Women Cyclist

Women Cyclist


Bloomers! They were quite the sensation in the 1890s as women took to the wheel in huge numbers. Take that you misogynists! Here are some of the crazier, more controversial bloomer-and-bike stories. FYI: There’s a direct link between bikes, bloomers and women winning the right to vote in 1920.
Women on wheels! The wheelwomen of the 1800s took on men, societal norms, started pedaling and changed the world. Here are some of the more interesting, funny and fascinating stories, ripped from the pages of history, and old newspapers. The first one is hilarious; I admire this woman!
What kind of bike is the most comfortable and cool looking?
Any Cyclists from Bangalore?
How can I best support my women racers/riders?
I am the race director of the La Grind, gravel stage race located in the Flinthills of Kansas. Love to hear what you need to have a great, safe, supported & awesome experience. Any thoughts on how to best support YOU would greatly appreciated.
I am looking for women to ride the Belgian Waffle Ride with me (the Wafer, 75 miler or Wanna 36 miler version) in May in San Diego! Specifically, I'm a cancer survivor (as of 2017!) and every year I try and do something that scares the shenanigans out of me and keeps my riding my bike. I'd love to ride with 4-5 other ladies in the Belgian Waffle! (Plus, Kristin Meyer, of BrandBetty, has a great cycling kit ... F___ Cancer, that she's willing to discount for us if we choose - !!) Please reach out to me if you're interested in registering. And yes, we'll also have the opportunity to get a great training plan to make sure we're ready to rock! Thanks everyone!!

Inspiring women to ride bikes...any bike, any where, forever. I do it as a coach and a friend ridin Ride, Explore, Eat, Be Kind, Love, Repeat.

No long description needed...read the posts, the stories, the articles here...join me in doing what we love: Riding bikes and sharing those experiences with others.

Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride 10/22/2019

Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride

https://mikenosco.com/. Volunteers still needed—please volunteer, ride, donate or all of the above:) Thank you in advance from all of those who will benefit and receive help through their journey with cancer. 💜💜💜

Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride Mission Statement The Michael P. Nosco Foundation, Inc. supports our Southern California communities whose mission is to provide financial relief to families and/or individuals who are confronting a life threatening illness. The foundation's mission is realized by organizing an annual cycling event,...

Revolution Camps — Revolution Coaching 09/16/2019

Revolution Camps — Revolution Coaching

Another awesome women’s cycling camp...!

Revolution Camps — Revolution Coaching Nov 6 to Nov 10 WOMEN'S PERFORMANCE CYCLING CAMP Wed, Nov 6, 2019 8:30 PM 20:30 Sun, Nov 10, 2019 9:30 PM 21:30 Google Calendar ICS CAMP IS BACK! Now in its 14th year, you are invited to join the fun and adventure at this unique women’s cycling camp that provides an experience like no other. Join ...

Ride Santa Barbara 100 | Ride Santa Barbara 100 09/13/2019

Ride Santa Barbara 100 | Ride Santa Barbara 100


Use code RBA15 for 15%off ...you’re welcome💪

Ride Santa Barbara 100 | Ride Santa Barbara 100 Ride Santa Barbara 100 takes place in one of the most beautiful and challenging cycling locations in the United States. We offer four distinct courses to suit a range of cycling abilities – each course offering a world class Santa Barbara cycling experience. All riders receive a commemorative t-sh...

THE SPIRIT WORLD 100 07/19/2019


Heidi & Zander are amazing and this event sounds RAD for all you gravel endurance lovers!

THE SPIRIT WORLD 100 You have 10 hours to ride your gravel bike from Patagonia, Arizona to the border of Mexico ​& back.

The Most Badass Woman in Bike Racing Is Back 05/15/2019

The Most Badass Woman in Bike Racing Is Back

Great article about one of my favorite people Ina; written by another favorite journalist Leah Blumenthal Flickinger—glad to see her back too!

The Most Badass Woman in Bike Racing Is Back Before the crash, Ina-Yoko Teutenberg was the boss of the peloton. Now she's rewriting her legacy.


Join My First Century

I remember my first century! Adnan is a great coach and this training is for everyone:) check it out...


World Surf League

All it takes is a decision. There is no valid reason to not have equality in sport, work and life for all beings. Congratulations to the WSO for making that decision.

Equal by Nature. From 2019, female and male athletes will receive equal prize money across all WSL controlled events.


Dear bike shop--my bike is all pinked out...maybe the 1st clue that the chrome dura ace skewer wasn't on my bike when I brought it in...note PINK front skewer. Ugghhh

buildingbrave.org 06/07/2018


Everyone knows I am a huge fan of Rebecca Rusch so here's another great interview with her--good advice on believing in yourself!

buildingbrave.org Rebecca Rusch: The Struggle Behind Her Success Rebecca Rusch has been a professional athlete for over three decades and has won seven world championship titles. She has raised over $100,000 for bike related charities through…



Good to see this coverage and how this event has worked hard to help support the businesses in the area as they come back:) Heartbreaking as well.

Today's Tour of California stage has special meaning for those affected by recent fires and mudslides: “All of Montecito is still hurting. It’s important for us to feel like we can do something like this.”



Want to tour Italy by bike? Revolution Coaching has openings on their upcoming Tuscan adventure! Don't worry about the hills or being out of shape; E-Bikes are an option too! There's nothing quite like exploring an area by bicycle--reach out today for more info:



Can't think of anyone better than Rebecca Rusch to show you Idaho's gorgeous riding--not to mention the opportunity to learn from her; priceless!

Cycling has changed my life in more ways than I can even count. I want to share my unrelenting love for this sport with all of you! Sign up for Rusch Academy this Summer and join me for a weekend of good food, creative training, and a push to be the best YOU you can be. -> bit.ly/Rusch-Academy

Niner Bikes | RockShox | Maxxis Tires | Garmin Outdoor | ASSOS


Pet peeve--speakers who read from Power Point slides--I can read; say something that matters!!!

twitter.com 12/21/2017

U.S. Forest Service on Twitter

Continued thanks and concern for these hard working men and women! https://t.co/9pHRPLbozK

twitter.com “There are currently 800+ personnel working alongside our partners , , , , Santa Barabara County Fire Department and many others to contain the .”


OMG RAINDROPS!!!! yeeeeees #


Cycling peeps FFs need electrolyte drink, energy shots, chapstick, wipes, bars, gels DM me U can donate I will give U address to send THK U


Sad fact local kids (SBC) dependent on school brfst & lunch will miss 200,000 meals due 2 school closure. Donate to Food Bank SBC to help!


I can see the stars!!! Please let this mean an end to the Thomas fire is near.


Woke to smoke covered sky, absolute stillness outside; feeling concerned for friends in fire zones


Definitely a cozy blanket Netflix kinda night.


Why don't trains have seatbelts? Are they irrelevant in the event of a crash...just wondering?


I'm so over this wind, it's hot and crisp...let it rain.


Went to get lunch at grocery store and this guy in line behind me is clipping his fingernails--!! Seriously?


WOTD Entitled! Grrrrrrr


That seems like a very long earthquake...


Arrived at restaurant listening to a gal vomit her life story on her Tinder date---just sayin' HE should run now.


Considering a Toyota Rav4...anyone have one? Like or Dislike?


Hasn't he done enough damage with 145 characters!

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Pure Speed Time Trial Clinic Piru Feb 2011
Pure Speed Time Trial Clinic Piru Feb 2011





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