Bay Watch Boot Camp

Bay Watch Boot Camp


Hello, this is Angie and I’m the VP of the California Fitness Association. I just wanted to let you know we are all about supporting, promoting and advancing the California fitness industry. We help connect, educate & provide resources to everyone from personal trainers to full size athletic clubs and studios. I’d love to hear more about you, what it is you do and what makes your business unique! I invite you to visit and like our page and let me know what I can do to help you.
I need a private, in-home, Boot- kicking-me-into-shape Camp!
Wish you all possible success in your personal training. Love and miss you. Grandma and Grandpa
Liking your page Noah Grime keep grinding and spreading the good word of this fitness movement!
dude I want a bay watch bod!
So... 6am??
Noah I know you will make lots of people happy by guiding them to their healthy self! Kick Baywatch B***y!!
love it
Awesome bro. I know with your knowledge and determination you will succeed in helping many people. I wish the best!!! One suggestion, you should bump this jam before each training session, get everybody pumped!!! lol
Tell us about 'em BUCKETS!!
I'd be so down if I lived in SD!

My name is Noah I started Bay Watch Boot Camp with one goal in mind – to inspire clients to set and reach their fitness goals through a fun alternative to traditional indoor workouts.

- All fitness levels welcome! If you’re excited to make change and committed to working hard, we’re glad you’re here!
- Enjoy exercising away from the walls – and attitudes – of the gym! Spend time outdoors with your fellow BootCampers in the San Diego sunshine!
- Stay on top of your fitness goals and inspired to set new ones with workouts that adapt to your personal strengths
- Vary your routine

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 11/19/2013

This is my team taking me through my short shift today!

Day 2, juices #2,3

Left: carrot, apple, pear, ginger (amazing)
Right: kale, parsley, pineapple, orange, lemon

Email me for answers and concerns!

Timeline photos 11/08/2013

you are the s**t! Thanks again for coming down to SD!

Good vibes, good sounds and good people

Check them out they are awesome!


Remember ladies and gents, coffee drys you up, but fresh juice hydrates you and nourishes your skin and gives you that glow!

Timeline photos 11/04/2013

Food. Small wrap, giant man salad

I don't prefer my salad tossed

Timeline photos 10/29/2013

If your trying to gain weight/size/muscle the vegan/vegetarian way, this is the post workout food you want!

Calories, carbohydrates, enough protein, fiber and wide variety of nutrients

This allows you to nourish your body with the right stuff but allowing it to grow too!

Yes, burritos and mcdonalds could give you calories for growth but you'll probably feel like crap, won't be as healthy, and won't perform at well as you could. And more so, you will probably gain too much weight too quickly this way!

You put the work in at the gym or your activities of choice, but are you putting in the extra work in the kitchen..?

Timeline photos 10/17/2013

to when me and buddy Joe snuck down for a closer look!

Golden Gate Bridge with the behind

Timeline photos 10/12/2013

Fighting diseases with my roommate Ashley. We are both a little ill thanks to Fernando!

So I'm starting our curing process with pounds of fresh vegetables and fruit to pump up our immunity!

For two: ~ 20 oz juices
(4) oranges
(2) green apples
(5) stalks celery
(1) handful of red kale
(1) large handful of collard greens
(1) cucumber
(1) handful of baby carrots
(2) tbsp Spirulina Powder

And it shall be

A juice like this is in a smaller quantity every day would drastically lower your chances of getting sick! Winter is coming, health first people!

Timeline photos 10/09/2013

My next book!

Thanks Rowena

Timeline photos 10/02/2013

Happy World Vegetarian Day!

Eat up and be happy about your ingested vegetables!


Come out and get your whole body pumped up at our 8am boot camp tomorrow morning in Mission Bay Park!

For details check out

Timeline photos 08/14/2013

Rebecca and Nicole just killed it doing upper body and core at our 6am boot camp this morning!

Noah's Bay Watch Boot Camp 08/03/2013

Noah's Bay Watch Boot Camp

Happy weekend ya'll!

Give your body and muscles a present for being so strong for you!

Instead of excessively poisoning your body today...

Join us tomorrow morning @ 8am and give your body what it wants! Blood flow, nutrients, and another chance to grow stronger and healthier!

Full body improvement @ Ski Beach

Noah's Bay Watch Boot Camp

Noah's Bay Watch Boot Camp 07/31/2013

Noah's Bay Watch Boot Camp

Workout today is whatever the group votes on! Be there at 630 ya'll! 😄


Noah's Bay Watch Boot Camp

5 or 10 Boot-Camp Classes or 10 Couples Beachfront Boot-Camp Classes at Noah's Bay Watch Boot... 07/26/2013

5 or 10 Boot-Camp Classes or 10 Couples Beachfront Boot-Camp Classes at Noah's Bay Watch Boot...

Here is your chance to join up for an awesome price!

Share this with your friends as a way to help motivate others that you care about!

5 or 10 Boot-Camp Classes or 10 Couples Beachfront Boot-Camp Classes at Noah's Bay Watch Boot... Find great deals on fun things to do!

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Practice on your fitness and you'll be doing things you never thought you could before you know it!

Practicing some right here, form needs work but just started trying these and makes perfect!


The great thing about is that it incorporates , and training as well as some kind of like a type of workout style!

Come try it out and see for self! Power training boot camps tomorrow (Wednesday)

6am and 630pm @ Ski Beach!


Timeline photos 07/23/2013

Victor and Leah warming up with incline push-ups in our endurance workout


Once you can commit to eating mostly healthy foods, then you just have to portion your meals for weight gain, loss or maintenance.

Last part is throwing in some cardio, strength and endurance activity into your lifestyle and your good to go!

Going backwards makes your life difficult...

Bay Watch Boot Camp will give it to you in the right doses!

Timeline photos 07/18/2013

is a great compliment to any sort of activity like running, , or lifting.

*extra flexibility sold separately!

"Like" me on Facebook!

Timeline photos 07/17/2013

for me and my

I made her a and she made us the chewy part of our

Juice-kale, green apples, lemon, carrot, cucumber and celery

Cereal- oats w/ flax and pumpkin seeds mixed, chopped up banana, blueberries, blackberries and brown sugared , almond milk over the top

Start your day off right with the right kind of

Timeline photos 07/16/2013

Join us tomorrow @ 630-730 on Ski Beach in park

Timeline photos 07/11/2013

Bay Watch Boot Camp is reaching out to anyone wanting to get healthy and fit!

Timeline photos 07/11/2013


An easy recipe you can use for everyday juicing that doesn't require many ingredients or many $dollars$

This is the "Green Machine" recipe!

You will literally turn into the HULK if you keep drinking this ;)

-3 red kale leaves and 3 collard green leaves
-2 oranges
-1 green apple
-2 celerys
-1/2 cucumber

This was my drink and was

Timeline photos 07/10/2013

Timeline photos

Haha.. Reality Check! :)

Juicing Vegetables

Noah's Bay Watch Boot Camp 07/09/2013

Noah's Bay Watch Boot Camp

Boot Camp Wednesday is a full body workout, come try it out and push yourself to a new level of fitness!

630-730 @ Ski beach, Mission Bay Park

Contact me for details! 😀

Noah's Bay Watch Boot Camp 07/04/2013

We do it all @

Functional at its best!

Get your on and relieve stress, live healthier and make in the process!

We got something new every time for you 4 days a week!

"Like" me on Facebook! baywatchbootcamp's video on Instagram

Timeline photos 07/02/2013

New Boot Camp Schedule!

Mondays: 630pm-730pm

Wednesdays: 6am-7am

Saturdays: 8am-9am

Sundays: 8am-9am

Set more time aside for yourself and come try a boot camp! 06/26/2013

for me and my :)


-2 organic navel oranges
-1 large organic cucumber
-2 green Granny Smith apples
-1 large carrot
-2 handfuls of spinach
-3 stalks of celery

Made about 24 ounces of juice

Use as much organic produce as you can afford for optimum baywatchbootcamp's video on Instagram

Noah's Bay Watch Boot Camp 06/24/2013

Noah's Bay Watch Boot Camp

Full Body Workout today @ 6pm! Ski Beach, Mission Bay Park

Keep your heart rate at the top while building muscle, endurance, speed and coordination. Come try it for yourself and boost your motivation to reach your goals!

Noah's Bay Watch Boot Camp 06/23/2013

"Green Lean" Juice Recipe :)

* 2 Green apples
* 1 cucumber
* 1 Giant handful of spinach
* 1 large carrot
* 1/2 lemon
* knuckle of ginger
Makes about 16 ounces


Just enough sugar to wake you up any time of the day! Great for or or just a snack ;) it : )

Tons of hydrating, repairing, and nourishing vitamins and minerals!

Get your on! baywatchbootcamp's video on Instagram

Timeline photos 06/22/2013

Perfect snack

A bunch of carbs and protein in one refreshing package :)

Obviously this is just a snack, so I will be eating again in probably 1< hour ;)

No matter what lifestyle you follow, you need carbs to sustain energy levels and proper so get them in larger quantities before and after you

Timeline photos 06/22/2013

Be there for tomorrow's boot camp! Full body workout @ 9am! :)

It will be a beautiful day to do so! No sweat, no glory!

Timeline photos 06/18/2013

Get your on!

This wakes you up without bringing you down!

This recipe doesn't take long to prepare and is refreshing, low sugar, cheap and tastes rather :)

1 apple
1/2 large cucumber
1 large handful of red kale
4 stalks celery
3 long carrots
Knuckle of ginger
1/4 small beet

Made about 18 oz juice

A bunch of good vitamins and minerals in this juice, also know as which are much overlooked than MACROnutrients!

Timeline photos 06/18/2013

When most are out driving around and waiting in line, I've already cooked this in half the time for half the cost! : )

, basmati rice w/ low sodium butternut squash soup added, tomato, red ,

Hummus on top just because!

Mobile uploads 06/18/2013

Boot Camp Mondays!

Mobile uploads 06/15/2013

Saturdays boot camp success with only 2! : )




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