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VO2Max is a full service cycling shop that specializes in triathlete and cyclist specific products. VO2 Max Cycles, Inc. was created with the vision of providing top notch service to the triathlon and cycling community as well as bringing local triathletes and cyclists together and fostering those relationships by creating a welcoming and no-nonsense bike shop.

Pierre Beaulieu, owner of VO2 Max Cycles, Inc., is a triathlon and cycling advocate that has been involved in endurance sports since the 1970's. Previously, Pierre was owner of the International Cycling Centre for 12 years in Calgary, Alberta. In addition, Pierre was the Professional Mechanic for the Canadian National Team in the Japan World Cup, Tour de Feminin, and Tour de l'Aude Cycliste Feminin; as well as the Evian Cycling Team Mechanic in the Tour of Bordeaux, Kahlua Women's Professional Cycling Team Mechanic in the Ore-Ida Women's Challenge and the Individual Mechanic for Kathy Watt in the Barcelona Olympics. After moving from Canada to the U.S., Pierre obtained his full Mechanic Certification through the Barnett Bicycle Institute and has lived from the Oregon Coast to the Florida Keys, ultimately settling in San Antonio, Florida to realize his dreams of bike shop ownership and to ride and run the beautiful rolling hills of San An!

Operating as usual

[12/22/20]   Holiday Hours for VO2 Max

Thu 12/24: Will be open Christmas Eve until 2pm
Fri 12/25- Mon12/28: Closed
Tues 12/29 & Wed 12/30: 11-6
Thu 12/31: Closed at 2pm
Fri 1/1- Mon 1/4: Closed

We'll re-open Tues 1/5

Best wishes for Happy Holidays and a wonderful 2021!


Power Analysis: Inside power vs outdoor power – VeloNews.com

Detailed article comparing the power in a virtual race to Real Life. If you need a power meter for Real Life cycling, stop by the shop. We have many different power meter options to choose from.

"It's fascinating to see the similarity between virtual and real-life racing in terms of power output. Obviously, there are significant differences between each discipline – altitude, weather, positioning, gamification, overall fatigue, etc. – but in the end, the two disciplines have a lot more in common than many initially thought, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see more pro riders using virtual racing to simulate the physical effort of real-life racing."

velonews.com Comparing the Tour of the Gila in real life to its virtual execution on RGT.


Cervélo Caledonia-5 Ultegra Di2 Disc review - Cycling Weekly

This top end choice from Cervelo has been popular at our shop too. Stop by and take a test ride!

"If you boiled it down to its base principles, the Cervélo Caledonia-5 is an endurance bike. It has more upright geometry, it's more stable and it has wider tyres. But that doesn't make it slow, and when you ride it you also find it to be a multi-faceted performance bike and a truly do-it-all machine."

cyclingweekly.com The Cervélo Caledonia-5 bridges the gap between performance and endurance superbly, offering a fast paced, comfortable ride at a premium price

A big increase in the number of female cyclists to compete in future Olympics - Cycling Weekly

Great news for cycling! In 2024, for the first time ever, an equal number of men and women cyclists will be competing at the Olympics.

If you're training for the Olympics, stop by the shop. We've had a bit of experience with this and might be able to help.


For the first ever time, an equal number of female and male cyclists will compete at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. The UCI and the IOC, the organisation that oversees the Olympics, announced on Monday that the changes will begin in three years’ time, but will not apply to the reschedule Tokyo O...


Here's where the Raptors will hold training camp this year | Offside

VO2Max welcomes our new temporary neighbors, the NBA's Toronto Raptors! Sorry, guys, we don't have extra large frames in stock. But if you want guidance on where to get good cycling aerobic training in our hills, or if you need any repairs, please feel free to stop by the shop! We're just to the left of the lake in the main photo for this article .. below the water tower.

dailyhive.com The Toronto Raptors will call Tampa Bay home for the upcoming season, and on Tuesday, they announced their training camp plans.

[12/03/20]   The shop will be closed on Saturday, December 12th. It'll re-open on Tuesday, December 15th hosted by the the newly married shop proprietor. Congrats to the boss!


A new LOOK for flagship aero racing bike 795 BLADE RS

Look shaved 300g off the 795 Blade RS for 2021!

Here's their press release: https://mailchi.mp/shiftactivemedia/look-795bladers2021-it?e=b827087c4e

"LOOK unveiled the 2021 upgrade to its flagship aero bike, the 795 BLADE RS. Already considered one of the best high performance bikes on the market for its handling, comfort and aerodynamic qualities, LOOK pushed the limits on technology to create a record-weight ultralight frameset. The 795 BLADE RS is the fastest and most versatile road bike LOOK has ever designed."

mailchi.mp Inventor of the clipless pedal, the first carbon frame in 1986 and the first track carbon monobloc frame, LOOK is a worldwide leader in cycling innovation. Its approach to field research and development has earned the INPI Trophy for the most innovative small to medium sized business in France, whil...

For Thanksgiving 2020, we'll be closed Thursday 11/26 through Monday 11/30. We re-open Tuesday, December 1st.


Cycling 100 Miles In Less Than 3 Hours! | New World Record! - YouTube

100 miles in under 3 hours on public roads. Yep .. averaging 33 MPH. This video gives a taste of his planning, including creative uses of duct tape. Thinking of trying this? Stop by and let's talk about how to get you and your bike in shape.

youtube.com Cycling 100 miles is a big milestone for any bike rider! But just how fast is it possible to cover the distance? British amateur cyclist Jonathan Shubert recent...

A little remodeling at the shop, and we've got a nice shady spot for that post-ride decompression after your San Antonio adventure. Stop by and hang out for a while. It's been a popular hangout these past couple of weeks.

Campy Sirocco wheels are in the shop. (Disc brakes) They'd look great on your bike!


Which is faster up 14,000 feet? Light wheels or deep aero wheels? – VeloNews.com

They assert that deeper rim wheels are faster at grades below 5% as long as the winds are favorable, and the light wheels are better for steeper climbs. Not really a surprise.

velonews.com We test 42mm wheels vs 65mm wheels up multiple laps of the 5% Lookout Mountain, keeping average power output the same.


Corima announces crazy 12-spoke carbon MCC DX wheels

These gorgeous super light wheels are now in stock at VO2Max. Stop by the shop and give them a try!

cyclingnews.com Corima's £3,000 MCC DX wheels blend carbon spokes with disc brakes and tubeless capability


inrng : roads to ride – col de la loze

Today's Tour Fe France mountain finish ends via this bike path that was just created a little over a year ago

inrng.com A look at the Col de la Loze, the newest paved climb in the Alps and the highpoint of the 2020 Tour de Frace

If you see a rider with this on the saddle, wave 'Hi'! It's likely the VO2 shop owner

Want to dazzle or upgrade *your* bike? Stop by the shop!

Always great to see our kit around the world ..

"Saludos desde Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico" .. https://www.facebook.com/walter.crespo1

Sepp Kuss returns; Primoz Roglic seizes yellow at Tour de France

While there are only a handful of north Americans in the TdF, as the Tour de France roads head uphill, Sepp Kuss (Colorado) and Neilson Powless (California) have been powering their teams.



After an off day in the mountains Saturday, Durango’s Sepp Kuss was back in his starring role as a support rider in the mountains Sunday at the...

[09/04/20]   New Hours for VO2Max....

Tuesday-Friday: 11am-6pm
Saturday: 10am-2pm


The Cervélo Caledonia is an aero endurance bike with 35mm tyre clearance and mudguard mounts

Want to ride Paris-Roubaix? A new arrival at the shop gives you a chance to try the Cervelo that will be ridden on the cobbles next month. Stop by and give it a try!

bikeradar.com Can the Cervélo Caledonia rival the endurance bike big-hitters?


Only three Americans are racing in the Tour de France – VeloNews.com

Three Americans and one Canadian in theTdf this year....


velonews.com With a crop of promising riders waiting in the wings, the American future looks bright.


How to Watch the Tour de France

Here are a couple of pages covering how you can see the Tour de France.The cost ranges from free (NBC will broadcast the tour every day) to Fubu's $120 cycling pass.

Click on the photo below for bicycling.com's options. And this page from cyclingnews.com gives even more options: https://www.cyclingnews.com/news/how-to-watch-the-tour-de-france-live-stream-tv-results/

bicycling.com From cable TV to live streaming from multiple camera angles, here are your options for watching the 2020 Tour.


World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji – Official Trailer

We have a local favorite for this race! Tom Ambrose (of Team AR Georgia: https://www.argeorgia.com/the-team) frequents the shop and told us how crazy-difficult this Fiji race was.

How tough is he? His seat post broke on the Withlacoochee Trail while he was on his way out to Winter Garden, and he finished the rest of the 70+ miles without a seat. Small potatoes compared to what's being shown in this Eco-Challenge, but it's a small way for normal riders to sense how tough you need to be.

youtube.com Premieres August 14, 2020. From the creator of Survivor, 66 teams descend upon Fiji to compete in the most epic global adventure race ever attempted. Bear Gr...


A look at this week's packed pro racing calendar – VeloNews.com

velonews.com This week's calendar is packed with action, with the Critérium du Dauphiné and Il Lombardia on the calendar.


Orlando's Better Data Can Make You Safer On Your Own Bike | CyclingSavvy

This is part 1 of a multi-part article. No great new insights in this part, but save the link because he promises some eye-opening data in the next part.

cyclingsavvy.org Is it safest riding in a bike lane, on the sidewalk, or on the edge of a travel lane? Results of a new safety study may surprise you. First of three parts.

Bike Gears: 8 Things You Need To Know | Cycling Weekly

Here is a good basic overview of bicycle gearing. Too much information? No problem. Just come by the shop if you have problems, and we'll take care of any issues.

Bicycle gears can be the trickiest part about cycling, and they can pose plenty of questions. When should you change gear? What are the parts called? What ge...


The Tour de France will be raced on Zwift this July | CyclingTips

The longest stage is about 30 miles. But with some of the world's best road cyclists riding .. Froome .... it could be interesting. The women race this virtual version too, include America's Chloe Dygert.

Fans can also ride these same virtual Strava routes. We have a couple of trainers on close-out if you want to join in on the fun. https://www.vo2maxcycles.com/shop.html

cyclingtips.com The postponement of the 2020 Tour de France has left a gaping void in the viewing schedules of cycling fans worldwide, but it’s not a complete write-off. After the first trials of televised e-racing early in the pandemic, the format is ready for its biggest showcase yet: there's a virtual Tour de ...


CycleOps Hammer Indoor Trainer

We have close-out prices on thisindoor trainer if you want to avoid the summer heat. $750 New In The Box.

vo2maxcycles.com Bring your road rides indoors with a trainer that feels like you're riding the road.


Nine tips on how to get started with gravel riding - Cycling Weekly

Gravel bikes are popular up here in Pasco County. There are many many many gravel roads and trails up here.

cyclingweekly.com Riding on gravel may not be a new phenomenon, but it has certainly been growing in popularity in recent years.


CycleOps H2 New In the Box

Stop by the shop to pick up a great deal on inventory close-out trainers. Below is a link for a CycleOps H2 which listed for $1199 but you can get for $795. We also have a Cycleops Hammer available for $750 (also listed at above $1000), and a Jetblack Whisperdrive Trainer for $600.

vo2maxcycles.com Close-out sale of a brand new CycleOps H2 Trainer. Ride indoors with an outdoors-feel. Compatible with virtual cycling training apps like Zwift & Rouvy.


Phil Gaimon's Everest record broken after just four days - Cycling Weekly

The men's record for "Everesting" was set and broken last week (7 hrs & 40 minutes), and the women's record was also set (a bit over 10 hours).

What's Everesting? It's pretty basic ... all you have to do is climb the height of Mt Everest: 29,029 feet. To put that in perspective, the local favorite Church Road (i.e., Triple Step or Three Sisters) is about a 135 ft climb, so you'd Everest if you repeat it 216 times.

Stop by the shop if you'd like help in getting you or your bike ready for this feat.

cyclingweekly.com Keegan Swenson took 12 minutes off the retired American pro's time

DC Rainmaker

Got a Garmin device and a Varia radar? Check this out! Here's how to start logging all the data and then create maps of the vehicle traffic around you. Total vehicle counts, speeds of vehicles, even whether or not they slow-down as they pass you. Dig in: https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2020/05/varia-radar-maps-connect-app.html

Stop by Saturday (5/15) to see the latest from LOOK and Corima! The distributor will be hosting a demo tent outside the shop. Corima has gotten some great press lately about the wheelsets they're bringing to the USA. Coupled with the LOOK Frames, these setups are hard to top.


COFIDIS and SUOMY still together for 2019

Our best-selling helmets are from Suomy. It's an Italian company that was a top manufacturer of motorcycle helmets, and the pro tour took notice when they expanded into cycling in 2014. Last year Cofidis was wearing their helmets.

Stop by the shop and see what some of the world's best have been using.

Yes, we're open. Regular business hours to support all your cycling needs.

suomysport.com Suomy is very happy to renew the collaboration with the prestigious COFIDIS Team also for 2019 Year. All the riders of the Team will be using both GLIDER and GUN WIND helmets .Team Cofidis Partners, friends and supporters came in numbers for the presentation of the new roster 2019 last Friday at the...

LOOK dropped off several loaner bikes. Stop by the shop to take one of these beauties home for a test drive!

You can take home either a LOOK 785 Huez (a climber's treat) or the 795 Blade RS (a top tier aero bike) paired with some beautiful carbon Corima 32 WS wheels.


Nine must-read books to make you faster on the bike - Cycling Weekly

We're open and available to help if you need anything to keep you riding well the road. Call us if you need anything: 352 534 0888

But, if you find yourself with extra time, this article from Cycling Weekly offers some good resources. "Many of us have found time to train, but no races to actually stick in the diary. ... now might be the perfect opportunity to load up on training expertise." Here's a list of of some fitness books that can help you ride faster than ever."

cyclingweekly.com With the uncertainty over the coronavirus lockdown, plenty of cyclists have found themselves at a loss when it comes to training.

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