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Wild Island Collective


Shout out to Wild Island Collective, a little plant shop in San Diego, for hooking me up with an adorable Hoya to bring back home to Portland. While it wasn’t one of the rare gems I was looking for, the owner’s kindness and patience amid my “I only have 10 minutes before my flight!” hysteria were worth the ask to the Uber driver to wait outside, bypass the TSA and fly over 1,000 miles to bring the plant home. Every plant I’ve brought home or raised has a special story — here’s to another one! ❤️🌱
Thank you for making my beautiful friend feel extra special at her baby shower today! The lei is beautiful! ❤️🌺

Plant Shop & Green Boutique� Plants, plant stuff, and plant lover things. Whether you’re a newbie plant parent or on the hunt for a rare tropical, we’re here to help!

Mission: To provide a sanctuary space & urban oasis for nourishing and beautifying homes & bodies; emphasizing connection to nature, chemical & toxin free products, slowing down, and community.

YOU are a wild, nature-connected child of Mother Earth. It’s easy to forget; we build walls and lay concrete and sterilize and try to control with weed killers...

But it’s there within you. The pulse of Wild when your hands touch the dirt. When you feel the wind and the sun on your skin. When you see green growth and nurture more.

No black thumbs, only a forgotten language, a slowed down pace of life.

It’s happening; we’re bringing these plants into our homes and we’re listening again. We’re slowing down. We’re cultivating the green and understanding our impact.

We’re figuring it out. That we ARE the Wild. And our health is not separate from the health of this green earth. We can do this, humans. 🌎✊🏼💚 - January

Ficus Elastica Tineke🌿 “Pink Rubber Tree”💗 We can’t keep these babies in stock lately! It’s no wonder, with every leaf a different minty white and pink variegation.👌🏼

☀️Rubber Tree will love the brightest light you can give it, even some early or late sunshine can work. Start looking around SD and you’ll see these thriving outside, too!

💧Water only once the soil has pretty thoroughly dried out. A moisture meter can help prevent overwatering.

🌱You’ll know your ficus is unhappy if it drops leaves... get it to a brighter spot if so! These also need dusting occasionally as their leaves tend to collect dust easily.

#wildislandcollective #plantcaretips
Pc @chigaimaging

A big new batch of plants is arriving fresh this afternoon!🌿 Check out our stories to see what’s new, and order by messaging us!📥 Contactless curbside pick up available all this week!🚗🌿 #plantswillsavetheworld #wildislandcollective #natureconnection

One thing we’re really loving about selling here through pictures, is that you guys are loving some plants that don’t always move as fast in the shop! 🌱Like these brilliant Crotons🌈 which are getting snapped up as fast as I can bring them in! They have a place in my heart because they are all over Hawaii, growing so brilliantly in rainbow colors.🌿🌈
☀️Give them a bright, even partly sunny window to keep them happy. Think warm, tropical climate!
💧Water only once the soil is fairly dry almost all the way through.
🌿 Crotons love a well draining mix so feel free to add some perlite, pumice or orchid bark when transplanting.

A plant a day GIVEAWAY!🌱🙌🏼 Every day we pick one person who’s placed a plant order via our Instagram for curbside pickup, and add an EXTRA plant to their order!🚗🌿 And to celebrate Sunday (although don’t all days kinda feel like Sunday lately?) We’re giving away a trio of 4” plants... a mystery grab-bag, if you will! 🎁
1. Like this post
2. Tag a friend in the comments
3. Be able to come pick up your mystery trio this Tuesday, 1-2pm at our contactless curbside pickup!

That’s it!🌿 Good luck!🎉
Pc: @coffeeinmyjungle

Our plant stands are lovingly handcrafted by our good friend and local woodworker Josh, and we think they’re pretty special.🌲💫By purchasing them you support TWO local small business families!💚🙏🏼They’re available in gorgeous Redwood in three sizes, and custom orders of Birch, Cedar, Walnut, and some round leg varieties available as well! Just ask!🌿👍🏼 Pictured here in 12” with a matte black pot and Diffenbacchia Tropic Snow, available for contactless curbside pickup this weekend!🚗🙌🏼🌱#wildislandcollective

We miss seeing y’all in the shop, but we’re feeling the love right here on the ol’ Gram!🌿 Contactless curbside pick up is going strong and I just want to say 💚THANK YOU💚 to all of you keeping us rolling right now! 🙏🏼We are having a blast!🌿
📥Message us to order anything you see on our stories! Let’s get those home jungles built!🙌🏼🌿
pc: @tealhankinsphoto

Plants just may save the world🌏🌿💫 #plantsforpresident
Also, who’s into this Alocasia Regal Shields to give your room some instant jungle vibes? We might be getting a few more of these in by the weekend! 🌿 Shop our stories to see what’s fresh!
#alocasiaregalshields #wildislandcollective

Now’s the perfect time to make your home into the cozy jungle you’ve been dreaming about!🌿🏡 You can’t go wrong adding green to your space; plants add life, earth, grounding & beauty... and purify the air, too!
Shop our stories by messaging us when you like what you see! New plants arriving today and CONTACTLESS curbside pickup available almost every day!🌿🚗💨 🙌🏼💫
pc: @the_wooden_hill

We’ve got a big ol’ plant sale going on with contactless pick-up at our Normal Heights shop, over on the Instagram! Follow our stories!🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿

Our minds are racing, but our hearts are FULL from the past few days. It’s a new normal - the distance between us is physical, but not emotional... we felt the love today from each message, each purchase, each comment and picture, each wave from 6 feet away as you came to pick up your plants.💗
As it stands now, we are going to continue the standing orders we have with contactless pickup curbside. We are going to stay nimble and flexible as to what’s next. Because we just don’t know. We are likely going to start offering delivery to a local area, to let you honor the request to shelter in place. Since we have to be at the shop for maintenance, we figure we can drop a few plants off on the way to and from. And so far that seems to be permitted.
THANK YOU for your support so far and for continuing to tune into our stories. You guys are literally keeping our lights on, and we are ever-so grateful.💚💚💚 love, the Wild Island Crew

It’s crazy out there, folks. That’s why we’re just gonna keep doing what we do best, which is bringing you some beautiful green stress relief!🌿🌿 We just got a few of these rare Variegated Fatsia Japonica “Spiderweb” in stock.💫 Available for purchase by messaging us! Lots more plants available for local curbside “contactless” pick up!🌿🚗💨 See our stories for details🙌🏼

One thing we know... you’re going to be at home a lot for the foreseeable future.🏡 Get some plants and get planting!🌿
The silver lining here may just be that we all slow down a bit. Care for each other and ourselves. Connect to nature. Grow something. Create something. Slow down enough to see and hear the language of plants.🌱💫

🎉Our Instagram 15% off plant sale continues, and we have safe curbside pick-ups happening Friday & Saturday!🙌🏼
#wildislandcollective #planttherapy pc: Heart Fern via @alltheprettyplants

Stuck at home? Shop our stories for plants to beautify your space!🌿All our plants are currently 15% off!!🎉 👉🏼AND, we’re offering curbside pick-up to accommodate safe social distancing!🌿🚗 You can also phone, email, or DM us what your looking for!
Thank you SO MUCH to those of you that have already purchased🙏🏼 I was feeling SO down last night when we decided to close the shop. But I woke up this morning feeling inspired and ready to pivot and make this work, for my family, for my employees, for our community! YOUR SUPPORT means EVERYTHING.💚 We’ve got this, guys. 💪🏼We’re gonna make it.💚

Variegated Monstera Albo🌿💫 This beauty is available and ready for a new home, in the shop Sunday! Check this coveted rare plant off your wishlist!✅
Bonus: TAG a friend below and send them some green emoji love💚🌿🌱🌴🌵and we’ll choose one lucky person to win a 4” baby Monstera!!🎉
#wildislandcollective #planttherapy #natureismagic

💚To our plant community:💚

As of now, we are remaining open! We want to help with a tiny bit of relief in these uncertain times by continuing our mission: to be a sanctuary, and to help you slow down, and connect with plants and nature.

Our hours may change slightly as needed to accommodate our families, so stay tuned to our stories, which we update daily.

Now more than ever we appreciate and NEED your support as a small business. 💚💚💚

✅We are going touchless & cashless at the register: no signing for credit cards necessary - you handle your card, no signing, and we will enter your email/phone for receipt. We can also send you an invoice immediately for you to pay on your phone.

✅We are keeping our back and front door open which keeps a constant breeze of ventilation blowing through the shop.

✅If we can accommodate during shop hours, you are welcome to make purchases via Instagram/invoice and pick up curbside.

✅We have postponed the sale of tickets for our plant swap, with the date of the swap hopefully remaining the same. Check our stories for details.

💚We hope to see you (feeling 100%) and provide you with a little green love for your life!
Warmly, the Wild Island Team💚

pc: @mickeysplants

Keep calm and carry... a bunch of plants home with you today!🌿👑 #plantsmakeushappy

It’s well documented that plants purify the air in our homes, (source below) but sadly, that claim has come under some scrutiny lately...
To all the doubters, let me be clear: I’m not expecting to miraculously clear the air in my house of all toxins with one lone snake plant... NO...
👉🏼I’m building a freakin’ JUNGLE up in here.🌴🌿🌳🌱🌲🍃🌵 #gimmealltheplants #indoorjungle #plantsaremagic
Pc: @houseplantclub
📍📄Study: NASA, 1989, “Interior Landscape Plants for Interior Air Pollution Abatement”

Everyone should believe in something.
I believe I’ll buy another plant!🌿

Just two of these Calathea Setosa “Greystar” left in the shop! We don’t see them too often and we’re excited to grab a few!💚
We’re open 12-5 on this beautiful rainy Tuesday!🙌🏼☔️

We are pretty stoked on our Plant of the Month Club selection this month: a gorgeous hand painted pot from @modplantpots created exclusively for Wild Island, paired with a Ruby Stromanthe🌿💜 Up next: look for some rare wish-list plants on the list for members, along with cool collaborations with local artists! 🙌🏼

Want to join the club? You’ll get a plant + planter (alternating between 4” & 6” larger sizes) each month, with specific care instructions, AND we throw a little happy hour for our members each month when the plants arrive!🥂🎉Members also get 10% off all weekend of the drop✅

Others try to imitate it, but we’re the original (& best) Plant Club in San Diego!🥇 Only $30 month... enroll on our website under “events.” or message us!
#wildislander #plantofthemonthclub #wildislandcollective
📸 @chigaimaging

Lookin’ lush & lovely in our little jungle!🌴💫Come on by today for some Sunday plant shopping, 11-5🌿

👉🏼👉🏼AND, Comment your favorite green emojis below, and we’ll pick someone randomly to win a 4” Heart Fern this evening!💚💚💚
📸: @theplantyphotographer

☁️Tillandsia☁️ Commonly known as “Air Plants,” these babies are hard not to love! They’re easy to care for and come in about a million delightful varieties, like the Xerographica pictured.🐙🌿They get their nutrients from water and require zero soil, so they’re great for beginners and for unique hanging situations! ✅A few more tips:

☀️Tillandsia DO want some light! People tend to stick them away somewhere on a shelf and forget that they will do best in a bright spot with filtered light or even some early morning sun rays.

💧Water by thoroughly misting, or soaking in lukewarm water for about 10-15 minutes. Then be sure to hang or set the plant upside-down to allow the water to run out from between the leaves. Not doing so can cause rot. How often will depend on the ambient humidity... more dry weather, means water more often!

🌿Tillandsia May have the bottom leaves turn dry/brown or fall off over time; this is normal as long as it’s just a few at a time. They do prefer warmth, also, so protect from winter cold drafts.

👆🏼We have one of these gorgeous wooden Sphere Tillandsia holders from @savviestudio left in the shop! Come see us this weekend Sat. 11-6 and Sun. 11-5!🌿

Punk Rock Homesteading


"A family medicine practice in urban Manchester "is prescribing plants to help people with anxiety, depression and loneliness," "

Need help with picking the right plants for your space? We offer full service plant styling services!🌿
From tiny homes to full scale corporate offices, we’ve infused green life into all different spaces around San Diego!🌿🏡🏙 More info under “Plant styling” on our site, link in our bio!💫🌿
#plantstyling #sandiegostyle #wildislandcollective 📸: @kortneekatephoto

We’ve got Birkins!🌿🎉 The beautiful and rare Philodendron Birkin, with its glossy and gorgeous white-striped variegation, just arrived in the shop!💚✨Come on by to snag yours before these disappear!💫🌿

Very limited quantities, sorry no holds or prepays. We’re open 12-5 Tue/Wed/Thu!

If spending all my money on plants is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.🌿✋🏼
Come snuggle up in our little jungle! We’re open Sunday 11-5🌴💫

We’re chock full of greens and ready to party!🌿🎉🕺🏼
Come see us Saturday 11-6 and Sunday 11-5🌿🌿🌿#weekendsareforplantshopping

Loving this home/office situation from our friend & Wild Island regular @amber108 🏡🌿 People often worry about how a certain plant or pot will look in a particular space... but it’s honestly REALLY hard to go wrong! Plants soften any space, no mater their height, texture, or shade of green.

That being said, we’re here to help you pick the best plants for your situation! Feel free to bring in a picture of the room you’re working with and show it to a member of the Wild Island crew! We have lots of experience in lighting & care requirements for each of our plants and can help you make there most of your rooms!🌿🙌🏼💫 #wildislandfinds #sandiegoplantstyling

If anyone ever tells you that you have too many plants,

stop talking to them.

You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.✋🏼🌿

#meandplantsarefriends #plantpeople
📷: @tealhankinsphoto

💫Variegated Monstera Albo💫
👆🏼You read that correctly!👆🏼
We have a small batch of this top-of-the-wishlist plant, being released THIS Saturday at NOON!!🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿
THE DEETS: We will have 3 or 4 Variegated Monstera Albo Borsigianas available for purchase on an in-person, first come, first pick basis. These are fully rooted cuttings, about 12 inches tall, with 3-4 large leaves each, and gorgeous white segments and half moons as only found on Albos. Price range will be $325-400.
Because these plants are so rare, and only made available via shared cutting, not tissue culture, their value will not go down! But we know you aren’t doing this for the value... it’s all about the Instagram pics and completion of your home jungle, right?🌴📷🌿✨
Tag your friends!! 👯‍♀️ We are super excited about these beauties! See you Saturday!!💚💚💚
#wildislandfinds #wishlistplant #variegatedmonstera
@ Wild Island Collective

You probably already know that Snake plant and the ZZ plant are two of the easiest care plants for beginners; but MY top pick would be the gorgeous Heart Shaped Philodendron Hederaceum.💚🌿Not only is it super easy care, but it also gives you the satisfaction of seeing rapid, lush, trailing growth in moderate light situations! Hello #junglevibes 🌴
☀️Tolerates medium light, but grows fastest in bright light, just never direct sun rays.
💧I water these only once they show the slightest droop in the leaves. Water thoroughly, using the bottom watering technique (see our Plant Care Story highlights!)
🌿Can trail or grow up a moss pole easily! Be sure to dust or wash the leaves now and then for best photosynthesizing ability!
#philodendronhederaceum #heartshapedphilodendron
📷: @myplantcollection_ #wildislandcollective

Who needs curtains when you have plants?🌿💫 Dreaming of a planty bed situation like this one featured on @homedeco
#plantsmakeahouseahome #wildislandcollective

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