of what is right in this world.

This day the whole family came in for a workout and a bonding experience that only struggling through pain together can accomplish.

Micah Davie and Elizabeth Davie are doing a wonderful job with their kids.

Great job guys!

Keep spreading the good!



Ill go get mine.

You go get yours.

Let’s leave the talking for afterwards.



Photos from Power By Bart's post 04/11/2018

Please say hello to Traci Ridenour Garrett.

The pictures on the right: NOV 2017

The picture on the left APRIL: 2018





There is so much talk about what works, what doesn’t work, what people should do, and what they shouldn’t do that it gets very easy to over analyze and never get anything done.

You see the SECRET is simple:

Do it.

You see, there are people that take what they got and make something out of it.


Then there are people who always think they need more to get started or they need more to keep going.

Stop thinking.

Do it.

Traci has had a very tough couple of months.

But she did it.

She has had family things happen.

But she still did it.

She didn’t really know how nutrition worked

But she still did it.

She did it.

She kept doing it until the picture in the left was snapped.

You see this isn’t a “after” photo. This is a “DOING IT” photo.

Traci I’m very proud of you and am proud to call you part of the Power Movement.

You are a 100% genuine badass

You have the power because you do it.

Great job so far and I know there is more to come.

Results come from doing it.

Do it.



I would like to share something that’s very close to my heart.

Please meet Addison.

She is the daughter of one of my clients and she comes to moms sessions from time to time.

One day while mom was kicking butt Addison was sitting in the corner and tending to her self as she usually does. Not bothering a soul and being very well behaved (great job parenting mom).

By the end of the session she presents me with this amazing artwork of my company.

I was blown away.

It makes you think about the impact you have when you don’t think your making one at all. Children have a amazing ability to judge character. They see straight to the truth and they act accordingly. I am honored that she thinks enough of me to make something like this.

What a amazing gesture from a amazing girl.

Thank you so much Addison.

I love it.



Helping people goes far beyond the list of services that you provide.

Helping people comes down to creating services based on people’s needs. Not the other way around.

“How can I help?” are easily the strongest most powerful words for anyone trying to be successful.

Being able to adapt yourself to the answers will make you far more valuable then someone that only helps the answers they are looking for.

My client was having a little trouble with the foods that were on his plan. He was having a little difficulty knowing what to buy as well as how to make it fit his budget.

So what did we do? We went shopping. Together.

1.5 hours later and the problem was solved.

For good.

If you’re going to help people, make sure you mean it.

I had a blast today Zach.

You are going to do great things.



Friday night.

It’s been a long week.

It’s cold as hell.

There’s a million other things to do.

There are people with fun things to do that are inviting you.

There are places serving all your favorite s**tty foods for 1/2 price tonight only.

There’s a couch and a Netflix account that are nice, cozy, and entertaining.

But where are you?

The gym.

Doing it.

You set a goal.

Now you’re doing it.

You said you wanted to lose fat.

You’re doing it.

You said you wanted to tone.

You’re doing it.

You said you were going to see results this time.

You’re doing it.

Always find ways to do it instead of not.

It doesn’t matter the circumstances.

All that matters is doing it.

It’s now Saturday morning.

Did you do it yesterday night like Dustin?


Do it now.

Just do it.

Great Job Dustin

-Bart Pietrzak

Photos from Power By Bart's post 04/05/2018

People see these types of images from time to time.

We have Tony here that has physically transformed a great deal since November.

Tony has made his results come to life.

But what you don’t see in these pictures is his lifestyle and mentality.

If it was possible to make pictures out of them they would be far more impressive than any physical change could ever be.

Changing your life seems like a huge undertaking but really it’s just about changing a few thoughts a day.

Eventually you will see the physical manifestations of those thoughts.

Tony brother you are a completely different human today than you were last November.

I am so very proud of you and I am glad that you now feel as good as you deserve.

Congrats Tony!

Keep changing those thoughts.

Keep being the best you that you know you can be.

Results don’t lie.

Don’t lie to yourself about them

Let’s kick some ass today people!!


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