Epic San Diego Wetsuits

Epic San Diego Wetsuits
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WMU Waterski

Western Michigan University Waterski Team putting in the work behind the boat!


Welcome to the Team University of San Diego Waterski!


Strictly Hardcore Surf in Texas is full loaded with Epic San Diego Wetsuits


Mondays are for Malibu


J's Rentals - Venice, CA fully loaded with Epic San Diego Wetsuits


Welcome to the Team Sac State Wake



vimeo.com 09/20/2017

James Casey SUP: Sunset 2016

This is Epic!
James Casey JP-Australia SUP

vimeo.com El Nino 2016 was a special time. James Casey managed to spend a few weeks over in Hawaii around the Stand Up World Tour's Sunset Beach Pro and scored some great…


Took the GoPro out with the Epic Mounted Wetsuit - good times and good memories


Always fun to look back at some of the Epic Custom Gear we made


Letting the Rockaway Jacket dry after a fun mid day session


Spotted a Hermosa during a Hermosa Sunset


Shipping up some wetsuits to LA County - lets hope Malibu has some swell!


West Virginia University ready to bring that Intensity to Team Epic!


Welcome to the team Washington State Cougars!


World Surf League

Stoked to have the World Surf League back in SoCal!

#TourNotes: Fine tuning for Lower Trestles

🎥 Peter King Photography


💥 25$ OFF ANY WETSUIT- NO STRINGS ATTACHED. In an effort to promote environmental sustainability we are collecting old wetsuits of any style or brand!!! We have wetsuits for any water temp or water sport. Take advantage of this deal and send us your trash for an EPIC new WETSUIT!
Email: [email protected]
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World Surf League

Congrats to Kai Lenny - an absolutely amazing Waterman!

Congratulations Kai Lenny, winner of the 2017 Puerto Escondido Challenge!! 🏆


Higher Perspective

WeeCycle showed us an awesome project going on to help save our Oceans...Thanks Guys!

By purchasing this bracelet, you will remove one pound of trash from the ocean!

gma.yahoo.com 07/08/2017

8 of the most crowded US beaches and where to go instead

An Interesting read for all our friends headed to the beach!

gma.yahoo.com You know the feeling: You have your towel, beach chair and sunglasses in tow, ready for a relaxing beach vacation, when you're met with hordes of tourists looking to do the same. Check out some of the most crowded beaches in the U.S. and where to go instead, so you can avoid fighting for a spot

standupjournal.com 06/29/2017

US Open of Standup Paddling comes to New York!

EPIC Article By Standup Journal - NY is ready for the US Open of SUP!

standupjournal.com Just got off the phone with Tristan Boxford. He recently completed his site visit for the New York stop on the APP World Tour in […]


Wild Ideas Worth Living

Check out this awesome interview with Surf Diva's Izzy Tihanyi ! Such a cool story from a great surfer AND SUP Surfer.

New episode with Izzy Tihanyi of Surf Diva Surf School

Izzy’s Wild Idea: To be a rebel, to start the first all-women’s surf school, and to create a thriving business in a bikini.

Izzy Tihanyi started the first all-women’s surf school in 1996. Prior to founding Surf Diva, Izzy was a competitive collegiate surfer, competed on the professional women’s longboard circuit, hosted a TV show for action sports, and at one point was even my surf camp counselor.

Izzy has an awesome story, which is why she frequently gets asked to speak at business and sports events. She also happens to be one of my best friends ever, so we get a little cheeky on the show. We dive into some pretty serious topics too, like body image, the work ethic that is instilled when you come from an immigrant family, starting a business in a bikini, advice to teens, why surfing naked is awesome, and how to be the best surfer in the water.

Listen to this episode if:
You wish you didn’t have to wear shoes to work.
You surf or want to know how to surf.
You love the ocean.
You are an entrepreneur or want to start a business.
You know of or have been to Surf Diva.

Key Takeaways (notes + timestamps)

3:26 - The wild idea to start an all-women’s surf school.
6:40 - The challenges of being a woman surfer just a few decades ago.
9:00 - What makes a good surfer.
10:15 - How Izzy maintains calm in hectic times.
11:35 - What Izzy loves about surfing.
12:05 - What it’s like teaching Will Ferrell to surf.
14:15 - Teaching women versus teaching men.
16:40 - How body image and fashion play into surfing.
19:45 - What about surfing changes people.
22:50 - The work ethic she inherited from immigrant parents.
26:20 - Why you should try surfing naked.
27:50 - The power of femininity in surfing and sports.
31:15 - What’s next for Surf Diva.
32:50 - How we can help kids today.
34:30 - Balancing being a parent and a business person.
35:40 - Why Izzy makes time to eat right and cook good food.
36:25 - What are her favorite surf destinations.
39:00 - What is adaptive surfing.
43:10 - Why we have to protect the ocean and our environment.



This amazing Video was made by Blaine Perkins of the Texas A & M University Wakeboard Team. Blaine is incredibly talented on the water, behind the camera and in the editing room. We are stoked to have him riding for the team and cant wait to see his next projects!

This Video was made by Blaine Perkins of the Texas A & M University Wakeboard Team. He is using the Epic GoPro Mounted Wetsuits. Blaine can be found at blain...


Summer is getting pretty close....

standupjournal.com 05/19/2017

How to paddle through waves without losing your Sup Paddle!

Standup Journal Another great video getting us stoked to catch some SUP waves.

standupjournal.com Ever lose your paddle while trying to prone stroke your board out into the line up? Here’s a great video from Nate V. of Signature […]


Erin Colton

Long Island Looks ready for summer

Cool video of dolphins in Cold Spring Harbor.


NBC 7 San Diego

Cool scenery during our morning surf check

Dozens of children spent the morning on Mission Beach to create this. Help them out and share the message http://on.nbc7.com/dRmMa24


Standup Journal

Stoked to go visit our favorite Rocky Mountain Paddlers and learn some new tricks! Altitude Paddleboards Alex Mauer

Launching with style! Find your board, follow your dreams. BIC SUP Ambassadors Matt Hite and Alex Mauer

waterskimag.com 04/18/2017

Tips of the Trade


Thanks WaterSki Magazine for the great tips!



APP World Tour and Michael Booth are awesome in their own right! This article is pretty Epic - stoked to see SUP gaining popularity so fast. Great read - now its time for a paddle session!

standupjournal.com 03/27/2017

4 Essential Beginners Rules to Follow for Sup Surfing

Standup Journal always post great content for the SUP Surf Community. Paddle Hard and Have fun!

standupjournal.com Riding ocean waves looks so cool, and the experts make it look so easy. This video gives you the four golden rules to help you […]


World Surf League


Great read on this years tour. Can't wait to watch it kick off tomorrow 🤙

#wsl #surfing #goldcoast

Glenn Hall's crystal ball


Just another Epic Team Rider airing it out between classes....


The new 4/3 Tasmania Wetsuits are available at EPICSANDIEGO.COM !!!!

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WMU Waterski
Alright, alright, alright! In the words of Matthew McConaughey, "El Niño might be paying us an early visit" #epicsurf #a...




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