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Timeline photos 03/07/2019

If you’re a small business owner, the most important number on your IG account is profile visits. Think of IG as your store front. It’s great if people look in the window and like it (which are your posts). But it’s more important that people come into your store and have an opportunity to shop. Want to learn more about profile visit strategies and making money on IG - regardless of the number of followers you have, click the link in my bio.


How You Should Love Your Child

Timeline photos 02/07/2019

Start thinking, dreaming, believing manifesting ALL the things that would go right. 🌈

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You don’t run a marathon after your first jog. You don’t run for Office after your first political dinner. And you don’t have a strong social media presence after your first few posts. It takes time, thought and work.

Consistency and quality content are some of the basic building blocks. DM me for your free Instagram Basics Guide. 🦋 It’s your dream. Let’s make it happen. 💗


Before You Judge Anyone, Watch This

Love this!

Timeline photos 01/24/2019

Clarity. Consistency. Curation. Mindset. Don’t let tech overload make it anymore complicated for you. 🌈 Do what you love and let the world know. It’s that easy. 🦋

Timeline photos 01/18/2019

It is so frustrating when clients tell me their goal is to get 10,000 followers. REALLY!?! Are you in business to look good or make money? Regardless of how many followers you have, as a business owner, you should always have sales goals. Yes, that means make money.

It’s great to have a large audience, but you need to let that audience know what you have to offer. Whether your audience is 100 or 100,000,000. The perfect time to sell is right now.

Don’t wait for a certain number of followers, likes or visibility on certain platforms to think you’re valid. Focus on what you have to offer, let the 🌎 know and your customers will start to follow you.

Think of your business as a department store: doesn’t wait to open a store until they have customers waiting outside. They build their store and let people know what they have to offer and, well, we all know what happens!

And for goodness sakes, don’t limit yourself to one platform. But that’s Monday’s post. 🌈

Timeline photos 01/14/2019

Basic ways to been seen on Instagram:

Posts, stories, IGTV. Go beyond that and engage with people. Like, comment and DM people with similar interests. Be genuine and encouraging. When working with clients, I always ask for at least 10 key words that describe them (not all related to their business) and suggest they use those words to make connections.

For example, some of mine are: social media marketing, business strategy, Coach, interior design, art, single mom, adoption, travel, vegan, San Diego, vintage furniture and so on. These words have brought me new friendships, support and (drum roll 🎶) clients. I have met people all over the world, virtually and irl, and we have built a base to help each other.

Don’t be shy! The 🌎 is waiting for you.

Timeline photos 01/10/2019

Are you stuck? Everyday choose one thing that you will do for your business and don’t let anything get in the way. I don’t care how small the ‘one thing’ is. If you’re stuck you need to start to rewire your brain for action not excuses. One small thing consistently will start to do just that! 🦋

Timeline photos 01/08/2019

Yes! There is a big difference. Make sure you’re getting the right help for your business, your brand and your budget. 🌈

A Social Media Manager (SMM) is going to handle your Social Media for you. The SMM should go thru an extensive info process to understand you and your brand and then should start implementing your Social Media. They should give you very clear parameters of what kind of audience they can reach and how long until your Social Media Strategy starts to meet your goals. A SMM is perfect for someone whose business is making 💰 and doesn’t have time to do it, but knows it’s important for their business to grow.

A Social Media Coach (SMC) will teach you how to use social media to grow your platform and help increase your sales. To get your social media up and effective takes time. A SMC is perfect for the business owner with a small budget and who has the time to grow their SM themselves. An effective SMC should give you strategies specific to you, your business and brand. Different strategies work for different types of businesses. Make sure your SMC has experience with a variety of growth plans.

Effective SM strategies arw imperative for you to grow your biz online. 🦋 Let me know if I can help you gain clarity on getting the help you need to kickass in 2019.

Timeline photos 01/07/2019

Happy First Monday of 2019!🌈 Now is the perfect time to tweak your schedule. As a women biz owner, we get pulled in so many directions. Strategic planning will help you use your time wisely and get the things done that matter. Little shifts can make a big difference. 🦋

Timeline photos 01/04/2019

People ask me all the time what the ‘secret’ ratio is to posting: how many selfies, landscapes, quotes, etc to get followers. There is no ‘secret’ ratio. You should be posting images that are reflective of your brand and that your audience wants to see. Although it’s important to post often and consistently, don’t waste your time posting things your audience doesn’t want to see and doesn’t help you with your conversion rate. 🦋

Need help figuring it all out? Invest in yourself and your business this year. Contact me for an Instagram Audit. Don’t just do it. Do it right. 🌈

Timeline photos 01/04/2019

At then end of 2019 won’t it be nice to look back and have met your goals. Action is such an important part of moving towards your goals. INTENTIONAL ACTION is even better. Because if you’re going to do it, you might as well have a plan to get it done! 🌈

Timeline photos 01/03/2019

NYE May be a distant memory, but the party is still on here. Why is like a cocktail party:

When you go to a party you don’t (I hope) stand in a corner and just talk or wait for someone to approach you. You mingle, you meet new people ask them about themselves, get to know new things and have new acquaintances to build relationships with.

If all you’re doing is posting, you’re essentially the person in the corner talking to no one or worse, sitting there waiting for someone to approach you.

Get out here, search for businesses and people who inspire you and like, comment and engage on the ‘gram. Get to know people all over the world. This platform can really be a magically place, helping us all to connect. And at the end of the day, that’s what most people want, connection. Building a business isn’t easy, or everyone would do it. Do the work and have fun doing it. 🌈


Timeline photos 01/03/2019

Besides goal setting, now is the perfect time to review what you have in place and make sure it’s consistent and aligned to support your 2019 goals. 🌈 Don’t just do it. Do it right.

Timeline photos 01/02/2019

It’s a new year. Don’t do the same old things, just to get the same old results. Change can be hard, especially if you’re not sure what you need to shift, or don’t have the mindset. Click the link in my bio to start 2019 with effective actions and strategic plans to meet your goals. DM ‘2019’ to get special pricing on your package. 🌈

Timeline photos 01/01/2019

Happy 2019! Have you been making goals for the new year? Let’s create goals that are a stretch, yet align with you.

Yesterday I met with a new client who told me she knew she wouldn’t do her 2018 goal. And she somehow thought it was reasonable to just use the same goal for 2019. Crazy!! Goals should set you up for success, not failure. A strategic plan is needed to make goals happen. Yes, it starts with manifesting, but that is just the beginning. 🌈

Ready to align? Click the link in my bio. Make your dreams come true in 2019.



Screw Balance

So important to remember, especially if your a women Biz owner!


Quote of the Day

Timeline photos 12/14/2018

If you’re a business owner and you’re on Instagram, it’s important to know your why. Why are you here and what are you trying to accomplish? Once we know that, it’s a piece of 🎂 to get a strategic plan for you to implement and meet your goals. DM me or click my Instagram Strategy link in my profile to sign up for my personalized Instagram Success Coaching. Let’s get you set up to make money on Instagram in 2019. 🌈

Timeline photos 12/12/2018

🦋 Your Instagram Marketing isn’t going to be successful if you don’t know your why. Why are you on here everyday, thinking up content for posts, stories and IGTV?

🦋 There are over 2 billion users on the IG app everyday. There is room for all of us and lots of different reasons why we’re here.

🦋 I work with business owners trying to grow their brand or monetize their IG account. That looks slightly different for everyone.

🦋 What’s the same is consistency, content and engaging. Those things have to be done to make your Instagram worth your time for your business.

🦋 Serious about growing on this amazing app, that makes our world very connected? Ready to put in time and effort? Then I’m your person. 🌈


The Paperclip

Happy is happy. 🌈


Who's ready to make 2019 their best year yet? Join my private group Six Figure Girl Boss for FREE training and support to grow your business on Facebook and Instagram!

Timeline photos 12/07/2018

Feeling motivated and excited to post about your business on SM on a regular basis can be tough. Especially if you’re a service based business. But there is so much more to post about than your services. It’s important to let people know what services you offer, don’t get me wrong. But its also helpful to show followers who you are, so they can discover if they can relate to you.

🦋Always be Authentic🦋
Share things that matter to you. Don’t try to be like somebody that you see on SM just because she’s kicking it. She’s kicking it for her reasons, not yours.

🦋 Some sources for inspiration can be other posts. Always make sure to credit someone if it’s their original idea, photo, etc. Or perhaps you’re feeling inspired by other posts and that helps you discover your own voice.

🦋Share things that are going good and not so good. What has been hard for you? Struggles can be a great source of inspiration. Often getting outside can get your creative juices going.

🦋Scroll your camera roll. I’ll often get inspired or find images I want to share right on my camera roll.

🦋Boost another small biz owner. Sharing resources you love can be a great source of feeling good, helping others and building relationships.

🦋 If you’re feeling stuck, don’t get stuck on that thought. Take a break and the ideas will come. 🌈

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