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Dudas at the Grand Canyon Sky Walk!
New workout video dropping today! At-Home workout video brought to you by Dudas Fitness!

Thanks to Nick Dudas, Maggie Dudas, and Cody McCallister, Girls U9 and Older Commissioner for the great video!

We had one of St Louis’ top master trainer and strength coach on the show yesterday!
Nick Dudas and Adam sat down in the Inferno of the brand new Dudas Fitness facility and chopped it up.
Be on the lookout for this conversation soon!
The professional and extensive knowledge of Nicole, and her pleasant persona, ability to place me at ease, impressive broadbased intellect, and her personal experience and talent in evaluating physical performance metrics and data points.
Very professional and personable.
Love the trainers, and the atmosphere. I never feel judged or uncomfortable, from staff or other clients. The new facility is also amazing lots of space and something for everyone.
Coach Jena here with a client shout out! Danielle had some impressive bling to show off for her victorious efforts running a half marathon last weekend! Way to go girl!

Danielle trains with me twice per week at Dudas Fitness We focus primarily on boxing and kickboxing conditioning workouts to keep her fitness fun, but she's game for anything I throw her way!
This Wednesday!
Starting this Wednesday, March 27th, at 5:30pm!
Hello Dudas family! Cameron Jones here! I am a Group Exercise Imstructor who is relatively new to Dudas and I wanted to plug my class! 😃 JAM with CAM is a dance-aerobics inspired class that I have made from scratch. I wanted to create a program that is simple, fun, makes people smile and sweat in order to not only become healthier and more coordinated physically, but also become happier and confident as mentally conscious beings! Come as YOU ARE, all levels are welcome as modifications can be given to you! There are no judgments allowed!😁 It’s all about the endorphins and getting fit one step at a time. But I promise, you will have FUN! 🕺🏾😊
Hello Dudas family! Cameron Jones here! I wanted to plug my fairly new class! 🤗 JAM with CAM is a dance-aerobics inspired class that I have made from scratch. I wanted to create a program that is simple, fun, makes people smile and sweat in order to not only become healthier and more coordinated physically, but also become happier and confident as mentally conscious beings! Come as YOU ARE, all levels are welcome as modifications can be given to you! There are no judgments allowed!😁 It’s all about the endorphins and getting fit one step at a time. But I promise you this: You will have FUN! And the class gets better the more you take it! 😊 Annnd I have a logo! Am I official yet? 👏🏾👍🏾 Hope to see you guys there! My classes are: ⭐️Wednesday’s at 9 a.m.
⭐️Friday’s at 6 p.m. 🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾

Your source for custom wellness solutions. Personal training, group training, classes, massage! We are by appointment only.

Our clients are selective individuals who seek out the most passionate, educated, and qualified professionals to help them transform their lives. As a Dudas fitness client, you will enjoy the warm, welcoming atmosphere of our wellness center and the cutting edge training techniques and equipment used by our personal trainers. You can feel confident that your unique needs and lifestyle are consider

Operating as usual


For the month of May, we are collecting personal hygiene items to benefit Marcy’s Project who provides aid to those in crisis or emergency situations in the St. Charles County area.

We are accepting diapers, baby wipes, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash, feminine hygiene, toothbrushes, toothpaste and pull-ups. Marcy’s Project collects many other types of items and you can learn more about them at

Thank you for your generosity! “We can make a difference… one kind act at a time!”


Calling all Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, Body Workers, Pilates and Yoga Instructors.... We are excited to announce that we will be hosting Anatomy Trains BodyReading 101 & 102 on October 14 and 15th from 9am - 5pm. Reserve your spot at www.justdudas.com/services/events

Take your postural assessment skills to the next level!

Ida Rolf said, “seeing is touch at a distance”. Understanding skeletal relationships within the body is the first step in helping our clients unwind movement and postural patterns that are causing pain, dysfunction and keeping them from optimal movement. “Touch is seeing up close” being able to accurately palpate bones to determine relationships is key in our ability to accurately describe those relationships.

Saturday, October 14th 9am - 5pm
BodyReading 101: This workshop explores relational anatomy and helps build your seeing and palpation skills to determine skeletal patterns and how they interact in the body. Learn the language of BodyReading, tilt, bend, shift and rotate to accurately describe the geometry of the body in a way your client can understand. Assess common postural patterns in all planes of motion. Skills learned today can be immediately used with your clients tomorrow. This is a must for any practitioner in movement and bodywork and will help take your practice to the next level.

Sunday, October 15th 9am - 5pm
102: Now you are able to see and describe bony relationships learn about the inter-relationships between the Anatomy Trains and the skeleton. The Anatomy Trains lines of pull and force transmission are impacted by skeletal alignment and can also hold the bony alignment in place for better or worse.

“Where you think it is, it ain’t!” – Ida Rolf

Learn how the problem can be very distant from the area of pain.

This workshop covers:

How the meridians can hold a postural pattern and be influenced by skeletal alignment.

Concentric and eccentric loading and the forces that shape our body

Basic functional assessments to see what is moving, what isn’t and what may be moving too much!

How a local restriction can have a global impact

How to document your findings

This workshop is appropriate for Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, Pilates and Yoga Instructors, etc..



14.5 CEs NPCP



CPR/AED recertification for some of us today!! Did you know our AED and first aid kits are at the front desk? Next time you come in, see if you can locate them (they’re out in the open and easy to spot!). You never know, someone may ask you to run and grab the AED one day - you could help save a life! 😀💪🏻


Yesterday, we celebrated Matt and said our farewells as he closed his 17 year career as a Personal Trainer (the last 9 at Dudas Fitness) to begin focusing fully on Hypnotherapy.

Before joining us at Dudas Fitness, Matt Dickson was a trainer at Gold’s Gym which was located across the highway from our first location on Wolfrum Rd. At the time that Matt came in for his interview, we had only been open for a few months and had a small training staff of 4, including Nick and I.

I distinctly remember him coming in to tour the studio for the first time. The adjective he used to describe the space was…. “tasty”. I wasn’t exactly sure how to take that, but tasty things are good so I took it as a positive sign. At the time of his interview, Matt had been a personal trainer since 2006 (7 years) and held multiple certifications. He practiced a unique style of training which incorporated kettlebells and boxing.

We thought he would be a good fit for our studio, and it would seem our studio was “tasty” enough for him to decide to dig in. He started with Dudas Fitness in May of 2014 under his brand name of “Brick House Boxing and Bells”.

In 2018, Matt became a certified Yoga Teacher and began to incorporate yoga into his personal training style. He also created classes with interesting fusions such as boxing + yoga and kettle bells + yoga. They were a huge hit! You might think that the punching, kicking, kettle bell swinging personal trainer would be a drill sergeant of a yoga teacher but contrary to that assumption, the class Matt really became masterful at teaching was Yin Yoga. This style is cooling (rather than heating), very slow moving (more accurately, for much of the class, NOT moving!) and accessible to bodies of all fitness levels. He eventually rebranded to “Mind Shift Fitness” which better reflected his personal training taking on a more integrated, holistic flavor.

Not long after, in 2019, Matt expanded the “Mind Shift” aspect of his “Mind Shift Fitness” brand. He became a neuro-linguistic programming practitioner and his services started to include a lot more hypnotherapy and less personal training. Matt’s passion has always been personal transformation and helping people to make positive changes in their lives, but the mode of which he is accomplishing that goal has evolved. It is with mixed emotions that we celebrate the closing of one era and the beginning of the next as Matt steps away from Personal Training to focus on expanding his Hypnotherapy services. We have so many great memories with Matt. He has touched all of our lives, he truly is one of a kind and we know he will continue to experience much success as he positively impacts others. We miss you already Matt Dickson


We are happy to introduce our newest addition to the Dudas Personal Training Team: Say hello to Chad! His favorite exercise is the squat, favorite healthy food is a power bowl and favorite "cheat" food is a burger and fries! For fun his hobbies include Jiu Jitsu and video games. He's inspired by the quote, "People don't care about how much you know until they know about how much you care." and that is reflected in his commitment to caring for his clients! In his own words:

"My fitness journey started like many others. I had big ambitions to become “fit” and started working out with a friend at a local gym. What started as everyday workouts slowly dwindled to once a week. When my friend fell off the wagon completely, I lost my accountability partner and fell off too. I went to cancel my gym membership but doubled down on my resolve and decided to keep it. I made the choice to commit myself to go everyday, no matter what it took. I started to research health, fitness and strength training so I could better learn how to become more fit. Eventually, I studied and became a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Along my own fitness journey I injured my lower back (herniated disk, multiple bulging disks, spinal stenosis and scoliosis). With more certifications and continuing education as well as personal experience, I came to understand how the body works, why my own back was hurting and how to adjust my exercise program to correct it. It was incredibly empowering to learn that I didn’t have to live with pain, and neither did others! I started to work with my grandma and was able to not only support her with her own aches through exercise, but helped her to stay healthy while growing our relationship and spending quality time together.

Since 2019, I have enjoyed the hidden benefit of being a personal trainer which is connecting with and empowering others in the way that I felt empowered through my own journey. I enjoy taking all I have continued to learn to improve the lives of as many people as I can."

National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise
Trainology 1 & 2
Trainology Sports Performance
PTA Global Behavior Change in Exercise

Welcome to the team Chad!


I’d like to share an inspiring message from Sue 💚

“Wherever you are in life, regardless of what challenges or struggles you may be facing, there is always HOPE ❤️. Hope and a soul deep faith have guided me every day in moving forward on what has been the most challenging set of circumstances I have ever faced.

I have shared that I was diagnosed with PD (Parkinson’s Disease), I was 55 at the time. Since 2019 I have worked with an amazing doctor (Dr. Simon YU, MD) that practices both internal and integrative medicine. Working with him started me on a slow but forward moving path to healing. Along with my doctor I have also consistently worked out at a wonderful gym with an incredible trainer (Nick Dudas, Dudas Fitness) for the last 8 years (before diagnosis). As my condition progressed Nick worked diligently and patiently with me, creating workouts that met me where I was at physically while challenging me in the areas of balance, stability, flexibility and strength. I slowly began to gain ground and see improvements. At my most compromised there were times I could barely walk a straight line across the gym without stumbling or losing balance. I am now 62 and as you can see in the video I have regained a much more normal level of function, strength and stamina.

I am so very grateful to have crossed paths with these two incredible people for helping me get my life back to a more normal function. I’m not 100%…yet 😉…but from struggling to walk without losing balance to now being able to do the “Ickey Shuffle” ladder exercise, ANYTHING is possible!

I’ll leave you with this ….Those darkest days allow our light to shine the brightest…BIGGEST Hugs 🤗”


Jen has had some extremely impressive progress!! She’s gained strength (more than doubling her back squat weight is just ONE of many examples!), lost 10 lbs of body fat, gained 14 lbs of lean body mass and learned stretches and corrective exercises that have supported the alleviation of her neck pain and headaches. Jen’s always excited to learn the technical aspects of movement and trainer and owner Nicole Dudas ALWAYS enjoys teaching people the little modifications that make a BIG difference! This lady is unstoppable.


The progress continues! 💚💪🏻👏🏼


Here’s one of our fantastic trainers, Trevor, demonstrating a kickstand Romanian deadlift.

This movement is a great transition between a traditional RDL and single leg variations. It requires a good deal of balance and stability, while still allowing both feet to remain on the ground.

Trevor does some of his best work with other amputees, helping them break through to new levels of functionality and reclaim their independence.

We truly have a talented and diverse group of personal trainers who can meet you where you are and support you on your journey to a healthier you. No cookie cutter programming here; our programs are all personalized!


Sharon is holding 2️⃣0️⃣ lbs to represent the 2️⃣0️⃣ lbs she has lost! Congrats to this enthusiastic, bubbly, hard working lady. We’re proud of you!


How many of you LOVE your Pilates sessions with Sarah?! 🙋🏼‍♀️


We’re selling our TireFlip 180 XLs! Know an individual, a training studio, an athletic team or a gym who might benefit from having one or both of these? Share and tag!

Contact Nick or Nicole Dudas to negotiate a price!

A safe, space saving design that allows you to flip tires inside!

Training range is 160-240 lbs
Up to four 5lb or 10lb plates per weight post
6 Floor Mounting Points
2 Battle Rope Anchor Points
4 Sound Reducing Bumpers
Mobility wheels for easy movement
Open Frame Design
Dimensions: 4’x 5′ (1.2m x 1.5m)
Weight: 353 lb (160 kg)


Thanks for the recent review, Kim! 💪🏻💚


Good work Brad and Jeri! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 We love helping people to feel better and move better so they can lead healthy and active lives!

“I was referred to Jeri after complaining about near-constant back pain, and I’ve been seeing her for over 3 years now. Jeri has helped to identify the sources of my problems, and to alleviate them with corrective exercises. Additionally, she crafts regimens for me to enhance my running performance and hiking excursions. I always enjoy sessions with her knowing I’ll feel better when I leave.”


Congratulations Trainer Christy for completing your National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise Specialist certification! With this specialization, Christy can

❇️ help reduce clients risk of injury

❇️ identify her clients movement compensations, where the body is weak or strong, and use that knowledge to more effectively design effective and efficient programs that aim to improve and correct movement compensations

❇️ ultimately, help people to move, feel and live better!

Congrats Christy! Our team never stops learning!

Photos from Dudas Fitness's post 07/22/2022

We *almost* got a picture of the whole personal training team! It’s tough to get everyone together and for good reason - everyone’s always booked up with appointments! 🤪 I’ve always been a bigger fan of “silly” photos over posed ones but we made sure to get both kinds. 💪🏻💚🔥👊🏼


Congrats on your continued success Lindsey! We admire your dedication. You’re an inspiration!

“I’ve been working with Ashley at Dudas Fitness since May 2020. While my main goal is weight loss, the strength that I’ve gained is amazing! I’ve lost almost 100 lbs - only a handful left to go! I can count on Ashley to keep my workouts challenging and diverse, so I don’t get bored. She has great nutritional advice and a positive attitude. She easily accommodated my workouts before and after surgeries so that I bounced back better than ever.”

Ashley Page


Say hello 👋🏼 to our newest Personal Trainer, Megan! We’re thrilled to welcome her
to the team. 💪🏻 Her favorite healthy food is asparagus 😋 and her favorite treat is cookies. She enjoys gardening, anything outdoors, home improvement projects, travel, reading and research. When it comes to her favorite exercise, she loves rear foot elevated split squats!! Megan is only taking on a few lucky clients, so if you want to schedule a free consultation with her contact us ASAP.

A little more about Megan:

“I started teaching group swimming lessons and soccer camps at 16 years old. When I was a freshman in college, I wanted to go into the medical field until I had an exercise and nutrition class where I learned that you could do that as a career. That was when I changed my major to exercise science. I loved the idea of helping people attain healthier and more free lives through exercising and eating well.

Once I graduated with my bachelor's degree, I worked for several years in various areas in the field while pursuing my master's degree. I learned that I liked explaining to people the "why" behind what they were doing in the gym.

Shortly after graduating with my master's, the opportunity to teach full-time in the Exercise Science department at Lindenwood University presented itself. It only took a semester to realize this was what I wanted to do long-term, which meant I needed to pursue my Ph.D. I continued teaching and training through college, except for my dissertation year.

Now that I have completed that phase of life, I know to be an exceptional professor and trainer, I need to continue bridging the gap between the two, for the benefit of my students and clients. Ultimately, I want to impact as many people as possible and help instill in them the knowledge of how to eat better, move better, and ultimately live healthier.”

• NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) 2016-current
• USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach 2014-2020
• PhD-Human & Sport Performance
• Master of Science-Human Performance
• Bachelor of Science-Exercise Science
Year Began Training:
• 2013
• Full-Time Job: Exercise Science Professor


Remy's Pole Dancing Penalty!

We forgot to share it, so in case you missed it…. This happened and we love it.

Feeling inspired? 😁 We host Dahlia-St. Charles Pole Dance classes at the studio. For more information visit https://justdudas.com/pole-fitness/

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Saint Peters?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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I’d like to share an inspiring message from Sue 💚“Wherever you are in life, regardless of what challenges or struggles y...
Here’s one of our fantastic trainers, Trevor, demonstrating a kickstand Romanian deadlift. This movement is a great tran...
Trainers training trainers is always a fun time. 💚💪🏻😂
The next Intro to Pole-The Series starts 1/15 at 11:30am with Holly. Our Intro to Pole-The Series is perfect for those t...
Fitness with family is fun! I 💚 training these sisters. They work hard and the sessions are always full of laughs!! Part...




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