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Downtown Tennis San Diego provides professional tennis to beginners and elite player alike at 3 locations in beautiful downtown San Diego. Our USPTA pros offer Private/Group/clinic lessons.

Equipment rental and sales and a full stringing service also!

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Downtown Tennis San Diego 06/03/2016

Tennis Talk

Forehand Fix 💪🏼🎾 with Joel Myers


55% is domination

What do these guys have in common? They've absolutely dominated the competition over their careers. Their career point win percentage....55% 😳. Tennis players are always looking for the perfect shot, game or match but you don't have to be perfect to dominate. Last year Novak Djokovic had one of the greatest tennis seasons of all time. He won 56% of all the points he played. A reminder. 55% is DOMINATION! 🎾🏆


Coronado Performance Tennis

RDC Drill. Lateral movement and hands. Working with hank on his netplay. A great strength for him are his volleys and finishing around the net so this is one of our favorite drills to keep his net game sharp. Footwork around the ball and being able to hit a moving target are key.




Coronado Performance Tennis

Serve + 1 training in Coronado

Yesterday Hannah Quirk and I worked on a number of first strike tactics for Serve and return. Around 70% of all the points in tennis end within the first 4 shots and while you certainly need to have stroke tolerance and rallying ability to play great tennis, this (0-4) rally length needs some serious attention. Hannah's got a head start with that big lefty forehand.

1) Return the ball deep down the middle to reduce errors and angle for your opponent.
2) Look to use the forehand to dictate the point from a short reply.

*Short backswing are key on the return and great footwork to upgrade to offensive shots on the 4th ball.


Downtown Tennis San Diego


Big Elbow BIG FOREHAND! A technique tweak for a bigger forehand. 05/19/2015

Courage on the court

Courage on the court It takes courage to become a great tennis player. In fact it takes courage to become even a decent player. Whether you are a stone cold beginner or a top 10 pro, every player knows what it feels like to be afraid to fail. To be afraid to lose a match, afraid to lose your sponsors, afraid of embarrassing yourself in a group clinic, afraid to hit the ball over the fence attempting topspin or even of missing the ball completely. [ 721 more words. ] 12/30/2014

Tennis Talk

Top 10 things every player should have in their tennis bag with Joel Myers 11/20/2014

The Forehand

The Forehand Visit the post for more. 11/07/2014

How to execute: THE POACH

How to execute: THE POACH Visit the post for more. 11/06/2014

How to play: THE MOONBALL

How to play: THE MOONBALL Visit the post for more. 09/10/2014

Federer or Nadal? Who is the Greatest of All Time?

Federer or Nadal? Who is the Greatest of All Time? Recently here at the coronado tennis centre myself and one of the other pros, have been having a discussion on who we think deserves the title as the greatest mens tennis player of all time. While it is always an interesting but sometimes futile process, we enjoy the occasional tennis banter so we do it anyway. Before i delve into this debate a little bit further i would like to point out that I believe strongly that both of these guy are absolutely amazing athletes who are at the current time, playing some of the most amazing tennis that has ever been seen. [ 1358 more words. ] 09/04/2014

How elite players build points

How elite players build points Both elite players and club players understand the importance of planning for their matches. Scheduling practices, fitness sessions, coaching sessions, equipment and pre match warm-ups are the obvious parts of tournament/match preparation. But what often… [ 277 more words. ]


First Coronado Adult Summer Camp was a huge success. Don't miss the next one in August! 06/06/2014

How to stop double faulting

How to stop double faulting There are few things in tennis as belittling as not being able to start a point because you cannot serve the ball into that giant service box on the other side of the net. From top touring pros to beginners starting matchplay, the dreaded double fault is… [ 565 more words. ] 05/05/2014

A Pro Tip to add Serving Power!

A Pro Tip to add Serving Power! (Pete Sampras: Fastest Serve 216 km/h 135 mph) What would you say is the most key element in serve power? The forward toss? Strong wrist snap? Leg drive? As a junior player I had the great fortune to be able to train at many leading tennis academies and… [ 515 more words. ] 04/03/2014

Volley like Pat Rafter

Volley like Pat Rafter Pat Rafter was one of the greatest serve and volley athletes in history. A vicious kick serve and a crushing net game took him No.1 in the world and back to back US.Open Championships. So what can the average club player learn from Rafter? Providing you… [ 448 more words. ] 03/10/2014

Rituals & Scripts. How they can help you win!

Rituals & Scripts. How they can help you win! Rituals Successful players across all sports use rituals and scripts to gain a competitive edge over their opponents and control themselves during the heat of battle. There are two main types of rituals, Pre-Game rituals and In-Game rituals. In game… [ 928 more words. ] 02/28/2014

Downtown Tennis San Diego

Developing Great Competitors A fine site


Tennis Lessons in San Diego | TENNIS TIPS

Check out the new video tips on the website. 1st video focuses on using the Non-racquet hand!tennis-tips/chfs Tennis lessons in San Diego, CA at a variety of 1st class courts throughout the area. Enjoy private tennis lessons for kids, junior players and adults. 02/24/2014

Downtown Tennis San Diego

Don't be idle after your serve! A fine site 02/18/2014

Downtown Tennis San Diego

Doubles Strategy: 2 back on return A fine site 02/10/2014

Downtown Tennis San Diego

What you need to know about your stance! A fine site 02/04/2014

Downtown Tennis San Diego

Offense vs Defense: A fine site 01/27/2014

Downtown Tennis San Diego

Momentum in Tennis: A fine site 01/21/2014

Downtown Tennis San Diego

Breathing In Tennis: A fine site

[01/04/14]   The Overhead:

[12/21/13]   Check out DTSD's new blog. Regular articles and tennis tips to come!


A great view on the game by one if the greatest to ever play it!

[11/28/13]   Check out our new Website!


Congratulations to Coronado High Schools JV Girls Tennis Team. 2 years undefeated! Well done


City of Coronado, California ~ Tennis

Our 1st Junior Performance Summer Camp starts this MONDAY the 10TH of JUNE on Coronado Island. The camp runs week long Monday through Friday 11am-3pm. Competitive player aged 12-18yrs. Younger players by invitation only.

Sign up through Coronado Recreation website:

OR by calling the Coronado Tennis Centre
Ph:(619) 52-2650. Code 8828

Price $275 per player for residents, $295 for non-residents. The Official Government Website of the City of Coronado, California

[05/20/13]   Would like to announce the hiring of Tennis Pro Brittany Augustine. Brittany achieved a WTA singles ranking of 498 and WTA doubles ranking of 276. Very excited to have her on board!




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