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Hooves big and small, I trim them all!!! - Trim on 4w schedule - Take hoof pictures across trims to track & show changes - Promptly return phone calls, text messages and emails - Come on time as per trimming schedule - Send trim reminders - Send advanced notices if I need to reschedule a trim for any reason - Send ETAs when driving between multiple appointments - Honest and polite with you and gentle with your critters - Competent, know my limitations; will refer to vet or colleague trimmers / farriers if needed -------------------- -- Trimming according to The Welz System of Trimming ( with James Welz as my hands-on mentor ( I keep all of my clients' horses on regular 4w trim schedule, track their appointments and send reminders. I keep meticulous records for all clients' horses, including pictures of their feet. I pay taxes on everything you pay me, including tips and I will provide a receipt if you so desire. I am very much "pro-pony" - if there is anything that worries me about the horse, I will tell you as it is my JOB to tell you and I will provide information on how to address the situation. If I do not know something, I will tell you that as well and will research it for you or refer you to people who can help. I will work with "difficult" horses provided both the horse and the owner work with me - I expect to be informed about horse's history, triggers for the behavior and anything else of interest. I may charge for any extra time needed.

Ascot Racecourse

When you've had enough for the day and just want to eat and sleep 🤣

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My San Diego house is now officially for sale - here are all MLS pictures.

My San Diego house is now officially for sale --

Canada Recalls Anti-Fungal Products Containing Gentian Violet A popular antiseptic dye that’s used in the treatment of equine fungal infections is being pulled from the Canadian marketplace over fears of increased cancer risk.

Taylor Keenan Farrier, Inc.

This elderly horse with chronic arthritis became more and more difficult to trim, especially in the last year. Dr. Jeremy Frederick and I were granted permission to harvest the fore limbs for scientific and educational purposes, for which we are both very grateful to the owners. These photos show the process and what arthritic changes we found, primarily in the carpus, articular and periarticular.

Tin Horse Highway

I love everything about it There's a lot of horsing around on this lonely stretch of Australian highway.

Meet the Farm Animals That Help One of America’s Busiest Airports Run At Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, these hungry herds serve an additional purpose beyond simple gardening.

Here's Why Horses Lost Their Toes Here's something that will never let you look at horses the same way again: A horse hoof is one giant toe. Horses evolved from animals with multiple toes ...

Legendary Woman From 'Misty of Chincoteague' Book Dies At 81 An entire generation of horse lovers is in mourning as the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company announced the death of Maureen Beebe over Memorial Day weekend. Known nationally as the woman who inspired the book “Misty of Chincoteague,” Maureen will be deeply missed by her entire community on Chi...

No Horse is Physically (Skeletally) Mature Before 5.5 to 6 Years Old - The Soul Of A Horse Blog Our Mouse, coming up on physical maturity. Almost ready to start at 7 years old. Below is the link to the best article I’ve ever read on this subject. It teaches that no horse, of any breed, in any country, at any time in history either now or in the past, has ever been physically …

Moore Equine Dental Services

EOTRH is such a painful condition but because it develops slowly over time, it can be difficult for owners to appreciate the extent of disease. I will post the radiograph from this case in comments - sadly facebook doesn't let you post pictures and videos together now? Even if you know nothing about dental radiographs, one can see massive infection of bone and tooth roots. These horses almost without exception always feel better after affected teeth are removed. Early intervention is important and we can often save some teeth is the disease is addressed early.

We will be flying. I need to take my cats in the cabin with me. So we bought carriers and started practicing.
I am stumped and perplexed. Apparently, my cats will do just about ANYTHING for the right treat. The treat gets thrown into a carrier, cat enthusiastically gets in, carrier is zipped up while the cat is munching, and that's that. No hissy fit, no nothing. Just a little concerned when carried around outside, because they never were in front of the house. Huh ... But then, I can teach a 1,200lbs horse to give me his feet and behave in exchange for treats. I just expected the cats to be more ... difficult. This could not have possibly been any more anti-climactic.

That's all folks. :( I just handed over my last horse, little Stormy, to a colleague.
We are moving to Canada on June 18th, 2019. We bought a house in Mississauga. It's a perplexing little house, called "back split 4". It means that it has "half-floors", 6 steps up or 6 steps down, and has 4 levels - ground floor, 2 levels "down" and 1 level up, with "butterfly roof" - apparently, these were all the rage in the 70ties. The weirdest thing ever. Painted inside like The Simpsons house and I love everything about it. And it has this thing called "central vac". Basically there is a big, bad vacuum cleaner in the basement connected to all these tubes in the walls - there is an outlet or two in each room, you carry around the house a hose with vacuum brush, plug it in and voila! vacuum the room, then unplug it and go to the next one. All the debris end up in a big bucket in the basement. And that central vac REALLY, REALLY SUCKS 🤣

The Epoch Times

Clever girl! And she manages the horse so well too 👍🏻🥰
Credit: ViralHog

Randomly laughing because you remembered something funny.

Willie Nelson Has Rescued 70 Horses Destined for the Slaughterhouse, So They Can Roam Free On His Farm In addition to being a hero of country music, Willie Nelson is also a hero to 70 different horses that were originally destined for the slaughterhouse.

Natural Horse NZ

Montreal Carriage Horses Need New Homes As Industry Shuts Down

What happened with New York carriage horses? The city will offer to buy the animals for $1,000 each and give them to the SPCA.

Afternoon rounds - This is baby Waylon at his 4th trim. His feet are finally free of all ingrown/overlaid bar and false sole. Owner says that he feels better and moves better, no lameness, no soreness. She put lots of work into teaching the boy manners and he was very polite.
🤣 We found out today that baby Waylon is a REAL BOY. He was so relaxed and so happy munching on treats that he dropped his pen*s and I looked ... looked closer ... and pointed to two, quite impressive boy bits - "Wasn't he supposed to be gelded?". Owner looked, then looked closer, then we both laughed and concluded that it must have been really cold during previous trims and otherwise (it was) for he hid his balls very successfully for all this time. Now the proud owner has an opinionated colt on her hands and says she'll be calling a vet the first thing Monday morning. Oh boy.

Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital

This is a picture of an enterolith discovered during colic surgery in the colon of a horse. These masses are usually composed of ammonium magnesium phosphate (struvite). They almost always form around a foreign body a horse ingests, such as a nail, piece of wood or a piece of rope. We occasionally find these during colic surgeries in Kentucky, although they more commonly found in horses in California. Arabians, Morgans, American Saddlebreds and donkeys are the breeds we most commonly find these in. Surgery is usually required to remove large enteroliths that occlude the colon causing the horse abdominal pain. You can see in the picture that this enterolith is round. If you find an enterolith with a flat side (not round) you must be suspicious during surgery that there is more than one enterolith. The prognosis for horses with enteroliths is considered good and our patient is doing well in the immediate post-operative period.

[03/29/19]   And when you jump, jump tits first

Try Not to Laugh

:) Canadian TBs --

I like to moose it moose it! 😆

In Ramona, on March 20th, 2019. I believe this is "Little Girl". Look at these marvelous feet!!!

Lots of thought provoking comments in the original post --

Today the BLM is proud to announce the new Adoption Incentive Program! Now you can earn up to $1,000 by adopting an eligible untrained wild horse or burro from the BLM. Starting March 12, all untrained wild horses and burros up for adoption will be eligible for an incentive of up to $1,000 ($500 within 60 days of adoption and $500 at time of title eligibility). A $25 adoption fee is required.

The BLM is currently faced with an overpopulation of wild horses and burros that is threatening the health of our wild herds and the public rangelands on which they roam. At the same time, the BLM continues to care for approximately 50,000 unadopted and unsold animals every year, at considerable cost to taxpayers. Last year, more than 4,600 wild horses and burros were placed into private care – 12% more than FY2017, 54% more than FY2012 – though population growth continues to outpace private care. By offering a financial incentive for adoption, the BLM can reduce costs to taxpayers and find more good homes for animals under our care.

All facility and animal welfare requirements still apply. Find more information:

Image text: Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Incentive Program. $500 within 60 days of the adoption date + $500 within 60 days of the title date = $1,000. Untrained animals only. Additional restrictions apply. Learn more at

Horses in Solitary. - Anna Blake We can never think we are herd-mates, any more than putting on a flamingo t-shirt makes us a big pink bird.

Ancient DNA upends the horse family tree New study shows the world’s only “wild” horses have domesticated ancestors

The Happyhoof ACT Hoofcare Community

This is some of my research on the true anatomy of the sole. I also made over a dozen videos on it.

What it shows is how the sole is cresentric not just concave and how the sole corium lips up over the outer edge of the foot and grows a convex sole ridge that produces a form fitted groove for sole corium which beds the rim of the coffin bone and the circumflex artery.

You will see pictures of real feet that show how the sole corium lips around the foot and hooves with convex sole ridges grown by this sole corium.

You will also see "illustrations" that show the very opposite which are used to teach farriers the anatomy of the sole. On these illustrations both new and old you will see they have drawn the sole corium on the very bottom of the foot itself making it look like the sole it grows is only concave.

Whereas again the sole corium in actual pictures of dissected feet with the hoof capsules removed lips up over the outer rim of the foot and grows a rim or rounded convex ridge of sole around the rim of the foot to house and bed the sole corium itself in and the rim of the coffin bone.

Now why is it that you CAN NOT find any farrier book or vet book where the anatomy of the inner foot is not drawn and illustrated? It seems really strange to me, and I have to surmise that in essence the powers that be can not do this. They can't show a real foot becasue the real foot would show that the sole does not just grow strictly from the bottom of the foot which would make it concave only, but that it literally lips up around the outer edge and grows that convex rims of sole around the whole perimeter of the foot.

WHY is this important? What does it matter? Becasue Farriers have been taught for centuries that the horse bears no weight on the sole, but that the horse actually bears weight on the LAMINAE via loading the rim of hoof wall on a shoe and paring out that convex rim or ridge of sole.

So in essence they have been taught to remove what should be there which the horse grows and which should be bearing weight with the wall. And the wall is not to bear all the weight but is in truth a retaining wall to support the softer sole ridge to which it's attatched.

If you do not have the anatomy right. If you do not have a true and correct understanding of it, then HOW can you trim or shoe correctly? How can you develop methods to maintain or correct the horses feet? You really can't.

If I had to wake up an hour early, I'd be ... oh waaaait

I handed over all but 2 horses to a colleague. She is not interested in trimming goats, though. Today I told the client that I do not have anybody to come and take care of their goats when I'm gone (mid-June) so they will need to learn how to trim themselves. It really is not rocket science. Get the right tool (pictured), pick up and trim a foot. Client's husband trimmed 2 (3?) feet today and did awesome - goat lived, he was not trampled, or sat or peed on. :) It's all good. He looked quite confident that he can manage from now own but the wife wants be to come one more time before I move just to make sure he's doing it right.

Horse Hair: Whorl Patterns

Some more about whorls There may be a link between the hair swirl or 'whorl' patterns on horses' hair coats and their temperaments.

How a horse trainer got to publish research with Temple Grandin

A client asked today whether I am aware of any lore about hair whorls in horses. I answered that it is not lore, as there is actually some serious science to back it up.
Here is a fascinating story about how a farrier got to work with Temple Grandin studying hair whorls --

"Has anyone done this before?'

"The first chore she gave me was to go to the library and study and find out if anybody else had ever looked at something like this – and also to find out about the developmental process of hair whorls," he said. "Well right away we struck gold in that pediatricians had looked at hair whorls in children for decades." Mark Deesing talks about what he’s learned in the field – and how Grandin helped him turn it into scientific knowledge

Remember that donkey who came with an emu attached? They found a home --

Walking Dead' Star Adopts Donkey And Emu That Fell In Love So They Could Stay Together

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, best known for his role as Negan on "The Walking Dead", adopted an inseparable - and unlikely - animal couple from a North Carolina animal rescue group.

A male donkey named Jack and a female emu named Diane were brought to Carolina Waterfowl Rescue from Kershaw, South Carolina, when their owner vanished.

The emu and the donkey had been consoling one another, "possibly for years, when the owner suddenly vanished," Carolina Waterfowl Rescue founder Jennifer Gordon said.

Their story found its way to Jeffrey Dean Morgan through social media, who decided to adopt them both.

Unfortunately, survey deadlines passed but still it's a good read --

Its some time since Spencer's ordeal however many more incidents followed and continue to occur. 1.28 million people read this post and many will own and travel horses. Please help us to reduce the chances of this happening. Fill out this survey and lets see what is right and what might be wrong with the way we transport horses.
Nottingham Trent University (NTU), the British Animal Rescue and Trauma Care Association (BARTA) and the British Horse Society (BHS) are working together to identify ways in which horse transport can be made safer. We believe that the experience of owners, riders and trainers can provide invaluable information.
The survey includes questions about your experience of transporting equines - whether they are transported for you or by you – and what measures should be taken to reduce the risks associated with transporting equines by road. The responses to the survey will be analysed and the key factors associated with best practice identified.
The survey should take no more than 20-30 minutes (depending on the number of incidents you are reporting). You have until 23.00hrs on 30th June 2017 to complete it. We realise it's quite a long survey but need detailed information so that we can make accurate recommendations for making transport safer - we really appreciate your time!
Before starting the survey please make sure you have the following information to hand:
• Driver transport qualifications (if any)
• Vehicle (lorry and/or trailer) information
• Details of any transport incidents
Please select 'don't know' for questions where you don't have full details.
All respondents will remain anonymous and the subsequent analyses will not include reference to any individual or Company. For simplicity, we will refer to horses, ponies, donkeys and mules in the survey as 'horses'.
Participants must be over the age of 18 and you can withdraw from the survey at any time.
To take part in the survey please follow this link:

Spencer is a very fortunate boy this evening having been extricated from a difficult entrapment in his lorry. Thanks to vet Sarah from Liphook who was competing at the event and gave early sedation, followed by Jo from Animed, they both worked hard with Hampshire fire crews to safely release Spencer under anaesthesia. Slid on a rescue glide to an area where he could safely get to his feet Spencer was left in the care of the vets team and a grateful owner Anne. These things happen but it is a timely reminder to everyone who transports horses to please check that the floor is sound following the winter lay up.

Ouch but horse OK --

Spencer is a very fortunate boy this evening having been extricated from a difficult entrapment in his lorry. Thanks to vet Sarah from Liphook who was competing at the event and gave early sedation, followed by Jo from Animed, they both worked hard with Hampshire fire crews to safely release Spencer under anaesthesia. Slid on a rescue glide to an area where he could safely get to his feet Spencer was left in the care of the vets team and a grateful owner Anne. These things happen but it is a timely reminder to everyone who transports horses to please check that the floor is sound following the winter lay up.

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