MikeFit MFN Performance Center

MikeFit MFN Performance Center


✨Just checking in.. how is everyone doing🌼? NAAAP SD is excited to help make life in quarantine a little better😷🌿. We understand how important it is to eat well🍎, support local😎, & stay healthy🧘‍♂️🤸‍♀️, so here's a little something for doing just that...
✨We've partnered with MikeFit MFN Performance Center & Convoy District to bring you the #MikeFitLocalGainsChallenge! Get rewarded for supporting local & taking out🥡🍽💪.
✨By placing 5 takeout orders from ANY of the restaurants on the challenge card, you'll instantly get a $50 gift card & an entry into a $300 value Grand Prize drawing! Rules & details in the pics!🍊🥬🥑 May you accept the challenge & take the push 👊💪😋
Happy Valentine's Day, MikeFit! 💪🏽😘
Dude! I completely forgot to check out your products before I put my order in :/ I tried to check out your website right now though to check them out for next time but I guess your site is down?
Hey mike. My phone wouldn't let me message but I'll put the info here. My email is [email protected]
Mann yesterday was funny at TGI Fridays I still keep thinking.
out of curiosity, how many times a week do u workout? :D
hey mike are you against CLA? thinking about trying it out because of its supposed fat burning capabilities but not sure if it really works
oh and what do u have to say about machines and isolation movements during a workout?
hey mike,

3 years ago i sent you a message via myspace asking for advice about lifting. Your patience and sound advice gotta me started on the right track. i started religiously working out about 2 years ago and have gained about 40 pounds of solid muscle, with even a slightly lower bf than i began with. i just wanted to thank you for your help, you're awesome.

I was also wondering if I can get your email address or something because I have some more questions for you haha.
Dear Mike,
My boyfriend has started working out, and as a result, he gained a belly (wtf) so what is he doing wrong or what can he do to lose that belly, cause he didnt have a belly until he started working out.
u think u gonna be available during summer? haha

MikeFit & MFN is a high performance company founded by World Champion Athlete & Fitness Expert Mike Nguyen. We have our own gym in San Diego and a worldwide online store with a complete line of supplements, training guides & services on mikefit.com

Mike Nguyen is regarded as one of the most accomplished training and nutrition coaches in the country. Aside from earning multiple national and world championship titles in 2 different sports; Mike is also one of America's leading fitness expert who holds a total of 5 national certifications specializing in exercise, nutrition, weight loss, sports injury and physique transformation. Mike's educati

Operating as usual


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Photos from MikeFit MFN Performance Center's post 04/02/2021

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💡Tips to Optimize Your Results w/ this Movement:

TIP 1 : Keep Back Straight throughout. No rounding of any kind.

TIP 2 : Best rep range is 10 to 20 depending on personal goal.

TIP 3 : Maintain a controlled tempo when pulling and lowering the weight.

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Photos from MikeFit MFN Performance Center's post 10/07/2020

Our newest ebook - The Winning Stretch (Dynamic Edition) is now available! Written by @mikepro_champion .

We created this guide to help you learn the best pre-workout stretches which is often overlooked and misunderstood. By performing the proper stretches BEFORE your workouts, you can improve your performance and reduce muscle aches/pain instantly!

According to @mikepro_champion , dynamic stretches are meant to help your muscles be activated, primed and prepped for movements while "static" stretches are more for relaxing and calming down the body. Performing the wrong stretches before workouts can actually lower strength and performance.

Our dynamic stretching plan comes with full video demonstrations performed by our team of coaches and health experts, plus written tips and several ready to use stretch routines based on the body part you're planning to train!

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MikeFit Brand: Personal Training & Nutrition Consulting Services in San Diego specializing in weight loss solutions, natural health and body transformation. MFN Performance supplements developed by Mike Nguyen and company.


2949 Garnet Ave. 4th Floor
San Diego, CA

General information

MikeFit Personal Training Services/Nutrition Coaching/Online Supplement Store

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