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Certified Personal Trainer at the top Fitness Club in San Diego. I use Metabolic Training to burn fat and build lean body tissue.

Certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine ( CPT and CES) and PTA Global, I use the periodization method to take you through stages of training to keep the body adapting. Always moving forward while keeping the routine fresh will help your body see the maximum results and keep you entertained with new exercises and functional movements. Including functional movements will help keep stress off the joints and improve one overall well being.

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She lost 11 lbs of body fat and gained almost 4 lbs of lean muscle in 8 weeks. Hawaii ready!


Kyle at FIT


Fit Athletic Downtown San Diego

"I began training with Kyle Farley in July of 2014, a month before my cousin’s wedding. Right away I noticed that I became stronger and happier, and I saw an overall increase in my energy. Kyle's training style always keeps me wondering what’s next - his sessions are always different! His encouraging high-fives combined with my visible results have definitely led to an increase in my overall happiness. Thanks to Kyle’s help I now feel fit and happy - I highly recommend training with him to all of my friends!" - Rasheen Zamayar

Keep up the great work Rasheen and Kyle!


Grab some weights! Here's a great leg toning super set. 10 reps each, 4 sets - Go Heavy!

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Great leg and shoulder super set warm up. 20 yards down and back for each. Rest for 30s. Try 3 rounds after a dynamic stretch series.


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Red Door b***y camp upstairs at Fit Athletic!


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CALORIE RESTRICTING DIETS slow down metabolism and teaches your body how to be more efficient at STORING calories as FAT. So, if you want to keep weight off you cant just diet for a few months. A permanent change needs to be made. Burn more calories than you consume by working out harder and eating healthier, not starving yourself. 07/19/2013

Should I Foam Roll Before or After a Workout?

Great Article When should you use that foam roller? Outside's Fitness Coach has the answer, and it turns out that we're all doing it wrong.


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Fit Athletic

Even fitness professionals can fall into a rut and need an extra boost from a Fit Personal Trainer! Here's what Group Ex instructor Robin has to say about her awesome results thanks to trainer Kyle Farley.

“We all can fall into a rut when it comes to our workouts - or we figure we know what to do and don't need any help. I know that's where I was a couple of months ago. I was working out consistently but not really seeing the results I wanted. I decided to team up with Kyle Farley to get me "Cabo-Ready". After only 6 weeks of training I saw a positive change in my body, dropped 8 lbs, lost 4% body fat and 2 inches all around. Kyle is a very knowledgeable and motivating trainer. His circuits are fun, & challenging, and they target a full body workout. No goal is too small or large - with Kyle you will be able to achieve success and the results you desire." - Robin Brumley


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Hiit sprints are an excellent cardiovascular and fat burning routine. It initiates the "afterburn" affect, which causes a 10% increase in calories burned over the following 24 hours due to an increase in metabolic rate.


Warm up -
jog - 10 min 6 mph
Dynamic stretches for legs
-calves, quads, and hamstrings

Work out
Jog - 2 min 7 mph
Sprint - 30 sec 9-10 mph
Jog - 2 min 7 mph

Sprint - 30 sec 9-10 mph

Complete 5-10 rounds followed by 5-10 minutes of static stretching.


HIIT Training by Kyle Farley

Fit Athletic trainer, Kyle Farley, demonstrates a High Intensity Interval Training session. Contact [email protected] to schedule a free workout.


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Can't stop the sweet cravings? Blood sugar balance is a key part of any weight loss program, as steady blood sugar leads to steady energy and fewer food cravings and binge eating. Chromium is an essential trace mineral that helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels. It plays a role in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, on the action of insulin, and studies are finding it plays a role in improving body composition and even improving athletic performance. Chromium is found in most Multivitamins.


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Doing lunges to tighten your glutes? Make sure your form
is correct for best results.

When stepping forward, or backward, be sure your weight is distributed correctly. 80% on your front heel, 20% on your rear foot. Press up through your heels, you want to work those glutes, not your quads. Knees should be behind your toes.

Your upper body should be between both feet. Too far forward puts stress on your knees, not your butt. Leaning too far back puts stress on your back leg, which once again, will work your quads.

Progression: Stationary step back lunges, Stationary lunges, Walking lunges. You can also do side lunges and transverse lunges to work all planes of motion.


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Shoulder slumping forward? Back hunching from sitting over the computer or at a desk for 8 hours a day? Your postural muscles may be inactive from repeating the same pattern over and over. Not sure if thats you? Sit against a wall and press your whole back against it. Hold your arms up, you should be able to touch the wall with your elbows and back of your hands. Slide your arms up as if doing a shoulder press keeping contact with wall. Easy? You muscle are working correctly. Hard? You may have deficiencies you need to address.


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Hungry already? Try eating a high protein breakfast tomorrow. It is proven to keep you feeling full longer and gives you plenty of energy. Veggie omelet, greek yogurt with fruit, low fat cottage cheese with fruit, and healthy cereal with skim milk all have over 20g of protein and are under 350 calories.


Tired of pounding the treadmill? Try circuit training. Do 4-6 exercises back to back with minimal rest between a exercises. Use light weights and high reps. Hit all your muscle groups by alternating upper body and lower body exercises. Circuit training is a form of cardio and builds muscle endurance. EX: 10-20 push-ups, 10-20 squat jumps, 10-20 lat pulls downs, and 10-20 sit ups. Do 4 rounds, minimals rest. Preform exercises until posture is altered. Form is key to correct muscle development.


Tight calves? Bottom of your feet hurt from heels or running? Don't forget to foam roll. Your facia, a fibrous lining around the muscles, gets tight from stress and exercise. This causes adhesions to build up in the tissue (knots) which acts like road blocks in your muscles and can cause tightness or lead to injury. Foam rolling is like a deep tissue massage that releases the muscles tension and allows full range of motion. Also increases flexibility and relieves stress.

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Grab some weights! Here's a great leg toning super set. 10 reps each, 4 sets - Go Heavy!



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