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25 Years Running, A decade Coaching. RRCA, USATF, NASM PT. Helping you integrate a healthy lifestyle My coaching philosophy is simple


I have been running for 25 years, Coaching for a decade and spend 20 years working in the consumer marketing field. I have run more than 247 races mainly half marathons and marathons all over the world

My values are Health, Love , Travel & Knowledge and that is what I share in my social media channels. As a Coach , I seek to motivate and guide you to reach your goals and higher potential. Documen

Operating as usual

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Those are 3 little words that can make your life very complicated and painful.

Remember that fear, most of the time is in our heads. Failure is inevitable to succeed and grow, and Fantasies are avoidable. Get real.

Embrace them as part of life. Yet we need to accept them, recognize them and conquer them.

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Stretch , Be flexible... in your movements, in your life, in the way you live, love and learn.

Being flexible with yourself, your goals, always allow room for new experiences, different point of views, expanding your vision and reaching new highs.


INJURIES- It is one of those words that we want to avoid. We ignored the pain. Avoid the doctor. Deny the problem

Let´s take a different approach and be adults about it.


A none traditional pic of me on my IG. But I am not a traditional human in many aspects.

Remember that no one it´s like YOU.. and that´s your magic.
Work to be the best version of yourself.

Strong, Happy, Resilient, Secure, Determined.

Completely sure of who you are, what you want, and where you are going.


You want to run your first marathon¡¡ It´s a bucket list for many, maybe for you too.

But if you are not into endurance training and want to run it just for the experience, a traditional training plan will not fit the bill.

Most likely will make you feel tired all the time, overwhelmed, and lead to injury.

Traditional training plans don't take into consideration the new way people experience running. let´s start understanding how physiology and how our body works and adapt our training plans to our needs, and not the other way around.

Check my shop for personalized training plans, and follow me for more tips ¡¡


Life it’s an uphill battle that I am determined to WIN !
Work Every DAY
Have fun every day
Love every day
Learn every day
Build every day



That's what we want in sports, health, performance, life and love .
To be better than yesterday, to do better, love better, live better .
And that takes time, intention, commitment, discipline, passion, patience and love .
That's what makes this life journey amazing.



Training with purpose.

The doesn’t allowed you to be weak . Neither the .
You will fall to your knees and need to keep going.
You will be cold, hot , wet , sore and anything in between .
Witnessing the amazing strength of and take my breath away and make me want to be there more often ..
So let’s get stronger.

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Love what you do , and do what you love !


My mood !!!

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That’s the best creative state you could be .
Work one day at a time , without loosing sight of the big picture but living the here and the now .
Know what you want and work intelligently for it .
Learn from the setbacks , the breakdowns and the meltdowns.
Yet never be discouraged by them . The universe only send you REDIRECTIONS for the best possible outcome .
Never play small . Get away from mediocrity, indecision and shallow thinking.
Do you best and you will become your best version .

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YES !!

Say yes to this, DAILY

Having fun
Laugh out-laud
Said a kind word to every person you interact with And share a smile
To learn something new
To be vulnerable
To be true to yourself
To be genuine
To not give a f**k to other people's opinions of you
To say NO
To put limits and boundaries on people that try to lower your standards
To let go
To be free
To forget and forgive


Friday Mood !! .


80% of the runners will ignore this advice.
Are you one of them??
In simply terms .. Train at Different Intensities.
Read the full article in the link in my Bio.

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Who’s your favorite lider to follow on Twitter?

Back to being active on .
Mine are

Besides obviously.
Who else do I need to follow?

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Don't sit and wait
For anything or anyone

Patience it's not about waiting

It's about enjoying what IS... While working for what could be

Chase your dream
Create your word
Build your foundations strong
Share the joy
Be the love


On Mondays I decide to rest from Running … just going L E N T O !!…… slowly.

On rest day … i still move, intentionally.. , slowly… carefully… letting the blood and the lactic acid move …

In reality “rest day” it’s a workout too … one that I take as seriously as every other workout.
Mobility and range of motion it’s my new obsession lately. Pushing my body to new limits..
And that’s something that we loose as we age … the ability to change , to stretch , to dare, to expand …..
Don’t loose yourself in life, in aging, in worrying, in achieving….

Find yourself in Moving , in evolving, in looking forward, in letting go .. never ever be satisfied…


Basic beginners leg day

Using my To work in my strength and loving it everyday

The movement possibilities and exercises combinations are endless

This is just a sneak peek of what’s coming.

No you don’t need tons of equipment, or heavy weights.

Have you heard about eccentric overload ??

The benefits are
1. Faster muscle gains
2. Greater Metabolic Bust
3.Increase Flexibility
4.lower risk or injury.
5. Portable and practical
6. Growths with you !

it's an amazing brand and tools
that is a COMPLETE GYM for your home

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Little by little
Piece by Piece
Day by Day
Word by Word
One step after another
With faith
With love
With Care
With Intention
With Meaning

That’s how you build anything you desire


Why you shouldn’t run a marathon


Yes, I know that this is controversial.
But We need to be congruent.

As a coach, it’s in my own personal code of ethics to put safety and health first.

If health it’s really important for us. That is what should lead our decisions.

Not a medal, not an experience, not our EGO.

Thousands of people participated in marathons with more than 5 hrs of finish time, and there are not enough studies yet on none elite athletes, but the results are not very encouraging.

Very simply put, and we don’t need studies to understand an average person takes more time to recover from a strenuous effort than someone that it’s in his prime. Aka Elite Athletes, so we should consider their training or recovery times for our training and decisions.


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what’s your favorite distance for running ?

That is a tricky question for me because, as A coach I always said that your actions determine your passions..
Base on my actions, the distance that I run/ race more often it’s the Half marathon- I have run more that 240
Its a distance that I can “run” without any training at all with an easy pace. or participate in half marathon every week or 2 without any problems or risks of injuries.
In contrast, I have run only 16 marathons- Very little if you consider that I have been running for 24 years.
But being completely honest- What I enjoy the most its going into Marathon training-the longer the better - my plans are 18-24 long weeks in average.
the discipline, the complete and total focus and commitment that requires having a good Marathon race - that’s when i feel at my best and in my best self , body and mood.
I feel so alive in those 30k long runs , of those I have run so many - without even having a race date .
So my favorite state is on - doesn’t matter if I am racing or not.

And Now , in contrast, been able to run 13.1 Miles on the trails seems a super hard task, so that same distance that use to be so easy for me , now has become a new challenge . And I am enjoying every minute of it .


Enjoying and having fun in any sport starts with your foundations.

How you stand and move.

Most training plans fail or lead to injury because they do not pay enough attention to first review and resolve poor posture and lost mobility due to modern life.

When we have incorrect movements or posture, the body "compensates" the problem, basically borrowing from one muscle to pay for another.

This taxes the body, and if this continues for long, it leads to injury and sub-optimal performance.

When we start a training plan without evaluating and addressing the posture and building a healthy range of motion, sooner or later, it leads to injury most of the time.

Performing an - Static and Mobility assessment will detect all muscle impairment and compensations.

We will be able to create an integrated approach combining flexibility, core, balance, targeted strength, and dynamic warm-up exercises, correct the problems, and reduce the incidence of injury.

Depending on your assessment result, we will focus on each phase.

The phases :
Inhibit - Myofascial techniques or foam rolling
Lengthen- static or dynamic stretching
Activate - Isolated strengthening
Integrated - Dynamic movement.- Drills

Building or recovering correct posture and mobility will help ease the road to enjoy more effortlessly and safely any sport, make you stronger, relaxed and appt to perform as your best and will be easy to integrate more challenging exercises or drills.

Check my static and mobility assessment in my store or the link in my bio.

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Be the type of human that when you said to your love

👉🏻“We need to talk.”

Instead of they thinking: “F**k, what have I done now? “

They ask: are you ok? What happened? Do you need something?

Gentle and Respectful, it’s not only how you should treat women.

We need to learn to R E S P E C T everyone; it’s not only a feminine prerogative.

Respect and admire your man.

Respect everyone .And you would be surrounded by love forever.


What makes an ?
For me Its Daring....
To give your best, to have fun...
Dare to and to . BIG!
Dare to go the distance and do the difficult work..
Dare to brave the and the .
Dare to be and at the same time a total !
Dare to and , both.
Dare to be Bold, to be yourself, to say Yes and No without explanation

Dare to love with all your heart no matter what .
🌟A perfect life its built, manufactured with perfect moments that take your breath away lived by imperfect humans🌟

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Mixing with Running for the last three weeks has been fun and educational.
Feeling stronger, and I am really enjoying going back to the gym and creating new routines...
Less mileage, more weight.. getting ready for the mountains and the sea.
I am not going back to racing until 2023.

There are many other things that I want to try as a newbie!
What are your plans for the next five months ?


“I want to run a marathon” … it’s seems that it’s in every one bucket list .
Let’s be clear on this . Marathon doesn’t change life’s

You can participate in a marathon, finish a marathon, even without any training. Walking it takes 7hrs .
Walking and running takes 6.

Having a Marathon medal doesn’t change life’s.

Preparing your body for “running 26.2” miles changes your life . Progressing changes your life .

You can cheat your mind , but can not cheat your body . Performance it’s ruthless.
You can not eat crap, sleep poorly , avoided the miles... and force your body to performs good. And then said to yourself that “you conquer the marathon “
That’s delusional BS

Either you conquer yourself or suffer the marathon....most people “likes to suffer”

Your body doesn’t forgive it . You can cheat your mind - Not your body .

You either be realistic and put your ego under control.. or be mediocre.
Your choice


It’s a new DAY , it’s a new LIFE ….. and I am feeling GOOD !
I had this song stocked on my mind lately.

I have tons of energy …. Almost all the time … contrary to what everyone “feels” .. energy it’s infinite… it’s transforming all the time.

We are the ones that choose where to put that energy.. either people , actions or thoughts.

When we give that energy away to them … that could feed us back or depleted us …..
I am reclaiming my energy back of things that was depleting me . And that’s feels awesome.

Don’t let people, projects or thoughts that are not good, healthy, loving , full or energy take away your peace and wellbeing.

Don’t be used .

You are your own source or love, happiness and POWER …energy it’s infinite… learn how to generate, used and give it wisely.



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We become the books we read
The cities we visit
The food we eat
The miles that we run
The love we create
The thoughts that we think
The joy that we share
The dreams we build

But also
We become the sorrow we hide
The tears we provoked
The silence we keep
The truth we denied
The people we used and hurt

We become the pride that we showed
The pain that we hold on to
The lies that we said
The resentment that we keep
The hurt that we want to inflict
The love we didn't appreciate

We become our choices
So choose wisely.
And I hope you never, ever regret the choices you made


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INJURIES- It is one of those words that we want to avoid. We ignored the pain. Avoid the doctor. Deny the problemLet´s t...
You want to run your first marathon¡¡ It´s a bucket list for many, maybe for you too.But if you are not into endurance t...




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