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I'm excited to announce my all new release of my online e-course titled "8 Ways to be 10x Better" the Work Book. Yes, you get the course for highly discounted rate, a comprehensive workbook as well. Get Yourself set up for SUCCESS in 2022 by taking this course right now!



Classy Ninja Donovan Metoyer Goes for It on the Warped Wall | American Ninja Warrior

That's how your mindset guides your skillset💯


It's going down in Doha Qatar.

Digital Acceleration; Intro to New Tech & New Skills Education 11/13/2020

Digital Acceleration; Intro to New Tech & New Skills Education

Do you have the right information about the Future of work and our economy in this automation age? I invite you to join me to find out about the New Tech, how to get new Skills to increase Your Power! Take a look... https://youtu.be/WeCp55jpRlk

Digital Acceleration; Intro to New Tech & New Skills Education Welcome to the introduction video describing our new upcoming digital tech education course. Do you have the right information about the new tech that's bein...


How many of you have reviewed your current skills? Are you "promotion" ready? Consider upskilling your talent for the next normal. Ask me how😁



If you are in Texas or near, take a look. And share with your friends and family.



When student is ready, the teacher appears.🧑‍🎓

Photos from Rashid Hill Career Coach's post 10/10/2020

In the coming days I will be updating and transforming this page to my all new Career Readiness Strategies page. A new direction; exciting times. Ride with me...

Why Peak Performers Are High Achievers! 09/17/2020

Why Peak Performers Are High Achievers!

Check out this great article I wrote some time ago. Is your child a high achiever? He/she could be.

Why Peak Performers Are High Achievers! How would you like to know more about what the real source of peak performers is in life or on their job? What can we do to improve our capabilities? Is it better education or better referrals? Better training or better access? We leave it up to you; the reader.


Create an online course about my book?

During the pandemic what got you by everyday? What are you doing now? Life happens and I am talking about if you can be happy you can create beautiful outcomes. Listen to my impromptu FB live.


Update and Upgrade.

Kimberly Jones Speaks about protests and riots 06/24/2020

Kimberly Jones Speaks about protests and riots

Sometimes it's got to be said.

Kimberly Jones Speaks about protests and riots This is the raw, unfiltered rage, disgust and pain that is felt by our community for unacceptable behavior time and time again. Ask the question, What are yo...


This will make you understand privilege

What did you learn?


On the Triple Effect we have a series of interviews coming soon speaking about Your Covid Story. Do you have a story that may help others get through these challenging times? Let me know. Next Episode coming May 30, 2020. Find it at www.changethegame1000.org

District Director Pin 2019-2020 05/01/2020

District Director Pin 2019-2020

District Director Pin 2019-2020 This year's District Director pin is a tradition symbolizing exceptional contributions and accomplishments in the Toastmasters program. I have chosen to use the TI Outstanding TM pin. To earn a pin, you must accumulate 10 points by fulfilling any combination of the following standards, and apply for...

Fake: Old Video Shared as Muslims Licking Plates to Spread Corona 04/25/2020

Fake: Old Video Shared as Muslims Licking Plates to Spread Corona

This group should be considered "frontline" defenders of truth in social media journalism. Job well done. They will stay busy on FB alone. Yet, they are active on other platforms as well.

Fake: Old Video Shared as Muslims Licking Plates to Spread Corona A video of some men licking utensils is going viral with the claim that it shows them trying to spread coronavirus.


Something positive... Let's start here. Do you know how to self-motivate? Here are some "mind-shifts" that can help.

The following Mantras/Positive Self Talk can help you to stay strong in these troubling times. Whichever ones resonate, post them on your mirror or your computer, say them often, daily:

“Figure It Out – You’ve Got This”
This helps to shift the mind from emotional mode to analytical mode and get your mind working to find creative solutions to new challenges.

“My Comfort Zone Surrounds Me”
Remember what works for you in any situation. Instead of stepping outside your Comfort Zone, wrap yourself up in it and take it with you into every new and uncomfortable situation. Your Comfort Zone includes everything you need: your strengths, all your successes, your talents & skills, lessons you’ve learned, your support systems. Expand your Comfort Zone with every new challenge.

“Try Me!”
Instead of “Why Me?” When challenges make you question yourself and your ability think, “Try Me!” to strengthen your resolve and endure, in any situation.

“What You Focus On You Manifest/Become”
I learned this from Tony Robbins. So powerful when you realize your mind is the control panel.
If you focus on fear, you become fear. If you focus on hopelessness and ineffectiveness, you become hopeless and ineffective. The Law of Attraction is always in action, so focus on your purpose and stay present in your intention and authenticity. Acknowledge and process the fear, then stay in control of your mind to start moving forward.

“I Forgive Myself”
Sometimes emotions overwhelm us and distract us from what’s really important. If you let fear and uncertainty put you in a negative, stuck place, then forgive yourself for having made an emotional mistake. Self-awareness and self-forgiveness free you up and allow you to handle difficult situations head-on. In the reduction of fear, the innate strength is realized.

Join me for more uplifting and positive ways to get through these troubled times. For more you can connect with me Next Level Minds


To Everyone, TODAY I want to do something Positive!

It's hard to know what to say during such unprecedented times. A time in which the entire world is on edge and fearful, utterly uncertain about the future…

So many are wondering how they're going to care and provide for themselves, their families, or their businesses. They're worried that the life they've been dreaming about for so long will now drift further from their reach.

We're figuring it all out as well.

But we know how easy it can be to let the fear and worry take over, leaving us feeling paralyzed, hopeless, and stuck. In times like these, it's important to remember what it means to adapt.

Adjust to a new way of life, for the time being. Adjust to the seemingly unfair circumstances that we face. Adjust your mindset to focus on what you can control rather than what you cannot.

Today, I want to do something a little different to help you stay focused, positive, and productive during this time.

Despite the challenges, we’ve been given an incredible opportunity to lean forward, learn new things, and grow in ways we’ve known we could yet, haven’t started.

I want to offer you the way to become actively flexible in these “opportunity zones” or times of change, and remain productive and positive. With this uncertainty you can ignite true breakthroughs! That’s why we’re giving you access to resources that will guide your new journey:

In the near future I will post some helpful resources to guide you during this time.
- Positive Themes w/brief videos
- Free Reading Materials
- Free Training posts

For all that engage with comments, questions and any post will get free gifts as we go along as well. Thanks for hanging with me.

anchor.fm 12/21/2019

Connecting or just Speaking; Season 01 Episode 19 by The Triple Effect • A podcast on Anchor

The Triple Effect Podcast. Season 1, Ep 19 is live and ready now on Anchor-fm. Check out my latest episode.

anchor.fm "Facts tell, Stories sell." This is understood by every good salesperson. When we speak are we deliberate in our intention to connect? Or do we memorize the lines to sell the product? What happens when you get objections or denials? Are you prepared or just "winging it?" N today's episode, I want to...

bbc.com 12/13/2019

Why some people are always running late

Is tardiness your nemesis? Or, is being late even rude? What's a better way to view the "punctual-challenged".

bbc.com It’s not always rudeness or scatter-brained behaviour – it can be something much deeper, writes Laura Clarke

forge.medium.com 12/09/2019

The Cure for Toxic Positivity

Have you been around people that seem to be eternally positive? What about the term toxic masculinity or femininity? Is it toxic to experience someone that is comfortable with themselves and unconsciously expresses this behavior. Let's explore toxic positivity. Next Level Minds

forge.medium.com ‘Hang in there!’ can do more harm than good

industrialiotseries.com 12/07/2019

Timeline of Revolutions | Industrial IoT

What will be the best career of the future? Will my occupation be transformed by the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution? How about robots, cobots, AI or intelligent automation being the replacement for human workforce. Let's take a look.

industrialiotseries.com 18 February Timeline of Revolutions Posted by Alessia Ferrari ai automation Big Data blockchain Cloud cloud computing Connection connectivity cyber security Development digital transformation digitalization IIoT IIoT Summit Industrial Industrial Internet Innovation Industrial Internet of Things Indu...


The Opposite of Focus

vox.com 10/03/2019

The decline of the suit

Is a suit still the status for a high standard? Only in business circles or as a statement? What are your thoughts on this trend?

vox.com The suit was once a requirement for every man. Now, people mostly wear suits when they’re in trouble.


Building our skills is an ongoing task. No one will "max-out" their learning capacity. We do have a cap on how much we can learn yet, we do not have a cap on what we are "capable" of learning. (Yes, there is a difference)

As a professional consultant, I find the best experience is to identify what I am good at. What are my potential success factors. Many times we think we know what we are good at vs what we are familiar or comfortable with. If you know the difference then you have attained a high level of self awareness. This is great. I've found the best way to get to know yourself and how far you might go in life is with assessments. MBTI, DiSC, & PCM to name a few.

These will give you the ability to know how well you adapt to current and possible situations, your capacity to develop personal connections w/o getting personal, how to build impact and also how to increase operational effectiveness and engagement.

These are a few of the benefits of valuable assessments for personal and professional awareness. Get to know yourself with the assistance of a professional assessment administrator. Let me know if you're interested.


8 Effective Principles that will give you the Drive to live life fully.

YoU cAn fiNd It HeRe! Designed to upgrade your potential, infusing your intellect in order to produce top performance. Get Your copy Today. www.8ways2be10xbetter.info

8ways2be10xbetter.info An empowerment guide that will take you from theory to action, from story to glory and give you the tools to enhance your life and lifestyle

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