【REMZ HR2.5 White】
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Fuminaga Sekiguchi

Uno de los patines más especiales y admirados para patinaje agresivo, los REMZ HR, vuelven a estar en stock en su última versión 2.5 en color blanco!

❗Lo más destacado de los nuevos REMZ HR 2.5:

✅ Mega cómodos
✅ Tecnología de bota híbrida dura / blanda única.
✅ Nuevo forro Remz de ajuste ergonómico con puntera de neopreno.
✅ Guía Ground Control FLT 3.
✅ Ruedas 57 mm / Antirockers 42mm.
✅ Rodamientos: Abec 7.

Una pasada que puede ser tuya por sólo 379,99€ o 36,66€ al mes!!!!

HR 1.2
Este domingo tendremos al gran Sandro Timoteo en nuestro watermelon live stream!🍉🙌😁
Podeis entrar al link y pedir un recordatorio para que Youtube os notifique antes de empezar el programa 👌😁

Dusted off my busted Remz Haffey 2.1's from 2011 and repainted...gonna hang up these bad boys as an artpiece 🎨
Boot: Remz H.R 2.5
Frames: Oysi
Wheels: Red Eye Wheel Co (68mm Outside, 55mm inside)

Walter Sanchez is one of the most criminally underrated skaters in the blading game. The long time Remz rider has been smashing the biggest and most intimidating skate spots in his native country of Mexico for going on two decades now. We felt the need to get to know Walter better so we are proud to present to you Walter's "Top 5". Some of Walter's answers may surprise you, so check it out!
🇲🇽 🔨🔥
Evert Lubja de Remz
Envío gratis 📦📬
Boot: Remz Hr 2.5
Frames: Ground Control Frame Company HD 72 mm
Wheels: Hyper Wheels Dwarfs 67mm


Austrian Remz rider Michael Witzemann has been out on the injured list for awhile now but Michael came back skating like he never left! Michael just dropped a funky new profile that he filmed earlier this year while in Germany & also his home country of Austria.
Michael has an incredibly relaxed & chill style that is a pleasure to watch & has us all eagerly waiting for more new clips to make up for the time Michael lost while he was injured. Glad to have you back, Michael! Keep up the great work.

OFFICIAL REMEDYZ SKATES PAGE hard to the core since 1998.. with the remedy! freedom-of-feet, it's a movement.

Operating as usual


💥👉 .zenk bio
🇬🇷 vibes



Timeline Photos 11/15/2019

2.5🕷️ now available in Japan 🙌 💪🇯🇵

Timeline Photos 11/12/2019


Repost &



Timeline Photos 11/01/2019

"L.A L.A big city of dreams.." but .zenk knows what's really good!!


Dumb smooth 🕷️

Timeline Photos 10/26/2019

Nice ✉️ from .production out of San Jose California this morning: "I really like the 2.5, a nice hockey lace makes it a nice and snug fit that feels amazing thanks".
Been receiving lots of cool feedback and messages, it's a real joy, thank you all! 👋🖤

Timeline Photos 10/25/2019

Dope 🕷️ setup sent to us from he called it DA BLACK WIDOW!
Tag on your setup pics so we can repost 👈👀


.zenk 🏎️⚒️

Timeline Photos 10/24/2019

🕷️ on a wall

Photos from Remz's post 10/23/2019

😍 🕷️ setup


🚨 .zenk FIRING up da house like its 1999 💣

7 edit OUT NOW via 👈🏼

Timeline Photos 10/18/2019

j̶u̶s̶t̶ ̶l̶a̶n̶d̶e̶d̶ flying in South Africa 👋 💨💨💨

Timeline Photos 10/14/2019

Yup!!! Proud of this one, solid skate! 🤙 🕷️

Photos from Remz's post 10/09/2019

20 years strong & 💛 still beating hard about to drop a little something in the works for a year or so.. . Take a good skate and make it better.. @ San Diego, California


Jo collecting 🏆s!! Bulgaria this weekend, Berlin recently, 🙌🙌
🔄 from .zenk - 🇧🇬🏆🏟 didn't eat any meatballs but got 1. in Plovdiv at meatballsession. Great spot, great people, great spirit! No rain could stop us. All love. One more day of Bulgarian sun. 🙏🏼thanks everybody for good times. 📸foto by 🙌🏼


🔄 from - throoooowback to almost exactly a year back, filming with for the !


🔪 - 📷
secret project 2 🔥


That 🔪 move from in the @? edit tho! ( )


What a ride my friend!
From that day in Mühlhausen (Winterclash) about 10 years back ("who’s that kid ova there”), to the numerous amazing video projects you’ve dropped over the years (I’m not a fan on farewell edits but I can’t wait for yours later today!) and the massive impact you’ve made on the blade world, the tours, the pro-skates we released, the inputs you’ve had on Remz (both the skates and the company), it's been a fun ride! Thank you for everything man.
Today, taking slightly different directions, we both know that we share a common passion and that really, we’re on the same path. It’s all good and positive. Change is constant. It brings progress, growth and new times! Can’t wait to see what you will be up to in the future, and I'm excited myself to keep making the best skates I ever can staying true to my dedication with Remz with fun and passion. Peace and love!

Your friend,


'member this one? soul to gap shot by Wes Driver 💥

Repost from - Chris Haffey / Soul to 180 / San Diego / 📷: Driver for Issue #5 (2007)


🔄 🤙 - TTS over the canyon yesterday in my favorite longsleeve ❤️📷 .gang


.sanchez88 !!! 🙌💥


💥 🔄 Ollie Jones - to my favourite couple of tricks from End of the Line and an online edit.


Nils Jansons


Click play and come along on my trip to Israel to meet Bobi Spassov, eat hummus, skate street and much more! Testing the new 3 wheeled frame by Ground Control Frame Company.


Microphone problem & flawless misfit for Walter Sanchez ahah!!
Repost from .sanchez88 - .
Zapatos nuevos / New shoes 👟


Thanks for always repoint so hard !! On point for and the 😁 if you haven't seen his 2018 edit head to his bio 👍
🎥: whatup Daniel!!


🔄 - Porn for breakfast. 😁


🔄 from - IG Raw Clips Series #389: / Tallinn [2016]


Some get ready for the weekend flavor from
Regrann from at 🔥


🔄 from .zenk - 🔧📺 some new with new taken from recent Video PIER LOVE II 🔥🙏🏼📹:


Catching up with back in Cali from and about to takeoff to Australia for some more action the next few weeks. Have fun my dude!! 👊✈️

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🔄 from @michaelwitzemann  -  throoooowback to almost exactly a year back, filming with @fabian_gaile for the #twgvideo20...
@w.sanchez88 !!! 🙌💥 #mexico
💥 🔄 Ollie Jones @rollollie53  -  #tbt to my favourite couple of tricks from @bhcwheels End of the Line and an online @re...
Microphone problem & flawless misfit for Walter Sanchez ahah!!Repost from @w.sanchez88  -  .Zapatos nuevos / New shoes 👟...
Thanks for always repoint so hard @ahauerholt !! On point for @remedyz @skatepro and the #denmarkfam 😁 if you haven't se...




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