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The expression of human movement through exercise is life changing and speaks volumes through our members. Do you have what it takes to be Mighty?

As individuals, we all posses this within. Here at Mighty CrossFit, we exercise this philosophy daily by pushing through our workouts together. By doing this we build strength of the mind and body, sealing it with the camaraderie shared amongst our members. We are people from every walk of life; teachers, military, medical practitioners and stay at home moms, all in the pursuit of health and fitness by way of CrossFit.

Operating as usual


22.1 in the books


“Yea sure I have done CrossFit before” But have you really?
We’ve all YouTubed videos and had a friend who does CrossFit show you the ropes. You might have even dropped into a class once here and there.

But have you ever been coached thoroughly through the watchful eye of a professional coach? Learned the fundamental movements safely and understood what real intensity is, and how to apply it?

Taken a class with like minded supportive individuals? Been in a group setting that is encouraging and feels like a family?

Forget the stigmas that come with brand name of “CrossFit “ It isn’t all about competition, high intensity without structure, and movements that injure people.

In the right setting, it is about restorative functional movement performed at relative intensity that will challenge you to be a better version of yourself.

If you’re ready to find your tribe break free of the gimmicky experience come to the one of last few standing OG CrossFit gyms in
San Diego. Dm us for a consultation


Merry Christmas to best members that a gym could have. Thankful to have you as part of our family


@rubio_83 and @oliva92122 combined have been with us for over a decade and consider them a part of our family. We wish you guys a mighty hoʻomaikaʻi (congratulations) and the best of luck on your future life together.


So simple my 7 year old gets it


You may have started your fitness journey here, bit the bullet and overcame fear here, really understood what confidence was here, fell in love here, met people who will be a part of your life here, cried here, learned to inspire here , have been humbled here, felt helpless and triumphant in the same day here, whatever that maybe we will always be thankful for you here


When the world is turned upside down the best thing to do is to turn with it. -Mary Poppins


You know what’s cooler than a snatch pr? #health #crossfithealth #mightyhealthy #gainzforealz #cholesterol #trusttheprocess #📈


Thank you for your service. Happy Veterans Day
#veteransday #hero #thankaveteran


Good habits formed at youth make all the difference -Aristotle


Coaches corner

Just to reiterate , when we train, we are looking to become fit or in a better state of fitnesss than we were before. The definition of fitness is improvement of the 10 physical skills.
Here’s are reminder that we must do everything we are not good at. This mindset is what will make you better than yesterday. #eyeontheprize #trusttheprocess #enjoythejourney


Good turnout today for today’s “Grace” in honor breast cancer awareness month. #mightyfamily #barbellforboobs #grace #breastcancerawareness

Check out Mighty Boobs' team fundraising page for Barbells for Boobs 10/15/2021

Check out Mighty Boobs' team fundraising page for Barbells for Boobs

One way or another we have all known someone who has been directly affected by breast cancer , this month come join us along with hundreds of affiliates in support of breast cancer risk reduction, treatment, and survivorship. Next Sat we will be hosting "Grace" (30 clean and jerks) at 9:00am. Bring a friend and even if you cant come that day feel free to participate by joining our team and donating what you can. Also if you can feel free to tag Mighty boobs on our IG we look forward to seeing you guys there.

Check out Mighty Boobs' team fundraising page for Barbells for Boobs Join us for Barbells for Boobs + Grace in October!

CrossFit Health Tip - Real vs. Processed Food with EC Synkowski 09/14/2021

CrossFit Health Tip - Real vs. Processed Food with EC Synkowski

What do we eat?


CrossFit Health Tip - Real vs. Processed Food with EC Synkowski “You want food that goes bad,” says EC Synkowski, CF-L4 and founder of OptimizeMe Nutrition. “When we’re looking at nutrition for general overall health, you really want quality AND quantity. What happens with processed foods is we tend to have a mismatch of that.”

Photos from Mighty CrossFit's post 05/30/2021

It was great seeing new and old faces working out together again for our annual Murph sesh. Congratulations to all the first timers and job well done.


- A goal properly set, is half way reached Zig Ziglar

The new year brings upon us a time for a change, maybe even a reset. With 2020 being as horrfic as it has been , now would be the best time for a change and here is how you can set yourself up for success.
1. Be specific with your goals. " I want to clean up my nutrition". Great, but it to broad and hard to measure. When you are looking to set a goal remember to K I S S it. Keep It Simple Stupid. Ex. I would like to eat more vegetables would be a better way to say it.
2. When selecting a goal , start small and make it achievable. Pick low hanging fruit so that when you are able to hit the mark, you increase the bar just a little bit and this way you can build on it.
3. Don't set up too many. Keep your attention narrowed so you can set your undivided attention to it. In this particular instance, less is more.
4. Write down your goals. Whenever a client asks about nutrition, I have them write a food journal. It makes them reflect. Something about a pen to paper brings self awareness and makes it more real.
4b. Put it somewhere visible so you can see it and it be a constant reminder for you. When me and Ven first started dating she would put up little post-it reminders all over the place of things I needed help remembering. To this day still does it and helps with the little things.
5. What ever you choose make sure it is positive and not negative. Nothing worth remembering starts with dont and cant. For example, the 800gm challenge next month doesnt have any restrictions, like no carbs or no drinking. All we are asking is to add some good nutrition by eating more vegetables. Alot more managable than saying you cant do XYZ for 30 days.

Try some of these and see if they work for you. If you need more help, seek out one of your coaches and let them help you devise a plan.


Surveying a few different gyms latey to see whats going on out in the Crossfit community(safely)

And noticed that the majority of these gyms use a strength AND conditioning model when they write their programs for a one hour class. This means a lift first, then perform a big conditioning
(metcon)piece after.
For a class this is excessive in so many ways. This training style with excessive volume was popularized by Crossfit Games athltes and eventually made its way into the general population of most gyms. This training style is unsustainable and would far exceed the benefits than it cost it would take on the average persons body. To the general public without any previous workout history they would be in their right mind to think that Crossfit is too intense and they would need to get in shape first before stepping in through our doors.

Crossfits original training methology of focusing on one thing per sesssion with proper mechanics, consistently with intensity will garner plenty of result you are looking for

In our 12 + years of experience in Crossfit, I believe whole heartedly by training this way you can avoid the majority of the long problematic issues you will face in your fitness journey


-mental and physical burnout

-diminishing results

Here at Mighty we plan for lifelong sustainable fitness. We offer different tracks of programming for all ages shapes, sizes and skill sets. In the neverending pursuit of health and fitness. When you are ready to take the step don't hesitste to give us a call.


Keep your self out of the doctors office

The contention is that if you don't
eat properly, excercise regularly you will sway drastically towards one side of the continuum for the better or worse.

myself at 170 training( not just lifting)5x week, intermitent fasting = higher energey level, sleep pattern normal, mobile, mental acuity.
myself at 185 just lifting( numbers going 📈) eating at will, energy level dampened📉, low back pain, difficulty concentrating.

Dont let this happen to you. Its easy to say you are comfortable , "I like eating what I want, i just kinda wanna chill from training for a bit and ill just and start up again in January", is a foolish gamble. What will happen is that comfort zone will dig a deeper trench that becomes excruciatingly difficult to get out of. Turn that mentality around and shift gears. Establish a short term goal and make strides in that direction.
My question of the day for class on Sat was why do you fitness. Find that answer within yourself and get going.


Coaches corner

Q: How do you train like this all year round? How do you find your motivation?

A: Fitness has been a part if my life as long as I can remember, so finding my balance was always a work in progress. I learned to train in the winter to "bulk" and lift heavy. Then as the summer comes around is when you turn it up. Do 2 a days, extra cardio amd be more mindful of your food intake. So it was purely aesthetic but it worked. As I have gotten older get older so do my priorities. Now having a better understanding of sustainable work capacity is more important to me and my family. Naturaly vanity will come around as the seasons change but is no longer the focus. I train as how I would have all of you train, for life. Its a part of my lifestyle so if that means 6 days a week til Im 90 So be it. Now this is different from everyone else but the point is to find YOUR rhythm. What does your lifestyle respond best too? Is it SUSTAINABLE?
If your mind and body responds well to it then you know you have found the right formula. The two things that I can say from experience for sure is that intensity is NOT forever but is necessary. The other is that, sitting on the side lines and waiting for it to be the right time to (start, heal or recover whatever) is just a bad as not doing anything at all.
Lift long and propser 🦾and stay Mighty 🦍


We always hear that you have to be fit in order to walk through our doors. This is statement is ridiculous. By having that mindset that you are already missed the point. What we do at Mighty everyday is a choice that each individual makes, to want better for themselves. We are not elitists, but what we do works and can be done by everyone. Our fitness is inclusive to all walks of life, athlete, grandma, house wife, construction worker.
Everyday our programming accommodates to all walks of life, each chasing a level of fitness to better their chosen path.

Our programming moving forward will revert back to 3 tracks before quarantine hit.

COMPETITOR: not for everyone but good to challenge yourself once and a while. But forever chasing it will deteriorate you health and fitness in the long run.

RX : challenging but doable, if you take the proper self care of your self; rest and sleep, nutrition, and constant mobility you can hit this quite often. Not more than 3 times a week

PARTIALLY LOADED mixed in with RX. Similar patterns but loading and skill will be challenging. A good option to choose when you are unsure of your mechanics.

FITNESS: can be done everyday and by everyone. Load is zero to none except controlling your own bodyweight (which is very challenging in itself) Not to be taken lightly but is sustainable for life. And will translate well to any form of weightlifting. Highly recommended track if you haven't been in the gym for quite some time and worried about class being to much to handle.

Remember we are here to chase health and fitness. But if and when you are doing the right things in and out the gym. The top tier competitor track will be there to accommodate the inner "competitor" in you.


Do you remember walking into a box first? The fear, doubt and anxiety was so overwhelming? Christine thought that walking in a CF gym wasn't even a possibility, let alone getting upside down and supporting her body weight. (sound on) "I NEVER thought EVER" What is your biggest fear? Be brave and be bold, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

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Do you remember walking into a box first? The fear, doubt and anxiety was so overwhelming? Christine thought that walkin...
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High intensity in certain movements is not for everyone and should be earned. Establish requisite strength then progress...
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Analysis of below the knee C&J
It's been said that the road to success is riddled with failure. Here we have Andrew Merrick taking higher jump on the l...




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