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Five Star Fish Processing


The Bluefin are here!!!

There’s a few boats running 1.5 day and 1.75 day trips.

There’s limited space, snag your spot!

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Old Glory Sport Fishing called in this afternoon with 20+ Bluefin on the boat!!

Don’t wait, book your reservation today!!! or click on link in bio

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Daiwa Pacific Sportfishing called in today with limits of Bluefin!!

Things are heating up.

If you want a shot at early season bluefin, book NOW!!!

Click on link in bio or link below

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Five Star Fish Processing
Fisherman's Processing
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I've always had great results from Five Star Fish Processing Look at these guys go!
For Immediate Release

March 24, 2022

(Sacramento, CA): Today the California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved a resolution creating a reasonable compliance schedule for repowering commercial passenger fishing vessels.

The Sportfishing Association of California (SAC) and the Golden Gate Fishermen’s Association (GGFA) testified in support of the proposed rule changes presented at today’s CARB hearing.

“CARB’s new rule recognizes that California’s fleet was already reducing emissions as better engine technologies became available,” said Ken Franke, President of the Sportfishing Association of California. “However, the new compliance schedule is aggressive and we will need to be diligent in ensuring continued compliance as new technology becomes available and it is economically feasible and safe. The great news for our coastal communities is that our boats will not be pulled from service starting next year. They will continue to provide millions of Californians affordable access to the sea while also working to reduce emissions.”

An important by-product of this process has been an agreement to work as partners with CARB looking to the future. Noteworthy was the recent visit by senior CARB leadership to the harbor in San Diego. They met with boat owners and captains and later developed a compliance path that worked. The environment and public will benefit from this new relationship. We thank the CARB staff for their efforts,” said Franke.

The cost of new engine and technology will come at considerable cost to boat owners, requiring them to work with CARB and the State Legislature to identify funding to achieve the state’s zero-emission goals by 2045.

“Boat owners are accepting of the new regulations because they embrace the need to lower emissions and to reduce their carbon footprint,” said Rick Powers, president of the Golden Gate Fishermen’s Association. “However, this path is still costly and the State Legislature and the Governor need to make sure that grants that fund lower emission engines are sufficiently funded coastwide. Historically, they have not been and with the passage of new regulations on every type of harbor craft vessel the demand for these programs will be unprecedented.”

* Vessel owners that haven’t upgraded to Tier 3 engines already will be required to do so by December 31, 2024.

* Lower emission Tier 4 engines with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) are required by 2035 under the revised extension process. This provides 12-years for the technology to be developed and for vessels to comply, as opposed to the requirement starting as early as January 1, 2023.

* However, if the mandated technology does not become available or is not proven safe by 2027, CARB will work with vessel owners to consider alternative technologies and compliance timelines.

The regulations considered by the CARB board in November 2022 were economically and structurally infeasible, leading CARB to conclude that vessels would have to be removed from service starting in 2023. When new vessels can cost over $5 million, passenger tickets would have needed to triple for one-day fishing trips, leading boat owners to conclude they would not be able to maintain current passenger loads at higher prices. Coastal communities were concerned about the impact on visitor spending and jobs. The proposed regulations invited opposition from over 23,000 anglers and ocean wildlife viewers who signed a petition asking Governor Newsom to “Save Our Boats,” a bi-partisan coalition of State Legislators and over 60 local, state and national organizations representing sportfishing, boating, retail, small business, tourism, harbors and marinas.


California is one of America’s premiere fishing destinations with over a half a million people a year fishing from sportfishing boats, supporting coastal communities, marinas, and small businesses dependent on outdoor tourism for economic activity, jobs, and tax revenue. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, California’s over 2 million anglers contributed $5.6 billion a year in economic activity and supported nearly 40,000 jobs for our State.

The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation reports that in 2020 fishing participation rates increased to a 12-year high, with growth among nontraditional participants that are younger, more urban, and more diverse with significant gains among women, African Americans, and Hispanics.

The Sportfishing Association of California (SAC) is a trade organization representing Southern California commercial passenger sportfishing vessels and the Golden Gate Fishermen’s Association represents commercial passenger fishing vessels in Northern California.

Frank T. Ursitti

General Manager
H & M Landing

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Welcome back to another Tackle Tip Thursday!
This week we introduce Drew Card, owner and operator of Five Star Fish Processing
You all know to show up early for check-in, get your tackle geared up for the fish fight, and to pack your sunscreen ...but how should you handle all that fish you are gonna conquer?!
Be prepared in ALL the ways necessary, including the aftermath of those trophy fish scores.
Thank you, Drew, for helping us to get the word out about processing.
The Red Rooster III returns home from their Sonny Jones Pelagic 15 day trip tomorrow with plenty of Yellowfin and happy anglers.

Here’s a couple of standouts from the trip. The jackpot went to Jeff Geise who landed a 230 pound Yellowfin.

Five Star Fish Processing
Western Outdoor News
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What do you do when you need a dinosaur processed the proper way?

Send it to Five Star Fish Processing of course.
When you catch a BFT that’s double your weight.

Little G Sportfishing hooked this young man up.

There’s reports of bluefin from 20-200 pounds out there and plenty of Dorado

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The best fishing of the season is happening right now!! Legend Sportfishing returned home with 142 Bluefin, 31 Yellowfin and 2 Yellowtail on their United Composites USA 3 day trip!

Western Outdoor News Five Star Fish Processing Fisherman's Processing

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Captain Junior from Old Glory Sport Fishing checked in tonight and has some tackle recommendations!

Just returned from a 2 day with 75 bluefin. Average was 25-80lbs, 3 over 100. The standout Bluefin were 134lbs, 140lbs and 180lbs.

30-40 lb flyline and a number 2 circle hook were key.

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Here’s the hard working crew of @excalibursportfishing pulling trophy Bluefin this morning.

Congratulations to the anglers who landed their fish of a lifetime!

The Excalibur returned home from their 2.5 day with 23 Bluefin, 22 Yellowtail and 1 Dorado for 28 Anglers.

Grundéns XTRATUF Western Outdoor News Five Star Fish Processing Fisherman's Processing

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Operating as usual


Send it Sunday, we go @smallboatclub with big boat fish.
Fishing was tough the last few days. The fleet has seen good signs of fish, but they did not want to bite.


Hump days looking pretty good. @sauerfishcharters returned with a group of happily exhausted anglers.



Mondays aren’t so bad around here. After a week of weather the fleet is back on the hunt. Fishing was a little tough over the weekend, but the lucky few managed to snag these beautiful bluefin.


Mother’s Day Sunday and we are busy processing the fleets fresh catch.
Some bigger bluefin starting to show up.
We would like to wish all the mothers a wonderful Mother’s Day, we hope you like fresh fish.


Monday morning, we find ourselves processing limits of bluefin for everyone that went out this weekend.
Here we have the @cobaltsportfishing with a happy group.


Going into the weekend with some fresh tuna. Aprils almost gone, the season is approaching fast.
Book your trips, make your reservations.


We are now hiring, join our staff. We have positions available for everyone.
•dock workers
•warehouse workers
•office staff
•shipping department
•fish cutters
•am/pm positions
•full time positions with benifits available
•part time positions.

Come by the office and fill out an application.
Or send a resume to
[email protected]


The fish have been chewing this week. Today we had multiple boats return with limits of beautiful grade bluefin. As you can see, catching these amazing fish put a great big smile on your face.


Easter Sunday with a side of sashimi.
Fishing was slower then it has been the last couple weeks. But there were some quality fish caught this weekend. @clg_marco and his catch, topping out at 88lbs.


Small boat Saturday, we got John Edwards of @smallboatclub with a nice yellowtail.



The Independence returned from a long trip this morning, traveling through the rough weather paid off.

Can you guess the weight on this beautiful yellowfin?


April is looking good, bluefin tuna are biting, yellowtail are biting, boats are running.
Make your reservations, this seasons looking like it’s going to be a busy one.


A few boats came in this morning, limits of bluefin was the average.


The crew making quick work on todays offload. Fresh bluefin being processed ready to get packaged and sealed.


Late march, and we’re back at it already.
Book your trips.
Make your processing reservations *online*

Photos from Five Star Fish Processing's post 03/05/2022

That’s a wrap for the winter long range season. Now for a little break before the spring bluefin trips begin.
Here we have captain @moore_sam349 and avid angler @mitch__chavira with a beautiful yellowfin tuna.


Long range fishing was pretty good this season. Here we have the Independence’s catch waiting to be weighed in and processed.

Five Star Fish Processing updated their website address. 02/09/2022

Five Star Fish Processing updated their website address.

Five Star Fish Processing updated their website address.

Five Star Fish Processing updated their business hours. 02/09/2022

Five Star Fish Processing updated their business hours.

Five Star Fish Processing updated their business hours.

Five Star Fish Processing updated their information in their About section. 02/05/2022

Five Star Fish Processing updated their information in their About section.

Five Star Fish Processing updated their information in their About section.

Five Star Fish Processing now takes appointments on their Page. 02/05/2022

Five Star Fish Processing now takes appointments on their Page.

Five Star Fish Processing now takes appointments on their Page.

Five Star Fish Processing now takes appointments on their Page. 02/05/2022

Five Star Fish Processing now takes appointments on their Page.

Five Star Fish Processing now takes appointments on their Page.


A sunrise shot from the other morning. @excelsportfishing sliding over for a dockside off-load.


This morning we offloaded the @intrepidsportfishing1 long range trip. Quality and quantity, these guys had an excellent trip.


Coming into the weekend,
Offloading fish. Here’s last weekends offload from the @american_angler_longrange


Dockside service this morning. @excelsportfishing returned from a long trip with a nice catch.


The @polarissupreme ended there season with a nice catch of bluefin.


It’s been a crazy year, big thank you to all our customers. And huge thank you to the Sportfishing fleet here in San Diego. Wishing all of you a safe and happy new year!


Wintertime fun for the local guys!


We hardly ever see these guys. The @royalpolarissportfishing returned today with a nice catch and some colorful exotics.


Big fish line up from this mornings offload. There’s some big fish down south waiting for you.


We have the Apollo unloading a nice catch from Guadalupe this morning.
December is here and our season is almost to a close.

We are open 10-2 everyday in December (except for the 24-26) for pick ups.
Come pick up your orders.
Starting in January we will be charging a storage fee.


And back to the grind, here is the second half of that sword fish being processed, enjoy.
Remember to buy from your friends and small businesses today. And tomorrow, and for your holiday shopping.

Five Star Fish Processing: Friend of the fishing fleet for decades!

Five Star Fish Processing Services was founded in 2003, and is the premier sport fishing processor in San Diego. We provide our services to San Diego's ENTIRE Sportfishing fleet and Private Boaters too.

We meet every long range boat at the dock when the trip returns. If you are fishing the local fleet on a 1/2 to 3 day trip please call us to make a reservation for processing BEFORE you depart. If we are on the dock you are welcome to walk up and drop off your fish for processing or you may drop off your fish at our shop during our normal business hours from 10 am to 2 pm June to November and from 7 pm to 10 pm July to October. We are conveniently located just a few blocks from the freeway entrance when you are leaving Point Loma.

At Five Star Fish Processing we provide a number of different options for you catch; fillet and vacuum pack, smoke and vacuum pack, jerky and vacuum pack and tuna burgers.

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