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where movement connects people. and empowers you to live better.

Living Well with Lauren is owned by Lauren Padula. Lauren is a RYT-200 yoga instructor, run coach, November Project leader, and Doctor of Physical Therapy in San Diego. She specializes in teaching yoga for runners and athletes, hosting workshops and clinics, and teaching anatomy to yoga instructors. Her mission is to connect people: to themselves, to each other, and to their community. This page is your place to stay up to date on all of the events, classes, and happenings in the yoga and run community in San Diego.

Mission: To redirect the focus of fitness and exercise toward moving well versus looking good.

Talking about navigating the space of teaching yoga and movement as a sustainable career on the blog today.

Money, time, privilege, ClassPass, and our consumer mindset all make an appearance.

Link in bio. If you practice yoga, please read it. If you teach yoga, please read it. We’re all in this together - the yoga space is our community and I’d love to see us work collaboratively to make it stronger.

Share your thoughts, if you feel so inclined.

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Switching it up this week: feet, directions, fronts and backs.


Try it out!

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At @novemberproject we’re many things. But as @voychick reminded us today - the most important thing we are is a community.

And a community lifts you up when you need it the most. They support you, hug, laugh, cry, and push you up the goddamn hill every time.

@pointloma7 you would have LOVED today. You’re the epitome of all the things this community is, has ever been, and will ever be. You would’ve loved seeing all the faces, from near and far, and times long ago that showed up to be together. You would’ve loved the hill repeats and the high fives. The new puppies and new babies. The shotski, the smell of spray paint, and @nmisabella climbing on a bathroom roof to get the perfect group shot (including some sneaky #firehands).

You would have loved it all. And that makes my heavy heart happy.

We’ll be down here. We promise to #behappy, #bestrong, #bebright. And we promise to #getbusyliving.

#npsd #novemberprojectsd #f**kcancer

Sometimes you flow (and/or film a flow) and it’s beautiful, graceful, exactly as you imagine it looking.

And sometimes you’ve taught 4 classes that day and your body and mind are just tired. So flow, well it just happens.

Equally happy with either outcome. That’s the important part. Our bodies are SO FUN.

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I think its great how you used to be great
I can't hate on how you choose to relate
But I know that you had the potential
I understand why you wanted to let go
A lot of pressure
In the middle of those shoulders
And we ain't getting nothin' but older
Ain't nothin' changed
But the day we run from
But nobody knows that
Better than you, huh?


Anyone else feel like good hip hop speaks to you? Makes you feel something inside? Makes you just move? 🙋🏻‍♀️

#hiphop #atmosphere #slug #rhymesayers #dontbeapuppet

Unbelievably grateful. That’s how I feel for the 5 years of friendship I got with this guy.

@novemberprojectsd was a month old when I spotted a super tall guy at Open Bar in PB and in an attempt to hit on him (hi @lukecrushinginsta 😂) recruited the sh*t outta that tall guy and the couple he was at the bar with to come to a workout.

To my surprise, they showed up. And never stopped. @pointloma7 and @hashtagalie instantly became irreplaceable, integral, and foundational members of the silly little community we were building.

We got to be around for the highest of highs and the lowest of lows of the last 5 years of their life. And the positivity, love, and humility they showed the entire time was mind blowing.

Life is not fair. We’re told that often as kids (and even adults). But it doesn’t sink in until moments like these.

Natalie, Luke, Erik, Jeff’s family - my heart will always be with you. Jeff was the best of the best.

We’ll be back in San Diego this weekend and we’ll be at the celebration of life on Friday and workout on Saturday.

@novemberproject OG, newbie, or somewhere in between? Come out. Swipe for details.

#justshowup #npsd #novemberprojectsd #positivity #f**kcancer #getbusyliving @ November Project - SD

What if we started to soften our expectations?

What would it look like if we allowed our lives to be what they are, to turn them into what we want - instead of expecting them to look like something?

Would we find more joy? Less comparison to others? Enjoy the path and process and worry less about the outcome? Would we have more fun, be more ridiculous, and take more chances?

I was thinking about this today for two reasons:
1. I subbed a yoga class for @lovelettersonlyplease at @lovehiveyoga this morning and DAMN the disappointment on some faces was real when students walked in, saw me, and said “wait, Audra’s not teaching today?” And I so get that! We have all been there - expecting a certain teacher, music, style - and being totally thrown when that’s changed. So I outright asked the students to set aside expectations, to acknowledge that they were getting me today, and to see if they could allow themselves to just be there (the practice of aparigraha anyone?). Calling it out is powerful in and of itself.
2. I turn 35 in 2 weeks. Is this what I expected 35 to look like? To contain? To feel like? F**k it. What does that even mean?

Expectation. It’s tricky. Thoughts? Share em!

#expectations #expectationsvsreality #life #thisis35 #pdxyoga #portlandyoga #yogateacher #nonattachment #aparigraha

Will power through a SOAKING tempo run for sauna time.

Starting to add real running workouts in as I begin training for a spring marathon. After about a year of casual pace trail running, it’s hard to find those legs! Excited for them to come back to life 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

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My account is running the risk of being overtaken by flow videos.

I think some adventure, exploration, and doggo time is in order 😂

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I’m developing a renewed appreciation for small town America.

My family’s winery is in a small town. Many of the places we distribute to and events we are at are in small towns.

It’s easy, when you live in places that we’ve lived (Boston, San Diego, Portland) to associate small town America with close minded people, the color red, religion, outdated thoughts and beliefs, and despair. And while some of that is true, there’s also an undeniable spirit and element of hope.

Among the beautiful, sadly dilapidated old downtown buildings (how badly would I love to get inside those?) you find gems like these: an old brothel turned woman owned used bookstore/coffee shop owned by a wonderful couple who have put down their roots, grown a following, and chosen to stand proud in their community.

Don’t turn a blind eye. Don’t generalize. Don’t discriminate. And don’t forget the small towns and the people that live there. There’s plenty of gold in all that dust. ❤️

#smalltownamerica #washington #chehalis #chehaliswa #usedbookstore #coffeeshop #shoplocal

I promised a #flowoftheweek. And I shall deliver.

Feeling small today, whatever that means - so this fisheye video setting seems fitting.

Just moving in my own small corner of the world, in whatever way calls.

#movement #movementheals #movementpractice #flow #flowstate #yoga #pdxyoga #portlandyoga #movementteacher #breathe

Time. I am choosing tovalue each minute. As a teacher and in life.

We start - and end - my classes on time. I show up to meetings, appointments, and places on time. My alarm goes off once in the morning.

I choose to honor time. My own and that of those around me. It’s a form of self love and respect for others.

It’s the one resource in life that isn’t renewable - and that feels very important to me.

#randomthoughts #time #dontshowuplatetoyoga #mindfulmovement #pdxyoga #portlandyoga #movementteacher #flowstate #yogateacher

📷: @annacaitlinphotography for @lovehiveyoga


I’m much more excited about it than Alice is 😂❄️🐶

#winter #pnwonderland #snowdog #arloandalice

Committing to sharing my flow every week with you, my #instafam.

Why? I get inspiration from movement I see on here. So maybe one of you will? Also, filming yourself gives you great insight on how you’re moving.

This week I’m most stoked about sneaking a #shinbox switch into a #yoga class. Movement people, movement.

#mindfulmovement #bodyweightflow #flow #flowstate #yogaflow #pdxyoga #portlandyoga #movementteacher

In 2020 I’d like to make some friends.

They’ve got shoes to fill. Big ones. Weird ones. Fast ones. Goofy ass ones. Genuine ones. Ones that are down to push the boundaries of normal. Ones that strive to be the best versions of themselves. Ones that create their own fun and adventure.

For real, I even put this goal in writing on our board: make 3 new friends.

So, Portland, let’s get out there, let’s get weird, and let’s have fun okay?

#friends #vestfriends #goodhumans #bigshoestofill #f**kyeah

Everything I’m wearing in this photo (today) is @lululemon - and it’s all secondhand.

It’s no secret that our planet needs our active help. And while I try to get better about plastic use, recycling, and food waste - there’s more I feel like I can do.

Last year I committed to trying to buy as much clothing as possible used. About 80% of my clothing and shoe purchases fit that bill.

My goal this year is to increase that amount. You can find me buying at @buffaloexchange, @goodwillintl, local thrift stores, online @thredup and @poshmark. And you can also find me selling @poshmark (search for my name).

Additionally, @angeloneroni and I have discovered a love and passion for finding side of the road, free on Craigslist, or weathered thrift store pieces of furniture and home decor and bringing them back to life with a little elbow grease, sandpaper, and paint.

This is how I’m choosing to decrease my footprint. It feels (and looks) so good!

#carbonfootprint #shopsecondhand #shopthrift #lululemon #pdx #portland #savetheplanet

High five your neighbors and clap for yourselves.

That’s how we end my classes these days.

There’s lots of reasons why teachers might choose to stop ending classes with namaste (cultural misuse of the word, student confusion and discomfort, etc.) - for me? I don’t teach traditional yoga. And this “traditional” closing hasn’t felt right in some time. And I don’t think we celebrate ourselves and our community enough.

So we high five our neighbors and clap for ourselves. And we smile - a lot.

It’s movement. Let it be light, let it be challenging, let it be an exploration of yourself, let it connect you to others, and let it be fun!

#yoga #namaste #namastenomore #smile #mindfulmovement #spiritualbadass #pdxyoga

Went on an adventure with the hubs and daydreamed about which lights we’ll hang in the house we build someday.

#futureplans #daydreaming #theneronis #pnwonderland #hippohardware #keepportlandweird

Sometimes I f**k up the yoga class I’m teaching.

It doesn’t happen often - but when it does it’s usually with a new sequence, during a class I’m subbing, and I completely lose track of left and rights.

It used to make me feel terrible, but I quit stressing over this years ago. But sometimes you can see the faces of your students and you can see that they care that you’re messing up. A lot.

Just a gentle reminder - to students and teachers alike - smile, laugh it off, it’s just yoga.

Oh, and to my students at @lovehiveyoga tonight who were the recipients of my brain fart - 🤷🏻‍♀️. Come back to class next week, we’ll try again together.

#yoga #pdxyoga #thisisyoga #spiritualbadass #mindfulmovement #flowstate

2020 is off to a pretty great start with my favorite people. And yes, my dogs are people.

#2020 #pnwonderland #theneronis #adventureawaits #getbusyliving

Hard is not bad. Hard is just hard.

If 2019 taught me anything, this is it.

It seems to be that many of us felt like this year was a tough year. And many of us feel ready for it to be over. But tough is just hard. And hard is not bad.

So much good happened in my year as well! And yes, so much of the good overlapped with the hard. But the good was so good too.

We got married!
We moved to a brand new place!
We took professional risks, started new jobs and left new jobs and then looked for new jobs again.
We sent our fur baby in for major surgery and trusted the outcome would be worth it.
We reconnected with dear friends, not knowing at the time how important those small moments and memories would be.
We watched family members triumph through health struggles and were glad to be able to be there along the way.
We stressed about money and re-learned how to focus on how much we already have, not only what we hope to obtain.
We climbed a mountain TWICE for heaven’s sake 😂.
I even got bangs 💁🏻‍♀️.

2019 was a year of growth - painful at times, as all growth is - but beautiful growth.

And I enter into 2020 with high hopes, as we always do. Abundance is coming. Of all of the good things, hard times, learning, laughing, and loving. I can feel it.

Here’s to embracing it all 🥂!

#2019 #2020 #growth #abundance #newyears #reflections #theneronis

📷: @kilenmurphy

Teachers and Students: what makes a great yoga/movement class, well, great?

My opinion? It starts and ends with the meat and potatoes - the sequence, the content. The physical aspect of a class is how you, as a teacher, demonstrate your knowledge and philosophy. It’s how people first connect to themselves, their bodies, and you. It’s what will bring them back in the door, again and again.

So exactly how is a great class created?

1. Have a goal, theme, or why.
2. Understand the arc and progression of a class or session.
3. Know the body! Learn anatomy and physiology of human movement.

We break this down and work through it step by step in the Fitness/Wellness Mentorship. Link to apply in bio. Application window closes 12/31.

Reach out with any questions!

#mentorship #fitnessmentorship #wellnessmentorship #yogamentorship #yogastudent #yogateacher #pdxyoga #portlandyoga #movementteacher #spiritualbadass

As a good friend so eloquently and wisely said, get busy living.

This time is what we have. I plan to use it wisely.

Abundance is my word for 2020: abundant love, experience, emotion. The full spectrum. I’m here for it all.

How does your busy look?

Links for all the things in the bio.

#getbusyliving #abundance #intention #2020wordoftheyear #manifest #spiritualbadass #notimetowaste

Merry Christmas and Happy Everything - from our family to you and yours.

Go hug the ones you love.

#merrychristmas #happyeverything #love #theneronis

A no-hands holiday flow for ya.

Sped up x4. Which makes @glassanimals Cocoa Hooves sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks 🤣.

Playing with this one in classes until 2020 😘.

#pdxyoga #pdxmovement #movementclasses #flow #flowstate #flowclasses #flowteacher #movementteacher #spiritualbadass

“Now is now. Are you going to be here or not?” - @babaramdass

We finish up our month on center - remembering our stability, strength, and groundedness is within us - by finding those feelings in transitions, in the in between of postures.

And that takes us into January - where our theme will be Flow. The idea and feeling of presence - such that the mind and body move freely in their natural direction, almost subconsciously, without the hindrance of worrying about what has happened already or what is coming.

Check the schedule in stories or link in bio. Come play.

📷: the talented @ericakait for @nowyoga_pdx

#pdxyoga #portlandyoga #babaramdass #spiritualbadass #movementinstructor #flowstate

Writing down some goals, intentions, and plans for 2020.

Top of the list? Purposefully create time to have more fun with this guy.

#mawwaige #2020 #newyear #husband #theneronis #pnwonderland #theadventurehasjustbegun

What’s your mission in this life?

We talk about businesses and brands having philosophies and mission statements - but I think people do too.

You can have multiple - my personal mission is different than my teaching mission, for example.

And I believe your mission and philosophy is how you connect with people. Those things determine your voice (literally and figuratively speaking).

What do you choose to say and how do you choose to say it?

We examine all of these concepts and help focus in on refining philosophy, mission, and voice in my Fitness/Wellness Mentorship program - from an instructing/business standpoint. But maybe it’s something we should think about as individuals as well 🤷🏻‍♀️

Interested in the Mentorship? Applications are open through 12/31 - link in bio for details and to apply.

Not interested? Not an instructor? I’d love if you’d share you philosophy or mission below ⤵️ Connection, it’s powerful.

#philosophy #missionstatement #whoareyou #thisisyoga #spiritualbadass

Our Story

Living Well with Lauren is owned by Lauren Neroni. Lauren is an E-RYT 200 yoga instructor, run coach, and Doctor of Physical Therapy in Portland, OR. She specializes in teaching yoga for runners and athletes, hosting workshops and clinics, and teaching anatomy to yoga instructors. Her mission is to connect people: to themselves, to each other, and to their community.

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