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For anyone who is interested in joining an online community to take advantage of yoga nidra & meditations - Richard Miller, Phd. is a teacher that both Joann Weinstein studied with and he is offering FREE Live streaming sessions - check it out and sign up and give yourself some well deserved R&R -

Attention Southern California! In less than a month, we will be hosting our Level One IHP Teacher Training in San Diego (Kearny Mesa) B3yond Yoga !! For more information, go to http://hotpilatesteachertraining.com/sandiego1/
To see our full calendar, go to www.hotpilatesteachertraining.com/calendar
Singing is good exercise! It makes a mind and body healthy and fit. You should see what this lady is doing in San Diego! www.sing4yourlife.net
What an amazing studio! So clean and nice! Incredible teachers and staff! Thank you!
Hi, Bikram Yoga - Kearny Mesa! We liked your page. Please like us back! (P.S. If you ever need a local source for brand development, advertising design, web design or social media marketing let's set up a time to chat. We would love to meet your team!)
Am I imagining things or was there once an earlier class (4:30 or 5:00am?) for those of us that work at 8:00am. I was looking to come back regularly, but don't see an early enough class. Thank you!
We ate looking forward to our first visit - tomorrow morning.
Thank you, JoJo, for supporting the San Diego Youth Symphony. As we both say, “children are our future.” Like yoga, music can change lives. To everyone who participated in October’s 30-day challenge, thank you!
Friends and Family, Please share this post to give us a hand in finding a good receptionist.
We wanted to introduce ourselves and share our new Fall Collection with you all the way from Hawaii! We have made ordering as easy as pie with an online store, start an account, create a password and away you go. We have a low minimum order and we ship immediately. Have a peek and let us know if you have any questions! [email protected]
Thank you + Mahalo
The infamous prAna Warehouse Sale is this week!

We're a community-based, boutique yoga studio offering 26&2 hot yoga classes, Pilates, meditation workshops, and more. In a world of Corp.

Bikram Yoga Kearny Mesa, The Boutique Yoga Studio destination. Yoga Giants and massive studio spaces, isn't it nice to know you can still go somewhere and get that personal yoga experience with a well thought out and safe yoga class sequence taught by highly trained yoga teachers who know your name?

Operating as usual


This year has brought about countless challenges for all of us. We've grown, learned, and changed through each one, and all with the support of our wonderful community. That is what makes this announcement so difficult. It is with heavy hearts we announce the complete closure of B3yond Yoga and its online classes, effective Sunday, November 1, 2020.

We are extremely grateful for the continued commitment of each of you through the rollercoaster that has been 2020. We've loved seeing you in the Zoom Room and are forever thankful that we have had the online space to share.

But! We are happy to share that Heather, Sam, and Roxanne will be continuing to offer classes if there is still interest. They would LOVE to have you join them for their virtual classes. We've provided their contact information below - if you'd like to continue your virtual practice with these familiar faces, please feel free to reach out to them!

Heather : [email protected]
Sam : [email protected]
Roxanne : [email protected]

As one of our family members always says, "Change is never easy, it's always scary, and it's always for the best." As we face this new change, we know new amazing adventures await every member of our B3yond Yoga family. Thank you for an incredible experience, and we look forward to reconnecting in future endeavors!

❤️❤️ JoJo & Team B3yond Yoga ❤️❤️


SUNDAY FUNDAY tomorrow! Get signed up now! 10:00am with Heather on Zoom. You can even bring your cats! Email is the best way to get a hold of us: [email protected] if you need help signing up!


If you haven't taken a Zoom class with us, read these tips and consider joining us...
1. You only need a yoga mats length of space to use in your house or outside.
2. Think you need the heat? Yoga doesn't mean "blasting heat," yoga means "union." 😻 The heat is just one small tool we can use. Your body adapts to whatever conditions it is in. (Besides, I have been sweating bullets from my living room!)
3. It is so wonderful seeing everyone on the zoom screen - a great sense of community is still rolling through B3yond Yoga and we would love to expand that community with YOU.
4. There is no commute! 🚗🏠 Sign in a few minutes before class from the comfort of your home - and when class is over, there is no rush to get home so final Savasana takes on a whole new depth.
5. I have heard people say "the online thing isn't for me," but they have not once given it a try. Can you imagine if you just assumed "chocolate isn't for me" and just formulated an opinion about it without trying it? That would be tragic! 🍫
6. Look at Roxanne's face. Can you honestly say you wouldn't want that amazing energy greeting you in the Zoom Room!
7. Consistency is the highest form of discipline. It's about showing up - no matter the conditions we are in.

What we are trying to say is - WE MISS YOU - and we are here for you when you are ready. We added a class package option of 5 classes for $40. Email [email protected] for help signing up.


No matter where you are, there’s always time to hop in the Zoom Room. •
Today’s schedule:
4:30 IHP with Sam
6:30 26 & 2 with Heather

Save your spot now via MindBody!


Bring your mat, water, and b***y to Inferno Hot Pilates today at 12pm with Sam!

P.S. Furry friends always welcome in the Zoom Room 🐶


This is a clear sign you need more PULSE in your life! Join Sam at 4:30 to Pulse (Inferno Hot Pilates class) or 6:30pm with Heather for some late night yoga (to recover from the pulsing)!


Hey 👀 look! It's me, Heather, doing yoga on top of Mt. Hood in Oregon back when I used to be cool. 🏂 Yoga is for anyone, anywhere! See you in the zoom room tonight, 4:30pm for 90 minutes of 26&2 transformation!


Post arm day T-Rex feels! 🦖 Inferno Hot Pilates gets the job done! Join us online! Sign up through MindBody - email with questions to [email protected]!


Sometimes all you have to do is go upside down to shift your perspective. Try it! 4:30pm & 6:30pm virtual classes today! I can't wait to see you in class! ❤️ With love, Heather


Check it out!!!! Commit to 5 classes and get a deal! We love seeing you online! Take any 5 virtual classes with us in 1 month for $40! BOOYAH! 😎


Zoom options today:
🤩 Yoga with Heather @ 4:30pm
🥳 Pilates with Sam @ 6:30pm
(...just think...you too could have the face of despair while doing squats! HAHA! It's all worth it.)


Sharpen Your Focus

Join Heather in the Zoom Room tonight @4:30--6:00pm. Let's sharpen our mental strength, elevate our mood, create radiance and well-being, try our best, and join as a community. See you there! 💯


Have you seen our newest evening options????? Sign up now on MindBody! Email [email protected] with questions.


New Zoom Schedule!

Reminder: New Zoom schedule starts today! Catch IHP with Roxanne at 12:00! Pre-registration on MindBody - anybody is welcome!


NEW VIRTUAL SCHEDULE: 🕺🏼Starts this Friday 9/18!! We have had a lot of feedback about wanting both our classes offered in the evening. We heard you, and we listened. These new times reflect the evening times we had available in the studio that seemed to work great. Also, give yourself ample time to sign in and check the status of your membership. We have now moved completely to "virtual only" - this means your membership as well. If you have questions about signing in or virtual memberships let us know via email [email protected]. The Zoom Room has been such a fantastic way to keep up our practice, and our community.

Photos from B3yond Yoga's post 09/13/2020

Wow! Still some amazing things left for tomorrow’s sale! Bolsters, water bottle with logo, audio equipment, cabinets and shelving units, yoga wheels, resistance bands and a partridge in a pear tree! Come check it out Sunday 9:00am—3:00pm! Mask up please. 😷❤️


There’s one more brand new Way Mat and it has your name on it!
Stop by the studio today before 3pm or tomorrow 9-3 to pick up your mat and other studio goodies.



Saturday & Sunday
9am - 3pm

Everything must go!! We have soooo many things! Shelving units, yoga clothes, mats, water bottles, bolsters, audio equipment, weights, resistance bands...and so much more!


Everything must go!! We have soooo many things! Shelving units, yoga clothes, mats, water bottles, bolsters, audio equipment, weights, resistance bands...and so much more! Come see us at our sale tomorrow at the studio! Please mask up and respect social distancing!


Happy Labor Day!

Classes will be back on Zoom tomorrow

Did Somebody Say Liquidation Sale?!? 09/05/2020

Did Somebody Say Liquidation Sale?!?


Dates: Saturday 9/12 & Sunday 9/13
Times: 9am - 3pm
Accepted Payment Types: Cash, MindBody account credits, or Venmo
*Sorry, but we cannot accept credit cards at this sale

Do you need some hand weights at home? How about a yoga wheel? We're thinking you could use a reusable water bottle to help you stay hydrated, too! The good news? We've got all these and sooooo much more!

Come to B3yond Yoga on 9/12 or 9/13 to stock up on all our goodies! We're selling equipment, furniture, and pretty much everything else you can think of - including an anatomically correct skeleton named Derrick. We also have a whole bunch of items that are 100% free.

Everything must go!
All proceeds go to supporting our staff and closing costs. Sale is on a first come, first serve basis. Sorry, no holds allowed.

Stop by the sale, say hi to our team, and grab a few mementos to take home. Just be sure to wear your mask and socially distance during your visit. We can't wait to see you there!

Did Somebody Say Liquidation Sale?!? STUDIO SALE! Dates: Saturday 9/12 & Sunday 9/13 Times: 9am - 3pm Accepted Payment Types: Cash, MindBody account credits, or Venmo *Sorry, but we cannot accept credit cards at this sale Do you need som


We are gearing up for our sale! Say your goodbyes to Derrick (the skeleton)...everything must go!!! Sale 9/12 & 9/13 - more details coming soon. We have a lot of pilates and yoga equipment for sale (weights, bolsters, blankets, blocks, bands, wheels, etc.) so you can keep up your home practice. All proceeds go to support our staff and closing costs in this time of transition. We ❤️ you!

B3yond Yoga Studio Update 08/30/2020

B3yond Yoga Studio Update

“There is no easy way for me to say this, so I will just let it out. After many sleepless nights, I’m left with no choice but to close the studio door... I am grateful for the time that we had together in the studio... I have learned so much from each of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I walked into the studio 18 years ago a broken woman and 18 years later I walk out of the studio with peace and love within me.” - JoJo

B3yond Yoga Studio Update A Message from JoJo To our amazing community, There is no easy way for me to say this, so I will just let it out. After many sleepless nights, I’m left with no choice but to close the studio door. Thi

Timeline photos 08/27/2020

Is it just us, or has Yogi perfected downward dog?


Luckily it’s all yoga! It doesn’t have to be fancy or even look good. How does yoga make you feel? Looking forward to seeing you in class this week!

Timeline photos 08/23/2020

There’s still time to sign up for today’s B3yond FIT class at 12pm! Reserve your spot and get your 30 minute work out in.

Timeline photos 08/18/2020

Reserve your spot now for today’s 5pm Tummy Tuesday IHP with Sam!


Check out JoJo and Marc swimming through this heat wave!

Join us for class tomorrow to get the full heated class experience during this hot hot week!


Weeeeeeeee!! Sign up now for 10:00am or 12:00pm Zoom Room fun!!!


Sam crushed us in the Noon Pilates class today! So fun! We have two virtual classes a day - pre register now! Wahooooo! 👑🤩🏋🏿‍♂️

Photos from B3yond Yoga's post 08/12/2020

Family yoga in the park! Here’s our teacher Tammy and her granddaughter Paloma reading a yoga book in the park and practicing the poses! 🥰 What does your family yoga look like? You are welcome to sign your family up for our virtual zoom classes! We’d love to grow our community and share the incredible health benefits a regular practice gives us.


🏋🏼‍♀️ Inferno Hot Pilates @ 12:00
🧘🏻‍♂️ 26&2 Yoga @ 5:00
Sign up with us through MindBody. Everybody is welcome! [email protected]

Timeline photos 08/09/2020

We still have space in today’s B3yond FIT class at 12!

Reserve your spot, grab your weights, and get ready to work hard in this 30-minute body blast!

Photos from B3yond Yoga's post 08/09/2020

This month we'd like to take the opportunity to recognize each of our students for your continued hard work, dedication, and flexibility as we have maneuvered countless changes this year.

Continuing your practice at home can be difficult, and motivation may seem lacking. Call on your B3yond family for support! Our teachers, staff, and students all want to continue our communal support system even when we are not in the studio. If you'd like a workout buddy to keep you motivated, reach out! We can all keep up a strong practice and forward momentum when we work together as the resilient community that we are.

Recognize and honor the greatness that is you!


10:00am yoga and 12:00pm pilates. Boom!....a good day indeed.
The joy of taking class on Zoom is you get to have a sense of community, you are seen, we get to grow and thrive together - no matter where you are in the world! Anyone welcome to join B3yond Yoga's Zoom classes! Not just members...although we love you too, members.

Photos from B3yond Yoga's post 08/06/2020

Choices, choices! YOGA at 12:00 or IHP at 5:00??? OR BOTH! See you in the Zoom Room! Anybody can sign up, even if they have never been to our physical studio. Tell your friends to sign up with you - you can hold each other accountable. It is so fun seeing your faces on the screen! Let's keep it up! Pre-registration required on MindBody. Email [email protected] for help!


👀 Hey look! Spine Twisting Posture ! Come try a good old fashioned 90 minute 26&2 yoga class tonight at 5:00 on Zoom. This is the last posture in the series - here are just some of its benefits:
•increases circulation, gives nutrition to the spinal nerves, veins and tissues
•relieves lethargy and releases tension
•helps with vertigo and dizziness
•helps prevent slipped discs
👏🏽 e-mail [email protected] if you need help signing up.


OH HEY THERE! Still some room in our two class offerings today - sign up now!
🧘🏼‍♀️10:00am 26&2 yoga with Heather
🏋🏼‍♀️12:00pm B3yond FIT with JoJo


Where will you take Savasana today?
Spots left in the 12:00 26&2 60 min & 5:00pm IHP! Go ahead - Take a long savasana after class!

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Our Story

At B3yond Yoga, we believe in the power of connection -- our bodies with our minds, our intentions with our actions, and our movements with our breath. As a boutique yoga studio, we offer Bikram classes in an inviting space for all levels. Our teachers help you strengthen the body and calm the mind. Together, we’re challenged to ground ourselves through growth and transformation. Whether you’re a newbie or spend dedicated time on your mat daily, you’re invited to join us!

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Sharpen Your Focus
New Zoom Schedule!
B3yond Fit
Welcome Back!
It's tiiiiiiime!





4411 Mercury Street Ste 205
San Diego, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 5:30am - 1:30pm
4pm - 8:30pm
Tuesday 5:30am - 1:30pm
2:30pm - 8:30pm
Wednesday 5:30am - 1:30pm
4pm - 8:30pm
Thursday 5:30am - 1:30pm
2:30pm - 8:30pm
Friday 5:30am - 1:30pm
4pm - 8:30pm
Saturday 7:30am - 1:30pm
4pm - 8:30pm
Sunday 7:30am - 1:30pm
4pm - 7pm

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