Dr. Karen Kramer, NLP Mindset Coach

Dr. Karen Kramer, NLP Mindset Coach


Have you ever wondered why you aren't reaching your goals?

Can you visualize the end but you're not getting the results?

It might have something to do with how you are setting the goal...

Past Coaches Go Social™ guest and NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, Dr. Karen Kramer, NLP Mindset Coach has made it her life's work to help women break through their own barriers, see their blind spots while leading them to total alignment and in this quick video clip, she explains how she guides her clients to success!

Surround yourself with other powerful, like-minded women in her Love & Life Lounge where she is offering a free 5-Day Challenge beginning this Monday! Sign up here: bit.ly/LevelUp5Day

I do Breakthrough Coaching … for women going through divorce who are ready to sever the chains of an unfulfilled relationship, come alive, stand in their power, and take charge of their life again! ~ www.DrKarenKramer.com

Have you ever ...
💔 Been through a DIVORCE?
💔 Found yourself instantly trigger by his name or photo?
💔 Felt angry, sad, or hurt by past memories YEARS ago? I did, too! Just like you, I wanted to get "unstuck" and start living again. As an NLP Master Coach, I help you
~ IDENTIFY what you truly want in life
~ RELEASE what's getting in the way, and
~ INSTALL strategies that maintain & sustain for las

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When you join the Recalibrate360 NLP Practitioner Training you gain so much more than the certifications...You make CONNECTIONS, FRIENDS, and even build relationships that feel like FAMILY!

If you've been looking for something to get your 2022 on track, I highly recommend joining me at our San Diego training later this month from March 23-29. Visit this link for more information and message me for a promo code for over $1000 off!

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It's OK to feel the feelings. It's not OK to stay there. So if you find yourself stuck in some emotions, please do something to be able to release them in a HEALTHY way. 💞


🌟 Exciting News to Share! 🌟

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We are now in month THREE of the new year and if you already feel exhausted or you're not where you wanted to be, it's OK!

Take some time to regroup, refocus, and remember that YOU GOT THIS!!!


The Secret: Breakthrough Power

✅ Is there MORE TO LIFE than you are currently living?

✅ Ready to OVERCOME life's obstacles?

✅ Want to know my SECRET TO SUCCESS?

Join me and my dear colleague and friend, Christina J Mangino, as we casually share our life journey's over the last 3 years and the KEY TO SUCCESS that helped US, our FAMILIES, and the CLIENT'S we serve.

If you are ready to LEVEL-UP your life, then we have a treat for YOU! 😀

We have a special BONUS just for watching! ❤️

4 Ways to Practice Self Love in 2022 | HWP 03/03/2022

4 Ways to Practice Self Love in 2022 | HWP

Practicing self-love can lead to much a healthier and happier version of yourself over time, by building up your confidence and self-esteem.

This article describes 4 amazing ways to practice self-love. One of which is a topic I frequently discuss; Challenging the "gremlin voice" or negative self-talk.


4 Ways to Practice Self Love in 2022 | HWP Self-love is an important component of building confidence and self-esteem. If you feel as though you don’t know where to start, here are 4 tools to practice self-love.

How Hidden Mindset Issues Affect Your Career Growth 02/24/2022

How Hidden Mindset Issues Affect Your Career Growth

Mindset plays a HUGE part in the direction and success of your career, not only at the start of your career but continuously throughout.

Impostor syndrome and self-doubt are not the only inhibitors to success. This Entrepreneur article discusses 6 additional mindsets that may be prevent you from reaching your career goals and ultimately living the life you desire.


How Hidden Mindset Issues Affect Your Career Growth You wouldn't advise the people you lead to become complacent with their careers.

Timeline photos 02/24/2022

While grieving, it is important to remember the good times.💞

This is a photo of my family. As I continue my grief journey after losing my mother and brother within a month, I like to look at pictures like this and take a trip down memory lane.

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Breathing exercises are a great way to relieve stress and build resiliency. Belly Breathing is one of the easiest to learn, and you don’t need any special equipment. 🧘 You can do it whenever you want, but I don’t recommend doing it while driving!😉

Click here to read my full blog post on stopping stress with a belly breath.

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The biggest, most profound changes come after you work on your MINDSET! 🧠

7 Expert Tips for Prioritizing Joy in a Romantic Relationship | Well+Good 02/17/2022

7 Expert Tips for Prioritizing Joy in a Romantic Relationship | Well+Good

You may have heard me talk about prioritizing JOY in your life, but did you know that prioritizing JOY within your romantic relationship is also vital for a healthy and happy long term partnership?

This article gives 7 easy ways to help you and your partner prioritize JOY. This includes allowing yourself to be silly 😋 and having fun doing activities together on a regular basis.

My favorite silly activity.......PILLOW FIGHT!!!


7 Expert Tips for Prioritizing Joy in a Romantic Relationship | Well+Good Finding more joy in a relationship often starts with seeing your partner in a new light. Joy and relationship experts share how to do that.

Timeline photos 02/16/2022

Never forget that a small act of kindness can mean the world to someone. ❤️🤗 💐

Thank you to Recalibrate360 , my amazing travel team, and the lovely students who surprised me by showering me with love, hugs, & flowers. After two loved ones passed last month, this was really special to me.

Timeline photos 02/15/2022

My husband chose to walk out on me for Valentine's. No chocolate hearts. No roses. No romance in the air. He just left. And it was traumatic for me and my family at the time. It was not fun. I tried for months to "fix" our marriage. But looking back now, on the anniversary of that Valentine's day, it paved the way for beautiful outcomes and lessons that will serve me for the rest of my life.

Timeline photos 02/14/2022

Happy Valentine's Day! Sending you lots of love for a wonderful day full of joy and laughter.
-Dr. Karen

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Life is short. Appreciate the little things, like the beautiful colors of the sunset in the sky.

8 Habits of Highly Accountable People 02/11/2022

8 Habits of Highly Accountable People

You are RESPONSIBLE for many different aspects of your life, but do you take ACCOUNTABILITY in the outcome of your current and future situation?

This article talks about the difference between responsibility and accountability. Plus, it outlines 8 habits a truly accountable person practices.

Although this article is a little more workplace-oriented, I encourage you to think about how you can apply these habits to your personal life as well.


8 Habits of Highly Accountable People Often you may be responsible but are you accountable? Here are the ways people will really trust you to get things done.

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Whether it's COVID, a new health diagnosis, career crossroads, life "shtuff", ending or starting a relationship...

Whatever it is, life doesn't need to stop, happiness doesn't need to wait until 'this month' is over.

Step back into your life.
Stand in your power.
Grab the metaphorical keys, jump in the driver's seat of your life, and start your engine!

You are going to make this YOUR year.

Timeline photos 02/09/2022

Fixating on the past... what happened, what could have been... can often leave you afraid or unsure of how to move forward.

Thankfully, you don't have to be stuck in your own story!

Everyone deserves to live a life of PURPOSE, one that MOTIVATES them with EXCITEMENT to get out of bed each morning.

I understand what it feels like. I get it. I’ve been there before. I know what it takes to walk alongside one who know they want more out of life.

Let's talk about how you can create the life you've always wanted! https://zcu.io/WyY0


Breakthrough to SUCCESS! 🎉

What's your PASSION? ❤️

What RESULTS have you not achieved in life? 🤔

Ready to follow the path of those who have been SUCCESSFUL? 👍

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I am honored to be part of the Happily Ever After Divorce-Care Conference ~Be the Reason to RESET your Life.

This virtual event brings together 10+ top experts (including myself) to speak about the journey of life, relationships, nutrition, money, healing, and self-care that can support you with reestablishing your life.

We dive deep into life, mindset, health, and you will get practical tools that you can start using immediately from every single expert.

Each expert offers a gift to help you utilize their expertise in your real life.

Cynthia is a Wellness Coach with a goal to create a legacy to empower women worldwide to be leaders of their life, health and self-care.

This free event will RESET your life through this amazing group of experts, packed full of golden nuggets, and support you in multiple ways to get you there quicker.

Hurry to sign up! This 10-Day Summer started on January 31st and ends SOON!

Join us & RESET your life - https://reset4life.co/reset-summit


Success Breakthrough Tour FREE EVENT ($297 Value!)

Master how you THINK, FEEL, & ACT! 🎉

Breakthrough the boredom, burnout & barriers (FREE TICKET!) 02/05/2022

Breakthrough the boredom, burnout & barriers (FREE TICKET!)

No one says it better than my own mentor, Kristi Miller.

Can you ? ❤️

Breakthrough the boredom, burnout & barriers (FREE TICKET!) Turn the life you have into the life you want. Join Kristi Miller & Nathan Rossi for a life-changing event right in your backyard!

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapy 02/04/2022

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapy

People often ask me what NLP stands for. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is one of the methods I use in my Breakthrough Coaching. In the most basic sense, it is intended to help improve an individual's self-awareness.

I have found it to be very effective while working with my clients and encourage anyone interested to learn more. This article is a great place to start!


Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapy Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) therapy incorporates NLP, a set of language- and sensory-based interventions and behavior-modification techniques intended to help improve the client’s self-awareness, confidence, communication skills, and social actions. The goals of NLP are to help the client u...

This is My Story

Have you ever ...

💔 Been through a DIVORCE?

💔 Found yourself instantly trigger by the mere mention of his name or photo?

💔 Felt angry, sad, or hurt by memories of a past relationship YEARS ago?

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🌟 Exciting News to Share! 🌟
The Secret:  Breakthrough Power
Breakthrough to SUCCESS! 🎉
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Grief - Drugs & Labels
A Grief Journey - Coming to the End
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My Grief Journey
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