VO2 Max Cycles: San Antonio, FL

VO2Max is a full service cycling shop that specializes in triathlete and cyclist specific products.

VO2 Max Cycles, Inc. was created with the vision of providing top notch service to the triathlon and cycling community as well as bringing local triathletes and cyclists together and fostering those relationships by creating a welcoming and no-nonsense bike shop.

Pierre Beaulieu, owner of VO2 Max Cycles, Inc., is a triathlon and cycling advocate that has been involved in endurance sports since the 1970's. Previously, Pierre was owner of the International Cycling Centre for 12 years in Calgary, Alberta. In addition, Pierre was the Professional Mechanic for the Canadian National Team in the Japan World Cup, Tour de Feminin, and Tour de l'Aude Cycliste Feminin; as well as the Evian Cycling Team Mechanic in the Tour of Bordeaux, Kahlua Women's Professional Cycling Team Mechanic in the Ore-Ida Women's Challenge and the Individual Mechanic for Kathy Watt in the Barcelona Olympics. After moving from Canada to the U.S., Pierre obtained his full Mechanic Certification through the Barnett Bicycle Institute and has lived from the Oregon Coast to the Florida Keys, ultimately settling in San Antonio, Florida to realize his dreams of bike shop ownership and to ride and run the beautiful rolling hills of San An!


Gran Fondo National Series (San Antonio, FL)

Here's the start of last year's Florida Gran Fondo. This year's event is March 22. Join the event to see some of the best riding in Florida. It starts right in front of our shop in downtown San Antonio.

Here's where you can sign up:

Drone Mafia Presents "Gran Fondo National Series" (San Antonio, FL) https://www.Facebook.com/GFNCS Booking = [email protected]

Congratulations to customer Rebecca Marsh for first place in her age group at the 12 hours of Sebring Race last weekend averaging 19.0 mph over twelve hours.


Measuring Chain Wear Accurately – VeloNews.com

Stop by if you're interested in one of these chain measurement tools or would like us to check your chain wear. And a reminder ... a clean chain lasts longer. Stop by if you'd like us to show you how best to maintain your chain.

velonews.com Take the guesswork out of chain stretch, and be scientific about drivetrain wear.


Wind Field

Garmin lets you add apps to many of their devices. This app provides a Wind Direction field on your screen. You can try it for free, but it costs $5 to register with the developer for full functionality.

Don't have a Garmin? Stop by the shop, and we can help you decide between all of their dozens of devices.

apps.garmin.com WindField gets you live wind speed and direction on your Garmin data screen! Know exactly when to go for that KOM you've been targeting!This app does require a payment of $5 US per year. You also get access to my Forecastr data field for the same payment.Wind Field gives....


12 things we've learnt from the launch of CW5000 - Cycling Weekly

Reaching a goal of a hundred-miles-a-week average is easier in Florida

cyclingweekly.com Only a month in and the CW5000 challengers have been racking up the miles


Continental Grand Prix 5000 23, 25, 28, 32 mm Comparison

Here's an article on the controversial topic of tire widths. It shows that at the recommended tire pressure, the skinnier tires have lower rolling resistance. (Which explains why pro's commonly ride 23's or 25's). As for overall efficiency, this doesn't take into account that larger tires are 25-30% heavier and, of course, have higher wind resistance. But, of course, wider tires do have lots of benefits.

The below article compares different sizes of the same brand. As for which brand and tire is fastest for you, this depends on many factors. Road surface, speed, wheel design, rider comfort, etc

Stop by the shop to talk through which tire is best for you.

bicyclerollingresistance.com A detailed rolling resistance comparison of the Grand Prix 5000 in the 23-622, 25-622, 28-622, and 32-622 sizes


The Outer Line charts the wins of WorldTour men's pro cycling teams

This article helps make sense of the Cycling WorldTour

velonews.com The Outer Line charts the victories and top-10 finishes of the UCI men's WorldTour squads, and draws some sharp conclusions about which teams are succeeding, and which teams are not.


Ryan McGary in “E-Alafia” · Dirt Rag

Many of our customers ride down in Alafia State Park. For those of you that haven't made it there, here's an inspiring video.

dirtragmag.com It is fitting that while I am escaping the cold and blustery weather of Pennsylvania down here in Florida that resident Alafia State Park Trails shredder Ryan McGary has dropped a smoking new edit. Ryan exudes the style and ease of a kid who spent all of his spare time on two wheels. Florida’s mou...


'I wasn't ready to give up': How five riders bounced back from serious setbacks - Cycling Weekly

Inspiration for those times when things go terribly wrong...

cyclingweekly.com Cycling goes wrong sometimes, it’s a fact of life. Be it injury, illness or error, the important thing is how you respond and move on. Dr Josephine Perry speaks to riders who’ve bounced back from serious setback

[12/23/19]   Wishing a wonderful holiday season and a fulfilling 2020 to all.

The shop will have normal hours except for 12/24, 12/25, 12/31, and New Years Day. The shop will close at 2pm on Tuesday 12/24 and will also be closed on 12/25. On 12/31, the shop will close at 2pm and will be closed Wednesday, January 1st.

Speaking of Cervelo's, here's our latest customer. Bob just rode away with a SRAM eTap Cervelo S3.

Here's a review of the versatile S3: https://fitwerx.com/2019-cervelo-s3-a-favorite-gets-better/

13.15 pound Cervelo R3 built at the shop with SRAM Red. That's the weight with pedals. Stop by the shop and give it a spin!

We have bikes to suit all needs...


Cervélo | Team Sunweb

Stop by the shop and try out a bike from the Pro Peleton!

teamsunweb.com Team Sunweb's men's, women's and development programs, join legions of dedicated riders around the world in choosing Cervélo.



LOOK heard about the 12.6 pound bike we built and published an interview about our shop. Stop by and give this ultralight LOOK 785 Huez a try!

Meanwhile, click below to read the article.


Here's something fun: a gently used RadMini Fat Tire Electric Folding Bike. It's a pedal-assist cruiser that seems to want to go 19mph on its own. Stop by and give it a spin!

The shop will be closed over Thanksgiving Weekend (11/28-12/1) and will re-open 12/2

We just built up this beautiful Cervelo P3X. "The P3X is for Ironman-distance athlete who loads his or her bike down with everything they need for a long day."

Stop by and give it a test!


Congrats Eve for beating all the 8 year old girls *and* boys at Nationals this year

Several of you noticed that we hadn't posted a photo of the front of the jersey nor bib shorts. Here they are! They're top quality, and we're making them available at just a little over our cost.

A custom wheelset can up your game by selecting the best components to maximize your specific riding style. This satisfied customer purchased a wheelset that was designed around super lightweight DT Swiss hubs and Profile Design rims.

Stop by the shop to discuss what we can do for you.


Eco Challenge | Ultimate Expedition Race

Look for the 2019 Fiji Eco-Challenge Ultimate Expedition Race to be broadcast on Amazon Prime Video in January. With 66 teams and 330 competitors on the toughest course ever, this promises to be an exciting broadcast.

Frequent shop customer Tom Ambrose was a member of Team AR Georgia.

How tough do you have to be to do this kind of race? Well, he told us about the time his seatpost broke on the Withlacoochee Trail, but he nevertheless finished his planned ride to Clermont ... a standing ride of over 50 miles . Imagine having the same kind of strength and determination as this across all skills ... hiking, rappelling, climbing, paddling, etc.


Our new VO2 Max Cycles kits have arrived!

These are top quality jerseys. We appreciate those of you that support our shop, so we're offering them at just a little over our cost. They'd probably cost almost twice as much anywhere else. We've got mesh jerseys designed for summers in Florida in addition to top quality bib shorts.

Both mens and womens size Jerseys are available.


American Simmons wins junior road race title in commanding fashion – VeloNews.com

Simple way to win a race - a solo breakaway 20 miles from the finish with the pack finishing about a minute behind. He's the third American to win the Junior race after Greg LeMond in '79 and Jeff Evanshine in '91.

velonews.com Durango, Colorado rider takes 56-second solo victory over Italian Alessio Martinelli, with fellow American Magnus Sheffield snagging bronze in Yorkshire


Americans take silver and bronze behind Bjerg in U23 TT – VeloNews.com

Ian Garrison from Decatur, GA and Brandon McNulty from Phoenix were separated by only a second at the U23 Time Trial race yesterday. Both 21, they were beat by 20-year-old third time champ Mikkel Bjerg on a flood-filled course.

velonews.com Unbeatable Dane takes third straight under-23 title against the clock, with Garrison and McNulty in second and third on rain marred day


Commentary: Dygert Owen confirms her place amongst pro cycling's best – VeloNews.com

Hiding in the world of Track Cycling for a few years and then a year off for injury, Indiana's Chloé Dygert Owen dominated the UCI TT Championships yesterday the same way she crushed the field at the Colorado Classic last month. At only 22 years old, she is on track to be a major contender in the women's pro peloton.

velonews.com Having rarely competed in international road events, Chloé Dygert Owen finally confirmed her spot as one of pro road racing's strongest athletes.

Wicked Awesome Racing Series

While we're on the subject of local racing, the Wicked Awesome Racing Series has local Cyclocross races

We bring premier courses across Central Florida for cycling and running.


FSC series

For those Mountain Bikers, here's the Florida State Championship series, with four races in our area.



Power analysis: Sepp Kuss's stage 15 win at the Vuelta – VeloNews.com

This article shows what it takes to win a pro race. We have a wide range of power meters. Stop by the shop to discuss which one might work best for you.

velonews.com We examined Sepp Kuss's power data from his victory on stage 15 of the Vuelta a España. Kuss was calm during the race's midpoint before unleashing a sustained surge of power on the final climb.


Inside Sepp Kuss's rapid climb to the top of the WorldTour – VeloNews.com

Remember the name Sepp Kuss. Sepp is one of the most promising American riders in recent history. This Durango, Colorado Mountain Biker graduated to Road cycling just a few years ago and shows hints at being one of the Pro Tour's top climbers.

He just won one of the hardest stage in this year's Vuelta

velonews.com Kuss is the latest American to win a stage at the Vuelta, and his rise to the top of the WorldTour started in the dusty trails of Colorado.

One way to fly up the hills is to build up an ultralight bike. Here's a 13.1 lb bike we just put together, thanks to the Corima 32 MCC S+ Wheels and the Cane Creek Brakes. Stop by the shop and take it for a spin!


Technical FAQ: When the carbon-fiber 'coin test' comes up short – VeloNews.com

A reminder that it pays to be cautious with your bike

velonews.com After a crash, Lennard performs the coin test on his carbon fork, and the component sounds OK; it isn't until later that Lennard discovers the full extent of the damage.


Colorado Classic 2019 - Preview | Cyclingnews.com

The Colorado Classic is one of the best Woman's races in the US. Here's an overview of the race and how to watch it, beginning today (August 22).

cyclingnews.com Hall back to defend title at women's stage race


Press Fit 30 Perfection

BBInfinite argues that slight imperfections in carbon frame construction can distort bottom bracket bearing cups. They built a solution to address it, and lots of local riders are adopting it when their bottom bracket wears out. Stop by the shop and see it in action.

A custom Italian bike is somewhere on your list of wants. You won't find Torelli's lining the walls of a bike shop since each one is custom-built to your needs. And this classic steel frame rides like a dream. Stop by, and we can help you build the bike of your dreams.


Zwift | Events on Zwift

Thursdays at 9am Eastern, ride with the pro's on Zwift!

zwift.com Looking for some company? Join an official group ride.


Zwift | Events on Zwift

While it's too late to make this Zwift training event, you can follow the Sho-Air Twenty20 and local cyclist Amanda Coker here: https://www.facebook.com/twenty20procycling/

zwift.com Looking for some company? Join an official group ride.


Windy as forecasted

This is a useful website for cyclists and triathletes...

windy.com Wind map and weather forecast


Chain maintenance advice from the experts

Should you lube a new bike chain before riding?

All the manufacturers say 'no'.

The best way to maintain your chain is to keep it clean. We offer ultrasonic cleaning and waxing that puts your chaindrive in top condition. Consider this a treat for your bike if you have an important event coming up.

roadbikereview.com The bicycle chain is a wonderfully effective means of transferring mechanical energy from one place to another. With good engineering, modern materials, and regular maintenance, it is extremely efficient. But with abuse or negligence, a drivetrain can quickly devolve into a quagmire of resistance. F...

[07/12/19]   Here's a relatively low tech but reliable and complete way to follow the Tour as it happens: http://live.cyclingnews.com/

Tour de France climbs are subjectively rated based on steepness, length, as well as on where they come up in the stage. Here's a table from 2012 showing how that year's climbs were rated.


Tour de France 2019 - Stage 1

How flat is flat? Look at this year's TdF Stage 1 which was said to be a "flat" stage. They had 4600 Feet of climbing over 120 miles. For average elevation gain, this is roughly comparable to the Florida Gran Fondo routes near our shop. http://www.vo2maxcycles.com/routes.html

The TdF mountain stages, on the other hand, have on the order of three times the amount of elevation gain.

ridewithgps.com 119.2 mi, +4667 ft. Starts in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean - Sint-Jans-Molenbe, Région de Bruxelles-Capitale - Brussels


Clinchers at the big show? Riders experiment with tires at Tour de France – VeloNews.com

velonews.com Mitchelton-Scott's Simon Yates may run clinchers at the Tour. What does this mean for tubular tires in years to come?


Beyond Limits: A new generation of paced training (video) – VeloNews.com

Tejay van Garderen may be the USA's best hope in this year's Tour de France. His training partner rides an eBike!

“My inspiration came from Terminator 2,” Lim said with a smile. “There is that scene where the mother talks about, ‘What if there was a father who was always there, who never gets tired?’ And I thought, what if we had a training partner who never got tired? "

Want to gift your training partner an eBike? Stop by the shop, and we can discuss all the options....

velonews.com We look at a new training technique at Tejay van Garderen's Andorran training camp with Allen Lim, Ph.D.


Heat Tolerance and Aging - Road Bike Rider

The bottom line is good:

"Older athletes can acclimate just as well as younger athletes. The ability to exercise in hot conditions is primarily a function of physical fitness, especially VO2 max, rather than chronological age."

roadbikerider.com By Coach John Hughes I was 46 when I bought my home in Boulder, CO in 1995 and the heating and cooling systems were like a cabin. When it was cold I chopped wood and built fires in the wood stoves. When it was hot I opened both low and high windows to increase the …

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