pb fit yoga

pb fit yoga


Word on the beach via Lindsay Wells is that Monday is gear tagging day in La Jolla so we cooked up a plan...

FREE Yoga for You! Monday at 9:15am at pb fit yoga in North PB-- #justshowup wearing tagged NP gear and get in for free. I'll be teaching a BE Balanced / mobility and mindful movement-type class - come on over. It'll be fun.

4965 Cass St - join the crew and come after coffee. I'll see ya beforehand for the first part of the Monday workout!
Thank you for a beautiful class today at pb fit yoga. Something so magical about being outside and connecting to our body and breath.

The intention I offered up was acknowledging community. There is power in showing up for ourselves and showing up for others. I have felt so blessed by all the people that show up to our classes and share their hearts with the group.

Thank you so much for creating this community today ❤


Functional fitness training. Mindful yoga strength. Unlimited possibility! We offer functional group training and mindful mobility classes that fuel connection, positivity, and well-being in community.

Operating as usual

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Tonight! With Victoria Sallie

Pacific Beach Community FlowLift Fitness 11/12/2019

Pacific Beach Community FlowLift Fitness

2 spots left for Community FlowLIFT Fitness - Tues 11/12 @ 6pm! Taught by our newest instructor Allie Dudash - Sign up to reserve your weights.


Pacific Beach Community FlowLift Fitness PB Fit Yoga Presents: Community FlowLIFT Fitness! Feel good and get fit in the best new way with FlowLIFT Fitness at PB Fitness & Yoga!


12 Week FlowLIFT Challenge Champion Announced...!

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Free on Halloween morn? Join us to BE Mobile w/ Nam --subbing the 9:15am!

Fritz's dad is a rockstar teacher - - come see for yourself!

Troy R. Underwood Lynnia Shanley Donna Barry Lynaugh Shirley Fleig Susan Avery Vicki Albery Gary Ware Ryan Suffridge Erin Kate Bill Brown MC Fitzgerald Mary Margaret

When Your Doctor Recommends Yoga 09/30/2019

When Your Doctor Recommends Yoga

Our OG combo member Shirley introduced me to Leanna, a fellow Yoga Medicine by Tiffany Cruikshank advocate. In an invigorating Zoom intro meeting, my new fellow shared this article she published:

Have you been prescribed yoga by your doctor?

Not all yoga is the same.

Leanna is spot on when she says:

"Practice at a studio with a qualified instructor! Do your research as well in order to assure that you receive healthy instruction and the proper class for YOU."


When Your Doctor Recommends Yoga Leanna Hamilton for Yoga Medicine® discusses the concept of a yoga prescription - or a doctor recommendation that you start yoga. Learn about some of the benefits, and how to maximize the chance of success. Yoga Prescription: When Your Doctor Recommends Yoga The benefits of

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Unlimited Group Fitness, Yoga, FlowLIFT Fitness, and Open Gym for $99! New members -- this week only.

Join online here or at the front desk before your 1st class!

New Member Special🚨
Chance to check it all out !
🔥 Unlimited Outdoor Group Fitness
🔥 Unlimited Yoga + FlowLift
🔥Open Gym
🙌🏽 ALL Included - $99!
*End of Month Special * Limited time
*New member only
*30day pricing, regular price after
💪🏽Join today- link in bio.
📬questions/[email protected]

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Remember that Yoga Attendance Challenge Raffle we had in June?

Today, as a winner redeeming her prize, Robin and her daughter, who is visiting from Minneapolis where she’s going to St. Cate’s for grad school, got a SUP Yoga class on Mission Bay.

We had so much fun and relaxation!

Get your yoga on with us! We build your capacity to find balance and breathe through the biggest waves when you commit to consistent inward practice and thee best movement community!

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- Meet our Combo Member Yuka!

She is our neighbor, a Researcher at University of Illinois at Chicago, a regular of Hot or Not THAI, and an Outdoor and Extraordinaire!

We asked her 3 questions...

1)Why Group Fitness?
"It actually makes working out fun and refreshing. The open air classes are super tough but fun, mostly thanks to the creative workouts and the amazing coaches."

2)Why Yoga?
"Yoga is like going to a therapist for my mind and spirit. I would be lost without it."

3) Why PB Fitness?
"PB Fitness is unique because of the dedicated team that makes you feel welcome, and the beautiful outdoor space. It feels more like a community space than a gym."

We love our !

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New Member Special! No strings attached. Until 8pm on Thursday 7/18. Call us (952) 913-6305‬, sign up online with link in comments, or stop in.

Join our seriously awesome community-driven movement community in North .

BE Nourished (Deep Stretch Yin) with Victoria & Pearl
BE Serene (Slow Flow) with Abigail and Lizzie
BE Mobile (Functional Mindful Strength) w/ Nam & Kristiana
BE Balanced (Vinyasa) with Kristen and Suze
BE Fit Ashtanga Power Vinyasa with Lara and Lizzie

+ FlowLIFT Fitness: an innovative 45 min high-intensity class with light ankle & hand weights, combining moves from Pilates, yoga, and weight training with Leah!


June Yoga Attendance Challenge Raffle Winners!


Offer redeemable until Saturday 6/29 at 1pm. Sign up online, by phone, or at the front desk. See you on your mat!

5 different styles of yoga from to , with FlowLIFT Fitness class on Saturdays included in this offer!


Fridays until July...get a FlowLIFT Fitness 5 pack for $60! Leah Vacher teaches this super fun 45 min sweaty combo moves class (with doors open!) on Saturdays at 10am.

Get in on this deal! Here: https://pbfitnesssd.com/sign-up/

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24 hr flash sale! Until Tuesday 6/4 at 8pm, — $30 for 30 days Unlimited Yoga!

Classes every weekday 9:15am and 7:15pm.
Plus, 2 bonus classes: a mobility class with Nam Chaterrwyn at 6am on Fridays and a FlowLIFT Fitness class with Leah Vacher!

Rooftop yoga, open air yoga, Ashtanga yoga, yin yoga- with best instructors in town!

Community-driven, ego free fitness.

Stop by or give us a call to redeem this offer.


Yes! We are open for Memorial Day. Top off this beautiful day with a BE Balanced class with Abigail at 7:15pm!

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Meet Kristen Nicole - our new BE Balanced Instructor. She teaches on Mondays 7:15pm -- starting tonight!

What does BE Balanced mean? "With a blend of support and challenge, this class prepares you for balancing postures ranging from grounding mountain to handstand. Dynamic movements and creative sequencing give a “meditation in motion”. For All Levels"

Kristen's classes use intelligent, dynamic sequencing to allow students to re-engage with their bodies and reap the therapeutic effects of skillful, novel movement.

She ties an off-the-mat focus to every class, which is where her passion for her personal yoga practice has really shown up - in everyday life.

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Where are you catching the sunset tonight? Just before your evening yoga class, on our roof? Come enjoy a mellow BE Serene class with Lizzie Wurm at 7pm tonight!

Check out our full schedule online here: https://pbfitnesssd.com/schedule/

Does your gym look like a piece of art?
Come and try out the #1 rooftop gym in town today!

Sign up online, link in bio.


pb fit yoga updated their business hours. 04/11/2019

pb fit yoga updated their business hours.

pb fit yoga updated their business hours.


Sub Alert! The fantastic Yoga Jawn is teaching a BE Fit class at 9am tomorrow - Tuesday 4/8. Now that it's warm, we can take advantage of our gorgeous outside space!

Sub Alert! Tomorrow at 9AM I'll be teaching BE Strong yoga (power flow) at PB Fitness. I get a free guest pass, would you like to be my guest? If you live in PB, your first class is free. Let's flow ;)

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Plan for tonight- Group Fitness at 6, scope out the sunset on the roof, Deep stretch Yoga at 7. Let’s level up!


Our next 30 Day Yoga Challenge is HERE!!! & We've raised the stakes this time :) When is your next pb fit yoga class?

Donna Barry Lynaugh Jamie Plemons Claudia Lee Francis St John Pearl Mann Leah Vacher Francesca McGuffie Lara Kathryn Nam Chanterrwyn Becca Gutstadt Kristiana Dalfio John Quirk Ted Harelson Adolfo Meza Holly Hersey Audrey Hanes

We've Lost Touch with Our Bodies 03/02/2019

We've Lost Touch with Our Bodies

Here is the article that we are reading & discussing at our pb fit yoga teacher gathering on Sunday - Thank you Kate Beckel & Prison Yoga Project - San Diego.

Interoception training could thus be used to help us form a better, healthier sense of our own bodies by focusing on our internal sensations both at the visceral level (interoception) and that of our body’s movement (proprioception). This is in fact what ancient health systems like yoga try to do by combining calisthenics with interoceptive and mindful awareness.


We've Lost Touch with Our Bodies But we can get it back through a process known as “interoception”


Introducing.......! Meet Holly Hersey, our fabulous Group Fitness & Yoga Member! She rocks the 6am group fitness and 7pm yogas on the regs.

~~Why does she practice yoga ?

“Through my yoga journey, I’m learning to love the aspects of balance it provides:

✨relaxation / intensity
✨ focus / playfulness, &
✨introspection / community, to name a few. "

~~Why practice here?

"PB Fitness has provided me with a space to practice both and alongside amazing trainers & instructors at a beautiful venue!”

We love our members! We are glad to feature a member of our community each month, and reward them with a Gift Card from our awesome neighbors, Java Earth Cafe.

#thisisyoga 02/17/2019


"We thought yoga had to look a certain way. [After practicing here], we learned that yoga means union: finding a way to play together, to explore and learn and build community, friendship, and imagination. That became our new shared definition of yoga."

What is yoga? Yoga is union, community. Yoga is self-discovery, self-determination. Yoga is negotiation, balance. People > poses. Feeling > doing.

As the former Community Wellness Research Lead for UC San Diego's Lab of Comparative Human Cognition for 5 years, our Yoga Director Abigail broke down at the heart level what yoga is in order to build an inclusive program to work for the people who to practice.

Here is a media project by UCSD undergrads reflecting on their time at TCLC (Town & Country Learning Center in Southeast SD where Abigail + University & Community partners co-created a yoga program:


#thisisyoga Yoga at Town & Country Learning Center


Welcome to our team, Nam Chanterrwyn ✨ BE Strong with Nam every Wednesday at 6am! ✨

✨Nam is an E-RYT 500 & YACEP teacher who has trained under Jason Crandell Yoga and been featured on Yoga International. As a student of yoga and modalities, his yoga classes are grounded in strength, anatomical detail and ✨Nam focuses on detailed verbal cues and expert to help students find a fuller experience in their yoga practice

✨ He emphasizes specific learning objectives in each of his classes, and is known in the professional athlete community for helping to rehab injuries by increasing strength at the end range of motion. ✨

✨As a YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) educator, Nam has been considered by his community as a "Teacher's Teacher" who enjoys helping students as well as other yoga teachers further their study and understanding of yoga and movement.✨


Do you have your yoga schedule dialed in for the week? We've added more classes to make it easier for you to get your in. Tag a friend & enjoy some ~ Hot tea & serene space await!

Ted Harelson Vicki Albery Anne Gehman Erika Wexler Francis St John Mahtaab Khanjari Nam Chanterrwyn Troy R. Underwood Knight Campbell Nicholas Naylor-Leyland Tim Campbell PB Fitness Lizzie Wurm Lara Kathryn John Quirk Leah Vacher Pearl Mann

Head To PB Fitness For An Open-Air Sweat Session And Rooftop Ocean Views 02/05/2019

Head To PB Fitness For An Open-Air Sweat Session And Rooftop Ocean Views

"We want[ed] to build a community — a place everyone knows your name and you look forward to going to the gym and working out" - Katie Cardoza, co-owner of PB Fitness with Justin Verdugo, fitness professionals who have been working side-by-side with Yoga Director Abigail Jones for 3.5 years.

Our team found the perfect location: “We found a gym that is indoor [and] outdoor, [has] three separate decks, and a third floor sky lounge [where you can] see all the way to Ocean Beach, downtown, Mt. Helix…” “The gym, location, and locals are absolutely bar-none.”

Not much beats soaking up the San Diego sun while you sweat it out on a rooftop overlooking the city. Try out a group fitness AND a yoga class, all on a FREE 3 day trial!


Head To PB Fitness For An Open-Air Sweat Session And Rooftop Ocean Views PB Fitness in San Diego just opened on Class St. and they’ve got an epic outdoor space and rooftop ocean views that’ll inspire you to push through anything.


Catch our BE Strong Class with John Quirk- Tonight at 7pm and Thursday at 9am!

BE Strong is an invigorating class that blends a Vinyasa flow with dynamic breathing and mindful strength exercises, with a few deep stretch poses to end.

This class is suited for beginners to advanced practitioners alike seeking to enhance clarity, sustainability, attention, and presence in their practice.

Sign up online to save time here: https://pbfitnesssd.com/schedule/

Audrey Hanes Donna Barry Lynaugh Lara Kathryn Lizzie Wurm Francesca McGuffie Rachelle Moss Halsell Claudia Lee Tim Campbell Brent C Johnson Kristiana Dalfio

PB Fitness Farmer's Market 01/29/2019

We are building a community of wellness in North Pacific Beach. Our first Fitness Farmer's Market: PB Fitness Grand Opening was a glimpse in the future we are creating together. Because together is better!

*SPECIAL OFFER EXTENDED Until Wednesday 1/30 --Receive a $25 Java Earth Cafe Gift Card when you sign up for Unlimited Group Fitness + Yoga Combo Membership!

Includes 180+ classes a month + access to our steam room, rooftop ocean views, & members only events.

Unlimited classes = Unlimited potential. Let's go!

Our first PB Fitness Farmer's Market!

PB Fitness Farmer's Market 01/29/2019

Our first PB Fitness Farmer's Market!


Thank you to all of those who came out to celebrate with us yesterday!

No Yoga Pants were harmed in the making of this pic 🙊🙉🙈

Timeline photos 01/24/2019

Free juice! Free granola! Free group fitness at 9am! Join us on Saturday for our Grand Opening and 1st PB Fitness Farmer’s Market!

Meet our team of yoga instructors and fitness trainers. Enjoy our rooftop views of the ocean. And hang out with our awesome community!

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Announcing.... our first Yoga Partner Attendance Challenge!

Here's how you enter:

1. Pick a partner! Find one at your next yoga class :)
2. Email [email protected] with your team name. Then we will make you a Scorecard (held onto at the Front Desk)
3. Between the two of you, attend 20 yoga classes in 30 days (Jan 22-Feb 21)
4. Text your partner to let each other know when you'll be in class. Extra 1/2 stamp when you attend class together!

Viola! Come Feb 21, if your team completes the challenge, you'll each receive a $15 gift card to treat yourself at Second nature across the street!

Jenna Grimes Bella Peck Darek Velez Claudia Lee Francesca McGuffie Audrey Hanes Pearl Mann Kristiana Dalfio Leah Vacher Sarah Worley Alex Pardus Jamie Plemons Vanessa Saraspe Lovett Rachelle Moss Halsell Lizzie Wurm John Quirk Liza Woelk

Fitness, meet Yoga.

In November of 2018, PB Fitness owner Katie Cardoza called up her good friend Abigail.

These ladies taught back-to-back classes at their neighborhood beach-front gym in Pacific Beach together for nearly 3 years. Katie taught Group Fitness. Abigail taught Yoga. But there was a distinct line between the two. Until now.

Katie said, “Hey. I just started running out of this new fitness space. We’ve got a yoga room. Let’s get together.”

So, along with Katie’s “Biz” partner Justin, Abigail and Katie founded pbfityoga. The concept was simple: blur the line between fitness and yoga. Let’s see where these two movement domains can shake hands, overlap. What can we learn from the other? How can we develop better conversations across domains to fuel each other with collaborative intelligence?

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BE Serene
Make your way




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Opening Hours

Monday 6am - 8:30pm
Tuesday 6am - 8:30pm
Wednesday 6am - 8:30pm
Thursday 6am - 8:30pm
Friday 6am - 8:30pm
Saturday 9am - 1pm

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