Feel Good Fitness

Feel Good Fitness


Hi friends looking to get fit and healthy !

Stay away from the far ends of this chart especially if you have tried them before and they never work .

Another option is working with someone who does a thorough eval , takes into consideration all the things and then gives realistic expectations 👍💯

This seems to be a choice many of us dont make for many reasons ... Hope you try it out in the new year
Have fun sorting through all the adverts you are going to get the next couple weeks

If you do want to join a gym that is less crowded, is a private boutique gym without paying 100 plus dollars/month and has what you need for your fitness check out Catalyst Performance

Love these messages/reviews cause you never know how people feel about the help you provide

I always encourage everyone to seek help professionally to rule out nasty red flags . Then usually, hopefully an explanation that gives you some confidence that you are not broken 💯👍💪

Then more education and proof of concepts aka what we do together is working through whatever metrics make sense to you .

So find some people who got your back , don't try to fear monger you into sessions for life and have your best interest . Shoutout to San Diego Pain Summit for helping me develop as a trainer . Check out their specials for conferences you will not be dissapointed 💯❤
It's 2021 , people still putting hella importance on static posture for who knows what reason ....One reason is to probably sell you on something they made up ? Or they seen it work or whatever the mind can come up with .
Is this accurate or what 😳😂
Still some appointments available this week Wednesday 11.30-3.30 Thursday 10.30 & 11.30 Friday 3.30-8.30
DM to book in, £5 off treatments during October and discounts for @kickbackmartialartsfitnessgym members & our in house PT and group session clients, @pettigrew.gary @tiffbrownx @mcgowanfitnesstraining Feel Good Fitness
✅Sports & Remedial massage
✅ Injury assessment/treatment
✅ Injury Rehab
✅ Pain management/Mobility
✅ Training/Exercise adaptations
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Feel Good Fitness
Ugghhh i hate seeing those hormone ads targeting women 😢 .....

Ya'll get those ?
Personal Training is a great job and very rewarding to work with so many different people 💯

Obviously like anything else you can't help everyone for so many reasons but always keep in mind the people you help if that drives you to keep pushing and learning ....

If you are a trainer and need to learn more about working with people in #pain , come to the San Diego Pain Summit in 2022 . Great place to collab with all sorts of health professionals and respect what others do and network 💯
Thanks Pedro!
for recommending me to new client K.C. for help with her allergies and food sensitivities AND the similar issues she is having with her 12 wk old breast-fed baby. We will definitely get her taken care of and make everyone happier and healthier. I would love to speak with you privately to thank you. I don't have your contact info so wonder if you could give me a call at 760-576-4302
THANKS again

Building a community for those who want to change their lives through exercise, nutrition, and wellness. Learn the truth about fitness, nutrition, and wellness.

Learn healthy habits, a place to talk about positive body image, and why you should exercise. Learn about what an "anti-diet" is, and discuss what are some positive choices you have made in your life

Operating as usual



tired of crowded ? Rather from your ? I understand and can come to you . Don't let be an obstacle to your


Had a previous , got and tired of not being able to do what you want ? suck when it comes to moving with .
The does not have to be complicated , and imo doesn't have to always be done in person . This is a hybrid person I am working with .
If you wanted to do in this way , let me know . I also can come to you as I understand many of us work more than ever these days and is at a premium 💯
Don't let pain keep you from doing what you want 👍

every fitness celebrity influencer is lying to you.. 02/15/2022

every fitness celebrity influencer is lying to you..

Important message and I love that it is coming from someone outside the world with one of the largest reaches known on the internet . Do you feel when people say fitness that in general it means someones physique ?


every fitness celebrity influencer is lying to you.. New Tsuki has launched 👘: https://bit.ly/3lpOZZq🧎🧎🥤Gfuel(affiliate): https://gfuel.ly/31Kargr#Code ✨My Stores✨👕 Merch: https://repre...


If you need a second opinion on where to go to help yourself , let me know . I know some great , in who can help with your and not sell you some bull💩 .
If you do get relief from the youtube or program , i think that's awesome 💯 . Just know if you do not don't blame yourself . If anything I'd blame the cookie cutter program 😢
If you wanna stay while doing rehab , let me know. The real magic happens with consistent , and understanding 💪💯

D-FW influencer Brittany Dawn faces deceptive trade practices lawsuit from Texas attorney general 02/08/2022

D-FW influencer Brittany Dawn faces deceptive trade practices lawsuit from Texas attorney general

Gotta watch out for these snakes out here using religion and clout to scam people . I really , really despise people like this if the lawsuit is true . I assume if the whole damn state is acting against you, they probably have a lot of evidence and a lot of pi**ed off customers .


D-FW influencer Brittany Dawn faces deceptive trade practices lawsuit from Texas attorney general The AG alleges the influencer violated the state’s Deceptive Trade Practices Act and misled consumers with eating disorders.


I thought this was very brave and although it may not be your experience, I think the pressure to keep looking a certain way and be somewhat of a celebrity-ish in the world of social media has it's pro's/cons according to this person ....

The most absurd thing I think about the fitness community as of now is the body dysmorphic disordered eating messages that are not said outright, but if you can read between the lines (e.g. photoshopped images, having some weird fascination of always going hard and having an unhealthy relationship with food) .....

Shoutout to the people who coach bodybuilding and let people know it isn't healthy to have that low of body fat percentage year round .



Hey us folks that went to college , studied definitely learned the phrase . Is that helpful though ?
Look , I get that your may have 15 minutes with you, doesn't necessarily have the time to discuss . If you are someone who wants better , google and search for a . Want help with or , hire a .
Need to find one, let me know so I can help .


. I got your back if you need to start a better habits 💯 . We are so lucky to live in this weather hope ya'll take advantage .
Wanna book your session let me know 💪


and world is hard to navigate . Overall message that is perfectly fine 💯 but ...
There are situations where you may want to not do the program and see a for a specific plan for your injury or pain . Work with a or for your or
If you decide to buy any online realize the pros are usually it is more cost effective , may work and that is great if it does
Cons are it doesn't work , makes the or worse , makes you think you did something wrong which you 💯 most likely did not .
Up to your situation which options are best for you . If you do need help in real life let me know 💯


One of the best aspects of is helping people realize how they are and what they can do 💯 .
We are given the opportunity to help people and we should never take for granted the trust they have in us .
Looking for a PLEASE do your due digence . Plenty of people i don't work with if i feel my skill set is not up to par . So ask important questions that matter to you 💯 .
If you are interested in what I do just let me know . No cost except your time and questions 💪👍💯


No way around it 💯
Need help with let me know how 👍

Photos from Feel Good Fitness's post 01/16/2022

You know when I hear a claim enough I go and see if what the people on are saying makes any sense at all or they are just in their feelings and too lazy to look .
CLAIM "Why doesnt the promote and "
Wasn't that hard to google it and come to find out they do . So wtf is going on and how did people forget to google ? I don't have the answers but If you want to reduce your cost PLEASE start an and have relatively decent .
Get your done, ask your relevant questions about your or blood labs , 💪🏃👍💯


appreciative of people who take the time to express how the work we do as make an impact ❤
For all the people who trust us to help you get more , reduce your risk, healthier life, better relationship with your body , have a normal relationship with food , thank you for trusting 💯
Thanks for even with your , , and other things that have caused you issues over the years cause you get that can help you 💪💯 .
The most recent @acsm1954 survey on has in the top 10 trends. I hope it will move to #1 one day , as our nation seems to be trending in the wrong health direction. Is it fair to say most of us would rather spend our resources on experiences that don't include our system ? If you agree go out and enjoy . If you need help let me know 💯💪


thoughts ..... If you are a young person , this may be you in a decade. If you are in your thirties or older , you already know 😂 .
If you wanna reduce your cost , start moving 🏃💪. If you are frustrated and need ideas on what to do , let me know . Reduce your cost with and decent


with @catalystptandwellness and being the to help people do what they want again is such a privilege 💯 . Anyone going through hardships , 💩 ain't always easy to bounce back from .
This particular person , like most of us has a lot of things going on . If you need to see a who understands how to help you navigate what you want out of and goals , let me know 👍 . Especially if you already tried suggestions and they did not help . I hope they did though 😁


week 1 reminder to keep it going or start something . Do an activity that is fun , go to the park , go for a walk on the beach . Just give yourself some
Need help let me know 👍💯

If you are reading this.......

and wondering how you ended up here , I’m glad you are here. I’m going to assume you want to make a change in your life either because you are forced to due to health reasons , or you are sick and tired of feeling the way you do . So I will keep this short and simple. Please next time you see your doctor ask him how can exercise fit into your life. Ask your doctor if they have a referral to a health professional that can help coach you along the way. Cause doing something new is hard and challenging , it helps to have guidance along the way.

If you need help along the way, let’s talk. I’m here to help you figure out this new life of yours !

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