PowerDot: Smart Muscle Stimulation

PowerDot: Smart Muscle Stimulation


Can you tell me the difference in the pro vs pain bundle
Any advice mine brand new keeps disconnecting or won’t connect ??? Works awesome when it works. Like rt now it’s on working but disconnected an can’t do anything as to turn up see how much time I have nothing so I will have to turn dot off an try reconnect it again🤦‍♀️
I want to return my power dot with the 30 day trial period please. I have emailed and sent a messenger message requesting an RMA number can this please be provided so i can return the item.
חברים אני לא מצליח להתחבר להתקנים זקוק לעזרה?
my dog chewed my powerdot case up and got one of the cords... is there a replacement cord i can buy?
I have had this for just over a week. I am amazed it really works. However I can no longer connect. I have tried all sorts. Where can I get technical support to sort my issue in the UK.
Anyone in customer service? Received my product (eventually) and the short leads have no magnetism so won’t connect pads. Keep emailing but no answer..... not great ☹️
I've been following this for a year or more. I have yet to see anyone using it to enhance strength. I see a lot of muscle twitching and talk of recovery. If there is a video of somebody doing leg extensions, bicep curls, etc.... while stimulating, I'd love to see it. If there is a study out there like Compex has presented over the years, I'd love to see that too. I've used Compex since 2000. The Swiss know how to make a great device. Powerdot looks very cool but doesn't seem to have the power to synchronize or recruit muscle fibers like Compex. Perhaps that's not what it's supposed to do. In the attached image, this guy went from not able to move the full weight stack, to doing reps when stimulating while performing curls. The power to recruit! If Powerdot can do this, that's a winner.
Very excited about this product but does it do Interferential therapy?
Does anyone know how the workout reminder works? I have it activated but no calendar appears to schedule the days that I would like to give myself sessions and carry out a control. And another question ... seriously good to put the pads in the freezer?
Congratulations on creating a great product!! The only problem i have is the pads. They are quite expensive (if you include delivery to the UK) the cost per use would be £1 if you follow the guidelines for 20 uses!! You cannot buy the pads on amazon.
Advice: a retinacular release on both knees. The gym is closed. Impossible to squat at home and. I equipment. Can the powerdot help relieve the tension?

PowerDot® offers access to cutting-edge health and wellness technology from the comfort of your home. ​The PowerDot® Smart Muscle Stimulator™ taps into industry-backed science trusted by athletes and physicians to keep you moving towards your best.

PowerDot’s wearable, app-based muscle stimulation gives everyone access to performance, recovery, and wellness no matter where they are or what they are doing. Activate Your Life.

Operating as usual

Therabody Acquires Smart Muscle Stimulator™ PowerDot 04/15/2021

Therabody Acquires Smart Muscle Stimulator™ PowerDot

Therabody, the global innovator in tech wellness and the creator of the Theragun®, announced today that it has acquired the world's first Smart Muscle Stimulator™, PowerDot. The PowerDot acquisition underscores Therabody’s commitment to democratizing medical technology that has historically only been available to elite athletes and leading medical professionals.

Therabody Acquires Smart Muscle Stimulator™ PowerDot Therabody, the global innovator in tech wellness and the creator of the Theragun®, announced today that it has acquired the world's first Smart Muscle Stimulator™, PowerDot.



PowerDot Muscle Stimulator



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