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Just saying... #burpeebreach
Big, big thanks to Courtney and Mia and crew for following up with me on yesterday's mask-less situation, and going above and beyond to find solutions for everyone. I truly appreciate your concern for everyone's safety, and your professionalism. See you soon!
I was super disappointed this morning to learn that OTF can't require masks in the facility—that people like the maskless couple who came this morning claiming medical exemptions to a mask can come right in without even having to prove said exemption.

The staff did what they could to make me feel more comfortable (especially Coach Michael), and I'm posting this to let other people know, and also in hopes that the company would disclose this policy somewhere. I wouldn't have spent the money on the package if I'd known people could flaunt the rules like that.

Thanks for doing what you could to support me today.
Hey OTF members. Don't forget to sign up for the up coming Ronnie's Run 'live' event on Jan. 2nd 2021 at Fort Desoto Park. Start the New Year out and run for a great cause. Orangetheory is the Title sponsor and make sure you join the OTF Team. Use code Orange and get 15% off your registration. See you at the starting line.
Im excited for tomorrow as i go for my first w/o on my most trusted home gym... wish me luck.

Not tomorrow but on Saturday
So thankful to be able to get back to it. It’s like starting all over again, for me. Thankful for Michael Hill who provides endless encouragement and helpful advice! This is my year! Well...half a year. 💪🏼
Thank you 4th Street for being so amazing with the opening. Every day I have attended the entire staff and OTFers have been respectful of everyone's comfort levels. Each step has been well thought out, explained, and reinforced. I was hesitant to come back- wanting to feel safe after months of following all the rules. You all made that happen!!
This week I am out of town visiting family in Georgia. I had to leave class after just 4 minutes yesterday when it was clear that none of this was being taken seriously. Fans were on, coaches and OTFers all up in my space, no wipes available to start... I definitely missed yall. So again- THANK YOU!!!!
Awesome 1st week back.
Covid +2
Social Distancing
Today was our first day back and we want to send a huge THANK YOU to the OTF 4th Street team! From the moment we arrived, our experience was safe, clean, organized, and of course, friendly! Thank you all! ☮️🧡#OTF
Great job 4th St! You have every I dotted and T crossed. I felt very safe. Great to see (half) your face Coach Michael!!!
Michael did an amazing job today welcoming back everyone! He was very informative of the new procedure, explained everything clearly, and made the class comfortable with these given circumstances. Thank you so much and can’t wait for the next session!
Are you reopening on Monday?

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Orangetheory is a heart-rate based HIIT total-body group workout that combines science, coaching and technology to guarantee maximum results from the inside out. It’s designed to charge your metabolism for MORE caloric afterburn, MORE results, and MORE confidence, all to deliver you MORE LIFE. Call our St. Pete fitness studio today!

Operating as usual

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Thankful is an understatement. Happy #NationalNursesDay — 👩‍⚕️🩹❤️‍🩹


Good things come to those who go ALL OUT. Way to go, Jamie! 🔥 150 burns, countless splats and #MoreLife excitement each day you’re in the studio! ☺️👏

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ALL OUT. ALL DAY. 🚣👏 Let’s hear it for all of our members who came and conquered yesterday’s 200M Row Benchmark! Congratulations team! Swipe to see the leaderboards (female, male, overall, and top personal record breakers). ➡️


200M Row Benchmark.. what like it’s hard? 🔥💪

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Today our front staff Bryeton and Alex visited local Pinellas County schools and thanked our teachers for the heart they put into their jobs! ❤️We invited those teachers to start putting their heart intro their workout by coming in to try Orangetheory. Happy #TeachersAppreciationDay to all teachers around!☺️

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Who runs the world? OTF girls! 🔥☺️👏
➡️Emily celebrated 25 classes under the orange lights today! We are so proud of all your hard work! 🔥💪

➡️Brianna is on 🔥! 150th class and many more to come, way to earn those burns! Keep up the great work! ☺️🧡

➡️Happy 15th class, Lauren! You are unstoppable! Keep CRUSHING it! ☺️🔥



Brace yourself for #AllOutMayhem. Your mission? Complete 4 of the 7 workouts during May 21st-27th. 💪 Your reward? Bragging rights, an all-new and exclusive OTF water bottle, and the ultimate opportunity to flip the switch with more challenging workouts under the orange lights. Get signed up on the app or in the studio TODAY -- can you handle the Mayhem? 🔥

🍊 Register via the app or front desk. Registration will be $15.
🍊 You must complete 4 of the 7 specialty workouts from May 21st - 27th in-studio to receive the special edition OTF water bottle.
🍊 No more than 1 class per day will count towards 4 of 7 workouts.


Congratulations Coach Boris and Coach Courtney on crushing the St. Anthony’s Triathlon! 🥇🥇Coach Courtney and Coach Boris placed 1st in their divisions! ☺️❤️👏

Timeline photos 05/01/2022

Hello May, good to see you! 👋

Who is feeling refreshed and ready to tackle a new month? Psssst. We know you all are! MAY your month be filled with Mayhem, splats, and crushed goals. All Out in 3, 2, 1! 🍊👊

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Way to work, St. Pete! 👊 You showed up and showed out for that 12-minute benchmark. Comment below and let us know how rewarding it felt to rock that workout! We are so proud of you! 🧡🔥

Check out these leaderboard results: female, male, overall,top personal record breakers, and power walkers. ➡️


Orange you glad you did it? 🍭🥳 From square to square we are all closer to the finish line! Keep pushing forward! ➡️


Go Calley, it’s yo birthday.. 🔥 We gon burn it up in the studio like it’s yo birthday! 🥳👏 So happy to spend your special day with you! 🧡


Doug just CRUSHED his 250th workout! 💪🧡 We are so proud of you and all of your hard work! Way to go! 🔥


Here comes the bride, earning all her splats! 🔥☺️ Let’s get ready for your big day, Michelle! 💍👰‍♀️


Still feeling WILD under the orange lights on this great #NeverMissAMonday! 🦓🦒❤️

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We hopped right into class, yesterday! We hope you all had a wonderful bunny burn and a great Easter! 🐰🧡🔥

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What a WILD workout to end the week! 🦓🧡 Way to crush it! 💪


Do you love to motivate and inspire others? 🧡 Looking to join a big, sweaty, energized family? Well look no further, we are hiring coaches! 👀 Visit the link in our story to apply. We can't wait to hear from you!

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Celebrating many years with OTF! 🔥🧡

➡️Happy Orangeaversary Stacy! Thank you for burning with us for 8️⃣years, your hard work in the studio never goes unnoticed! 🧡 We are proud of you!

➡️6 years of OTF for our member, Neha! 🧡 You continue to work hard and it shows! Thank you for burning with us—we love having you in the studio! 👏🥳

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Man, can we feel that St. Pete HEAT today! 🔥🧡 Let’s go, Inferno! 🥳

Timeline photos 04/11/2022

We love to get to know our members! This month we are spotlighting ✨Laura ✨!

🏖️ What is your favorite thing about OTF? My favorite thing about Orangetheory is probably the staff. Every one of the girls that run the front desk are so welcoming, encouraging, and helpful. They all have a joy that comes across as genuine and they always wish me a good day on my way out of the studio. 🧡

🏖️ Quote/Mantra you live by: Live by faith. Grow in grace. Walk in love. Seek peace. Overflow with hope. Be filled with joy. 🌞

🏖️ What does #MoreLife mean to you? To me it means being able to live life more engaged. Whether that be engaged with friends, family, nature, celebrations, new experiences. More life is being more engaged in the world around me rather than just sitting on the sidelines. 🤟 🧡


It’s #FitFamFriday and our member Bianca is down 2 sizes and feeling better than ever! 😍 We love hearing your stories of how Orangetheory has made both small and large changes in your lives! We get to see you all put that hard work in every day and are so proud of everything you accomplish!🧡


Let’s give another round of applause for Steven and Aaron who were our first and second place transformation challenge winners! 👏🤩🔥


OrangeLand starts tomorrow!🍭🍬
First square is to take a Monday workout!

Are you booked for tomorrow?
Are you using one of your skips?
Or are you starting Next Monday? ☺️👏🎉


Goin’ to the chapel and we’re.. gonna get married! 💍❤️ Goin’ to Orangetheory and we’re.. gonna earn those splat points👏😎 Bachelorette burn!

Timeline photos 03/31/2022

April has bloomed – time to put a little spring into your step! 🌷 This month we are playing Orange Land, down the path of colored zones to sweet orange surprises, and focusing on moving our bodies more for #MoveMoreMonth. 💪🏃🚲 Screenshot this calendar to help you plan for the month ahead!


Happy Orangeaversary to you, Jamie! 🍊🎉 Another year stronger and another year that we can celebrate YOU! 🧡☺️ Thanks for burning with us!

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Amazing work to our members who recently completed the Transformation Challenge! 👏🏆 8 weeks of dedication!

This was your chance to prove to yourself that you could change your habits to experience #MoreLife and that is exactly what you did. Whatever you do now, don’t stop. Keep the momentum going and continue pushing. We are so proud of all 2022 TC participants.

Timeline photos 03/28/2022

We are playing Orange Land, the game of SPLATtacular adventure throughout the month of April! The object of the game? Travel through "Orange Land" along the path of colored zones for your chance to win prizes. Ready to play? 👀

Before you start down the path of colored zones to sweet orange surprises...

🍊 Make sure to pick up your Orange Land card at the front desk and map your path by using the April Calendar on social, SplatTV, or the newsletter. The only way through is forward!
🍊 The goal is to get through the Orange Land course without having to skip any of the spots throughout the month of April. The more skips you take, the fewer raffle entries you'll have.
🍊 Once you have completed a space, visit the front desk to mark off the space as completed. No more than one space per day.
🍊 If you want to skip a space, you have 3 opportunities to do so. Skip and proceed through the path, then make sure to get your skip marked off the next time you complete a square.
🍊 Once you finish Orange Land as best as you can, please submit your card to the studio you received it from by April 30th at the front desk to be entered into the raffle.

For more information on raffle entries, prizes, and rules, visit the front desk to pick up your card. It's time to let your imagination soar -- through Orange Land we go! 🧡🍭

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Lots of celebrating going on here! 🔥☺️

➡️Haley has CRUSHED 100 burns with OTF, and she’s not stopping here! ☺️🔥 Great Job!

➡️HAPPY ONE YEAR WITH OTF, TARA! 🔥 Many burns, many splats, and lots of memories! ❤️ keep crushing it!

➡️ Kristine celebrating her ONE YEAR with OTF! Here’s to more orange zones and #MoreLife! 🔥❤️


Are you ready to go #AllOutWithAoki? Get ready to hit your base, push, and All Out pace 🎶 synced perfectly to the beat. 🎶 This Saturday, March 26th, the first class drops of this specialty Chief Music Officer series. Comment if you’re pre-booked and pumped to go ALL OUT! ⬇️



Are you ready to go #AllOutWithAoki? Get ready to hit your base, push, and All Out pace 🎶 synced perfectly to the beat. 🎶 This Saturday, March 26th, the first class drops of this specialty Chief Music Officer series. Comment if you’re pre-booked and pumped to go ALL OUT! ⬇️


Coach Mia on the 🎤 for your #TrainerTipTuesday — Rest Days are the BEST days! 👏

➡️Allow yourself to decompress and relax!
➡️ Take a walk or listen to a podcast!

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So much to celebrate, and so much to be proud of! 🍊🧡👏

➡️ Happy Birthday to you, Michael! ☺️🔥 We are so proud of you, way to get that birthday burn!

➡️200 classes down for Jeremy! ☺️🔥 Good things come to those who sweat—here is to many more! 💪🍊

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Photos from Orangetheory Fitness St. Petersburg's post

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5032 4th Street, North
Saint Petersburg, FL

Opening Hours

Monday 5am - 7:45pm
Tuesday 5am - 9pm
Wednesday 5am - 7:45pm
Thursday 5am - 9pm
Friday 5am - 6:30pm
Saturday 6:30am - 2:15pm
Sunday 7am - 2:15pm

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