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Helen Hunter Mackenzie


It’s hard to put into words how significant Helen’s impact has been on my life and my business. I’ve been “trying” to start a business for 3 years now, and since starting to work with Helen, I’m finally beginning to identify and dismantle the mindset and beliefs that have been stopping me from creating my soul-based business. Without Helen’s help, I would have given up months ago and gone back to hiding my true self in a soul-sucking job. Helen’s belief in me and her unwavering support and coaching have helped me to grow in ways I never believed possible and have truly changed my life! She always goes the extra mile and is constantly coming up with just what I need to hear and to learn. I can’t imagine my life without Helen’s mentoring, support and encouragement. I’m definitely a client for life!
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Photos from Helen Hunter Mackenzie's post 12/29/2022

After many years where things were dicey, stressful, grief-filled, or all of the above due to a perfect storm of circumstances that upended my life in ways I sometimes never thought I’d survive…

… we had the MOST beautiful, peaceful Christmas holiday this year (even though we were battling “the crud” in my household).

I’m so grateful for the life I have today. I’ve had to walk through the fire to get here, and I don’t take one moment for granted.

I also know that things have felt hard for a lot of us, for a lot of years. Even though this past year brought SO MANY amazing blessings my way personally, I’m aware that a lot of people are still struggling, or are even just entering their own personal “fire” — and my heart goes out to them (or you, if that’s you).

Whether you’re going through a tough time in your life or business or both (and if you are, please know YOU HAVE THE POWER to come through it), or you’re just emerging out of one, or you’re happily “living your best life” right now — I’m wishing you a miraculous New Year in 2023. ✨

May you know the joy and freedom of surrendering to “the plan” Life has for you — and allowing Life to reveal its magic to you.

It really is possible to yield to even the most challenging circumstances, and emerge witnessing miracles you could never have dreamt up on your own.

Maybe you know what I’m talking about? Leave me a comment if you do.👇

(I’m also handing out virtual hugs ❤️ so if you need one of those, let me know.)

Merry, peaceful, joyful holiday wishes to you!



With unexpected plumbing issues today, a recent tire replacement (ironic, since I JUST posted recently about how much I dislike tire changes, haha!), and all the holiday “stuff” that comes this time of year… I needed a gentle reminder.

Thought I’d share it, in case you needed it, too. ❤️




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Timeline photos 12/14/2022

Enjoying the fact that the clouds cleared away today and I could get a walk in.

Here in SoCal, we don’t get much in the way of “winter” 😂 so I do love when it gets rainy and gray out, particularly at the holidays.

But a brisk walk in the sunshine can’t be beat.

Isn’t it amazing how much the simple act of getting up and moving around can spark your creativity?

If I’ve got “writer’s block” one of the best remedies is to get up, step away from the computer, and do some kind of physical activity.

Walking the neighborhood, dancing around the living room, or even just doing the dishes (I am a weirdo that actually enjoys doing the dishes and tidying up the kitchen) usually does the trick.

And even if it doesn’t, I feel great (and maybe even have a sparkling kitchen to show for it). ✨

What works for you when you’re creatively stuck?


Timeline photos 12/06/2022

I put on makeup today.

And wore a top that was presentable (rather than my usual sweatshirt).

I was co-hosting a Zoom event for a dear client, and my wonderful co-host and I were chatting briefly right before, and admitted to each other that we were both in yoga pants, paired with our “presentable” tops.

It reminded me of a time many years ago when my business was in its infancy, and I was struggling. I shared some of what was going on with my ex.

He admonished me (as if it were the most obvious thing in the world): “You can’t wear yoga pants forever, Helen.”

To him, the solution to my struggle was to put on a monkey suit and get myself back into my former career in an office — like ALL smart people do.

I’m not here to disparage my ex (I’m genuinely not!).

But I’ll tell ya… when he said that to me, I thought, “Watch me.”

A week or so later, I was watching a behind-the-scenes something or other that Oprah was doing, and she confessed at one point:

“Look — from the waist up I’m fancy, but I’ve got on yoga pants and slippers underneath this desk!”

I took it as a sign from life that I was gonna be just dandy.

I’d rather relate to Oprah (love her or not, she has led a rich life of experiences and following her gifts and passions!) than to people who feel safe and secure in an office job.

Again, not disparaging anyone! I am just 100% sure that office life is not for me.

I don’t think it’s necessary to get angry at others for not understanding you — but it IS important to be clear about who you are, even when others aren’t.

You gotta do you. Not the you others think you should do.

But the “you” you REALLY are.

Have you ever had a moment like that? Where someone said something to you that made you even MORE committed to your dreams? I’d love to hear about it!


Photos from Helen Hunter Mackenzie's post 12/05/2022

Wanna write better, clearer sales messages?

(Without having to do the whole “But wait, there’s more!” spiel?)

Whether it’s a…

✨Landing page (you have to sell them on giving them your email address, y’know)

✨A sales page (what I like to call an “invitation page”)

✨Or simply anywhere you’d like to present your offer persuasively and non-ickily (a new term I *just* coined)

What you need is a simple framework.

I’m teaching this exact framework and offering you a valuable “cheat sheet” handout in the free preview session I’ll be co-hosting **tomorrow, December 6** for my dear client, Hiro Boga ().

(Save this post and you can follow along when you join the session!)

My co-host, Mandy McIlWraith, is also offering a brilliant resource to help you easily put together a project timeline.

We’d love for you to join us! 👋

Click the link in my bio to register for free.

You’ll get these resources and the recording when you do, so even if you can’t make it live, go ahead and register anyway!

Looking forward to seeing you there.

(P.S. Be sure to follow me for more business and marketing tips right here on IG and on my brand-new website… coming soooooon!) 🙌



Just sayin… 🤷‍♀️



BYOBA Community Free Preview - Hiro Boga 11/30/2022

BYOBA Community Free Preview - Hiro Boga

One of the things I've been pouring my energy, time, and heart into lately is an exciting project with a client who is particularly special to me, because the world of her business is filled with profound wisdom and powerful, transformational practices (oh, and playfulness, too!).

Over six months' time, beginning next year, I'll be co-hosting a community inside Hiro Boga's Deva Alchemy Academy, which includes twice-monthly sessions for co-working and accountability, and an online space for connection, support, and sharing of resources.

If you've been in my world for any length of time, you know I neither participate in, nor endorse, just anything. Doing business in a conscious, intentional, heart-led way is one of my deeply-held values. And this fits the bill!

There's so much more to say about this experience than can fit in a single post, but I invite you to join us and experience, for FREE, what this new adventure is all about next Tuesday, December 6 at 1 pm Pacific time.

Visit this link to register for the free session (a recording will be made available for 7 days after the event, so even if you can't join us live, register anyway!): https://hiroboga.com/byoba-community-free-preview/

To learn ALL the details about the beautiful experience we're about to embark on, visit this link: https://hiroboga.com/deva-alchemy/byoba-community-support/

I hope to see some of you there next Tuesday!


BYOBA Community Free Preview - Hiro Boga Join Us for a Free Preview of the Become Your Own Business Adviser Co-Working & Community Experience


I’m not sure who needs to hear this or why I felt compelled to write it, but I’m “going there” today.

Take what resonates (if anything) and leave the rest.


Over the past few years, I’ve been through a series of unspeakably heartbreaking experiences. Anxiety-inducing events that would make most people’s toes curl.

Challenges to my sense of identity. Ego-bruising realizations. And lots (and lots) of dark nights of the soul.

I know I’m hardly the only one who’s gone through this kind of life-defining period and, as most people say when they’re going through a difficult time…

“It could always be worse.”

The thing about hard times, though, is that, no matter what anyone else is going through, our own pain feels very real and very justified.

I’m not writing about this to share my pain, though.

Because the truth is, the experiences I’ve gone through over the past few years have shaped me in a way I never knew I needed.

My ego — my sense of self — used to be like a crystal figurine: intricately designed, carefully crafted, and terrifically breakable.

I often enjoyed being fully identified with that ego. It was fun feeling superior to others. Except for those times when I didn’t feel superior. Then it wasn’t much fun being trapped inside my fragile self-concept.

The main problem was that I felt superior to others maybe, I dunno… 2.1% of the time? The rest of the time, I pretended to feel superior while, inside, my ego felt shattered in a million pieces.

Mostly what I did was judge, criticize, blame, compare, try to get people to like me by doing and saying what I thought they’d find attractive… and lay awake at night feeling unsure of myself, wondering what I was doing wrong with my life, when things were going to come together for me.

I’d obsess over whether I was a good enough partner, a good enough mom, well-dressed enough, living in a nice enough house, making enough money. I hated it when people didn’t like me. And I always felt left out: of the “in” crowd, the mainstream, even my own family.

In my family of five I imagined that, if we were all on a boat together in the middle of the ocean and it was clear only one person needed to be cast overboard to save the rest… it would be me. By unanimous vote.

Everyone else seemed to be “important” and worthy of attention, except me.

And this led me to make some regrettable choices over the years, in an effort to gain people’s approval (including my own). To get the love and respect I felt was so glaringly absent in my life.

And yet, what I’m describing is certainly not unique.

Who hasn’t felt lacking, or alone, or unloved at some point? It’s inherent in the human condition.

But, particularly in this age of social media, it can be so easy to think someone is doing well, loving life, and having “only good days.”

Maybe you see someone posting images of their beautiful kids or their gorgeous home — or they seem to have the marriage, or the body, or the business you dream of, and you think, “Ah… now THAT person has it all figured out.”

I’m not saying anyone thinks that about ME, by the way. Those who are closest to me certainly don’t! (*Insert crying-laugh emoji*)

But I know that since I haven't shared the depth and intensity of many of my struggles, and mostly only posted when I had resolved my challenges… it COULD seem like my life is neat and tidy and conflict-free, when behind the scenes it’s been about as messy as a labor and delivery room right after a long and grueling birth.

And again, I’m sharing this because… I don’t know… because I think someone needs to hear it. Even just one “someone” — maybe you.

And because, also, I've seen firsthand how the hardest circumstances we face ALWAYS lead to something greater and more fulfilling than what we started with.

If we’re open to it, that is.

A big part of healing my own challenges has come through being more present and awake to my life.

More aware of that delicate, frail ego that tries so desperately to cling to its gossamer shape. To stay whole. To be admired.

And more deeply attuned to the REAL me that knows its power lies not in exterior gloss or in being “better” than anyone else, or even better than a previous version of itself — but in its willingness to crack wide open and reveal the messy, tender vulnerability inside.

A vulnerability that’s at once terrified and courageous. That’s driven by divine intention, however messily executed. And that cares more about how much love it expresses than about how much love it seems to receive.

That isn’t to say that I’ve always expressed love very skillfully!

Sometimes, the bravest act I’ve been able to conjure is to walk away from a fight rather than engage, or to sit quietly and let someone just “be” when I want to “fix,” or to silently send love to someone who seems to have treated me coldly, or worse.

And other times, the best I’ve been able to do is simply not lose my s**t when faced with some kind of “triggering” experience.

Most of the time, though, I look and act much the same as I did before. (All that ego-obsession was mostly happening in my mind to begin with!)

It’s my inner landscape that looks dramatically different.

There’s a lot more peace in here. A LOT more understanding. And the ability to move through the inner ego obsessions with compassion, and with the awareness that, y’know… we’re all basically a bunch of confused folks sleepwalking through an illusory life on a spinning ball of dirt suspended in space.

A bunch of wild genius spirits seemingly strapped into powerless, vulnerable bodies, locked in a Sisyphean journey we call life.

So no, I’m not writing about MY pain. But I am writing to reveal that it’s been there.

It’s still there, some days, although much less so, the more I’ve embraced ways of seeing into the miracles beyond it.

If you’ve felt this kind of pain, too... please know that I'm with you on the journey.

I’m pushing my own boulder up the hill.

There ARE miracles here, on the journey. There’s light in the boulder itself, and on the path upon which we push it. There’s light in you, and in me.

Let’s keep reaching for that light, however messily, however unskillfully.

You and me, we wild geniuses... we got this.

I love you.

xx Helen


“Everyone has a big but.”

Yes, I am quoting P*e Wee Herman…

But that's 'cause it’s TRUE.

We all have excuses for why we’re not accomplishing what we say we want.

I call it “arguing for your limitations.”

It mostly looks like this…

I’m talking through an issue with a client, and it becomes abundantly clear that she’s been working against herself, simply by her thinking.

Y'know... "The call is coming from inside the house" kinda stuff.

And she goes, “Oh my gosh, you nailed it! I’m TOTALLY keeping myself stuck!”

And THEN she says...

“BUT! The thing is…”

See, there’s that BIG BUT right there. She's back to arguing for her limitations.

And I get it.

We all do it.

But now is the time to STOP.

Just stop.

Don’t argue in favor of your big but.

Argue in favor of your sweet dreams.

✨ What CAN happen?

✨ What IS possible?

✨ What can you DO to make it happen?

✨ What can you THINK to make it happen?

Argue for your possibilities.

Start today.

Begin by grabbing the FREE exclusive podcast mini-series at the link in my bio!☝️

It'll help you soar right on past those limitations. 😃


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