PLNU Intramurals

The intramural program at PLNU consists of student-implemented activities under the guidance and coordination of the Intramural Director. Intramural programs consists of open gym time, sport leagues, aerobics, yoga, and special events.

Sport Leagues & Activities:

(Fall 2019)
Co-Ed Softball
Co-Ed Power Volleyball (4 Person)
Co-Ed Recreational Volleyball (6 Person)
Indoor Soccer
Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee
3 on 3 Basketball (Men & Women's Leagues)
Doubles Tennis
Circuit Training
Strength & Conditioning

(Spring 2020)
Basketball 5 on 5
Co-Ed Soccer
Doubles Tennis
Circuit Training
Strength & Conditioning

Weekend Tournaments
Home Run Derby
Disc Golf

Operating as usual



As a head’s up, this page is rarely update. Instead head over to one of these places for more information:

1. Instagram: @PLNUintramurals

2. for information about all fall and spring leagues and exercise class options.

3. which is the university’s main Intramural schedule which has the posted open gym schedule.



#firstplacefriday Space Jam 2, congrats on winning C League basketball, y'all did great! 🏆🏀💪🏻 #plnuintramurals


Meet Marcelo and Ben aka Holy Sets, the champs of IM Tennis this Spring! 🎾 Thanks for tons of fun this semester to all of our tennis participants, we'll see you on the court again in the fall! #plnuintramurals #meetyamonday


It's #winnerwednesday around here in Intramurals! Massive congrats to our 2017 CoEd Soccer champs, Uncle & Aunts Gone Wild. ⚽️🥇 Thanks for a great season y'all, we'll see you next spring!


Meet Sam Falkenberg! He is a junior Applied Health major with a love of pufferfish 🐡. You may recognize him from soccer games, but tonight he is playing in the semifinals for Intramural basketball! Good luck, Sam! #plnuintramurals #meetyamonday


Annnddd, your men's volleyball champs, The OC Killers! 🏆🏐 #meetyamonday #plnuintramurals


Meet the ladies Spring Volleyball Champions, Hit Me Up! 🏐🏆 Thanks for a great season, y'all! #plnuintramurals #meetyamonday


Meet Stephanie, a believer in starting the day off right with yoga. She's a business major, loves chocolate ice cream, and Sun Diego's weather. If she could be a music genre she would be Country music. We love doing yoga with ya, Stephanie! #plnuintramurals #meetyamonday #meetyatuesday #thanks4dagrace


You know you want to workout and there's no excuse to not when it's accompanied by this view! 🏃🏽‍♀️💪🏼🏃🏻 Come out to the Lion's Den tomorrow 3-5pm at the west end of the soccer field! #plnuintramurals


Meet Ben Bran, he enjoys playing pick-up basketball with friends and hitting the weights! #plnuintramurals #meetyamonday


Lomans! Saturday afternoon gym is back; come work out from 1-4! #plnuintramurals


Meet Emma & Holly! This Psych major and Applied Health major love to work out, since it gives them time to hang out and "feel the burn." 🏋🏻‍♀️ Glad to give you the space to do that, ladies! #plnuintramurals #meetyamonday 🦁 Make sure to check out the Lion's Den, Mondays & Wednesdays, 3-5!


Meet Baker Johnson, a Junior Business major. He comes to Open Gym for men's club volleyball and his favorite thing about it is the camaraderie. 🏐 You too can enjoy Open Gym! Usually Sun-Thur 6:30-11 and Fri-Sat 6:30-9:30; the schedule outside the gym has the most updated times. See ya there! #plnuintramurals #meetyamonday


Hey there, Lomans! Happy finals week! If you need a sweat break from studying come on by, this is the gym schedule for the week. Hope you have a wonderful break, we'll see you January 8th! #plnuintramurals


Meet No Diggity, the champions of 6 person volleyball! 🏐 Congratulations y'all! #plnuintramurals #meetyamonday #meetyatuesday


Meet your 4 person volleyball champions, Sneaky Tips! 🏐 Great job, y'all! #meetyamonday #plnuintramurals


These guys win the award for most perseverant and best sportsmanship! They were injured in last week's playoff ultimate frisbee game; concussions, bruised ribs, a dislocated jaw, and a lot of stitches, but they are still smiling and received their Championship shirts! #meetyamonday #plnuintramurals


We're busy finishing up another incredible semester of Intramurals, meet your Championship Softball team, Belivland! ⚾️ Well done, y'all, thanks for the great season! #meetyamonday #plnuintramurals


Meet the 3 on 3 basketball champs, Green Street Elite! 🏀 These guys went undefeated, nice job! #meetyamonday #plnuintramurals


Meet Space Jam! 🏀 These ladies have represented the last 4 years as the only female team in 3-on-3 basketball! 🤘🏻 Way to go! #plnuintramurals #meetyamonday


It's that time again, #meetyamonday (we love Mondays!). Meet Paige, one of our star Aerobics gals! Aerobics meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-7 pm either in the gym or on the tennis courts. Check it out to bust those November blues! #plnuintramurals


Meet Justine Phillips! She is a junior majoring in Applied Health Science, she is almost a licensed EMT, and she loves Zumba! #meetyamonday #plnuintramurals


Hey there, Sea Lions; we're almost to Fall Break! If you're sticking around campus and wanted to pop into the gym, the schedule for this weekend is little different. Have a wonderful long weekend! #plnuintramurals


We've got a triple double-trouble happening in tennis this autumn! Meet the Hamill, Hulse, and Taylor siblings, who have been having all kinds of fun proving that siblings will always be your best teammate! 🎾 #meetyamonday #plnuintramurals


Meet team Mayjah Bangahs. They play in the Monday night 6-person volleyball league and they love it. They are all about team spirit and having good time...not to mention they are undefeated. 🏐🙌🏻 Although our fall intramurals have already begun, don't be afraid to sign up for the spring intramurals, no previous experience is required! Sign up and have a good time playing the sports you love!


We've got a #meetyaMonday for ya on this terrific Tuesday! Meet Daniel Lopez, volleyball player extraordinaire; he captains both a 4 person and a 6 person team! 🏐 #plnuintramurals


Meet Harry, one of Loma's International students, who happens to be a big fan of Intramural basketball! 🏀#meetyamonday #plnuintramurals


Don't worry, he's back on his feet now! Meet Isaiah, another one of our new #plnuintramurals staff. He went all in during an Intramural basketball game and tore his ACL, but never doubted that it was totally worth it. Welcome to the team, Isaiah! #meetyamonday


Don't forget about our first round of Captain & Free Agent Meetings tonight. All meetings will be held in K1, here are the times:
⚾️: 6pm
🏐 (6 person): 6:30pm
🏐 (4person): 7pm
🏀: 7:30pm
See you there! #plnuintramurals


This week's #meetyamonday goes out to our new aerobics instructor, Paulina. Her fun fact? When her legs are tired & achey she kicks up into a handstand to get the weight off them. Welcome to the team, Paulina! #plnuintramurals


Meet Elijah, one of our new staff members this year! He's never missed an Intramural Basketball game and doesn't seem to be planning on changing that anytime soon. 🏀 #plnuintramurals #meetyamonday


Welcome back, Sea Lions! Here's our open gym schedule for the next two weeks, come burn off the beginning of classes stress! The schedule can also be found at the link in the photo. #plnuintramurals


Come say hi at the NSO resource Fair on caf lane. Sign ups ( open TOMORROW at 4pm for all fall leagues!


Fall Intramural leagues and information have been posted on the website:
Be sure to note that 3 on 3 Basketball will take place on THURSDAYS this fall rather than Wednesdays, due to scheduling conflicts in the gym.
Registration begins at 4pm on Sunday, August 28th!!!


It's a sad Monday (and not just because it's the Monday of finals week). We've got another #missyamonday ✌🏻️ Katie, a million thanks for all of the fantastic work you've done to build up our yoga program this year - you're amazing! Your smile will be missed on staff! #plnuintramurals

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You know you want to workout and there's no excuse to not when it's accompanied by this view! 🏃🏽‍♀️💪🏼🏃🏻 Come out to the ...
Golden gym is open till 9:30 tonight! Come show off your trick shots!




3900 Lomaland Dr
San Diego, CA

General information

Information can also be found on our Intramural Board in the southeast corner of the Golden Gymnasium
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