Dharma Center

Your heart, like the ocean, is vast and limitless. When you sit in meditation and touch silence you discover and embrace all that you are.

Dharma Center’s mission is to help students awaken to their inner wisdom through the practices of meditation and mindful self-discovery. Students learn through their own experiences by applying the teachings offered in class. This is meditation for people who live and work in the world.

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Meditation expands the mind and opens up more options. We eventually recognize the ego is only playing the game of Life. Sometimes the games are fierce, sometimes gentle. Because we meditate, we know it is all illusion, and enjoy it anyway. With meditation, personal power is increased and we have the ability to control our reactions to the games we play. The victim is replaced by the active player who uses discriminating awareness to choose how he or she will play the role he or she must fill. J. Sundell

[02/04/15]   The effects of meditation often occur so gradually we don’t notice them. Then comes a day when we have the sudden realization we’re not like we used to be. With this dawning of understanding that we’re not who we thought we were comes confusion. If we’re lucky, we might have a teacher or friend who tells us, “Relax, it’s all part of the process.” - Sundell.

Happy Morning :)

In daily meditation, we renew our connection to light, clearing away the blockages that keep us from seeing the way through the shadows. We learn to allow ourselves to become someone new every month, every week, every day, every moment. We rely less on others to tell us who we are as we come to accept we are transient beings, expressions of light, lasting only for a moment. Sometimes in our play, we surprise ourselves with our sillyness. Sometimes we lose our balance and forget our own power. We become people we don’t like, and we do things that frighten or appall us. When this happens, we accept who we are at that moment, we forgive ourselves for any suffering we may have caused, and we move on to the next expression of Being. - J. Sundell

[01/30/15]   Meditation opens our awareness to the subtle levels of our being. We become more sensitive to our surroundings and at the same time we develop an inner strength, which allows us to deal with this increased sensitivity. The same way a child learns not to touch a hot stove, we learn through experience to move our focus away from that which causes pain to that which brings joy. Over time, we learn how to navigate and we no longer need to avoid the hot stove; instead we learn how to use it to help relieve suffering. - Jenna

Take care of the body by exercising and stretching. Pay special attention to your shoulders and neck, where many people hold their tension. Stretches that open the hips make it easier to sit for longer periods of time. Work with your doctor or body therapist to help you develop an exercise and nutrition plan if necessary :)

The key to success with meditation is to experiment and finds what works right here, right now. There are many different techniques passed down from countless masters available for your use. Listen to the teachers you meet, and try on their ideas to see if they fit. Remember to check in with yourself often to make sure the ideas and concepts you buy into are working to your benefit. - Jenna Sundell

[01/23/15]   You have found a doorway…a doorway to unreasonable Joy and unconditional Peace.
This door is available to each and every person; however it takes courage to open it,
and even more courage to step through…

Your heart, like the ocean, is vast and limitless. When you sit in meditation and touch silence
you discover and embrace all that you are.

Are you ready to let go of suffering and misery?
Are you ready to find Joy in this wonderful, crazy world?

Join our next meditation and mindfulness class, and discover how you can live a happy, high life today.

[01/21/15]   Attending classes is an excellent opportunity for those interested in learning about meditation or deepening their own meditation practice. Classes are open to adults and have an informal and comfortable atmosphere. Classes are generally an hour long and include meditation practice, dharma talks and discussion. Cushions and chairs are provided.
Call us and join in our class! www.dharmacntr.com :)

Dharma Center

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