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My name is Antwan Rarcus and I am an online Fitness Professional based in San Diego and I am ready t We never quit and we never give up; no losses only lessons.

Accountability through adversity is where the silver-lining of "sticking to the plan" comes into play. The deliverance of results do not just fall on the client but me as the coach as well. a plan is a plan, but it is the action that lays that foundation of success and the continuous action that cements it all together. When developing under me, not only is everything customized to your specific n

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Post Pump Photo Dump 🔥

Had an insane pump today on my push day. The goal today was details; so I focused on the points of my chest and shoulders that needed work.

Some techniques I use on my detail days:
• Isometric holds
• isolation lifts
• slow negatives
• high reps
• short rest

🗣 Double tap and comment if you’d like me to break down any of these techniques👇🏾📲

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MACROS & MICROS what foods fit these titles?

MACROS: there are 3 categories that make up a total balanced scale... PROTEINS, CARBS, FATS

Proteins: chicken, beef, yogurt, eggs, lentils, and even beans are prime sources of protein

Carbs: rice, grains, bread, potatoes, fruits, and even squash are all prime sources of carbs

Fats: peanuts, almonds (nuts in general, oils, avacado, whole eggs, cheese, and even chocolate are all prime sources of fat

MICROS: the categories that make up this title are vitamins, minerals, and even water.

Good micro foods would be kale, spinach, beetroots, chia seeds, Goji beans, and even sweet potatoes

Some of these foods are mixed with other micro and macro properties. But when meal prepping it’s about mix and matching to make the perfect balanced intake.

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Antwan Rarcus Presents "Against All Odds Lifestyle"


Against Vll Odds is a creed , meant to deliver empowerment through out adversity in the willingness to create the greatest version of ourselves.

My name is Antwan Rarcus and I am a Fitness Professional based in San Diego, ready to redefine what accountability truly means.


Fitness has always been a way for me to express myself and what better way to do it then with style. The shirts, leggings, joggers that express “US”. In those hr long sessions you’re able to be yourself. For me it boils down to the kicks, from the new intavative Nike Adapts to OG chuck Taylors. They all have a reason and purpose in my closet.



It’s Monday peeps and as the saying goes said by the great himself “everybody wants to be a beast but doesn’t want to do what beast do.”
Apart of being a beast is enjoying the hunt and that means even the days you feel tiered and lazy or unmotivated. You have to get up and get what’s yours because I’d be “Lion” if I said the gazelle (success) will stop running from you...see what I did there 😉. All jokes aside happy Monday everybody and ENJOY THE HUNT 🎯
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🎥 video by .vision


In this episode, aka “The Punisher” put me and through some delt smashing! Pete’s sessions are full of volume (supersets, trisets, mega sets... basically a lot of f**king sets. We get w/ Pete once a week to kick our asses into gear. Dre is in prep and I am gearing up to start, but for now size is the prize during the offseason. Watch this weeks episode as we put in some work on the delt meat!
🎥 shot by .vision


Back Attack (Key To V-Taper)
Fellas (ladies included), If you’re anything like me building big arms and chest were numero uno when we first started lifting. The back often gets neglected ESPECIALLY the lower back (foundation)! A strong back will add depth and shape to your physique and help develop that V-taper we all desire and most importantly it creates stability for all other exercises. The struggle with back pain causes us to shy away from training back especially the essential lifts like deadlifts, back extensions, rack pulls, etc. definitely seek help from a physio if pain is heavy, but also keep in mind that our backs may be weak and in order to strengthen we have to fight through the pain and stay consistent. So check this out, since the back is apart of the posterior chain that contains large muscle groups...and in hind site the more muscles you train simultaneously the more calories you burn. So every time you bang out a solid back session you’re boosting that metabolism and on your way to shred city baby! I myself will be working on my lower back this offseason to build a more well pieced together physique. Check the exercises below I personally will be using to strengthen my back (FOCUS:Lower back)
• DeadLift •Rackpulls •Back Hyper-extensions • Pull-UPS •T-Bar Row •Seated Row with cable
——————————————————— 🎯Train w/ me, AGAINST ALL ODDS: DM me for a custom program or one on one sessions that can help you develop the back you desire! 🚨 You can book me today by clicking the link in my bio! LET’S GROW FAM!


Peaking the body to be aesthetically pleasing for a bodybuilding show, photo shoot, or even for vacation is all the same. it is for anyone that wants to look their absolute best on a specific date and use this week to reduce the water found in the outer extracellular layer (epidermis) all while keeping the water inside the intracellular layer (inside the muscle) to keep the muscle bellies full and defined. The Epidermis layer is responsible for the look and health of the skin and it holds a large amount of water. The body maintains a balance of 70/30 (extra/intra). Your body’s water balance is incredibly important to cell function, blood volume, blood pressure, etc.

Be mindful that the reduction of water in either layer directly effects the other. If you just take a diuretic to “dry out” or cut water you will lose water in the extracellular layer, but to keep homeostasis the body will re-balance that 70/30 ratio which will leave things unchanged and ultimately “flatten” your physique.

The overall idea of the process is slowly increasing carbs or reducing carbs (front loading or back-loading). Keeping sodium intake moderate and water intake balanced. Conditioning the body prior to peak week with consistent cardio slowly increasing intensity to increase MHR (burning fat and reducing water). Re-feeding the body with carbohydrates towards the end of the week and pulling water on the day.

Try to target being in shape generally 2 weeks out from peak week, meaning lean physique (low body fat percentage) with definition of muscle in order to get the full effects of “peak week”. Check below for the 4 must know categories for peak week (Water Manipulation, Sodium intake, Cardio/conditioning, Dieting guide).

• Water manipulation: Study your water intake from the beginning of the week. Drink your normal consistent amount of water (1L, 5L, 1gallon, etc.) and based on the details in the body you have room to be able to remove or add water towards the end of the week. If you are looking watery you can pull water, if flat you can add water.

• Minerals (Sodium & Potassium):
🚨For more info check my BLOGS check link in bio for full breakdown! 🚨


🚧 Developing Abs “Core” (Slow twitch & Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers)🚧
The abdomen (Abs) are muscles all the same to the rest of your body. They are derived of both slow twitch muscle fibers, which stimulate better to low weight high reps, and fast twitch muscle fibers, which stimulate better to heavy weight and low reps. You can think of it in an effort standpoint. Fast twitch fibers are explosive and need a high rate of effort level of motor units to power through an exercise. Slow twitch muscle fibers are conditioned derived and take little effort to perform but can do so for longer periods.

There is no difference from men and women when trying to achieve the core you desire. Spot Reduction is a myth; Training abs for an entire hour isn’t going to get the job done. Even the professional relayed saying “abs are made in the kitchen,” dieting alone won’t get you the process is all the same with a mix of nutrition, conditioning, and consistent strength training. Abs can be seen at a reduction in body fat and strengthen through training. Below you can see the general body fat percentage for both men and women.
Body Fat Percentage:

Bodybuilders, men’s physique, bikini, and figure competitors tend to drop below these body fat levels for competition purposes, but rarely maintain such levels for the long term for health reasons.

No matter the end goal, the body needs a certain level of essential fats (more in future post), which exist within your internal organs and throughout your body between joints and even your spinal column. They regulate your body temp and directs vitamin absorption. Also are the prime source of your “fight or flight response” residing in your adipose tissue. The average number needed for men is 3 percent and 13 for women…anything below that you’d be endangering yourself.
**Most men need to achieve a body fat percentage of six to nine percent.
**Women need to reach 16 to 19 percent body fat. Be mindful that achieving this depends on your gender and genetics, achieving body fat percentage varies from person to person.
🚨 Find more information in my blog (see link in bio then select “Blog”)


🇺🇸 ⚡️Independence⚡️ 🇺🇸
Everyday we as individuals fight our independent battles towards the “Freedom of Self”, and there are those who have sacrificed for us to even have those battles, so to represent them we MUST live to the fullest without question.
Delivering the Freedom to be in power of yourself. Freedom to seek out your dreams. Freedom to be a creator and develop something that’s unique.
That punk ‘Adversity’ shows up through our journey, and that adversity has a face and it’s that guy/girl that’s staring at you in the mirror. A reflection that makes your life a living hell if you let it.
I’m no science major, but I do know this, Newton’s Third Law explains for every action, there is an equal or opposite re-action. To keep it simple with y’all if you take no action nothing fu***ng happens. A lot of days you’ll tell yourself “I don’t feel like working out.” , “I don’t feel like studying.”, “I don’t feel like doing it rn I’ll do it later.”
To win those battles over yourself is a true victory. You have to live by your values. The Air Force core values are something I still live by:
1. Integrity first
2. Service before Self
3. Excellence in all we do
Happy 4th of July, today we celebrate FREEDOM.
🚨 To help celebrate Check out 4th of July sale buy 1 get 1 FREE on all products and win a FREE holiday T-Shirt. Check story to swipe up and shop!


We tend to find ourselves in complacency and too scared to venture into the unknown. You can’t win if you’ve never ran the race. Problems forever exist, when you get rid of one you regain another. The key is to not focus on the bad problems, but creating good problems (solutions). Only knowledge leads to a true competitive advantage. In the words of “experience f**king matters”. To learn you have to understand the meaning through experience! Always put yourself in a race for a challenge. Without a challenge you’ll never grow. Let’s take action today and get uncomfortable 🤨


Aight, so I’ve been asked a lot about my pre-workout of choice and NITRO SURGE takes the WIN. It’s light on the beta alanine with 1.6g compared to others 3.2. This gives me the right amount of kick without me wanting to rip my skin off (Prob not a good sign).
✅FLAVOR IS DAMN GOOD! **orange pineapple** (I’d use it as a chaser for tequila 😤)
🎯 Explosive energey with laser sharp focus
🔥 Thermo properties help burn fat and preserve lean muscle
💪🏾 It gives you a SERIOUS PUMP.
🚨Yo the ish is only $10....say no more fam say no more 🤫
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You can perform the ultimate contraction by lengthening and shortening the muscle which are two separate contractions (concentric and eccentric) added together to make a full movement.

The contraction is not made up by the muscle itself, but it is a direct line from a nerve into a bundle of muscle fibers (fast twitch or slow twitch fibers) which will contract all or none in one motor unit.


The more motor units/effort generated to complete the contraction the more effective the contraction will be, the more micro tears will be made, and thus promoting more muscle growth.

✅ MUSCLE GROWTH: During a contraction you create micro tears/gaps in your muscles. Those tears/gaps must be filled in during recovery which stack and create larger muscle bellies. Rebuilding happens during protein synthesis where protein is produced to repair the muscle after intense exercise…LOOK OUT FOR NEXT POST FOR POST WORKOUT RECOVERY.

Rule of thumb:
1. Give Maximum effort to each rep
2. Train outside your comfort zone
3. Overstimulate the muscle (Chase the pump)
4. Try heavier weight (Don’t pride lift)
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Kill the noise... 🤫
This is Raw, Unfiltered, Pain derived, pride breaking work. Less talk more action...we came to COLLECT 🗡 🏆



Building a training regimen that matches your desired goals is the soul driver to making or breaking your
The “BRO SPLIT” is bulls**t...sorry not sorry 🤷🏾‍♂️. It’s a good foundation for beginners, but not optimal for overall growth. Here’s the secrete 🤫 if you want to build a specific muscle group then that muscle group needs more focus...meaning you need to stimulate it multiple times a week. Training back once a week isn’t going to get you a big back brotha, ladies same with you!You need to be crushing that muscle group at least 2-3 times a week.
Training towards goal specifics. Getting faster, stronger, more muscle, or more conditioned...all of those require different training approaches... below are the foundation for those goal specifics:
• Strength 1-10
• hypertrophy 10-12
• muscle endurance (condition) 12-20


Happy Easter!
I celebrated with a little full body workout on this Easter. Watch a few exercises I did including 150lb DB press for 5...PRs are for Sunday’s!

Clean and press 4x15
Bent over row 4x12
Floor BB press w/leg raise 4x12
Narrow pull ups AMRAP

•DB bench press 5x 12,10,8,8,5

Seated DB shoulder press 4x12
Standing around the worlds

Kettle bell swings+resistance band 4x15
Squat+glute band & Side steps


Not your typical Motivational Quote....
Stop bulls**tting yourself. You say you desire this and that, but aren’t willing to take the risk that comes with them. In this world you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. There’s no run around there’s no spiritual belief or magical powers that will get you to your ultimate goals. You have to jump into those deeps water to learn how to swim. Today let’s do something that we are uncomfortable with...the further you get out your comfort zone the further you will grow...less talk, just do!


Double tap if your apart of the
🗣Post a video to your story of your best dry scoop tag me and I’ll repost it...let’s get this ish cracking today 💯💪🏾
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The cure for a fallacious argument is a better argument, not the suppression of ideas.
I’ve been told before that isn’t for you or you don’t fit that picture...since day one my vision has been abnormal and against everything... being hard headed has gotten me to this point. Don’t ask me how I did it just pay attention to my work-ethic... .


{Against All Odds}
Stop hesitating to get what’s yours. You are the sole owner of your goals and doesn’t have to be demanding but it could be the commanding factor you need to progress through your days. Join me and we can conquer these goals together!
🚨 I am now accepting a hand full of clients both online and in person. 🔍CLICK THE LINk IN MY BIO TO SIGN UP TODAY‼️
feel free to contact me through dm or email if you have any questions...LETS GET IT FAM!


🗣Don’t Forget To Stretch!
My back has been giving me issues with sharp jolting pain, numbness, and tension. All these issues lead up to me having tight hip flexors and hamstrings from training so often and neglecting them. My girl Kelsey plugged me up today and got me stretched out and tapped into some sources here at ! Huge thank you sweetheart 🙏🏾 now I’ll be able to function better during training, and best of all optimize my muscle growth!


We deserve these results and we deserve the hard work that comes with it....all I hear is whispers in the wind bruh, Don’t bother me I’m working!


Levitate your game!
Why settle for lower level results when you have the opportunity to level up!
I use Nitro Surge to up my game! The perfect balance between power, energy, and focus!
Get yours today by using code AAO20 and save $$. Or click the link in my bio link tree titled “JACKED FACTORY”
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fitness fam


📵Who will you be when it’s all said and done?
When there’s no more instagram
When there’s no more followers
When there’s no more likes
No more comments or shares or repost....
If you lost your ability to look aesthetically pleasing due to a fatal accident, who would you be?
If you can’t answer that question then this should be a wake up call.
Own your good attributes
Own your flaws
Be open to connecting with others
Take defeat as a win
Be the energy in a dead room
Spark the candle don’t wait for someone else to do it for you....
See the miraculous in the common
EDUCATE, EDUCATE, EDUCATE YOURSELF! Don’t be a corvette with a v6 have more to give.
We are more than just a still image... we are creators...LETS CREATE


Life is too short to live it being average...make it great! Keep it funky and never let them catch you slipping ⚡️⚡️


The whole team came out swinging! We took home some hard wear, but most importantly we all surpassed our own expectations! It only gets better from here...GROWING SEASON 💯
Team: Undeniable Physique
Shorts by:
Prep fueled by:
Tan by:


Clear vision...Visine



I’m 2 days out from show time. Currently 194lbs with less than 150g of carbs in my system....wait until you see my final form 😏 time to get FREAKY 😈! O and I’m men’s physique btw and yea I got m**o WHEELS 🚗 💨
Team: Undeniable Physique


Time and time again I’ve been told it’s impossible, I’ve been told I couldn’t do it, I’ve been doubted on by even the ppl closest to me. And time and time again I’ve chosen to take the harder path...the one ppl warned me about... the one that I had only a 1% chance of becoming successful, and guess tf what I arose out the victor. Kill them with success and let the hate be your fuel. Never get ready, STAY READY...AGAINST ALL ODDS!
🚨 Come Monday March 11th I am opening 5 slots to 5 ambitious ppl ready to change their ways and level up! If you’re interested in training with me please send me a DM or click the link in my bio and fill out my booking form. First 3 people to sign up get a FREE SESSION on me! Let’s not get ready let’s stay ready!





IFBB PRO Feddy Moe

We came to collect 🗡

athlete 1.3 days out from Musclecontest
Antwan Rarkus Fitness with
Shots fired...I came to collect! 9March2019
Coached by IFBB PRO Feddy Moe


NOT G.A.F 🖕🏾
Sometimes GAF about too many things can backfire.
The feedback loop from you’re prob like wtf is that. Well we’ve all been caught in it at one point. You get pi**ed off over something dumb like the taco guy forgetting to put extra sour cream on your burrito. Now you’re speeding down the highway mad af, but now you’re mad because your mad and it pi**es you off even more, then you carry that energy with you the rest of the day focused on that damn burrito...geez 🤦🏾‍♂️
Or you’re worried about doing the right thing all the time that you become more worried about how much you’re worrying...sounds goofy huh? 🙃
Thing is sometimes we have to GAF about less. Put those f*cks given towards meaningful things, and you’d be surprised on how much more success you will find in your day.
“THE BACKWARDS LAW” you’ve heard pain brings pleasure right? Well in my case, failing getting last calls at the USAs gave me the ultimate pain of failure which boosted me and cleared my vision towards my success. Seeing the negative in my physique and building it through pain has now brought me pleasure in success. Ok Ima hop off this pedestal now this post too damn long and my thumbs hurting 🤨 ...butttt don’t be in limbo when you fail or when things don’t “go your way” bc you always get your way right? Sometimes your hands get dirty and all you got to do is just wash them bitches...a little dirt never hurt anybody so stop crying about every little thing and just say “F**k it s**t happens!”

@ EōS Fitness San Diego: Sports Arena


{Manifest your life}

Today’s manifestation:
I am a great man and a great son
I am a champion
I am my brothers keeper
I am a elite trainer/athlete
I will become an IFBB PRO
I will become a Gym Owner
I will support my family
Today is the greatest day of the week. Proving yourself to yourself...manifest your life, make the most outlandish goals and stick to them. Aim higher than the mark and you just might hit the mark.

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Hey Everybody! Welcome to my page! I am an official online & in person personal training coach with Self Made Training Facility. Not only do I offer awesome programs that will guarantee results with hard work, but I will be providing LOADS of fitness and nutrition hacks all over this page...FOR FREE! My passion for fitness drives me to want to help others and build a community of healthy living! Feel free to message me at ANY point if you have any questions or anything you would like me to provide! Your goals are my goals and together we can accomplish them!

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