San Diego Fitness Coach

I am an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I train at the Aztec Recreation Center. I'm here to coach you toward achieving your fitness goals.

I am also a graduate student at SDSU, KU alumni, and amateur strongman competitor.

Operating as usual

[09/11/12]   If you're reading this you should like Strong Made Simple. SDFitCoach has moved! 01/26/2012

Guest Post by Strength Coach Dewey Nielson: “MovNat … Far More Important...

Great guest post on MovNat Recently, Clifton Harski came to my facility, Impact Performance Training & Jiu-jitsu to teach a MovNat workshop. This is one of those workshops...



Free workout/bootcamp!
I am transitioning from San Diego Fitness Coach to the new Strong Made Simple page. I will be selecting 10 people that like the new page for a free weekend bootcamp or personal training session with myself.

Go LIKE the new Strong Made Simple FB page and you'll get all the new content as well.


Strong Made Simple

What kinda strength is most important to you?


Strong Made Simple - About Me

New website and blog in the works. If you have ideas for logos or other graphic work plz toss em my way. Welcome to Strong Made Simple. My name is Brian Tabor. I am a strength coach for a variety of people and athletes ranging from weekend warriors to D1 athletes and Navy Seals. I make getting stronger simple. No matter your end goal, somewhere along the way you'll need to develop some type of strength

[01/26/11]   Offering free resistance training instruction on Tuesdays @ 4:30pm and Thursdays @ 6:30pm by appointment only. Free to all just message me to sign up in advance.

[12/27/10]   Its a new year and I'm done with school so look out. Check out my email sign up tab too. You can see SDFitCoach news in your email now. 12/20/2010

San Diego Fitness Coach: A Simple Guide to Interval Training 12/14/2010

San Diego Fitness Coach

New content and videos over at the site! 12/07/2010

San Diego Fitness Coach

More recent blog stuff for your viewing pleasure. Be cool and post comments


Inman Attempt 1

Yesterday was the first attempt at training for the Inman Mile. Here's a quick vid of the horrid ordeal

My first attempt at the Inman Mile; 12-4-210. Used 165lbs and pretty much broke it down into intervals to get a feel for it... Burgess came along to film and spell me when I needed it

[12/02/10]   Time to squat!

[11/25/10]   Great Training Tool for Everyone! 11/23/2010

Brian Tabor (SDFitCoach) on Twitter

Yes I'm on twitter as well... I am Fitness coach as well as a graduate student at SDSU. Its my pleasure to bring better health to people ready to make change. 11/23/2010

San Diego Fitness Coach

Just threw up a little slide3 show from nationals over at the blog 11/20/2010

I just posted videos of my events at North American Strongman Nationals. Check me out :) Share your videos with friends, family, and the world 09/10/2010

San Diego Fitness Coach

My good friend, Alex just put up a new post at the blog. She talks about her first experience with ocean swimming. Check it out and expect more in the future from her as well. 08/02/2010

San Diego Fitness Coach

New blog post up about food choices. How do you choose your healthy foods? Do you look for carbs? Protein? Fiber? What is your go to nutrition info you use for your food choices at the grocery store?

[08/01/10]   Boot Camp Information

[07/21/10]   Great boot camp this morning even in the drizzle! 07/21/2010

Ward Canyon Neighborhood park - Google Maps

Come check out the new bootcamp tomorrow morning at 7am! First week is free! You'll learn how use kettlebells and bodyweight for big improvements in strength, conditioning, and fat loss!

[07/19/10]   Can't wait to see everyone for boot camp at 7am in Ward Canyon Neighborhood Park. We will be meeting by the amphitheater steps in the center of the park! Call me at (619) 940-4822 if you need help :)

[07/15/10]   New bootcamp starts monday! Message me for details!

[07/13/10]   I'm starting a new bootcamp in SD. You'll learn how to use kettlebells and body weight exercises for strength conditioning and fat loss. Message me with your email if you are interested! 06/17/2010

San Diego Fitness Coaching

Yelp me! 1 Review of San Diego Fitness Coaching "Brian is an amazing personal trainer actually, he's way more than a trainer, he's more like someone to help you reach your fitness goals. Really, he goes above and beyond for his clients and…


San Diego Fitness Coach

New post up at the blog! New newsleter out! Send me your email if you'd like to recieve the Inch By Inch Newsletter that I write for. I love when research backs up ideas that seem simple logical. It continues to reinforce my notion that simple works. Now granted this may not seem like the most simple of idea to most people, but when you break down what the study did it was simple. ...

[06/09/10]   The 2nd issue of the Inch By Inch Newsletter just went out. If you didn't receive your copy and wish to subscribe just send me your email! 05/21/2010

San Diego Fitness Coach

Andrew Motiwalla, thanks for the article idea. New post up at the blog on warm ups. Please leave your favorite warm up in the comments! The New York Times recently ran an interesting article titled "The Right Way to Warm Up Is (Your Answer Here)." Interesting in that I have a few things to say about it and that I find it a little misleading.The ...


San Diego Fitness Coach: SNL, sponsored by the Shake Weight

LOL I just posted the new SNL shake weight commercial over at the blog! 04/30/2010

San Diego Fitness Coach

New stuff up over at the blog, please don't forget to subscribe and receive the Inch by Inch Newsletter as well! It features full articles by myself and other coaches/trainers not featured on sdfitcoach Back in my day I didn't have to walk to school without shoes, but I was fortunate enough to have plenty of opportunity to play in the grass and neighborhood without shoes. I walked through river beds, ran through the neighbors back yards, and even rode my bike without shoes quite a bit. ... 04/28/2010

Success Story: Jim Murphy - Men's Fitness Jim Murphy pulled a 65,000-pound dump truck, completed an 895-pound deadlift, and won the Massachusetts State Strongman Championships three years in a row. But when he helped a friend move into her apartment ... 04/19/2010

San Diego Fitness Coach

sign up to receive the newsletter over at 1st issue just went out! Two studies showing that Restricting calories, and running long distances every weekcan slow down the aging process. I guess I'm just a star that burns bright right now. Maybe someday I'll eat less and run more, but for now I'll lift things and eat meat because thats what I like to do. ...

[04/18/10]   FREE WORKSHOP MAY 6th @ 6:00pm in front of the Aztec Rec Center. Stretching and Foam Rolling for Fitness Success 04/17/2010

San Diego Fitness Coach

Head on over to the blog and hit the subscribe button on the right. Its fun and easy! Two studies showing that Restricting calories, and running long distances every weekcan slow down the aging process. I guess I'm just a star that burns bright right now. Maybe someday I'll eat less and run more, but for now I'll lift things and eat meat because thats what I like to do. ... 04/15/2010

San Diego Fitness Coach

Raw milk and whole eggs at An interesting short article from the LA Times Q and A section on whole eggs and cholesterol. I eat whole eggs almost everyday myself. No problems with cholesterol yet for me. I also suggest to my clients ...




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