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Happy June 1st! My Birthday month always me a happy girl because summer has started, and sweaty workouts get sweatier! No filter or edit can be used in your progress just hard work and focus!


When you wake up in the morning do you start with YOUR routine? What's important to you as you set the tone for the day , or do you feel a like a slave to someone else's demands?
Although I am blessed with a very flexible job its all over the place and my own priorities for keeping my healthy habits up can get lost in trying to help others and stay flexible.
If we take the time to plan out time to take care of ourselves we win in so many more areas in our life. It's starts small with maybe getting up early before the kids are awake to drink coffee while we stretch and foam roll. Plan your dinners out on Sundays for the week and shop for everything so your not scrambling at the end of the day and you know it will be healthy. SCHEDULE your workouts in like an important doctor's appointment. I promise you this you will need less of them with more workout/ moving your body!
The bottom line is, make WHATS IMPORTANT TO YOU, important to you!!

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Happy International Womens day to every women you have been. To the high-school girl that hated her body and did what ever she could to it so she could fit in. To the women in college that finally started educating her self on the proper way to workout but developed anxiety and depression. To the healing women that needed to start fresh on learning to love her self for who God made her and not what other opinions made her. To the hard working, Entrepreneur that was Terrified to start her own business but knew there was a better more heart felt way to do it. To the women today who is rebuilding her business, rebuilding her strength and courage, and beyond thankful for God's strength He created in her from the very beginning. Cheers to you and your journey you amazing WOMEN!


I want to stay in good shape for more reasons than feeling good in B-suites. I want to play on the beach without getting winded, I want to keep up with my husband when we paddle board, I want to not feel crummy the in the morning from bad sleep or have get light headed/ stomach issues from food I ate. These are much more realistic reasons for keeping up on your health. If we just focus on what we see we are being shallow about ourselves. What about all the great qualities beneath that you have worked so hard on. Like strength, good form, knowledge of cooking, a clean gut, balanced energy during the day. Let try and focus on these goals and achievements and the rest will fallow. I promise, this way of setting goals has changed my life. Give it a go!


This post means more than others. It's not only proof that women can support eachother in this competitive world but that I have world really hard to make somthing despite what the mean thoughts in my head say. The ones that say you don't know what your doing, your not going to be able to contribute to the family, your not fit enough, your not creative enough. All those thoughts can shove it! Because I get up every day so thankful for my small business that I've works so hard to create that's driven by passion and self experience. My heart is so big for these strong women in my life. So look at all we can do, accomplish, how big our hearts are! Thank you @lauraleebloor for the sweet words and nomination. The love is being passed on!


Feeling so good, but this isn't the situation all week. I've been getting weird dizzy spells that have me wondering if it has to do with my diet. It's been clearly compromising my energy and workout schedule, along with daily tasks. I'm over it, and want to get this figured out asap. So I alway start with my diet, by tracking what I'm eating, how I'm feeling with each food I eat, and cutting out alcohol and processed sugar again. I DON'T ALWAYS EAT CLEAN! I know shocker I'm human and enjoy some flaming hot cheetos, a Moscow mule, massive burger , and dont get me started on chocolate. But sometimes when your feeling this crummy it's ok to crack down and cut it all out for a bit. So it worked out that I started this challenge yesterday and I'm forcing myself to clean up my diet because today I feel so much better! Have you done this for yourself, and what did it teach you?


Well I joined the Club! 30 Flirty & Thriving thanks to my Hubs, family and friends.
Thank you again for all your Birthday Wishes everyone, now ...BACK TO WORK ! I've got a lot to clean up and a lot to work off thanks to all these amazing meals haha. But let me be clear I 100% loved indulging this weekend and dont feel 1% bad about it! Enjoy life and just take care of yourself, that's what it's all about🌺


The C word has thrown me through some weird emotions along with other life stuff. In the beginning I was like ok we will be ok, I will be ok, then the clients starting fading out because of loss of jobs ( totally understandable) still rough. Then my rule fallowing heart freaked out because there was no exact answer for what we should be doing and how long it would last. So my workouts were lame because my anxiety kicked in that came with excessive tiredness, not sleeping at night, grinding my jaw, clenching my hands at night, haveing too much wine because the girl was trying to chill out. Basically I felt very out of control and my body/mind couldn't deal. I continued to put in a face and push through.
Flashforward 》》》》
I've had time to heal, learn my limits, learn to embrace the new circumstances and count blessings. I've spent time working on my JOY ( Which I strongly believe is a choice). My personal fitness and health gouls have skyrocketed, and I'm a better trainer, friend, wife, daughter, sister, dog mama to be around. I'm thankful for God and His gifts that sometimes feel hidden. But I can see what He wants for me right now, and I'm feeling encouraged!


My hair has been growing like wild fire on dry cali day. It is currently now down to my bag dimples but thanks to great supplements and hair tips from my girl every inch is healthy. It's a lot of work to take care of our skin and hair but the reward I'm seeing is 100% worth it. I've increase my Omegas with clean supplements from @juiceplus_us and its night and day. My skin has cleared up around my neck and jaw and Iets just say my @billie razor has had to do a lot of work. ON MY LEGS PEOPLE! haha good sign of a healthy gal!


Worked out today with my sister and her roommate to @sarahs_day program and I have to tell you guys it was heavenly. Mostly because I finally got to turn my brain off, not be a trainer for a second, and fallow along to a fun sweaty workout as we laughed/cried through it. Sometimes you need to just turn off your job and I feel like I've heard a lot of people struggling with it during this time. I GET IT 100% Do you girl, you can't be everything for yourself so know when to outsource. I'm learning that word "Delegation " and what it really looks like in my life and job. Take a deep breath, write down what is overwhelming you and look at opportunist get help with making your day a lot more manageable. IT'S OK TO GET HELP!!


Happy Cisco De Mayo!!! I'm going LIVE AT 9AM this morning with a workout on my fitness account! Join me at FitxLo!


H A P P Y sunday☀️
My sweet little space is completely! Suprise this was my secret project, but if your close to me you know I haven't been able to keep my mouth closed about it! I'm so excited to finaly have a space like this to train! I'm bummed that its complete at a time where we can't be with eachother quite yet. But it will come soon enough, and we will be dancing around to Missy Elliott. I want you to know your all on my mind, all through my day. You make me who I am. A trainer passionate about helping others see the fullness in a healthy lifestyle. Not perfection but a balanced way of living that can bring more opportunities than you would imagine. Take care of yourself, keep reaching out to me, and know your loved! See you soon!


Todays a great day! But not everyday does my confidence and perspective all me to see that. What thrust me in to this industry was a very sad , misguided, lonely, broken girl. I first started my health journey as a Sophomore in high school just looking to feel accepted. There wasn't structure in my diet or physical activity. I cried over mean comments girls made, boys insinuating, my desire to loose weight but eat bagel bites and froyo, my love for water activities but humiliation of what I saw in my bikini. It was a constant tug a war in my mind of wanting to enjoy life but feeling unworthy of it. The full story is for another time, but I'm overjoyed to tell you this girl is a lot happier. Because of God persistently working on my heart, my friends, my healing, my resources to learn, opportunities to grow, I get to us my story to help others know they are not alone. Let them know change with the proper knowledge is possible, and they where fearfully wonderfully made! And I need to make this clear I am not happy now because I'm skinnier, I'm happier now because I feel whole. I am stronger physically, I can understand the healthy balance between food and exercise, I have loving friends that don't care what size I am or that I always look like a bum in sweats even out of Quarantine. I have the opportunity to share my passion with others and help provide for my family and the list goes on!


Ok ..... I feel real good!!!
I'm actually surprised that my at home low impact cardio has helped to keep me in the shape I needed for this run. Granted, I was on a blissful high barefoot in the sand, sweating in the sun, splashing in the white wash!
It was glorious, and that's what really helps to encourage me to keep pushing forward quite literally. That's when it hit for me. Thats why I'm working hard to keep up my cardio and so I can run the beach feeling free.
It's not enough to have body image gouls because I dont think you will every be happy enough. And once you get there...what did you sacrifice in order to get there. I'm just saying that cant be the only part of your goul for fitness. It NEEDS to make you HAPPY! IT NEEDS to be for good mental health as well.
I ran the beach today because it feels so good and it was beautiful out, just so happens I got some cardio in. Why do you do what you do?


Who needs a tummy smoothie recipe as the days start to heat up!


These are some of my favorite, get to the point, core exercises that really test your strength and stamina. Go slow with the oblique dips to ensure you stay in the correct muscle. As for the windmills, keep them tight and back to back crunches for the best results!
Enjoy the BURN!
@ San Clemente, California


Hey friends I'm going LIVE on here today with my 9am Workout class for all levels! please join!


Fit x Lo


No Gym, all good I got you! Please join me for Live Tuesday & Thursday classes and personal training sessions online. I'm new to all the options we have available online these days...yes I'm the worst millennial....anyways. I'm having fun learning as I go and spending time with people all over this big beautiful world. I want you to know your seen, hurd, cared about, and prayed for. Let me share my passion with you, in hopes it blesses your day. @ San Clemente, California


It's hard to get stuck in the present. The negative that is surrounding us or your life personally. But we all have futures that hold good things, better things, and we owe it to ourselves to move twards it. Quite literally we need to move twards what we want for our future, even if it's just the end of our week. For me , its keeping up with making healthy meals even though I'm not in my own home and space. I also want to get good sweat workouts in at home since its raining outside all week and going to the gym is not what I'm feeling. Last but not least, have some fun in a cost effective and easy way. Even if its working on a puzzle over wine and my man ( rainy day feels).
🖐🏻What is your future goal this week!!!????😁


Happy #internationalwomensday
I'm so freaking proud to be the women I've grown in to and worked to become. I'm so proud of every female client I've worked with, putting their health as an importance, and a goal to maintain. To doing all that while juggling being a mother, wife, business owner, employee, friend, volunteer and so many other roles that they proudly give themselves to. Cheers to always taking care of our hardworking selves and building stronger versions for our future!


What if I told my world was turn right side up........ when I learned how to properly engage muscles and have good form in working out. What if learning proper form cut down your workout time, gave you better results, quicker recovery time, and give you the confidence you have been looking for in your workouts. Slow down, be patient and invest the time to read the learners manual of your body. Learning important things take TIME. I get that its frustrating so I love making working out fun and encouraging along the way. Take time to discover your strengths and build on them.


Let's talk about taking leaps of faith. They can me small or large, life changing, impactful, and exhilarating. They can help you grow always positively even if the out come was not what you expected. That's why they are called leaps of faith, built on the possibility of not knowing what the result will be. We always come out of it with a take away. It should never be a negative take away because it's all in how we choose to respond and what we do with the newly learned information. I'm taking a leap of faith after this week. Back to full time with my company and developing projects I've dreamt about. All I know is there is too little time on earth to waist, my passion drives me farther than my energy, and I want to make some serious impact on people's lives. So here we go! Hi , I'm LAUREN GERVAIS and I am FITXLO!


I spent the first half of my valentines with one of my best friends in San Diego. We made it our mission to do all the things that we love that morning and afternoon. We started with a kick a** workout and then treated ourselves to the most yummy greyhounds at lunch while we sat in our well deserved sweat. Exploring and trying new things is one of my hobbies and I get that not everyone likes to get out of their comfort zone but you never know how great of a day it can be till you do. Get out explore try new things don't worry about looking silly. Remember I look silly 100% of the time.......AND I LOVE IT! @ Moniker General


Todays Ladies from my Streatch & Strength Class
You all did an incredible job, and I've so enjoyed leading you this past month. Always room for more people. Please contact if your interested!


Paper plates become your china when your breakfast looks this good!


Come join me Tomorrow!
I'm hosting a FREE WORKOUT CLASS at from 9am -10am. This class is my way to give back and share my gifts. It is great for all levels of fitness and is low impact.


Fit x Lo


Sweet dreams all. The trend to stay up till midnight , make a wish, steal a kiss , and make a resolution will be approaching soon! So keep in mind till then that beautiful body of yours needs its rest to take on the next day and enjoy all that life has to celebrate. So close those eyes and dream of 2020 because I have a feeling it's going to be good. Reeeeeeeal GOOD!

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